Bill O’Reilly discussed the future of the Christian Church in America with Fr. Morris tonight on The Factor.

“Cardinal Dolan should have performed an exorcism on Caroline Kennedy at the DNC Convention. It would have gotten everybody’s attention.”

This was after Bill O’Reilly condemned Caroline Kennedy for promoting abortion at the DNC while representing herself as a Catholic American.




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  1. Cardinal Dolan is no fool. He knows better than to go up against the Kennedy family. They have more friends in the Vatican than he does.

  2. Dorks…one and all

    “In the Catholic Church, an exorcist is a bishop or a priest appointed by him, who has a special permission to perform exorcisms. The dignity of the sacramental and the nature of an exorcism require a special and explicit permission of a local ordinary (usually a bishop of the diocese).”

    I’m not sure Cardinal Dolan is an appointed exorcist. But I’m sure we can get one out to her right after she’s done w/Pelosi, Biden and all the other so-called ‘Catholics’ burdened with one or more demons.

  3. Peggy Noonan stupidly opined in the WSJ that Catholics were going to rise up against ObamaCare. Instead, they voted for him again. They invited him back to Notre Dame. Most Catholics are idiots when it comes to their religion.

    Pelosi, Durbin, Kerry, the late Edward Kennedy, these are your Catholics in government. Did you see the big funeral in a Catholic Church that the killer senator got?

    The only thing the Catholic Church is going to rise up against is a cancellation of their tax exemption. Or perhaps revocation of the sodomy laws.

  4. At #5, replace “revocation” with “reinstatement.”

  5. WRONG KENNEDY…..The Damien Boy is Teddy’s Grandson who was born on the darkest day of the year . The boy on whose Birthday Obamacare was passed in tribute…the LAW that has divided this nation and cast the shadow of DEATH over all the land …A LAW of such inhumane MADNESS it ulimately leads to Armageddon ….Merry Christmas and may God have mercy on his faithful who remain unbroken by this counterfiet kingdom of Satan….>

  6. Hey Dorks, most Catholics, like most Protestants and most Jews and most elderly and most students, do NOT read or listen to any news but the MSM.

    Before you condemn the sheep ask yourselves why with all of this wonderfully sanctimonious,loud and freakishly irate whinging on these sites, the sheep were STILL READING the MSM.

    When do you buy a clue that continuing to talk about and expect change through the currently hijacked AMerican executive, legislative and judicial avenues is an exercise in futility.

    Think outside the box, would ya and stop all of this gossip, it sounds very little different from the gossip on the side of the illiterate incurious and idiotic left.

  7. obama (aka son of satan as per pastor manning) is the one that needs an excorcism, not that it would take. Whatever demon inhabits the macdaddy aint no low-level demon.

  8. The Catholic church has lost its influence over its membership in America. Too bad; so sad. Secularism is just too attractive to middle-aged and younger Catholics. They shouldn’t claim membership in the Church.

  9. the kennedys have always had their own brand of catholicism, i.e. teddy’s annulment.

    #15…”the catholic church has lost it’s influence over its membership in america,” that was the purpose of vatican council II.


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