Belafonte’s Advice to Obama: Imprison Opposition “Like a Third World Dictator” (Video)

Enlightened Marxist Harry Belafonte was on with pal Al Sharpton this week. His advice for Obama was to imprison opposition like a “third world dictator.”
Via Moonbattery:

Belefonte, of course, is a big fan of third world dictators.

Previously, Belefonte called President Bush “the greatest terrorist in the world” while praising Marxist tyrant Hugo Chavez.

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  • Bigkahuna

    We can start with traitors who oose the constitution. Hey Harry.. I think you would fit in well at gitmo

  • Ella

    Harry has secret visions of mass killings.

  • bg


    he must be either bathing in, chewing on, or both, raw fetuses
    in order to maintain such a smooth asa babies butt skin tone..

    not kidding..


  • Remco Kimber

    Democrats would loooooooooooooooooooove to do that. In a NY minute.

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  • bg
  • dwdude

    then i vote we shoot marxists like him on sight…that day is apparently coming. mccarthy was right…

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  • Economan

    Funny how people who complain about past oppressions have no problem carrying it out themselves.

  • Llarry

    Weird. When it looked like Obama might lose, we were all racist. Now that Obama’s been re-elected, we’re all mature.

    And Harry’s vocal-cord nodes are really irritating. When somebody speaks in two timbres at the same time, it makes them sound like a fuzzed-out electric guitar.

  • CV1

    He could not be more wrong,,,and arrogant.

  • RedStateGal

    I say, let him talk. And more he talks, the more okay I feel in calling HIM names. Maybe I’ll progress to calling for his imprisonment for his political views; I’ll probably arrive at that point around 2016, after four years of being kicked around by his buddy Obama.

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  • lincoln’s wife

    Why aren’t you people watching the 12.12.12 concert for Sandy relief instead of piszing and moaning about some has-been musician?

    Sad lot you are smh

  • Limousine Barry

    Harry “Dick” Belafonte may be power-mad criminally insane psychopath – but he is my power-mad criminally insane psychopath! Coke does wonderful things to the mind!

    I think he needs a Czar position in my administration at $242,000 per year. I am sure Bill Ayer’s would agree!

    Let me be clear, I like his idea of putting all Pubs in jail under trumped-up charges. And, I am sure Eric Holder would agree!

    My limousine is belching fumes and I have a meeting with Davy Axelrod. I think we can work-out the details of jailing all Pubs. We have their voter cards and we know where they live. I cannot answer any more questions. Good day.

  • Practical Jane

    Trial Balloon.

  • Mad Hatter

    I’m sure the excuse by the Alinsky left will be, “oh, he was only joking”. Anything to make excuses for a Commie lover.

  • Navy Seal

    They’ll be a civil war before that happens & that’s what flobama wants, & I say bring it on!!!!!!!!!

  • Ghost
  • mg

    This turd can’t be flushed quick enough.

  • squeaky

    “Why aren’t you people watching the 12.12.12 concert for Sandy relief instead of piszing and moaning about some…” speaking of which i heard kanye west was on board. i can’t wait for him to call out obama to show how fair and balanced he is and all that garbage. probably not enough black people though and when you throw in a black [semi] dem president….well you get it.

  • JPL17

    “Why aren’t you people watching the 12.12.12 concert for Sandy instead of piszing and moaning about some has-been musician?”

    Are you kidding? And subject ourselves to a bunch of has-been musicians like Paul McCartney and Bruce Springsteen? I’d rather stick pins in my eyes.

  • squeaky

    harry’s 85. close to the time he won’t be coming down for breakfast as they say. easy to dismiss his train of thought as the rantings of an old and feeble mind but there are those who do entertain those very same thoughts and if they’re put in positions of power to exercise those thoughts…….

  • mg4us

    As they say: You can take the man from the Banana (plantation) but you cannot take the Banana (brain) from the man!

    He is a Disgrace.

    And the DemocRAT opposition under Bush, and against OUR men & women in uniform especially for a war they voted on, was disgusting.

    People from around the world used to say that we Americans were dumba$$es. . . and this past November we proved them right!

    Fool me once, shame on you. . fool me twice, shame on me. . .
    America has a BIG surprise coming. . and it is not something good.

  • MoreLiberty

    “Democrats would loooooooooooooooooooove to do that. In a NY minute.”

    Actually big government establishment politicians from both have already voted to detain people they don’t agree with – and thus denying them their Constitutional rights. Just go back and review who voted for the NDAA of 2012.

  • Sure Harry. And then all you remaining savages can simply cannibalize each other once all the productive members of society are gone.


    Exactly what has this goofball done to make his words worth posting…..well besides being such and absurd and funny jackhat of a socialist?

  • Brendon Carr

    Yeah, I’m also prepared to indulge Harry his delusions as he’s 85 years old and they say all kinds of things. However, I wonder what he and his MSNBC buddies would have thought of the Greatest Dictator in the World George Bush, or the Most Evil Tax Cheat and Felon Mitt Rmoney, had he won the election, summarily imprisoning political opposition. The powers they crave for their boyfriend Barack the Lightworker would not be so delightful to them if the shoe was on the other foot. The limited government we conservatives demand protects these liberals fools from the abuses they would visit upon us if they had the chance.

    That said, Harry Belafonte was a smooth cat back in the day. That’s how I’ll think of him the future, if I think of him at all.

  • and people wonder why Detroit …..Flint ….Gary …..St Louis …..East St Louis ….Washington D.C. and the like are the way they are ….also helps to explain folks like alcee hastings ….jessie jackson …jr. and senior ….. marrion barry …. william ( cold cash ) jefferson ….. maxcine waters …. charlie rangel …. hank ( gaum tip over ) johnston …. and on and on and on

  • Adi

    He is just frustrated because he’s not on the short list for the UK ambassadorship.

  • mn jim

    Belafonte’s net worth is listed at $28 million.
    Let obama tax the rich, starting with Hollywood.
    Pay up, Harry, or STFU.

  • Clafoutis

    The double-edged sword of free speech strikes again.

  • Sam Stone

    If he can call for my imprisonment, then I can call for his assassination.

  • squeaky

    [Who exactly were the rich who, as the president said, were not “paying their fair share”? The rapper Jay-Z (net worth: nearly $500 million)? The actor Johnny Depp (2011 income: $50 million)? Neither seems to have heard the president’s earlier warning that, “at a certain point you’ve made enough money.”] might i add to jay z stash the stash of his wife that would make them just 200 million shy of being billionaires.

  • RoadKill

    Happy Kwanzaa Harry… How’s that prostrate cancer doing?

  • squeaky

    “……my imprisonment, then I can call for his assassination.” wouldn’t wish for that but a short term case of locked in syndrome would give us a break and help him enjoy the real blessings to life. long term would be hell on earth and i wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

  • Freddy

    Idiots like Belafonte are the reason we have a 2nd ammendment.

  • Edd

    Harry, I don’t think you’ve ever been more eloquent than when you said these words, and I quote: “Day-o, Day-ay-ay-o Daylight come and me wan’ go home Day, me say day, me say day, me say day Me say day, me say day-ay-ay-o Daylight come and me wan’ go home”

    I have to stop. I need a tissue.

  • where was harry when barack and the democratic party violated the will of the majority of people and rammed obamacare down their throats? cheering them on like a third world dictator!

  • Marcy

    Ya know when that Alzheimer’s kicks in you say all sorts of crazy things….fortunately Alzheimers will eventually kill you. Nice knowing you Banana Man.

  • One of Harry’s favored dictators the end is coming……..………

  • Sunshine Connie

    No fool like an old racist fool.

  • Melvin

    F-ing Bolshevik.

  • Bogusbob

    Its too bad belafonte didn’t die in stead of Dave Brubeck.

  • Jerry

    I guess no one ever told King Calypso here that under communist/marxist rule, the math doesn’t add up when the government “tally me bananas”.

    Always loved this guys music, wish he’d just shut the hell up and go back to making music. So sad when your favorite entertainers go off the deep end.

  • Michael

    Since obama IS a third world dictator, the Republicans had better watch their backs.

  • GB

    It’s truly amazing how little the Left values Liberty and Freedom. Obama wasn’t ‘fully’ given a ‘mandate’ by the American people – he was the first president EVER to be re-elected with LESS votes than his first election, roughly 6,000,000 less votes, and barely reached 51% of the electorate. That is not a mandate for anything.

    Typical Leftist/Liberal thought process, though – silence the political opposition, whether through decrying ‘racism’ at every turn, Harry Reid not allowing any debate on legislation, trying to change filibuster rules, and now Harry B telling Obama just to put those who oppose him in jail – maybe that’s what it would take for Americans to WAKE UP to the Leftist ideology of mr obama.


    Another dumbass comment by another dumbass Liberal…

    Harry must be off his meds…again!

  • teresa

    Harry, like so many in his age range, probably has severe hardening of the artries and for that reason, blood flow is cut off from his brain. He knows not what he says….

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  • VetMike

    This has been considered before (1796 and 1917 The Alien and Sedition Acts). These were overthrown by SCOTUS. Today, however, I seriously doubt that the issue would even get to SCOTUS. Therefore it would be decided by violence.

  • Frank Furter

    “Why aren’t you people watching the 12.12.12 concert for Sandy…Sad lot you are smh”

    Didn’t you just comment during the concert, lincoln’s wife? Guess you are sad too.

  • BobR33

    The so called “American desire” is not allowed to violate the American Constitution. This guys is nothing but a pseudo intellectual political hack and spewing nonsense. He should move to Venezuela, he clearly thinks their system is working for them.

  • Denver

    Please. Please. Please. PLEASE, Mr. President, do as he says.

  • Warren Bonesteel

    Well, we gave them the DHS and TSA, both of which are taking more and more power to keep track of American citizens. iow, a police state in all but name.

    They’ve given us Obamacare and other govenment programs and departments, which have turned the US into a tyranny in all but name.

    Both sides gave us Executive Orders which have placed ever more power over us into the hands of the executive.

    Why do calls to ’round up the opposition’ surprise anyone?

    This is, apparently, exactly what we wanted…and is exactly what we paid for.

    The only thing we still have in our hands to counter balance all of that, at least for the moment, is the second amendment.

    Chances are, we aren’t going to use it for the purpose for which it was intended.

  • Jman

    Never gonna happen, we aren’t blessed with the opportunity for civil war, we will have to wait for the economic implosion and start over.

  • mm

    He is evidence as to why blacks never advanced the way of the white and Asian races.

  • Just watching

    Wow. I wonder if Belafonte is secretly working for the gun companies. SLREADY they are selling record numbers of guns to a panic’d America.

  • georgeW

    Isn’t it interesting that it’s the oh-so-tolerant leftists and poor put-upon blacks who are now calling for the internment, enslavement and killing of whitey? And they have a president who is sympathetic to that, don’t think he isn’t.


    Previously, Belefonte called President Bush “the greatest terrorist in the world” while praising Marxist tyrant Hugo Chavez.

    Do we need any more evidence that this idiot is dumber than a box of rocks!

  • juan bohica

    Tick tock…tick tock…

  • This Marxist won’t die soon enough for me.

  • Dona Ingram

    If this idiot has a problem with the way this country is managed, may I suggest that Cuba or China has room for him. It amazes me that idiots like him are allowed in this country It is going to be along 4 years with Obama in office. What were the idiots that voted for him were thinking?

  • Joe

    Go back to your banana boat, Harry.

  • Keyser

    F-Off Harry. It’s times like these where people show their true colors. Thanks for showing your’s Harry.

