Bob Costas Fails to Learn the First Rule of Holes…

Guest Post by Mike LaRoche

…when you’re in one, stop digging.

Last night on MSNBC’s “The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell”, Bob Costas continued to make a fool of himself on the issue of firearm ownership, lamenting America’s supposed “Wild West, Dirty Harry” gun culture.  Costas claimed that young men in their twenties and thirties are incapable of being responsible gun owners.  Here’s a clip:

Tell me, Mr. Costas, do you believe the tens of thousands of young men serving in our armed forces to be incapable of handling firearms responsibly?  Moreover, do you believe civilians like me – 37 years old and the holder of a Texas Concealed Handgun License – to be similarly incompetent?

Perhaps, to paraphrase William Shakespeare, the fault, dear Robert, lies not within our culture, but within yourself.  Or as Dirty Harry succinctly stated in Magnum Force, “A man’s got to know his limitations.”

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  • squeaky

    [Washington DC – -( Bob Costas’ gun control rant was bad but made worse by one key point — he lives much of his life with the benefit of armed security. (i.e., men with guns).] i’m sure that there’s a laundry list of others who are lecturing the public from behind security gates. i think rosie o’donnell was one or was it roseanne barr?

  • Servo1969

    I’m curious, Bob. You said before you weren’t talking about “Gun Control.” You were talking about America’s “Gun Culture.” Just how would you change the “Gun Culture” if not with more “Gun Control”? Oh, maybe you’d start a movement to expel all the gangster wannabe football players? No. I didn’t think so. Just talk about football, Bob, and keep your anti-gun opinions to yourself.

  • squeaky

    sure enough – bob has a net worth of 32 million and more than one place to hang his hat. you know he’s not approachable like the average unwashed.

  • Marc

    OK Bob, ban firearms from professionsal athletes? Are you the “expert” to make this decision. You are a squirming uninformed attention getting “Media guy”. Everyone can be upset about the murder suicide, that doesn’t mean the Constitution is wrong and you are not any kind of “EXPERT” to suggest a cure for people doing stupid things.
    Just admit it, you screwed up and take your punishment. Resign from sports casting and work for your favorite anti-second amendment group.

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  • John21

    Mr. Costas has many limitations, I do not believe he has the stability or mental capacity to own or carry a deadly weapon of any kind, including a butter knife.
    He is a liberal democrat so the propaganda media will continue to treat him like he had some knowledge about what he speaks and the kool-aid drinkers will continue to drool about his politically correct rants.

    Nothing new, just the braindead being more vocal

  • Tom in CA

    I really could care less about anything little Bob says…

  • Curran

    At first blush I would offer that little bobby should be fired, but alas perhaps he should keep it up.

    These days most smart folks are buying guns like they’re going out of style – and his little ignorant yammerings about the right of self-defense only reinforce the lesson that the oppressive left doesn’t adhere to this right.

  • Curran

    At first blush I would offer that little bobby should be fired, but alas perhaps he should keep it up.

    These days most smart folks are buying guns like they’re going out of style – and his little ignorant yammerings about the right of self-defense only reinforce the lesson that the oppressive left doesn’t adhere to this right.

  • Dave

    Could any of you current gun-owners give me an example of a time when you’ve been forced to use your gun?

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    The thing about Leftists such as Bob Costas, is that they are, at their very core, hypocrites. What’s good for the masses is never good for them because they’re so much more enlightened than all those mindless morons who make up the population of great unwashed masses over which Leftists feel compelled to rule.

    With all that having been said, if we dig into this matter a bit, you’ll ALMOST CERTAINLY learn that Bob Costas owns a firearm and, moreover, probably has a concealed carry permit.

    I wouldn’t be surprised at all to learn that he was carrying concealed at the very moment he spoke those words on the air. Total hypocrites. It’s who they are. It’s what they do.

  • walknot

    They can’t help it. Inside every Progressive is a tyrant waiting to come out.

    Take for example this quote from a FB discussion I had with a Prog:

    “Actually…,you can legislate for what you call stupidity, and we do. We protect those who lack the knowledge and smarts to make good or reasonable decisions for themselves.”

    This is typical of Progs. They honestly believe they are doing whats best for YOU by limiting YOUR freedom, not theirs, YOURS! Every one of them is a little tyrant, willing to force you to live the way THEY want you to live. F’em

  • Dave

    How are you so sure about that, Mahdi? Can you give me an example of a time when Bob Costas was hypocritical specifically? You like to talk and talk, but you have no proof at all that Costas might own a firearm.

  • oldguy

    He’s just another white half-man.

  • Hank

    Bob Costas: phony do as I say not as I do hypocrite with phony hair and phony face lift. All phony. Go run off and play in traffic, Bob.

  • Mitchell Gold

    Lots of good gun info:

  • i wonder how much bob costas thinks the destruction of the family contributes to the “wild west culture” that he says exists in america today. that destruction wrecked on the family by leftists and the black civil rights leaders in the sixties. people that i sure he supports and endorses their ideas.

  • cavt

    He works for NBC. Enough said–

  • Another Bob

    Just ban guns for all black males in their 20’s in the NFL and that should solve the problem!!

