Bill O’Reilly pounded the liberal media today for not reporting on the Jon Hammar story. O’Reilly said the media did not report the story “because they’re lemmings” and the plight of a Marine corporal who served his country in Afghanistan and Iraq and who had Post Traumatic Stress Disorder doesn’t really matter to them.”




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  1. Liberals never have supported the military. Never will. Idiots. Who do they think protects our country so these fools have the right to spew their propaganda for Obama? My contempt for MSM and any liberal grows daily.

  2. O’Reilly is the reason this marine is getting released!!

  3. The only news channel worth anything–Fox. Keep after them Bill.

  4. The only reason the MSM would consider a report on him is if he went nuts and started shooting people.

    Then they’d blame Bush for his PTSD and the NRA for his having a gun.

  5. O’Reilly isn’t much more than a lemming, himself, most of the time. But then every once in a while, he steps outside the herd…

  6. Waiting for Obama to take credit for this. He has no shame. Bill, you got it right. Maybe he is finally looking out for us again. It’s been a four year absence of doing that.

  7. Kudos to you, Bill.

    Well done.

  8. Right on, Bill.

  9. Cool. About time.

    Congressman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (sp?) of Fla. on The Factor. Turns out the guards knew that FOX was on the story. 70 members of Congress signed a letter to Hillary about this. Extortion is a racket run in Mexican jails. (no screamin’ owl sh!t)

    My thanks to FOX, and our Congressional representatives, not so sure about State.


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