  • blurtle

    That’s the real face of the left. Time to wise up.

  • Hairywall

    This why we let celebrities set national policy? Great performer doesn’t always equal great humanist. The 20th century saw 250 million souls sacrificed on the alter of socialist/communist policy world wide.

  • JungleCogs

    Yeah, so what’s new? These are Democrats; they will use any means to get what they want. They are no different than all the despots and dictators who came before them. King Obama just puts-on a better façade; but he’s cut from the same cloth as all the rest.

  • Sterling

    Come Mr. Tally Man I’ve Gone Bananas, Come Mr. Tally Man Carry Me to Gitmo.


    Hey Belafonte. Get back in your wheelchair, go to your bedroom and beat your drum. Your RED SAILS are showing again.



  • Evangeline Brabant

    Comments such as Harry’s are music to Barrack’s ears.

    Thin-skinned-beyond-belief, believing he should not be criticized, Obama would like nothing more than to suspend the Constitution and get rid of all opposition. And half the country thinks the erosion of our liberties is just fine.

    Hence, the coming “Executive Order” (900 in term one) to silence the Internet, the only place Obama does not control the media. Bush. two terms, 80 Executive Orders and the left had a fit.

    Belefonte has been has been obnoxious ever since he became wealthy on white people’s purchases of his vinyls.

  • Connor MacManus

    Give Rebel Evolution a watch… this guy fits right in with what they describe.

  • Leslie Garcia

    I will never listen to his music again.

  • Denver


    Go bait people with your racism elsewhere.

  • Kenfrombayside

    Another example of why it is imperative to own guns with plenty ammo. This vicious knegro has the same mentality of an African dictator.

  • ObamaIsAGayCokeHead

    HAHA…another liberal loon showing his true colors…and I don’t mean black either! These a-holes are completely losing it!

  • Snitch-in-Time

    All Leftist and Liberal movements eventually get around to genocide. It is in their DNA which is why once a person becomes a leftist, apart from some Damascus Road salvation experience, they become murderous genocidal monsters looking for an opportunity to indulge their genocidal plans.

    There are 146 million people who were murdered by Leftists in the 20th century alone. Their blood cries out against guys like Stalin, Marx, Pol Pot, Mao, Hitler, Obama, Belefonte and their Leftist fellow travelers.

  • Dave

    Al Sharpton.

    Credibility just went to zero.

  • ChicagoThunder1

    Unbelievable go see a priest Harry.

  • Dona Ingram

    One last thing, maybe that is why our forefathers implemented that second amendment so idiots like Belefonte that thinks the president should imprison folks like us that has a different opinion on how thins country should be run will prevent them from doing just that.

  • Mark

    What of substance has Hairy Bellefonte done lately? Another filthy rich liberal who lectures to everybody else about how bad everybody else is, but who has more wealth than anybody and he ain’t planning to part with his cash anytime soon.

  • Crewmax42

    Sorry. I tried to listen, but his Janis Joplin voice impersonation was too painful. Sharpton is starting to look like King Tut. And that is about as constructive I can be about this cabal.

  • myohmy

    OMG. Harry Belafonte has become senile to worst.

  • Tom Genin

    Typical. Harry Belafonte defines the lefts disdain for individual liberty. So a 53%-47% election means the “will of the American people” shall be solely the in the hands of the 53% and the 47% are at their mercy, and denied to work in their own interests?

    Harry, totalitarian much?

  • csd

    Who ?

  • SHADOW100


  • How long has Harry had dimentia . . . oh that’s right, he’s always spewed the Marxist crappola.

    Liberalism IS a brain-disorder afflicting a whole lotta people who slip so effortlessly into the the racist, ‘killer’ mode.

    Oh course, BO is lock-step with ‘ol Harry & has been all of his life; he just couldn’t reveal ’til now. Maybe BO will create a new cabinet position, the American SS.

  • Ty Feynman

    It’d be a real shame if something happened to Harry.

  • Longhunter

    I have never wished death upon any man but have read some obituaries with great enthusiasm. Some I’ll have to wait to read but will do so with the same great enthusiasm.

  • Tim

    Hey Harry, did you believe that when Ronald Reagan won an overwhelming majority of votes and electors in 1980 and 1984, when Bush SR. won in 1988 or when George W. Bush won in 2000 and 2004? I didn’t think so and neither does any other Democrat or Republican for that matter. Just because your preferred candidate did not win an election does not mean you have to blindly follow the winner, you insignificant ditz.

  • It is apparent that his ladder doesn’t go to the top.

  • Denver


    Hey Mr. Taliban


  • Martifr

    He’s already acting like a dictator. He forgets that he works for US, not the other way around. When the peoe decide to actually do something about these wannabe dictators, it could get very ugly very fast.

  • go_figure7722

    As if Obama and cohorts hadn’t considered this already? Harry, your Marxist naivete is showing.


    Typical liberal who has no idea no idea what the tenets of democracy, freedom, and a representative republic provide. Much as I despise Obama, I would never want him to be jailed simply for his idiotic policies. What Harry doesn’t understand is that Obama is not a king or a despot, he’s not going to rule indefinitely, and the same power that he would use to jail his opposition is the same power that could jail him after the next election.

    More importantly though, why have I taken 2 minutes out of my day to even respond to this claptrap? I have to get back to work to pay for the entitlements of the slacking masses.

  • The Bruce

    Ah yes, the Leftists’ wet dream.

  • bill

    Ben Franklin: “When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.”

  • Honest Abe

    In poli sci class this was called a “trial balloon”. Expect doors to fly off hinges in 3,2,1…

  • BL

    Why wont this guy die already hes like 90 and irrelevant as he has ever been. Yo

  • Mike

    He’s spent his life trying to compensate for his little minstrel show where he sung “Hey Mr Tally Man tally me banana!” What a tom. Like Obama, the whiteness he hates comes from the whiteness in himself.

  • Dooky

    I would LOVE nothing more than to take out those [email protected]!
    Let’s GET IT ON!!!!!!!!!!

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    Not only is Belafonte a racist in my white opinion.. he appears to be a self proclaimed dictator just like obama. Wow what a racist pig pair they are. This is what we have been saying all along. The racism against whites is on the rise.. and well fight you back because we are not racist but we know one when we see and hear one. Wow you are a pig belafonte

  • donh

    3rd world dictators don’t imprison ” opposition “….They make whatever at will political show imprisonments the dictator commands for expressing messages of correct social thinking upon the population at large…..They toss in prison irrespective of hard factual evidence people like George Zimmerman and Youtube video film maker Nikoula for the Dear Leader to make an example and put under submission .

  • borubrian

    It is a continual amazement that guys like Belafonte (how does he make a living, he had like 3 songs 50 years ago), and Stone (Sean Penn) do not connect the dots between their hero’s like Castro/Chavez/Stalin to the brutality they employ to stay in power. They also do not connect the dots to the censorship these same “liberals” profess to love.

    I am getting to the understanding that what they love is neither liberalism, nor freedom, but rather a powerful central government that punishes success (as long as they get to keep theirs).

  • David

    That would be the opening salvo of an armed revolution….

  • Troy

    Ah, people begin to wake up! Anytime you vote for something which in anyway diminishes the Constitution, you give up the power our founding fathers wanted in the hands of the people. Hey, both the republicans and the democrats are responsible, it isn’t/wasn’t a single party which allowed this to happen, and more importanly, the People, have been lousy caretakers of our rights. Yes, as Americans became weak and unwilling to own their own lives through responsibility of self, and hard work, the snake oil salesmen cheerfully took the power of the People and watered it down even more.

    The new population voting for free stuff just shows how bad the rot has become. Thank God I am a Senior, and don’t have to live my entire life under the control of these swine who masquerade as Congressmen and Senators, but remember You voted them into office. I hear the Death Rattle of Liberty in America. Welcome to France

  • Whistleblower
  • markymark

    Conservatives, and true Patriots, you’d better wake and realize that the only terrorism that exists is that we the American Patriot is who they really think are the terrorists, the Islam sham is just cover to take our rights, you must be against all these wars going on, the foreign policy of the Bush’s is seriously flawed. The Bush’s destroyed the Republican party they never were conservative they were globalists. Admit we’ve made a mistake let’s regroup and get back to what we really should stand for, Obama is just a puppet of the foreign banks that have taken us over.

  • chuck mckenna

    Harry, Having a low voter turn out, and winning less than 51% of the votes is not a mandate. More states voted against him than for B HO. The Republican strength at the state level is highest in 60 years. There are 30 Republican governors today. There is also a huge increase in the number of state houses that have Republican majorities. No one voted for his only budget attempt in the House and it lost in the Senate 97-0. No mandate Harry.

  • GhostofFranco

    If there were any more proof needed that Leftism is a mental disease, then Belafonte could be the poster child. Communists and Socialists of every stripe always act in the same way, in the same time frame. Win an election and immediately turn BOLSHEVIK and ram as much of your assinine political wish list down everybody’s throat as possible. Leftists ALWAYS over-reach. The tipping point is getting closer, and we are seeing the pressure for violence building. Be very careful Harry Belafonte. Leftists do not have a monopoly on political violence.

  • glenp

    Harry, we all wish you a long lingering miserable experience w your prostate cancer.

  • Ignoranceisbliss

    No fool like an old fool. Come on Harry, what ever happened to civil discourse that Obama talks about. Listen to the country’s president, even he’s not an old fool.

  • frank shea

    Harry was a lot better when he was singing those banana songs.
    Who the hell does he think he is?
    Chavez kills his own people just like Castro.
    He should go live with Hugo and speak his mind.
    Hugo will nail his forked tongue to a palm tree in Maracaibo!

  • Hitman

    Impeach Obama! Lock up Belabafoon!

  • Failed Obamessiah

    President Murder-By-Drone-Without-Due-Process?

    He doesn’t need any ideas…

  • Paolo

    What would Tarantino say?

  • AbleWitness

    Isn’t it amazing that if a Republican politician has acquaintances (not even friends) who are right-wing “extremists” (i.e. believe that the U.S. Constitution has validity), the “official media” goes after them like a dog pack. But the Social Democratic Party has fellow travelers who want to lynch white people who believe in capitalist economics. That’s not a double standard, that is something very far removed. Before mass-shootings, the nutcases verbalized their intentions to do violence, then when they actually did kill and injure people, everyone said, “How could we have known?!” They DID know! And, we now know that this administration tolerates hate speech.

  • Tom

    I can’t wait for the day the revolution starts. This tool will be the first one hanging from a lamp post.

  • Massa

    that’s why we call these boys nigga’s

  • Bill

    Now that the 2012 election is over, we are seeing the REAL democRAT communist party.

  • June

    Harry is one of the biggest idiots around. No wonder he is an Obama fan. Birds of a feather………

  • Buddy P

    Who is this guy and why does he consider himself relevent?



  • Greg Webber

    Belafonte was,is,and always will be an inane,inept minded blithering idiot.

  • RDH

    And when a Republican wins the WH, Harry will be the opposition. I notice that Harry didn’t have the guts to call for this when the President was named Bush.

  • His Majesty O’Keefe

    I knew Obama was kidding when he said he was going to close GITMO, what he meant to say was he was going to fill it with Republicans and free thinkers

  • john smith

    What a sad little man. I used to enjoy following He was a gret singer and I loved his work, All that is goine now. He is so filled with hate and racism he cannot see the forest for the trees.

  • rick M

    Harry has ALWAYS been a commie racist.

    Thank God for the 2nd amendment.

  • Tom Rogers

    This is sick Please do not encourage this President to trash any more of our constitution

  • Coon

    Stupid Ni99er!

