Tim Scott to replace Jim DeMint in US Senate.

FOX News reported this morning that Governor Nikki Haley has picked Rep. Tim Scott to replace Jim DeMint in the US Senate. This means Scott will be the only African American in the senate.




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  1. Wonderful! It’s about time that an intelligent and elegant man who happens to be black took a position of power in DC! But beware mr Scott, the racist Democrats will do everything in their power to destroy you, they just hate to see a smart independent thinking black American!

    Congratulations, and God speed you on your journey to save this country.

  2. ” So shines a good deed in a weary world ” Willie Wonka

  3. Excellent pick. Good news!

  4. Good choice Gov. Hayley. He has always impressed me as do most of our black conservative/independent leaders!

  5. let me correct that, as do ALL, not MOST!

  6. Fantastic. We needed the real deal to replace DeMint.

  7. Scott better be ready to called a racist, an Uncle Tom, and be a target for not being black enough.

  8. Let the Uncle Tom attacks begin! If they can go after RGIII, no Blacks are exempt!

  9. falcon…no doubt, but Tim Scott has impressed me by being elegant and above the fray. He is committed to making the country better. The KKK founding racist Dems will constantly be against him, but he has righteousness on his side. A wonderful day in this time of sadness, and a momentous occasion in history, when a man like Scott is recognized for his content of character!

  10. Nikki is obviously a racist since she didn’t pick a black democrat woman!

  11. As we’d hoped…I have an idea DeMint knew she’d make this pick.

    Thank you, Governor! And we expect only the best from you, Tim Scott~

  12. Yay!! God speed and good luck to You Senator Scott.
    A great choice because he is a capable guy, a mensch, will do a great job.

  13. This made my day. Way to go, Gov Haley!!!!

  14. He’s just a cornball brother.

  15. BUT BUT BUT the GOP’ers are supposed to be racists!!!!! How can this be?

  16. Is Scott black enough for the left?

  17. So the only black senator is a republican!!! The media will have to stop talking about the shooting now and focus on destroying this guy.

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