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    Dave, yes Costas MIGHT own a firearm.

  • @ #11 Dave,

    How man gun stores and gun ranges get robbed during business hours?

  • @ #14 Dave,

    You have no clue whether or not Costas has armed protection either by virtue of being armed himself or protection by armed security.

    Is the President ever personally armed? You don’t know if he is or not. If I were president, I would not leave home unarmed.

    Costas generalized that those who play football aren’t mentally stable thus there should be a law preventing them from possessing guns.

    That right there was a Liberal Gun Grabber Swan Dive into an empty pool from 100 feet up.

    That statement alone is a career ender. Make a note of how long it takes Costas to “seek other opportunities.”

    Hell… he may wind up leaking blood over that one, as mentally unstable as he believes professional football players are.

    Liberal Gun Grabbers Blabbing BS only strengthens core opposition to Liberalism. Smart liberals know this, dumb ones don’t.

    Blab Away Dave

  • Tired Okie

    First of all this rant wasn’t really about gun culture it was about little bobby. LOOK AT ME!!!
    2nd, I grew up in middle America. Every KID in the rural and urban areas had access to guns. I can remember looking out the 2nd story window of my high School my senior yr. (1964) and seeing the guys pickups in the parking lot with rifles and shotguns in the back window racks and knowing they also had pistols in there. Some even wore their hunting knives in school. No problems and no one upset not even the teachers. It’s not young men today who aren’t resposible enough to have guns it’s the young thugs that our turn to ultra liberalism has created.

  • Vicky Hernandez

    Maybe he has living-vicariously-through-jocks and protected-by-armed-guard brain rot…

    Perhaps, Costas should be more worried about knives. One needs no special training to use knives as weapons, and they can be used repeatedly without “rearming.” Just ask Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman.

  • In fact Dave, trot your anti-second amendment brilliance over to one of the websites of a Liberal gun club and try out your BS on liberals who support the second amendment and own guns. Here is a forum of one of them. Go Blab Away:

  • Militant Conservative

    You sir ( term used loosely) are an absolut idiot.

    Carried for over a decade and never drawn my weapon in anger.

    Although many person wished to see my carry of choice.

    I think he needs to have his speech limited and/or taken away.

    BC you are a tribute to the brain dead media.

  • Militant Conservative

    Dave is a dunce of immeasurable proportions.

    My brother has stopped criminals from stealing his welding equipment many times.

    He has also held for the cops a Walmart theft ring in the parking lot.

    The cops said we wish you would have shot them (mexican illegals in Colorado).

    Your argument shows how out of touch and ignorant of the real world

    in which WE live. You depend upon others for your safety. I take responsibility

    for my own safety.

  • Tom in CA

    Uh Dave,

    Could you give me an example of the other ways in which the KC linebacker could have killed his girlfriend?

  • Dave

    No, VotingFemale, YOU blab away, because YOU have no idea whether or not Costas is a gun owner either. Without firm proof, you are just blabbing away and speaking nonsense. And do you have any evidense that the president is personally armed?

  • redgrandma

    I wonder why all his fellow prog journalists are not hearing that “dog whistle” of racism that always sounds for conservatives. By “young men in their 20’s and 30’s” he might mean “black athletes in their 20’s and 30’s” but I could be wrong. 😉

  • Buffalobob

    Better to own/carry a gun and never have to use it, then to not own/carry a gun and have a need to use one..

  • even steven

    Regarding Dave’s question… I wish I had been carrying a gun back when I was 18 and was attacked by six men who robbed me, beat me severely, and left me for dead in a field. Other than that instance, I haven’t been “forced” to use a gun, but I did use one to euthanize a deer that had been hit by a car on the highway in front of my house. It was suffering greatly. I also carried a sidearm around when I was outside a few years ago, because I had seen a cougar on my property about forty yards from my house. You can try to fend off a 220 pound cat with a broom stick or a baseball bat if you wish, but I’ll stick with my .357 magnum.

  • Dave

    Did I ever once say that I was against the 2nd amendment?

  • Dave

    Thanks for the honest answer, even steven – now, my next question would be about who these guys were, where was this field, what were the circumstances? I am in no way saying a victim in an event like that is to blame, but I’d love to know more details.

    Again, I haven’t said that I’m against the 2nd amendment. But, is there a time and place where it’s more necessary than others? You are all acting like petulant children who are in danger of having their toys taken away, and I rather want to know when specifically there is need for a gun. Personally, in my life, whether I’m in Washington, DC, New York, or Atlanta, I’ve never felt that I wished for a gun. I would just like to hear what situations others were in when they felt they needed one.

  • rangerrebew

    To a true, hard leftist such as Costas, there are only two ways a person can have intelligence and wisdom. Either they must be in politics or in show business. Why those two possess the power to make a person omniscient is a mystery. I guess when a person is out of politics or show business they revert to being dumb asses like they were before, just like in the movie Flowers for Algernon.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Personally, in my life, whether I’m in Washington, DC, New York, or Atlanta, I’ve never felt that I wished for a gun.

    That’s perfectly fine.

    You decide what’s good for you, and leave it at that.