  • Vic Morrow

    Almost lock and load time for Harry and his buddies. And I mean ALL his buddies.

  • JJ

    It is projected that 30 years from now, white people will be a minority in America. The writing is on the wall people. If we do not take back our country from the liberals, Democrats and immigration loving anarchists, our country will turn into the Disunited States of African Americans.

  • DutchUncle

    He stole TWO Elections,,,so why NOT imprison his decenters like every other dictator.

  • dennis pavusek

    Harry is senile, let him rant and rave. It is not the will of the american people that we become socialist.

  • Princessmerlot

    You are a disgrace to the country and to the world, we freed you and now you don’t want to live up to the constitution, you need to be put back in chains, that is where you belong you are shameful.

  • Doug

    Day-O is Blott-O.
    What an a** Bellafonte has turned out to be. A good voice doesn’t require a high IQ.
    Beware, folks. Bellafonte speaks for many in sympathy with Obama. We live in perilous times.

  • chris shirling

    Why would anyone be surprised a guy who kneels at the feet of a dictator punk like Chavez would say something this crazy? He is a man who enjoys the benefits of a free, capitalistic society that has a constitution that guarantees his right to say these things, yet puts forth ideas like that that step on others.

    One thing worth mentioning is.. just because somebody can sing (or in his case sang decades ago) doesn’t mean they are even remotely educated on the issues or our constitution. If this guy really loved this country, he wouldn’t have said what he did. At minimum, he should know about co-equal branches of government work so his first thought isn’t to put them in jail for not agreeing with Obama.

  • james boyd

    I think many of us know what should be done to this vermin and those he admires. Some think the time to call for justice against such has about arrived.

  • Goodgold

    Who is this dude? Is he the guy whose only note in life is that he sang about a banana boat about 60 years ago? Who cares what he thinks?

  • WhoCares

    It’s funny how an irrelevant, has-almost-never-been’s opinion on a topic, that he has no more insight than anybody else in this world, garners news attention. Must be a slow news day… and by slow, I mean dead, buried, rotted and pushing up daisies. Actually, I didn’t even know this guy was still breathing.

  • Belefonte is a demented Negro and should be put away for his own good!

  • stonehillady

    Don’t you just Love Red Diaper Babies like Belafonte ! Spewing MOB Rule Communism but has never lived under communist rule ????
    The elite under a communist system live extremely well, as we saw in Bolshevik run Russia as they slaughtered millions of Christian Russian Farmers, stole the wealth & land This is exactly what Belafont & Sharpton the Banksters Mouth Piece for Communism, where the ELITE have all the Power & Steal all the wealth of a Once Prosperous middleclass & keep the sheeple under Harsh Slavery with no onwership of anything…Back to the time of the Pharoah’s & their Slaves is the perfect place these Psychopathic Elite want to take the world…BACKWARDS…!

  • David

    Sounds to me like he’s a rotten banana!

  • Mike

    Democrats are a crazy bunch.

  • whiteforlife


    Harry, he can not do that because the white people are armed. I now have two AR15s because of blacks statements like yours. If the first rifle one overheats and jams I will have the second rifle.

    Harry, there are more of us than of you.

  • Dave-0

    Democrats don’t really like America as it exists today. More of this ‘Fundamental Change’ on the way. Brace yourselves, it won’t be pretty..

  • janmaus

    What mandate? Fewer than 3 million votes doesn’t quite rise to that! The popular vote to reelect Obama wasn’t much over 51% which looks more like an evenly divided populace–most of those who pay federal taxes want spending limits; most of those who don’t pay federal taxes want those who do to pay more and the spending to continue. Nor were the Democrats quite popular enough to completely close out the Republicans in the Senate or gain a majority in the House.

  • Danbury

    It has been said that when whites are in charge, they discriminate. But when blacks are in charge they kill.

  • Hector Gonzales

    If not for the 2nd Amendment, I believe thugs like Belefonte would get his wish. Leftist thugs never change, their desire to control other peoples lives animates them to rationalize atrocities throughout history. Obama and his fascist thugs are moving as quickly as they can, Harry, be patient. You will likely get the war you are so bloodthirsty for.

  • Cbinflux

    The AARP must be so very proud of their former Man of the Year!!!

  • slamU

    “political maturity….?” “the wishes of THE PEOPLE….?” “violating the American desire…?” Imprison the opposition… ? Are you F’in kiddingme?

    LoLoLzZ : P This guy is just another HATEFUL intolerant bigoted racist pig.

    What a joke!

  • Steve

    And you wonder why they want your guns…

  • Bill

    More Democratic third world thinking.

  • George Washington

    …the attack and imprisonment of one man is an attack on all of us. George Washington knew his ally and his enemy. Keep one thing in your atrophied head Mr. Jackass Belafonte: 275,000,000 firearms in the hands of the people your want imprisoned. It will also require willing US law enforcement officials to imprison his neighbor. The police and military will not arrest and lockup a citizen exercising his right to free speech.

  • Iconoclast

    Typical hypocritical flat-lining ‘progressive’ ….
    Hey, hairless ball – MOLON LABE ………………..

  • Lisa Colorado

    This is what they do. Socialists line their opposition up and shoot them en masse, because… this is their rationalized good. Open up a history book. We’re far from that yet, but not as far as we used to be. I’m doomed.

  • Jill

    What a pile of …

  • OwlCreekObserver

    Old Harry went senile decades ago. Time to back to your banana boat, dude.

  • Terry Bonham

    Harry BellaDumday, you are a washed out has been. Go crawl back in the hole you came from.

  • Igmar Bigman

    Lincoln probably wouldn’t have made the decision he did had he met Harry.

  • Death to liberals

    Come here harry…let me take you out and I don’t mean to dinner.

  • Austin Rickenloop

    Why imprison them, when you can just have them whacked like Andrew Breitbart?

  • Bart Smart

    Will there be enough young people willing to fight the next revolution?

  • Roland Ferguson

    Hey, he was AARPs Man of the Year 4 years ago.

  • Blade Runner 1776

    Harry, if it wasn’t for this country, you wouldn’t be rich, hypocrite. Another ungrateful, rich liberal, living a life of misery!. And misery loves company. I hate to burs your liberal misery bubble, Harry, but you ain’t taking us down with you. Go ahead and bring your buddies and try to imprison me, I dare you, scumbag!!. Molon Labe! Semper Fi!

  • Jaybird7

    Why is it that wealthy blacks that have achieved such as Belafonte, Morgan Freeman , Jamie Foxx, James Earl Jones, Whoopi Goldberg, Danny Glover, Hank Aaron etc have such a HUGE chip on their shoulders? They bitch about how unfair America is and are trying to change it into some socialist workers hellhole like the ex Soviet Union? You think they would be happy to have achieved fame and fortune but they are always the most bitter/hateful a$$holes to walk the planet. Hope this jerk takes his dirtnap soon..Good riddance to this racist scumbag.

  • Maudie N Mandeville

    He’s black. How is this any different than the murder rate in his people’s blue cities? Murder of the defenseless is either inbred from African tribes or is a cultural thing taught in their black churches. Statistic percentages show ‘it’s a black thang”.

  • BR

    Belafonte…. what happened to you? Were you always this crazy wacko? Well, it doesn’t matter. No one really cares about you or your idiotic views. You’re a grouchy old man who will likely die soon anyway. Good riddance….

  • BTC

    Can you imagine how Mr. Bellafonte would squeal if someone threatened to imprison him. Be careful what you wish for.

  • Ludwig Ameres

    It is amazing what a brain can turn into when it begins to solidify and harden. It can explode at any moment and rattle on with sadistic comments which benefit no one.
    Watching a concert of highly paid noisemakers while so many suffer is a disgrace. Get out into the disaster areas and help if you are really concerned. Cut the red tape and give them the shelter needed so that all the housing doesn’t just sit in parking lots. Remember what happen after Katrina. FEMA doesn’t learn and the POTUS just makes statements and then leaves town. What a disaster for a so called caring person.

  • Ryan

    What a treasonous scumbag.

    The admitted war criminal W ushered this all in with the ‘Patriot Act’ and O’Bomb-ya punctuated it with the NDAA.

    This isn’t a Democan vs. Rebublicrat issue. Let’s move past the 2 party paradigm illusion and focus on the corporate elite having lobbied the government right out from underneath us, placing themselves and their money lusting minions into power.

    The Constitution and Bill of Rights was agreed upon and signed by many people with wildly different ideas.

  • pokey

    Let’s start with the traitor Harry Belefonte who just loves dictators and oppressive governments.

  • Tom

    Oh, poor Harry….don’t you have a hotel to clean?

  • Bart Smart

    Lisa in Colorado – The new word is ‘scroomed’! We are screwed and doomed!!!

  • Roger Carter

    Against my better judgment, I watched this entire clip and was just fascinated…. fascinated that half the American population believes Obama Claus has a “mandate” to utterly wipe his arse on the American flag after he’s defecated on the Constitution. I’ll agree you have a majority (of voters), but you certainly cannot ignore as many as half of the American population as you race toward socialism, or worse. You need to heed some advice here – you will reap what you sow as you trample on the good advice from the new minority. Continue down this path at your own peril, for what you do now will lead to your mistreatment when the tables have turned. I voted for Obama Claus the first time because I believed he would heal the chasm between the parties and the people. You have to agree things have never been worse (in recent times anyway). If you think Obama has no blood on his hands in this regard, you are blinded by the light, or lack thereof. Tread lightly, o victorious ones.

  • Jimmy

    I think John Edwards universal award may just ne in jeopardy!!!

  • BR

    He was AARP’s manof the year you say Roland? Amazing. Of course they are a liberal group with similar views. Never signed up and never will.

  • UteDB23

    If I could only get my hands around his black, skinny, Communist neck. A civil war is brewing in this country. Good hard working folks (makers) vs. the freeloading monkeys (takers). There’s a lot more of us than you. I’m locked and loaded, are you?

  • Is Belafonte a Hitler lover? This man & many libs/progs/socialists are deranged & THEY are the ones who should be locked up in a mental institution. Has all this hate been harbored in Belafonte’s heart all these years? Too bad capitalism made him a millionaire – NOW tax the Hell out of him!

  • Austin Rickenloop

    LIKE a 3rd World Dictator?

  • Paul Hawkins

    50,000,000 + voted to remove Obama from office – he has NO mandate –

  • Readandfollow58

    here’s some advice for you Belafonte. 1) go home 2) proceed to your bedroom 3) open your closet door 4) step inside 5) shut the closet door behind you 6) now, fart 7) keep farting 8) no, your not done yet keep farting 9) I know you’ve been in there 3 hours already but keep farting I’ll let you know when you can come out

  • RBryan

    Why doesn’t someone just put a bullet in him? Enemies of truth, freedom and democracy should be summarily shot.

  • PMOD

    “If he can call for my imprisonment, then I can call for his assassination.”
    Beautifully well said. Ditto x 1000

  • Stedly

    Obama’s mandate?? Are you kidding me??

  • john smith

    “You’re violating the American desire.” Liberals are such ignorant buffoons.

  • UteDB23

    If Obama had a son he would look like Harry Belafonte.

  • Wally Lind

    Hoffa talks about a “Civil War”. Want one? Just try this!

