Jon Hammar, a former Marine held in Mexico on gun charges, has been in a Mexican prison for four months on what is being called a trumped-up federal weapon charge. He was arrested Aug. 13 in Matamoros after he declared to Mexican customs agents a shotgun he planned to use for hunting in Costa Rica. He’s been held in jail since August and chained to a bed.

Jon Hammar survived wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is now up in a prison in Mexico. (CBS)

TODAY - FOX News host Bill O’Reilly told America’s Newsroom that if US Marine is not released from jail in Mexico by Christmas he is going to organize a national boycott of Mexico.



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  1. The Mexicans want to play games with Americans. I knew a salesman who went into Mexico on business visit. They stopped him at the border and had him open his trunk. There they found .22 bullets he had left there. Just bullets, no gun. His company got him out of jail after 2 weeks and the use of a Mexican lawyer (and some money).

  2. Simple. Ban all wire transfers of money to Mexico until he is released.

    That should stunt their economy

  3. Matamoros, not a good place to be. I can’t remember if it was the son of the Mayor or the Chief of Police. Anyway he liked the pickup truck one of the American in town was driving. The police stopped his truck and impounded it. He tried, and tried to get his truck back, but no luck. He finally gave up and reported it to his insurance co

  4. I have been boycotting Mexico for years. I use to enjoy some of the Mexican resort areas, but with the way Mexico treats the US is why I do not go there. Also the crime and corruption is a red flag for any American to stay out of Mexico.
    My daughter was considering Mexico for spring break until I educated her about Mexican laws.

  5. This regime could have him release at any time ,but refuse to do so….we give Mexico millions on tax-payer dollars each year, this regime could choose to with hold those dollars if they wanted too……..

  6. We have cancelled our college reunion trip to Mexico. All 20 of us will not go to Mexico until our Marine is released.

  7. …if US Marine is not released from jail in Mexico by Christmas he is going to organize a national boycott of Mexico.

    Good luck on that.

  8. I propose an exchange: We’ll give the Mexicans a real gun-pushing criminal who is directly responsible for hundreds of innocent Mexican deaths because of his dumping illegal guns to narco-terrorists.

    We’ll give them Eric Holder in exchange for releasing Hammar.

  9. Half of Mexico is in the US so boycotting Mexico won’t do any good.

  10. #18: Excellent point. In Mexico, you are guilty until proven innocent. Puts a whole different light on what happens if someone gets in trouble. This is enough danger, but the bribery, corruption are everywhere, too. I lived and worked in Mexico for a year, and I have stories to tell. Just be careful . . . very careful!

  11. i will start boycotting mexico now, they do things like this all the time for money. overcharge you when you stay there, accuse you of breaking things like the door, etc. all to extort money. bring this guy home….boycott beginning today.

  12. I have said this numerous time on several blogs. You don’t go into Mexico with a gun or a single bullet. You wouldn’t go to NYC with a gun and ask the local police department for permit. You wouldn’t go into an airport with a gun and ask the TS screeners for a permit.
    If you don’t know the meaning of “La Modtia” the little bite, don’t enter Mexico. My sympathy to his parents. However he is the one who broke the law, never mind the story that he was given bad information, he is responsible for his actions. Check out the requirements for taking a firearm into Canada. They are complicated and confusing.

  13. Maybe we can swap Eric Holder for Jon Hammar…

  14. #29: damn. Didn’t notice that comments went to a second page. You win.

  15. Bigkahuna: I love your stopping transfers of money to Mexico!! We could solve our debt crisis also.

  16. Offer to swap Eric Holder, one for one.

  17. I have a friend that had a box of 12 gauge bird shot in his trunk. They arrested him for being an arms smuggler and put him in jail. It took another friend who had an uncle that was a judge in Mexico to find him and get him out 5 days later and thousands of dollars lighter.

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