  • paul52

    Quiz for Dave: Name a known dictator on this planet that allows his subjects to arm themsleves…. BTW I had a guy breaking down my door because he had the wrong address and was looking for my hooker of a neighbor. After he met my friend, Mr. Remington, face to face, he settled right down. No shots fired.

  • even steven

    It was my first year at college at a public university (and not even in an large city). I was cutting across a field on my way to the dorms from the library late one evening when I was attacked. There was a gang in the area that was preying on college students, and I was the first of several who were attacked and beaten over several weeks. They even attacked a disabled student in a wheel chair. No arrests were ever made, either. That’s been a few decades ago, and I’ve been armed much of the time since then.

  • Orwellian States

    I neve heard of Bob Costas and I never watch sports on TV (wee, perhaps roller derby if I can find it) so I really don’t care what he says. However, if by some unexplained chance he showed up on the porch of my remote East Tennessee home — well I would like the opportunity to show him what real gun control is. I have guns not to hunt, but because I fear the government and I don’t trust left wingers such as Costas. Bob, you just need to SHFU!

  • bg


    December 6, 2012

    Guns for me, but not for thee.

    Donne Trotter Arrested On Weapons Charge

    [A Cook County judge set bond at $25,000 for state Sen. Donne Trotter,
    who recently announced he was running for Jesse Jackson’s old seat in
    Congress. Trotter’s defense attorney argued for reasonable bail citing
    Trotter’s decades of public service and 26-year marriage.]

    good thing he’s not a Tea Party Republican huh.. /s/


  • Deserttrek

    i change the channel when costas is on anything and do not watch nbc. i am safe from the fool.

  • Winston Wolfe

    Could any of you current gun-owners give me an example of a time when you’ve been forced to use your gun? – Dave

    Sure. When a meth-head was trying to kick in my front door, not two years ago. He heard the shell being chambered, and went running.

    Any other stupid questions?

  • Right Winston Wolfe.

    Something Everyone Can Habla:

  • LOL @ D.A.V.E.

    Run Forest Run

  • Objective Analysis

    What he means is YOUNG BLACK MEN. This man is racist.

  • rammer12

    In all the interviews I have heard AFTER this blunder by Bob Costas, from Dan Patrick, O’Reilly, etc. the one term I hear him continually use is “where people misunderstood me”. Clearly Mr. Costas remains firm in his own opinion that HE IS RIGHT and the rest of us are WRONG. Typical liberal. It’s like watching the vortex of a whirlpool taking everything down with it as it gets bigger and bigger and bigger…

  • AmericaWILL

    I wonder how many of the armed security/LE personnel that guard his cowardly hide are in their twenties and thirties?

  • See, Bob, the British had their Brown Bess muskets, and so did some of our lads. They came from the same heritage or stock, with the same goods as a common denominator. But we were also hunters over here, Bob. We needed to take out game at a long rang or we’d starve. So we also had rifles, you know, with rifling on the inside of the barrel, and where the name comes from, Bob. Now these were expensive, and not everybody could afford one. But Bob, they existed — and we didn’t starve to death. Now Bob, after The Shot Heard ‘Round The World, we were fighting a war of secession or a war of rebellion, depending on your point of view. So anyway, Bob, some of our guys had rifles and were used to hunting game at long range. A musket’s effectiveness at 25 to 30 yards out gets dodgy. These guys were standing line abreast shooting at each other and losses overall were minimal. But you see, Bob, we had those frontiersmen who had rifles. So they started hunting British officers. Only officers were on horseback, so they were easy targets, being elevated in plain sight. The officers on foot were also easy to target and eliminate with a high rate of efficiency, and from a much longer distance than the muskets would ever allow. Now Bob, these guys weren’t in a line abreast, they were behind trees and bushes and other natural points of ambuscade. The losses of officers in one theater (I forgot which at the moment) caused the British to hold a parlay with the rebels to request that they stop targeting their officers specifically. The British were fine with taking their chances with musket fire since it was inaccurate, but they didn’t like the idea of a suicide mission. (I forgot how that parlay went.)

    But the point here, Bob, is that we were taking out their command and control structure. We were eliminating their leadership. Now let me put it in terms you’ll understand, Bob, we were taking out their quarterbacks. We were taking out the brains behind the brawn. You’ve seen that happen many a Sunday, Bob.

    The rifles were a far superior technology to muskets. They didn’t win us our Independence, Bob, but they most certainly helped. But their most important reason for existence at that time was to kill the elite officer corps in the British army. If one of those boys had’ve been able to take a shot at ol’ King George, he’d have killed him, too. Bob, we have guns to kill kings and lords. Now the Forefathers, being the geniuses they were, knew that a free people needed to have access to the same weaponry as the government for a couple of reasons, Bob. The first was a fight on equal footing. The other, and this is the important one, Bob, was to allow us citizens when necessary to kill our politicians, too. So Bob, guns are for hunting, just not what or who you think. The right to own weapons is the right that keeps us Free from totalitarian schmucks like youself, Bob.

    Thanks for listening, Bob.

  • Nightfighter

    Bob stated he would rather cower between the seats of a Colorado theater than defend himself