  • Kafir

    Harry needs a solid slap in the face…what a turd…

  • Fergnation

    Try saying crap like that around me. I”ll knock the depends right off of him. It’s time we start making people pay for being stupid. People like this and thoses who voted for this dispicable administration are causing me all sorts of pain with my business and my ability to support my family. I used to be the guy that would pull over and help the person with their flat tire. Now I am going to be the guy that drives through the water puddle and drenches their stupid ***. I never thought I would say this but Americans have turned into cowards. We are having everything taken away from us and we do nothing. I am tired of it. I feel for the next guy close enough to me that I hear spout stupid idiot anti-american crap like this.

  • Andy Fischer

    Hey right, Harry…let’s bring back lynch mobs while we’re at it! Weeeeeeeeee!

  • Osamas Pajamas

    OhBummer IS a Third World dictator — so this suggestion is by no means a stretch. But if OhBummer did or encouraged any such thing, then he and Belafonte should have their necks stretched in an act of the most salutary street justice.

  • paskuniag

    Fuuny, but that’s what they did in South Africa, which is why his pal Mandela found himself in jail. That was not right, for white people to jail blacks because of their opinions. But it’s theoretically okay for a president of color to so the same thing, even if some of the “dissidents” are black, too. No matter. Harry’s always been a red, which is why he had no problem when Mandela embraced Castro on his first trip to the west after he was released from prison.

  • Dino Sawyer

    Belafonte is partially correct in that President Obama’s policy will turn the US into a third world country (well, at least relative to what America was)….

  • Plain Trurh

    Well I only see a couple of problem’s with that. One you have a military that breaks out about 65 to 70% conservative, some one may want to look up what party tried to block military absentee ballots, in this election and the Gore vs. Bush in the Florida fiasco. Some one also may want to visit the military sites and the mood in military towns after this Benghazi travesty, who is going to carry out the order.
    Two you are currently living in a nation where the population has over 100 million guns, and with the rate of the last 4 years of stock pilling, many have the ammunition to go with it. A million and half guns was one of the Christmas best sellers for Dec. 2011 according to USA Today.You were some sort of actor Harry, using some of the words of Rambo “Go ahead; you will get a war you won’t believe”.

  • send him back to Africa where flies can land on his belly.

  • Cbinflux

    Another good reason to cancel progressive/socialist AARP membership!!! There are good alternatives.

  • Chris Hupke

    Belafonte acts like evey other weak-minded fascist, if you don’t agree with them they can’t accept it. Our freedom, democratic process offers anyone (including HB) a bully pulpit. He choses to spew his rascism. He loves Chavez, Castro….Belafonte likes those men, those fascist, communist punks. Nuff said.

  • kcm

    Daylight come and he need to be put in a padded cell…

  • Gryphonwhip

    Bring it baby, bring it on mister Calypso and your boy king. We be gotsin everything to take you.

  • Sharon E.

    Never did like Belafonte…even less now.

  • p.m.anthony

    And so the mask comes off!

  • Pete

    Harry, you’re a one hit wonder, now STFU and just go away. You’re only doing this to keep your stupid name in the limelight. You just had your second 5 seconds of fame, you piece of trash!

  • Temper Bay

    A has-been singer crying for attention again.

  • Whitey Ford

    This crazy sp00k is a traitor and should be expelled to Cuba permanently. A total scumbag!

  • Igmar Bigman

    How do you get Harry out of a tree?

  • Neel

    People like this Harry guy are stupid. People like him will eventually provoke and compel whites to re-unite, get rid of their (no more than 15% of the ancestors of present day white Americans practiced slavery) “White Guilt” and take Draconian Action against the blacks [Like the olden days!!]. The blacks in this country must be thankful that they live in a nation that first bought them and then brought them (Ancestors of present day black Americans) and eventually allowed (one of) them to become President of the country. What more do the blacks want?
    It depends on the White folks to unite and fight for what is right. Whatever is going on in America today is the white man’s fault and their misplaced sympathy for the blacks.

  • Doug Lynn

    This is very sad and very scary. At this point, unless tens of millions of Americans repent, we are doomed to becoming more and more like a corrupt second world country. The Democrat party platform originated in Hell. It supports every sin listed in Romans 1 and, obviously, a lot of their people would like Obama to become as ruthless as Hitler.

  • jim jones

    spoken like a black who has finally arrived. the problem with his logic is that bama would have to lock up just over 50% of the country and the remainder will still want their handouts. but who will do the work at that point. oh harry you are so enlightened you scare the black out of all of us….

  • AlphaMaryYankee

    Chavez=anti-America=anti US Constitution=anti-democracy=enemy to our state.
    So what does that make Mr. Belafonte?
    IMHO is makes him an enemy to our nation.

  • jdub

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Truth is: anyone suggesting what belafonte suggests is the one who should be jailed.
    his remarks are communist, treasonous, and quite frankly: illegal.

    There is a reason we remember the holocaust, lenin,and mao. That reason is thoughts like his.

    you debt-enslaved robots better wake up or it will be lost forever.

  • knuckledragger

    …who asked that field hand for his opinion anyway?

  • Mad Max

    Bad Harry needs a taste of his own medicine. It think maybe some quality time in Abu Grahib would do him some good. I’m thinking maybe we export his useless but to Moscow… they could take care of him.

  • Ralph Llama

    American marxists (such as Belafonte and his ilk) are cowards. They will not do their own dirty work, so they employ the useful idiots to do it for them.

    The useful idiots might not go along with their imprisoning and/or executing scheme right away. They may need to be coerced. “Start rounding up the opposition or be fired.”

    When those orders are issued, just make sure you are loaded for bear.

    Refer back to the first remarks about statists (marxists) being cowards. Early on, there will be some really bad blowback. But if the opposition wages a war of attrition on the statists who mean to imprison them, the useful idiots will think twice.

    In this climate, you do not need to go looking for trouble. Trouble will come looking for you. When it does, be prepared to do whatever you need to do for survival. Everyone capable of self defense when the jackboot thugs come knocking and then do not defend themselves are a) placing their necks in the noose and b) giving the statists a sense of confidence that they do not deserve.

    The Japanese did not invade mainland America during WWII because they knew that “behind every blade of grass is a gun.”

    Make sure the statists are reminded of that fact every day.

  • Robert L Canales

    When President Obama was elected people in America thought we would be turning the corner on racism, etc. This Admin has taken us into a direction we may never recover from. This is scary and now the true colors on some people is coming out. Americans all thought that the invasion of Iraq was the ultimate crime and the world would hate us forever. Now America seems to be disappearing, people are losing hope, losing the will to work, losing our dignity. The election of this President may well overshadow the Iraq war. I am 62 years old and I think I am going to die about the right time. I won’t be around to see where this all ends up.

  • ctmom

    So the millions of Americans who DIDN’T vote for Obama are just supposed to fall in line. Kind of like the people who didn’t vote for Bush did, right?

  • Tylr Durden

    Could you imagine if a Republican said something like that, they would be crucified by the media.

  • Matt

    Molon Labe!

  • John Budweiser

    So we should detain the people who work for a living? Old people… you got to love the funny things they say. BTW Harry, Obama won a second term by a slim margin. You should be ashamed to be inciting Civil War. Peace to men of good will.

  • Mary

    Harry’s REAL problem is he hates white people. Like a majority of blacks in this country.

  • Oscar

    OMG….a maturing electorate? Are you friggin’ kidding? This election was about entitlements, not fiscal responsibility…and the voice you heard Harry was one more kindred to that of a spoiled brat wanting. Belefonte…a loser on a loser cable show.

  • Tylr Durden

    This is exactly the reason for the 2nd Amendment.

  • Lt.

    The Globalist Banker tyrannical takeover is on track to enslave the world. This started a hundred years ago and have been using Marxism, unions, racism and fascism as their tools. After they succeed, the only thing that will be remembered was how the Black man Manchurian candidate President brought down the United States.

  • Bud

    Hey, Mr. Tally Man go tally his banana.

  • jon

    When someone is senile with dementia why does the liberal press embarrass themselves by airing their lunatic comments. Time for Harry to get back on the banana boat and head off into the sunset

  • Ghost of Lincoln’s past

    Lincoln imprisoned and/or deported political enemies. Why can’t BHO?

  • pompey

    ….this drug dranged demented old ni**er has always hated the white man but not white women…..Brahahaha!

  • richard

    Bellafonte,the old commie supporter at least spoke his mind-he agrees with alinsky,sharpton,hollywood, chavez,castro,mandela, and the radical left media-they all cried when the berlin wall fell-by the way-Why must we refer to this prick always as”Mr Harry Bellafonte?”

  • Dave

    All this silliness will subside after the economy crashes hard. Lacking stuff to give away, the Democratic Party will cease to exist.

  • Captain Obvious

    Llarry commented:

    “Weird. When it looked like Obama might lose, we were all racist. Now that Obama’s been re-elected, we’re all mature.”

    Many weren’t racist, but rather strongly disagree with Obama. Of course, Democrats think that is the same thing.

  • Nemo

    All these hate-filled blacks, such as Sharpton, Belefonte, Obama, or Farrakahn (beginning at the top) are going to rue the day they were born when the race wars finally do break out and it all gets out of hand–out of control–and the country that gave them such opportunities and such a high standard of living is destroyed. I just wonder if any of them ever wondered what his life would be like had he been born in an African country! At any rate sadly, they’re all going to have an opportunity to experience a Rwanda of their own making.

  • Dunnyveg

    I can’t think of anything more anathema to American values than imprisoning one’s political opposititon. Stories like this confirm my suspicion that what we’re dealing with is the historic American nation versus the post-American Democrats. Considering we’re admitting over a million new Democrats a year who do not generally appreciate American values, the days of the historic American nation are definitely numbered. We will go down as the first people in history to give away our country without a shot being fired. Why? All because we’re afraid the left will call us insulting but silly names.

  • Hoil

    “Senility come, and it’s time to go home”

  • Kaitara

    Why do these people keep making comments…Belafonte’s opinion means?????? Who cares…. he is an old has been. These people were put on earth for one thing…to entertain the masses. They are the court jesters. He needs to stop trying to have aany kind of opinion on politics, something that is way over his head, obviously, and just entertain us. If he is too old and too far gone to entertain us, he can just shut up, and move to the old folks farm….

  • [email protected]

    Sad Sad Sad. We need to stop this as quick as possible. Do these people understand history or why people came to this country in the first place. I want to cry when I here things like this being said and put out on the mass media. I am a male in my forty’s and I that there will be a revolt to this kind of thinking. This is not what America is. The founding fathers had it right there was mistakes with the slavery and racism but we take that out of the equation and the American way of freedom and capitalism will work. We need to take care of our selves and get the government back to where it needs to be in the background protecting us not be in our faces. Lets repair this please we do not want what this President wants. Think people please.

    Latino in PA

  • Andrzej O.

    Like that Third-World dictator, he should take 100% of Bellafonte’s wealth and send him to a labor camp. A-O! sound good?

  • Robert F Cherry

    This guy’s as dumb as the girly-voiced, pie-faced ‘metros’ prancing about the MSNBC studios. He’s incapable of realizing that more than 90% of our men in uniform would oppose such a measure– and join the ‘opposition.’

    Dayo, Daaayo. Daylight come and I back to da Home.
    With a 12 foot, 14 foot, 16 foot fence!

  • Whosiwhatzit

    OMG! The looney left has grown bold enough to actually say what they’ve been secretly thinking for all these years. Imprison those who oppose you! It sounds comical, but that day is definitely coming. Not a matter of IF, but a matter of WHEN. We are hurling towards 3rd world status at breakneck speed with Obama at the helm. They cannot do it yet because there are still too many mechanisms for conservatives and patriots to communicate, but those are dwindling. Once they get the ability to routinely shut down radio networks and shut down websites, they will be able to get away with arresting their political opponents by accusing them of some trumped up charges of subversion or conspiracy. Since the government can arrest you and hold you without charges and no trial indefinitly there will be no justice for political opponents. 3rd world, here we come!

