Enlightened Marxist Harry Belafonte was on with pal Al Sharpton this week. His advice for Obama was to imprison opposition like a “third world dictator.”
Via Moonbattery:

Belefonte, of course, is a big fan of third world dictators.

Previously, Belefonte called President Bush “the greatest terrorist in the world” while praising Marxist tyrant Hugo Chavez.




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  1. We can start with traitors who oose the constitution. Hey Harry.. I think you would fit in well at gitmo

  2. Harry has secret visions of mass killings.

  3. ++

    he must be either bathing in, chewing on, or both, raw fetuses
    in order to maintain such a smooth asa babies butt skin tone..

    not kidding..


  4. Democrats would loooooooooooooooooooove to do that. In a NY minute.

  5. then i vote we shoot marxists like him on sight…that day is apparently coming. mccarthy was right…

  6. Funny how people who complain about past oppressions have no problem carrying it out themselves.

  7. Weird. When it looked like Obama might lose, we were all racist. Now that Obama’s been re-elected, we’re all mature.

    And Harry’s vocal-cord nodes are really irritating. When somebody speaks in two timbres at the same time, it makes them sound like a fuzzed-out electric guitar.

  8. He could not be more wrong,,,and arrogant.

  9. I say, let him talk. And more he talks, the more okay I feel in calling HIM names. Maybe I’ll progress to calling for his imprisonment for his political views; I’ll probably arrive at that point around 2016, after four years of being kicked around by his buddy Obama.

  10. Why aren’t you people watching the 12.12.12 concert for Sandy relief instead of piszing and moaning about some has-been musician?

    Sad lot you are smh

  11. Harry “Dick” Belafonte may be power-mad criminally insane psychopath – but he is my power-mad criminally insane psychopath! Coke does wonderful things to the mind!

    I think he needs a Czar position in my administration at $242,000 per year. I am sure Bill Ayer’s would agree!

    Let me be clear, I like his idea of putting all Pubs in jail under trumped-up charges. And, I am sure Eric Holder would agree!

    My limousine is belching fumes and I have a meeting with Davy Axelrod. I think we can work-out the details of jailing all Pubs. We have their voter cards and we know where they live. I cannot answer any more questions. Good day.

  12. Trial Balloon.

  13. I’m sure the excuse by the Alinsky left will be, “oh, he was only joking”. Anything to make excuses for a Commie lover.

  14. They’ll be a civil war before that happens & that’s what flobama wants, & I say bring it on!!!!!!!!!

  15. This turd can’t be flushed quick enough.

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