Brent Bozell went there tonight on Hannity. The Media Research Center founder and president told Sean,

“If Chris Matthews could carry Barack Obama’s next child he would… This goes way beyond the (thrill up the) leg but we’re not going to go there either.”





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  1. LOL!!! That would be funny if it wasn’t so true!

  2. Sad… and True.

  3. There hasn’t been such a mad man crush love affair since Adolf Hitler and Vidkun Quisling …>×653.jpg

  4. Matthews probably has Obama’s face tattooed on his ass.

  5. Now that is funny, and true also. Still laughing.

  6. Economan, it’s not tatooed …. it’s impressed there …. you know, like when you sit on one of those webbed lawn chairs too long?

  7. donh. Do my old tired eyes deceive, or does Mathews not resemble Quisling? I never have given any credence to reincarnation, but this could change my mind.

  8. #9 I do believe reincarnation is compatible with Christianity …One possible proof …the Russian jewish bolshevik Trostsky was murdered by Stalin by an ice pick to the neck in 1940……A couple years after Trotsky’s death in 1942…liberal bolshevik CT Senator Joseph Lieberman was born the son of a liquor store merchant.

  9. Trosky and Lieberman. Uncanny. The resemblance is certainly there as well.

    Quisling was executed in Oct 1945 and Mathews was born Dec that same year.

  10. Cracking himself up! It would be even funnier had we had Mitt for president. Personally, Matthews looks like one of the weakest individuals on earth. I doubt if he could carry much for very long.

  11. The case for Chris Matthews being the God created reincarnation of Vidkun Quisling is as follows….Quisling was found guilty of treason by a court in Norway and executed by firing squad October 24 1945…Chris Matthews was born the son of a court reporter in December of 1945.

    It can be said that in the case of a sudden untimely violent death reincarnation occurs quickly.

  12. I don’t know why, but this is creeping me out. I wonder who Obama resembles?

  13. I may be creeped out, but am absolutely fascinated at the same time.

  14. You know, some male fish carry the young in their mouth. Hmmm… I wonder if Chrissy would consent? Yup, I’m sure he would!

  15. ++


    December 17, 2012

    WND names ‘Whistleblower of the Year’

    Fired for exposing global scandal involving terrorists, drug cartel

    [His bosses ridiculed him and told him to shut up. Law enforcement
    officials ignored him. But with overwhelming evidence of international
    banking fraud in the millions, perhaps billions, of dollars staring him in
    the face, HSBC manager John Cruz knew he had to act, even if it cost
    him his job. It did; but Cruz’s charges against the global banking giant
    have borne out in the wake of a damning Senate investigation and a
    record $1.92 billion fine by federal authorities.

    For his courage and sacrifice in pursuit of justice,
    WND has named Cruz “Whistleblower of the Year.”]


  16. If Chris Matthews could replace Reggie Love as his homosexual liason, he would….”

    That is what he should have said.

  17. OT

    South Carolina and Nullification. Don’t know how this will end but more states should follow their lead.

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