  • James

    I think it’s abundantly clear that you can count on Harry for a looney sound byte. Just rattle his cage and the man bespeaks madness. The question is, what exactly is the point of bothering us with this crazy man’s opinions on anything?

  • Susan Long

    I guess Mr. Belafonte want to argue against minority rights. In that case, it seems to me he should take his fans and move out.

  • Captain Obvious

    Dave commented:

    “All this silliness will subside after the economy crashes hard. Lacking stuff to give away, the Democratic Party will cease to exist.”

    Not quite. When the economy crashes the government will indeed run out of money to buy stuff to give away. The government (and those on the street) that feel entitled to the stuff will begin taking it by force.

    That’s when the real fun begins…

  • R. T. Greenwood

    Start at my house Harry.

  • Jaybird7

    #196 December 13, 2012 at 9:36 am
    Fergnation commented:

    “Try saying crap like that around me. I”ll knock the depends right off of him. It’s time we start making people pay for being stupid.”

    I Second your post… Funny you have EXACT same opinion as I do. We gotta stand up to these evil [email protected]@rds.

  • Steffie

    How long can freedom stand with IDIOT citizens like Belafonte? CLUELESS! What an IDIOT!

  • bjd55

    Harry needs to find another country to live in . . . obviously this country’s freedoms and the style of gov’t isn’t to his liking.


    Obama just creamed his jeans when he heard that…



  • mark meyer

    Come Mr Tallyman, lock up this banana. What a has-been loser!

  • This racist believes that those who utilize the right to vote and choose who they think is best are “Violating the American desire.” and should be put in prison. The American “desire” is to be free to choose.

    He wants to take this country back a hundred years when politicians tried to prevent women, poor white men and former slaves from voting. He wants Jim Crow laws reestablished.

    Americans, do you understand what people like this loser are stating?!

  • Buck Bagaw

    I am happily living in a world without Ted Kennedy, Michael Jackson, and John Murtha and would really like to see Calypso Harry on that list.

  • Foundes1791

    That is a remark worthy of a “..tar & feather…” intervention by real Americans.


    Well, finally some honesty about who the commie pig is in the WH. Surprised, anyone?????

  • Of course we must have the considered opinion of the man who sang ” If You Want To Be Happy (for The Rest Of Your Life)” on what to do about those “uppity” whites. Belafonte’s suggestion is turn the United States into a 3rd world country. Brilliant!

  • KATE

    Harry is the mayor.

  • CSMOccupiedNorthernVA

    This guy is your typical celebutard poser. Not bright enough to advise a potato chip company on what to make their chips from, but perfectly willing to bloviate on what others should do.

  • Dave

    Other than a few conservative sites and talk shows this pretty much fell on deaf ears. Imagine if a conservative called to imprison the opposition. The liberal media would make it from page news for weeks!

  • Panda

    So the Constitution and freedom have no place in the conversation. What a travesty.

    This idiot thinks that an informed, mature electorate elected Obama. Surely he cannot believe what he is saying.

  • Loryn

    That’s OK, we got trees with plenty of rope waiting for him.

  • Gaffenator

    Only in Belafonte’s less than lucid mind does a virtual 50/50 split in the country mean that the American public “declared itself FULLY” and that “WE want what Barak Obama is talking about.”

    Belafonte believes a 50/50 split creates a “mandate.”

    And, BTW – if you don’t “agree with” or “like” the mandate, the President, who in many ways acts like a third world dictator, should throw you in jail.

    Hello Harry: Since Jews didn’t agree with Hitler, the Nazi’s and their Aryan Supremacy ideology, are you on the Nazi side or the oppressed side of the issue?

    Waiting to hear the liberal defense!!!!!!

  • mark scher

    more proof that liberalism is a mental disorder.

  • Egghead

    Unbelievable. How does this imbecile get on the air? Using his philosophy, Bush should have thrown HIM in jail.

  • Ralph Llama

    Every blog I read has these handwringing comments all over it. Despair is everywhere. All the posts that bemoan the democratic platform and the result of the election are nervewracking.

    Something is tolerable or it is not. Something is good or it is not. Something is right or it is not. Something is wrong or it is not.

    Is it right that the democrats do the things they plan? Is it right to go out of your way (use violence) to prevent them? Is it right to defend yourself? Right or wrong, what is it you fear that you will not act? Do you fear the laws of man or the laws of a supreme being?

    If you are fed up but will not be proactive about the abuse you are receiving from the statists (and that includes republicans and I meant to start republicans with lower case) then you should at least be ready to defend yourself if it is this bad. If you are not ready to defend yourself and you just capitulate when critical moment comes, stop posting.

    Poop or get off the pot.

  • BillD

    What a 1950’s has-been hack. This guy hasn’t done anything substantial in his life and someone gives him the time of day? Please…are you kidding me? What’s next?

  • sebastian woof

    Belafonte is a FINE b a s t a r d ~ a F ***kd Up, I nsecure N eurotic, E motional b a s t a r d

  • Hamburger_Hurter

    My taint is more handsome and eloquent than these two gutter apes. And who’s the White idiot sitting with these two megaminds? Rape candy?

  • Maud St James

    The truth starts to come out. You voted for this kind of fascistic crap, you Obamaites, and you deserve it. The only sad thing is that we real, patriotic, freedom-loving Americans have to suffer it with you. There will be a revolution… such evil can’t last long.

  • Belafonte was always a fourth rate performer with about as much talent as an earthworm. Now he has Alzheimer’s. Just chalk off these ignorant and hateful ramblings to a brain that has crashed.

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  • Mark Victor

    Who knew Harry Belafonte was ingesting bath salts?

  • Hazmat77

    Under the form of government he favors Harry would have long ago been fed through a wood chipper and blown all over a swamp. He is nothing more than a scumbag piece of crap.

  • Diane Kyle

    hmm interesting .. had him on a flight from europe to US and had to sit in first class.
    that does not sound match with what he is saying …

  • Peter Lombardo

    Here’s an idea. Let’s have Belafonte define mandate. For example, Reagan won 49 states in 1984. Then have Sharpton try to spell it.

  • Hombre

    Harry asks that the “post-racial” POTUS lock up the white folks. You’re the man, Harry.

  • WoodardAlison

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  • barry the commie

    Hurry up and die and take the sharpton with you.

  • Big Mike

    Harry is just saying what the O’Bama administration is thinking. It’s how all Marxists think, but usually they’re afraid that if they reveal their agenda, they’ll startle the sheep.

  • Living evidence some Black men have no brain.

  • Tom

    Shouldn’t This Washed Up Old Turd Be Out In The Fields Pickin Cotton? Day’o, Commie Cock Su**er

  • Dave2001

    It is because of this idiot that I can’t watch “Beetlejuice” anymore.

  • Nena

    Hey Harry I would love to see you imprisoned. You commie hater! You are a desipicable animal. I am sure Fauxbama the tyrant would love to imprison all people that believe in the constitution. The only solace that I have is that someday God will have you reap the evil that you and Fauxbama have sown.

  • Vorenious

    So I guess that means, in accordance with what this racist said, is to imprison every person who voted against Nobama. Isn’t it amazing how the blacks, such as Harry, Jamie Foxx and others keep getting away with their racist rants and Nobama sits back and relishes the racial divide he created, or did he just open the racial hatred blacks had for years and now it all comes all. If I understand, civil rights if for all, not just a certain race, as the ACLU believes. Nobama wants to be a dictator, that is evident by his not compromising or governing from the center. But all dictators eventually fall and fall hard.

  • DJH

    Oddly, I have no problem with this – it’s good the American people see who the traitorous, unAmerican cowards are and the type of people who actually support obarry as opposed to the deceit and outright lies the msm (abc/cnn/cbs/nbc/nyt et al) has fed the American people on the failed, empty suited charlatans behalf. This is further proof of which side has embraced nazi tactics as well – for all their whining and finger pointing, screaming ‘nazis’ at average Americans for daring to have an opinion that doesn’t match that of a small minority of the country (liberals/socialists/communists) they are the first to deploy nazi tactics to silence a majority of Americans, now this twit wants concentration camps for a majority of Americans… remember, the dim witted pervert woody allen called for obama to have dictatorial power as well.
    The unethical, unprofessional subversive activists portraying journalists and their networks must be held accountable for their ‘treasonous’ breach of the public trust. Clowns like this useful idiot just help prove where the real hate and intolerance comes from and who is really out of touch with the American people and the very spirit of this nation.
    Yes, he’s an idiot but aren’t most celebrities?
    It’s clear the left is the enemy of this nation and true freedom loving, liberty seeking Americans!

  • Captain Reynault

    And some people wonder why there is a Second Amendment. “Let’s roll!”

  • Terry Rohan

    here’s the last post that needs to be read: if these communists don’t conduct their dirty business below the radar in the middle of night, they will be squashed. and they know it.

  • hey Harry . you hate America . you hate whites . you hate the military . I got a good idea , Come kneel front of me and let me boot your ass out of this country

  • LizardLips

    This asscrack is representative of the Obamatrons.

  • Conan


  • bnchy

    Hey Bella, STFU!!!!

  • 11Fsteve

    An edict from the proposed Secretary of Bongos. “Line ’em all up and shoot ’em!”
    Tally me banana!
    Harry has CNS lesions from too much coke, much like his cancer sponge hero, Chavez.
    Earth to Harry- Marx was only kidding about all that shiznit back in the 1800’s. He knew it would never work, except on mindless stooges and calypso singers.

  • Gene

    Harry is just repeating what Obama told him privately. Barry is going to use the NDAA to imprison those who oppose him.

    BTW, did anyone vote for a senator or representative who voted for the NDAA?

  • Jose Matinez

    The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants!

  • Way back when Harry had a tune called “the bannana bost song”. I would suggest we put him on a boat, take him out about five miles, and sink the boat. This guy has smoked too much lawn fertilizer or something.

  • Shepherd

    What do you expect from a bloated racist “singer” has-been.

  • gwbnyc

    This dunce should have been banished back to the dung heap he came from a long time ago.

  • TomAZUSA

    Maybe there is a revolution in our future.

  • Hairy Barry Canary

    Half the members of the Democrat Party are mentally ill. From the top, down. Includes their supporters, and the MSM, and the leftists of the World.

    The one at the top is certifiably insane. He cannot be trusted, predicted or reasoned with. His motives are very dangerous for all of us. Examples: selling F-16s to the muslim brotherhood; allowing our SEALS and a US Ambassador to die in Benghazi; maniacally leading the country into irreversible financial harm with spending in order to get “even” with successful citizens; flooding the country with illegal aliens who are given full benefits; ruining businesses and the medical industry with “affordable care”.

    You couldn’t make this stuff up. It comes from the mind of someone who is insane.

  • momofthreeboys

    What is it with MANY black people being the BIGGEST racist PIGS ever? They love to stir up HATE. Get over yourselves. GO move to a third world country if you want Mr. BelaRACIST

  • Ass

  • robyn hall

    …unorganized street gangstas and overweight civilian union thugs against the 99% of past and present combat service members who know how to organize and conduct and win battles…and are passionately conservative…

    np …

  • Cranios

    Has his voice been affected by too much ingestion of bath salts – same as his mind?

  • Leeza

    Violating HALF of America’s “desire.” Almost just as many Americans DON’T desire what “Barack” is offering.

    Ah, but when a GOP candidate disses the 47 percent that don’t agree with him, it’s the end of the world as dems know it.

