Conservative Bill Whittle concludes this week in his Trifecta video that the Democratic leaders of this country are determined to deliberately destroy this country.

“I no longer see a pathway where the ruination of this country can be blamed on incompetence or even rank stupidity. There’s no other explanation left for me now than a deliberate attempt to destroy this economy.”

Via The Right Scoop:

And they still have four more years to succeed!



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  1. This didn’t start with Obama, so I am not going to lay it on his administration, personally, but it’s still wrong. Once again, the news is incomplete. Here’s a story about people we pay to work for our government, deciding to fail to comply with our laws. We all know this kind of situation will result in deaths among our allies, which is why the law was enacted.

    Where are the names of the bureaucrats from State? WHO is part of the story, and it is missing.

    Afghans who befriended U.S. now left to face death

    Remember what our State Department did to our friends in Iraq? They’re doing it to the Afghans, now.


    “The United States has abandoned our most effective and loyal friends in Afghanistan by deliberately failing to implement the Afghan Allies Protection Act.”

    “In 2011, I served as the chief adviser on rule of law for the International Security Assistance Force, or ISAF, in Kabul. I witnessed the heroism and courage of our Afghan employees as they resisted threats from the Taliban and their government. Now, as we draw down and leave them vulnerable, our government refuses to follow its own laws to save them.”

    “The 2009 act provides up to 7,500 special immigrant visas for Afghans who worked for the United States for at least a year and who face an ongoing and serious threat to their safety. The U.S. Embassy resisted as soon as the law was passed, claiming that allowing these Afghans and their spouses and children to escape the threats to their lives would have a “deleterious impact” on the mission.”

    This article apparently appeared first as a special to the Washington Post. There have to be specific, individual names of US officials associated with it. Those names should be disclosed. We can’t trust the Washington Post to do the follow-up, because it will embarrass a purported Democratic administration, so that leaves the bloggers.

  2. Call me Pollyanna but I think those 53 Dem Senators, most of whom and whose friends and families are millionaires will not go down with the ship. To them, their 6 year cushy job is paramount (of course they could care less about their voters.) So when things go really south
    this summer I think an impeachment scenario is more likely. If we didn’t have a senate and just the house I would agree but at some point the more moderate Dem senators will want to save their own skin just like the Republican Senators did w/Nixon.Hope I’m right.

  3. I blame Bush

  4. Who was it who said: “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”? I think he was referring to external threats, but it also applies the the internal threat that is the democrat party. We need an action plan. And we need to continue to elect tea party candidates to replace the rinos. 2014 is coming – we need to keep the House and win the Senate. That’s a start. My fear is who will the dems run after the cult figure ends his reign in 2016? My nightmare is Moochelle – I wouldn’t put it past them, either. The thought of that gives me chills.

  5. It is always important to remember the SDS’s central credo:

    “You must first destroy a society before you can rebuild it.”

    The SDS: that would be Bill Ayers and his friends.

  6. Why are media types overwhelming America hating progressives?

    Who else would get more enjoyment telling the world about the calamities and misfortunes befalling his fellow citizens than a Progressive who hates them?

  7. Naive Americans have been roped in on what Obama has been saying from day one. There is the youth for one, their are the blacks and then there are those who have fantasy delusions of what they believe is good for the world and that would include America.

    Obama promoted peace but of course this wasn’t in his mind at all. It was to do exactly what he did rope in the uneducated and most vulnerable. He was trained and educated for this change and hope delusion that would fool the public and the world but in actuality his plans were more dangerous and in simple words, socialize and don’t make the mistake he never had any other plan.

    The media is to blame along with Soros and liberal internet sites who are working for Obama or he is working for Soros to destroy the American way of life. He is succeeding and he should have been stopped but masterfully he keeps using the Sal Alinsky plan and the spineless in Washington are doing nothing and have going on 5 years, now.

    I still have faith that those who love America will rise above. We love our nation too much to see it destroyed. Whittle has been saying this for a long time now that Obama is wrong for America and this is nothing new.

  8. All I have to say to this video is this,



    And this

    1. Frank Marshall Davis (communist journalist) <– Obmas mentor
    2. Jeremiah Wright (radical liberation theology minister) <– Obamas pastor and self admited man he
    looked up to even more then his father.
    3. Edward Said (extreme leftist anti-Isrrael professor)
    4. Bill Ayers (shameless '60s terrorist)

    Obamas founding fathers. People Obama looked up to and grew up with and idolized.

    Admitted by himself on many mainstream media video footage feeds and in his

    Book "dreams of my father"

    Need I say more?

  9. It is the perfect storm this time

    Far left president
    50+% of the population are idiots or low information voter or gimme gimme money voters

    A media that is completely one sided to the point of outright lies and obfuscation for the democrats leftists.

  10. The brilliance of the founders was that they knew this would happen because throughout history it always happened, that was why they were so restrictive to the power of the federal government. Then 100 or so years ago the leftists progressives figured out that unless they could circumvent this document they would never be able to implement their ‘utopian’ agenda.

    They have now succeeded we live in post Constitutional America with no real restrictions on what the government can do

  11. ++

    Secrets of Communism (Utopian IslaMarxists
    by any other name, the results are the same)

    Murder by Communism (Utopian IslaMarxists
    by any other name, the results are the same)

    ~ Barry Dunham Soetoro Barack Hussein Obama
    (by any other factual, fictitious, or composite name)


    “When the revolution comes..”

    “The strongest reason for people to retain the right
    to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect
    themselves against tyranny in government.”

    ~ Thomas Jefferson


  12. America has become liberalism’s wet dream and we are all living in it…..

  13. The only problem I have with your comments on this is for Scott–I am afraid that it’s too late to go to the school boards, the city councils, etc. People want too much stuff for their children. Actually, let me rephrase that–People have been lead to believe that their children NEED all the ‘stuff’ that schools insist that they need to actually learn. If anyone objects to a local prop tax increase you are shouted down as being against the children. People have lost the ability to think for themselves and are perfectly content with having a school board, teachers unions, the DoE, NEA, medical establishments (AMA, AAP, CDC), transportation ‘officials’ and, of course, the government tell them what to do, what to say, etc.
    I think it’s too late all the way around. What we all need to do is learn to be self-sufficient and when it all comes crumbling down, we can pick up the pieces using the original foundation of this great country.

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