  • don’t care about Harry

    When I was a kid, my older brother would play Harry Belafonte songs all the time, and his voice was like nails on a chalkboard to me. He still has the same effect – anyone who does not realize how good they have it in this country even with all it’s problems should just get the hell out – you will not be missed. I am unemployed and about to lose my extensions because those idiots in Washington cannot give an inch while all of us suffer through and have to live with their decisions. I am a Republican, but agree with Obama’s thinking, at least he is trying to solve this, all the Rep’s seem to do is fight everything that is put in front of them – get a grip – we are the ones that suffer – you have a joib and financial security – we don’t. Even with all this, I am so glad I live in this country, so Harry – get the hell out.

  • agent mom

    Isn’t that what South Africa did to Nelson Mandela? As I recall, libs like Hypocrite Harry Bellafonte weren’t for that. Typical libs. They talk about liberty, but what libs mean by liberty is liberty to act like their Heroes, Stalin, Castro, and Chairman Mao.

  • rik

    “F” Belafonte, he is leftist black piece of Sh_t

  • Mark

    Day-o. His brain’s a banana and he needs to go home!

  • I thought he was dead already..

  • atheist con

    This is what the left has wanted since the sixties.

    An undercover FBI informant penetrated the militant hippy terrorist group the weather underground (Bill Ayers Bernadine Dorn) Everybody check out this old file clip where the informant reveals the left wing plans for the USA.

  • Hojo

    If you don’t own a gun buy one ASAP, it sounds like the democrats are going to start getting violent and when they do you have to stop them with overwhelming force to protect yourself and your family.

  • Tristan

    Come and try to imprison me Belafonte. I’ll make you my punk b*tch you piece of filth.

  • Carnac

    I have a premonition and it involves the military, a late night entry into the WH residence and a short march to a waiting vehicle where a choice is submitted: Leave now, board the aircraft to a destination of your choice where you can live-out the rest of your life, or incarceration in a Federal prison! Either way, the damage you’ve done will then be hopefully mitigated! Now, get out of our lives, forever you schmuck!!!

  • TastesLikeEmu

    Harry, I think you may have accidently dropped your brain off at the pool.

  • doug

    i would love to see this prick try it. he would be 6 feet under in about 6 seconds

  • No One Special

    ‘Economan’ says it better than the rest of us possibly could. They do not have any reservations what so ever implementing that which they (politicians and activists) espouse as evil.

  • Jose Guzman

    What goes around, comes around Harry, you ignorant fool.

  • Publius Marcus Antonius

    Obama, being an admirer of the New Lincoln, the pablumcised and thouroughly cleansed, New Lincoln, Obama has shown th esame megolemanic behavior to institute th etypes of crimes Lincoln committed against the People a

  • ken long

    give him a microphone and let him broadcast the Democratic message to the world!

  • Leeza

    The latest RCP poll is still showing that more Americans are opposed to Obamacare than are for it.

    To me, that proves that the majority of Americans DON’T want everything Obama is offering.

  • Brad

    It’s called a joke people. That’s why they were all laughing after he said that.

  • CMV

    Us red neck morons have the guns, so bring it.

  • Jose Guzman

    What goes around comes around Harry, you ignorant fool!

  • Odins Acolyte

    Buy guns. Prepare to kill all socialists.

  • Mandy

    Where is this mandate speech coming from? Obama won’t with 50.2% popular vote and that leaves the other half of the country doesn’t want his Socialism. Of course, only a third vote so we have no idea what the other 2/3 desire.

  • recalcitrant

    Hey Harry, Hati is looking for a new facist dick-tator. . .you’re the man.

  • William Penn

    The best defense against people like Belafonte is a good sniper rifle.

  • Pearl

    As opposed to killing them? Actually may be more humane option to lock them up.
    Anybody mention legality of detaining dictators?? Too expensive??
    Trials seem to be passe for this class of accused. Too much trouble to bring them before a (world) court? Personally, I’d like to see due process, even for these scumbags.

  • danshanteal

    Not much love in this guy’s heart. What happened?

  • RememberWhen

    In a lovely bunch of ripe bananas he got bit by a deadly black Tarantula….warped his mind. Thinks he’s on the Sloop John B with Angelina. Jump in the line, Harry, rock on.

  • GAS33

    TRY IT. PACK A LUNCH. There’s not ONE pair of balls in a thousand dim-O-crats / liberals / ‘progressives’

  • Xenophon

    I would just LOVE to see Obama throw a few of his opposition in prison. Go ahead, Your Black Highness. Make our day. See what happens next…

  • Jasonn

    Relax, Harry, he’s working on it…

  • Robyn

    Daylight come and me want you shut up. What a horrible, horrible man .. totally irrelevant. Why would we seek his opinion on anything but how to mix a tropical drink?

  • Hedley Lamar

    Harry is only expressing how liberals really feel. I bet if Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi were brave enough to say how THEY really feel, you’d get the same answer.

  • Joe Blow

    Agreed. Let’s start with the public execution of Harry Belafonte.

  • Tyrone

    Harry is a nut case and belongs in a third world country where he can wake up and see his fantasies every day… until one of his fellow travelers slit his throat.
    Be careful, Harry, as the types of actions you advocate can go both ways. True American patriots will never surrender their individual freedoms voluntarily…..

  • bflat879

    There was a time, in the early 60’s, when one of my uncles just couldn’t stand Harry Belafonte. He called him a communist and, my being much younger at the time, I said “So what, he can sing.” Now, watching how he’s behaved these past 12 years, I can understand my uncle now.

    Does anyone not believe that, if these people get more power and no one to watch them, people like Belafonte will get their wish?

  • Republiker

    Sad old irrelevant man. Please fade away quietly. Your time is over. Comments like that are demented and more proof when you vote Democrat, we ALL lose.

  • Lamefonte

    Was it not Hilary Clinton that so postumously stated that we have a right to debate and disagree with any administration?

    Also, why the He2xhockey-sticks is Sharpton mentioning Nelson Mandella (or yet alone MLK) when referring to Medicare/Medicaid/Social Security? Sharpton likes to use “buzzword” activist names to make it sound like it is an oppression issue when in fact it is not.

  • WHOA

    Yo Harry, llok like you took a play out of the Stalin playbook! Seriously people, this guy is freakin dangerous, 49% of America said NO to Obama and his socialist agenda.

    A note for Harry, you will find allot of the 49% will not sheepishly bow to you and your communist thug tactics. The second civil war in this country is rapidly approaching as despots like Barack and Harry become more emboldened to carry out their communist “cleansing”

  • anne

    the tallyman may well be into first stages of dementia. how does he support himself after all the yrs of no gigs?

  • Joe Blow

    And I’ll be delighted to spit on your grave, Harry.

  • Weasler

    Since you want us to live like we’re in a Third World country, let’s hope somebody blows your fcuking brains out, Harry. Meanwhile, shine my shoes, you n*gger.


  • Joseph M

    Pls do not give these people any more air/print exposure; it’s what they want.

  • lawguy

    Finally, a Democrat who is actually being truthful about their agenda. Don’t criticize poor Harry too much, he is only saying what every liberal thinks, but is too scared to say.

  • Dave H

    Come mister tally man, imprison my opponents. Daylight coming and I wanna go home.

  • El Tigre

    Funny how persons who make millions in the U.S. capitalist economy can turn around and defame that same country. All these marxists need to go to a country that follows their ideas, like the people’s republic of mozambique or cuba. In fact, harry belafonte is probably worth more financially than either of these marxist utopias.

  • andso

    Interesting opinion – the so-called “political maturity” of the American people leads to choosing dependency.

  • Don

    The godless hoards of takers and clowns now mock the very freedoms that are slipping from under their own feet.

  • MrHappyMan

    This comment definitely shows that some liberals really are not liberal

  • hatesblacks

    bring it the fk on monkey boy.

  • James Briggs AKA Playing Roots Backwards

    What do you expect from descendants of cannibals? For a glimpse of America’s future, take a close look at South Africa and Zimbabwe. When you hand the reins to Blacks you go where ALL Black run countries go: DOWN!

  • Liberals R. Traitors

    This senile sack of excrement needs to be taken to a vet and be put to sleep.

  • Kathyh

    Time for the assisted living home for you old man.

  • Kit

    So tell us Belafonte…how would such an airheaded comment have been received when Republicans were in the primary position? If Belafonte likes that system so well, there are sufficient nations willing to take your sorry arse, for it is apparent you no longer support the system that made you wealthy, and provided the opportunity to spew your hatred.

  • Bill Wilson

    Amazing how people who always whine about slavery are the first to want to put other people in chains…laughing at this tool.

  • Harryman

    The truth is what the Democrats and Liberals tell us the truth is. B—s—.

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  • Van Jones and Valerie Jarret said the same thing on election night in not as many words. They ARE coming after everyone who didn’t vote for them.

  • Daniel Raidt

    I guess he feels it is safe to come out of the closet now, not that this is a suprise.

    Don’t worry Harry your hero is well on the way to make this a 3rd world country

  • cubanbob

    The problem that these evil fools never consider is that if Obama were to act like a third world dictator what makes them believe the Army won’t act like a third world military and oust them?

  • sic semper tyranus

    How sad that this angry old man has to make these crazy statements to stay remotely relevent. His nurse should remember to give the old geezer his meds on time. Wipe the drool off his chin and out Harry whoever back by the tv please.

  • paul vincent zecchino

    He has a long history of making remarks such as this. Singing a couple of ditties and appearing in some poor quality movies more than fifty years ago made him very rich man. Ingrate.

  • Eric

    Bring it.

  • Jack

    And people wonder why we cling to the 2nd Amendment……

  • Mrs.Fudd

    I think Alzheimer’s has attacked this man’s brain. Any American who could say such a thing has got to be demented, high on drugs, suffering the affects of old age, or a very dangerous person who is following in the footsteps of Adolph Hitler.

  • JoeThePimpernel

    All countries run by blacks are corrupt, third-world dictatorships.

    Why should Mullah Ubama be any different?

  • andso

    Or was it the political “senility” of many of the American people that enabled Mr. Obama’s reelection?

  • rpg

    Why does this has-been get any press? Cause hes black? cause hes a poorly educated crazy person?
    Just give him his meds and put him back in his cell

  • Steve

    I guess Harry doesn’t remember the 61 million 103 thousand and 157 Americans who voted against Obama. I guess since Obama only won by 1.5 million votes, he would have to jail his opposition to get his agenda anywhere.

  • andso

    Could have been political “senility” that enabled Mr. Obama’s reelection

  • WTH

    can someone remind me where we live? I thought the United States, but it seems like this idiot wants us to wear little red coats, remind me what this genius has done, oh yeah…made a stupid little song that no one cares about anymore, do us a favor Belafonte go have a heart attack and drop off the face of the earth already…

  • Scooter Bostonian

    Too Bad that old geezer still makes it down for breakfast. He is a 3rd world sympathizer rather than the Million MillionAire really is. He is really irrelevant anyway.

  • joey

    Harry, go back to picking bananas all day

  • Bud

    Imagine if a conservative said that. But then they are required to remain sane. Liberals can spew whatever hate comes to mind. However small and twisted that mind may be

  • steve mackenthun

    Funny how the radicals left or right seem to want “their way”, “the right way”, with out regard to the principle of minority rights.

    If you have the power it makes you right AND anything you do is right to accomplish your beliefs and programs “manifest destiny”to be ENFORCED on all. This kind of talk would be funny if it were not so damn scary….. histoically it happens over and over and over.

    Might makes right and to the victor goes the spoils are common sayings because that is what happens in politics , religion and war.

  • Sigmund Freud

    Institutionalize Belafonte before he hurts himself or others. He’s clearly psychopathic.

  • Mitchell T.

    Sorry, goofy boys — but I’ll let you in on a little secret…

    The right has a lot more guns and ammo than even the government.

    Keep having those wet dreams.

  • Tina Rocha

    I take this as a direct threat from Belafonte akin to what Hoffa said yesterday and I’m done with this. Tell ya what Mr. Banana man, let’s have a little chat before you hear your own Banana-head song.

  • James

    And there it is.

  • MadMax

    What would our founding fathers say if they knew that their experiment with democracy lead to this? Not in the words but in the thoughts and meaning behind harry’s words.

    This is not an anomaly within the context of freedom of speech, folks. This is a direction of thoughts and actions by progressives that is eating away at the foundations of democracy. Arewe going to let it slide like germans let hitler slide?

  • GoTeaParty

    This isn’t different than Obama’s friend and sponsor Bill Ayers who talked about re-education camps and or killing 25 million Americans once they took over the government. Just go to YouTube- (Obama & Friends: “Will Re-educate or Eliminate 25 Million) I’m afraid the majority of Americans are willfully blind to the radical left in this country, many are just looking for their gov. check and don’t care about anything else. The lib mainstream media keeps them blind and the leftist entertainment industry keeps them stupid with all these so called reality shows for examaple. Lastly,you have to wonder how many who vote Democrat actually agree with Harry B.



  • Mr Obveeus

    I think Crazy Hary should get back on the banana boat. He is one Daayho short of a full bunch!

  • GoTeaParty

    This isn’t different than Obama’s friend and sponsor Bill Ayers who talked about re-education camps and or killing 25 million Americans once they took over the government. Just go to YouTube- (Obama & Friends: “Will Re-educate or Eliminate 25 Million) I’m afraid the majority of Americans are willfully blind to the radical left in this country, many are just looking for their gov. check and don’t care about anything else. The lib mainstream media keeps them blind and the leftist entertainment industry keeps them stupid with all these so called reality shows for example. Lastly,you have to wonder how many who vote Democrat actually agree with Harry B.

  • Buck O’Fama

    Kill communist infiltrators once they are discovered. Your serve Belafonte, you one hit wonder.

  • Notpolpot

    We voted for Obama because we want people to go to prison for marijuana, and we want family farms confiscated bt the IRS, and we want more torture, more drone attacks on peasants, more taser attacks by cops, more privately owned prisons with contractually guaranteed full population, higher taxes on small businesses, bigger tax breaks for big corporations, and work hours to be cut to 28 hours a week.

  • Weasler

    Surprised people? I’m not. For years, they have propped this guy up as a reasonable schvartze that can appeal to whites as well as blacks, But in the end, he’s just another militant murderous n*gger showing his true colors. And don’t ever think for a moment that this bastard doesn’t mean it – he DOES.

    This is a perfect example of why we need to repeal the Civil Rights Act NOW, and return to segregation and/or deportation of the schvartzes. The idea that we can live in true harmony with them is absurd. Liberalism works great on TV shows, but in reality, it can never be.

  • Endoxa52

    The Left will never win the battle of ideas. Subjugation is the order of the day and freedom is an obstacle to be overcome.

  • TargetDestroyed01

    This is one reason we have a Constitution and in particular the Bill of Rights and more specifically, the Second Amendment. When one is threatened by another, be it an individual or a government, one can do something about it.

    So Mr. Belafonte, a word of warning. Tread very carefully when you start trashing other’s rights. They sometimes don’t take it very well and react accordingly and properly, depending on circumstance, with their own.


  • J. Hise

    If left up to people like Belafonte, this nation will be a third world nation like Somalia. He forgets where his wealth comes from. Isn’t it strange how these idiots can make their wealth here in America and then rail how bad the country is?

  • Hamish Bond

    Belefonte-is one doped up dog eater like his Masta SantaObbamma ! What is it with you leftist scum wanting to be like Dictators?! If you look at the Fascism, brought to us all by Obozo, he is as close to a dictator as AmeriKa, has ever had ! The private sector is doinf fine ? 47 months in a row of jobless claims above 355,000 / month ! 8+% unemployment for 45 months in a row !?

  • burt

    he’s a proof that drug using just Fuxx up 😉 a leftist’s brain….whatever is left .
    We’ll start with putting mentally sick imbeciles like you in a loony bin.

  • charlietexas

    The founding fathers created the constitution and the bill of rights from tyrants of whom Dee-oh would want. English kings DID just that, imprison their enemies both foreign and domestic for just about anything. The constitution protects citizens from rogue administrations. Limited government with a strong and equal Supreme Court. Belafonte may want Obama to become a 3rd world dictator (he is trying to become that) and I am very glad that we have a House of Representatives (that was retained by the voters much to the dismay of De-oh) that will stop him.

  • JM in San Dieho CA

    The guy’s got some kind of brain worms. I can’t think of anything else that explains such strange behavior. Yup, something’s eating away his grey matter.

  • WTFHarry

    Good thing this was on MSNBC so nobody saw it.

  • J. Hise

    May harry go the way of Hugo Chavez soon, or quickly.

  • Dismas In Wonderland

    29% of eligible voters voted for Obama on Nov. 6, 2012. Since when did 29% of anything represent an overwhelming majority. The underwhelming truth is 43% of eligible voters were just too apathetic to do anything.

    Obama only convinced the dimocrat (sic) base, who always want America to be run like a 3rd world dictatorship, to vote for him. Harry is practicing Saul Alinsky’s 1st rule tactic from ‘Rules For Radicals’ – “RULE 1: Power is not only what you have, but what the enemy thinks you have.”. In other words convince the nation that 29% of the eligible electorate is an overwhelming majority, and it gives Obama a mandate to imprison the people in the chains of Marxism.

  • Dave Tincher

    Harry was born in a poor third world country and his family came to America in hopes of a better life….What hypocrisy!

  • Mallen

    Scratch a Liberal, find a Marxist. Scratch a Marxist, find a dictator. Scratch a dictator, find a mass grave of enemies.

  • CMV

    Any sane american black or white that does not think owning a fire arm is now necessity to protect one’s self from intruder or goobernment types is fooling themselves.

  • Exile1981

    At least the left is being honest about their goals now.

  • John DeLeo

    And the monkey is showing his a$$ up on the tree.

  • John

    or tell him to fly around like superman. If neither of those work, there’s always hope and change.

    Harry, he’s just a man, get over it and stop daydreaming.

  • Robert Wyatt

    Well if a white guy had said something like that if Romney had been elected, the LAME STREAM media would be, non stop, using their favorite word and that is Racism.

  • Johnnie D

    Feed the fire Harry…between you and Hoffa you may get your wish yet. Only this is not 1917, the anti Marxist forces will prevail here…!

  • joe bleu

    Democrats are fools, how can a laid back USA with silly leaders compete with China, Russia, and the rest of the world with such low caliber brain power there is no future for anyone as America descends to the 3rd world country it is already becoming, so Harry is half right, 3rd world is correct???

  • News

    It is to be expected from millionaire & far left Harry Belafonte because he supports fascism , like dictator Chavez (considered a fascist)……

    Dictator Hugo Chavez (Chavez is a Dictator by decree -new law) Bio:

    The National Socialist Leader ,dictator Hugo Chavez , has played the ‘ The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ on the Venezuelan national state radio (this is an old film that was played by the national socialist leader of Germany of the 1930s-1940s,hitler) , like Chavez’s close ally ,Ahmadinejad, he believes Jewish people own all the world’s wealth (2006 speech) , Authoritarian ‘Chavez’ is at Constant odds against Catholic leaders (called them “liars” and “perverts” in 2007) in Venezuela over Chavez’s Actions.

    There are Many reports of Missing Journalists and Popular Opposition leaders like Rosales escaping Venezuela with their lives , the ‘Cavistas’ (hugo chavez personal military) take property & items at will , there are laws against any political dissent (with jail) , increasing military power , threats towards neighboring countries, military bases with Iran in Venezuela, wide spread oppression , etc.

    Hugo Chavez can be labeled a Fascist .

  • JZ Williams

    Harry Belafonte was never very intelligent as many in the entertainment industry who had dealings with him can confirm. Add to that anger issues along with senility and you have an individual who is pretty irrelevant, I’m surprised this is even a newsworthy event. I suspect it’s to illustrate his decline, very sad.

  • Chloe

    So the racists come out from under their hoodies. What stellar company he keeps, especially Tawana Sharpton. Harry is a rabid racist with nothing to offer society but anger and misery. Disgusting.

  • SeanPatriot


  • Rick Rock

    Belafonte represents the mainstream of the Democrat party. He says what Democrats support but are too cowardly to admit. Now that the freeloader mob is the majority, and with Obama rousing the rabble with class and race warfare, spokesmen like Belafonte, Van Jones, Sharpton, Krugman, Dionne, Klein, and hundreds of TV talking heads are becoming more bold.

  • John

    How does this guy get facetime anywhere. It amazes me that he has any credibility at all

  • Samuel Adams

    Are we talking about North Korea? Nazi Germany? The embodiment of the will of the people? The people have spoken and a mandate, as interpreted by our supreme leader, has been decreed. Dissent will no longer be tolerated! I guess the Constitution and future elections are also dispensable.

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  • KM

    How come Harry fails to provide his email?
    Fan Mail Address:

    Harry Belafonte
    The Random House Publishing Group
    1745 Broadway
    18th Floor
    New York, NY 10019

    Not an updated address? Please let us know!
    Address Information:

    The Random House Publishing Group
    (Book Publisher)
    1745 Broadway
    18th Floor
    New York, NY 10019
    Phone: (212)751-2600
    Fax: (212) 572-6066
    Official website
    View Larger Map

    Secondary Address:

    Harry Belafonte
    United Support of Artists for Africa, Inc.
    5670 Wilshire Blvd
    Suite 1740
    Los Angeles, CA 90036

    Not an updated address? Please let us know! Address Information:

    United Support of Artists for Africa, Inc.
    5670 Wilshire Blvd
    Suite 1740
    Los Angeles, CA 90036
    Phone: (323) 954-3124
    Fax: (323) 954-0419
    Official Website

  • Miami

    Maybe it is time he goes to sleep.

  • tom

    In some quarters he is considered mainstream. He was a spokesman for the AARP.

  • porterv

    Obama is a third world dictator. The only difference between him and Joseph Mugabe of Zimbabwe is ….. There is no difference.

  • RON

    Harry, you apparently forgot to take your meds. Trust me Obama does not need any assistance on how to create a Dictatorship. His time will come but it seems as if your time has long past. Go back to sleep now, it will be OK.

  • charley nash

    We could have a special place for ungrateful immigrants like you Harry the no-talent bum with one stupid song.

  • Mike

    Harry’s voice and brain are broken.

  • drivingfast001

    Hey dumbo, this country also voted in a very strong Republican House, which is doing the will to the people that put them in office. Your president is not the God of this country. Go live in Cuba you idiot.

  • Tex

    What an idiot. Do you really think we want the country to move in the way it is. Nobamo is destroying our country and our dollar. I wonder if he has “OBAMA FONE”.

  • Jim

    His forehead would make an excellent target.

  • June

    If I were you, Harry, I’d stick to the written word. Your voice is sooooooooooo annoying, especially since you spout only hate speech.

  • buckeyebubba

    Has rectum orifice Harry had an Alzheimer’s test recently?

  • giovanni

    Maybe Mr. Belafonte should stick to singing, at which he is marvelous. Problem with the third world dictator is the exit strategy. There is none. Best is you die in office, second go to the south of France, third is get killed.

  • Chew Bacca

    If there’s a God, someone will blow his effing brains out.

  • art

    to quote Jesus ” forgive them, for they know not what they do” most of Obama and many of the democrats do not know what they are doing to this country..

  • GiveMeLiberty

    The man records a Banana Song – and now we have to not only be tortured by that “great song” – but have to suffer his obvious “intellect” as well. I am proudly in opposition to Obama – c’mon Harry – give me your best.

  • The time is getting close for the majority of Americans to lash back against these communist. Maybe Joe McCarthy had it right. Let’s play offense and threaten those that disagree with the majority of American. How dare this “banana boat” to make those threats that don’t agree with his ilk. Getting SCARY!!!

  • SK

    Banana man needs to have all his assets siezed (like they do in Communist Countries) and shipped to North Korea and eat dog food since that is the way of life he believes in. This Monkey needs to ho back to the Zoo.

  • tropicaldame

    Time to Deport you back to Jamaica Harry-O! Tell Edward Seaga or the late Michael Manley or others of that ilk that nonsense. We in the Caribbean get a bad name because of the likes of you! God Bless America…Time to give it up and head back to your Gay-Hating Ganja town!

  • Johnny5

    I just smashed, peed on and torched all my Belafonte albums(including Carnegie Hall albums).

  • buckeyebubba

    Dictator “Obama”? Seems we’re on the way to that. Don’t forget, lots of us out here took the oath the “protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC”. Seems like Harry fits the bill of domestic enemy. I’ll add him to my list.

  • balancedinteger

    Daaaay Oooo! Daay-ay-ay-Oo! Dayligh’ combin’, we wan’ go home!!

  • Gojoe

    I would LOVE for him to try it…so would the rest of the REAL Americans who armed them selves for just such an adventure

  • ken

    That is Obama’s next step….

  • Marie

    The blacks are the biggest racists in this country, the problem is, they are hypocritical and shallow minded. That is what happens when some of you worship black president who likes to destroy this country from inside out, all the while laughing and lying in your faces.

  • Brad Phillips

    AARP, a left wing radical outfit, lauds the likes of Belafonte, picturing them on their magazine covers, etc. That’s why I’ve dropped AARP and now subscribe to The Association of Mature American Citizens, a more intelligent, conservative group.

  • CB

    Imagine if Jon Voight said such a thing? Wait, he’s allowed because he was a slave right? Wait, ok his parents were slaves, right? No – um, he is a victim of the white mans oppression, correct? No, um – he’s a very wealthy man – I got it, I got it, he’s a proud black man….nah, he’s a jerk***!

  • skent San

    Loser scum is loser scum. I got a better idea, let’s put him where most of the “brothers” are — jail.

  • You can bet your bottom dollar that’s exactly what’s in the cards. A totalitarian police state will usher in the forthcoming dystopia. This will likely be triggered by a (manufactured) financial collapse or (another) false flag “attack”. It’s just a matter of when.

  • Phillip Jones

    Belafonte has not been relevant in American Culture since The Banana Boat song. Nobody cares what a nit wit like him thinks.

  • Steve

    So the same would have been true during Bush’s two terms, Clinton’s two terms, Reagan’s two terms? He’s insane. So apparently is Sharpton.

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  • Distillerman

    Belafonte, Penn, Moore, Baldwin, Streisand, Asner, Gore, Glover, Sarandon, Behar, Maher, Olbermann, Maddow, Soros, Sharpton, et al………

    Makes you ill, just reading those names. Hateful, racist, and disgusting cretins.

  • Aubrey

    Harry “The Demented Marxist” Bats-in-the-Bellrey apparently is foreign to our Constitution. It is idiots like himself just should be locked up for insighting the over throw of our Govt. Not that Barry “Food Stamp” Soetoro doesn’t agree with him, however.

  • Lohnny

    He’s right when he says MILLIONS of people voted for Obama and his policies. But MILLIONS of people also voted against it. And it was very close. Hardly a mandate. He needs to be locked of for being a TRAITOR to America.

  • Joseph Kingsley

    Disgusting. Why would MSNBC even bring Belafonte on their network???

  • Butch

    Difficult times like these remind me of that great thinker Harry Belafonte, who once remarked… “Daylight come and me wan’ go home”.

  • JAD

    This is exactly why our founding fathers created the 2nd amendment.

  • [email protected]

    Mr. Belefonte evidently helped mix the Kool-Aide while singing one of his songs to the throngs of followers he once had. Now that the mass of fans is more like a bus load, he can only stir up people by making comments like he did here. That’s right, if we don’t agree with the president, lock them up. That kind of thinking brought about groups that made famous statements like, “Don’t Tread on Me” and “Taxation Without Represntation”. Harry, go wander over someplace under a cocont tree and take a break. That is about as close to fame you will ever come to again.

  • Aubrey

    Joseph Kingsley – “Why would MSNBC even bring Belafonte on their network”

    Because in their mind he is a hero. He represents their radical anti-Ameircan ideology.

  • Wyrd

    That is why we have the second amendment, so we can defend ourselves from psychopaths who want to use the state to harass, destroy and intimidate other people.

  • Clinger Trur

    Belafonte and his advisers.. Didn’t see Elmo…

  • Martel

    Hence the Second Amendment

  • Lordrobot

    Hey…. loser… Imprison this!

  • Bob

    They are ALL (blacks) third world, it’s the reason they can still not get along in society after 60 years. Everything they say and do is third world. They ALL have to be enslaved, whips & chains, or welfare and food stamps, it’s all the same. With the democrats having all the power and and poise, why is it the democrats honey hole, the unions, are being taken to the wood shed and with it democrat money. I bet it really feels like sh1t to spend all that money on a loser and then get dumped on, lmao, excuse me, you still have a lil bit there on your chin…

  • Fed Up

    If you do that then most of the white folks will not be available to work so you can steal our money to give to the good for nothing Democrats who sit on their very large butts and live off the rest of us.

  • john

    Wait.. this ni**er is still alive? Who cares….

  • RC

    Harry…you and Jaime Fox are going to make the case for The Bell Curve….

  • LibertyLuvr

    Democrats don’t criticize dictators all that much. They’ve been admiring Fidel Castro for decades and are always bragging about his healthcare system. Truth is, they would love that kind of control.

  • this fkin idiot needs to be commited ..what a POS aho

  • Upland Bob

    “Mandate?” Obama beat a weak candidate by a few million votes, it was not an over wheel mint victory. Progressives are traitors to our country, their purpose is to destroy the American way of life. The good news for Progressives is that they have the support of a large percentage of white females, effeminate white males and racist minority groups who vote based upon skin color.

  • DOM27


  • Goran Larsson

    No one seems inclined to remind folks that Obama was voted back into office by less than 3 percent of the popular vote. 612, 615, 406 v. 59,142,004. The difference is hardly a mandate.

    I also think the Obama voters are the same folks, 75 years earlier, who would have been willing, enthusiastic supporters attending Hitler’s huge nighttime rallies in Germany.

    I sense a reckoning in the making in America.

  • avafromtexas

    Just another loon that O will use to back up his demands that the opposition be dealt with severely. “‘The People’ have spoken.” “What can I do?” “This is what ‘they’ want”
    Lying fool. Both of them.

  • grendel007

    when a republican wins it is just a fluke or stolen election, but when a democrat wins it is the mandated will of the people.
    Funny aint it

  • Quigley

    Belafonte and Farrakhan have been drinking Koolaid flown in from waste dumps. Very unfortunate.
    Regardless, there are millions in this country who have long prepared for the day of their arrival.
    I wouldn’t push it if I was them.

  • Mary Wright

    First somone has to say it. Then the idea is out there.Then the Dear Leader takes it to heart and acts. It is coming folks.

  • roughman

    Mr. Belafonte has obviously either lost his mind, or has been consumed by racial hatred.

  • Ken

    I think Harry has “tallied his bananas” one time too many. He has in fact become what he despised. Arrogant, hateful and looney.

  • J Moore

    For over 40 years I have known that the civil rights movement was nothing more than cover for marxism. It is the biggest hoax ever because by and large blacks simply cannot compete. I said as much in college and the professor gave me a bad grade in return. The election was very close even with the tricks of Obozo, Holder, ad nauseum; yet, they have a mandate for blacks living off the efforts of whites? What arrogance! I can take pleasure in believing Harry may not make it for too many more elections.

  • Publius Marcus Antonius

    Communism is anathema of Our Constitution and therefore Unconstitutional. Belafonte and anyone else who espouses to believe in or follow Communism should be arrested and jailed or deported.
    Communism and the ideologies that are spun from it have mass murdered wellover 200 million people since 1917 and Belafonte has the blood on his hands of those atrocities.
    Obama knows better than to try and start arresting, at least en mass, those who do not agree with him, as he is vastly outnumbered and outgunned. Only a portion of the military would follow his orders, even with the criminal legislation known as DDAA.

  • Larry E

    What does he mean LIKE a third-world dictator?

  • Tee

    What is it with these calypso singers? You got a nut sacks like Farrakhan and Belefonte going off the deep end, it’s got to be how they sing. Outlaw calypso singing, it leads to acting like pissed off monkeys.
    It’s probably better if we don’t pay any attention to anything Harry says. I blame any news organization that carries this type of BS. With everything else so screwed up in this world, we have to listen to this crap?

  • Disgruntled

    Damn, communists are truly evil people. There ain’t no such thing as a “good” Marxist. We must defeat them!

  • banger377

    Belafonte, is of course a lunatic. I wish this fool would look at all the final photos of of the people he most admires. Most progressives like Hitler, Mussolini, Ceausescu, all those nazi camp guards hanging from ropes, Kadafy, etc, get what they deserve in the end. Any kind of take over here in the USA would probably wind up the same way.

  • J Stuart

    This banana song guy is actually nutty. I know he doesn’t like whitey but he apparently loves to dream of prison camps for the actual producers in this country. Remember, he never did anything but sing about bananas.

  • Caligula

    i’ll go down in a hail of gunfire before i let someone imprison me for my political views.

  • Sparky2

    Another example of a movie star who because of acting or singing success, thinks they’re also smarter than everyone else. Belafonte has always been arrogant and just got carried away with the adoration he received for his music. Problem, there are some people who just lose their perspective of where they came from…very prominent in movie stars and politicians.

  • miguel torres

    Harry is an old fool who has nothing else to do or say. I hope he retires in Venezuela !!!

  • Belafonte is a slug. He made millions as a calypso singer and now he
    insults those who bought his albums, including me, so long ago.
    He hates those who made him successful…because they are Americans…
    from a country he despises.

    Go back under your rock.

  • Amazing the racism that comes out when they see an opening. Yet he coozed up to the white man to get a break in the recording industry. And one would have thought he was a white. Then when the opportunity arose, got blacker and more racist.

  • sagesteve

    This pipe dream is just that. He is obviously a MORON. The people that he wants to imprison? Are all the people who own all the guns!! Funny, huh… Day-O! His buddy Chavez will die of cancer this year by the way.

  • BOB

    I do believe this traitorous esohbee should have a gold old ‘fatwah’ (ha, arsewhipping) put on his head. Once caught he and all like him should be summarily executed.

    Hows that?

  • DXR

    Belefunky is OF COURSE a big FAGGOT

  • js biggs

    JPL17, I could care less about the people in NY and NJ. If they voted for Obama, they deserve to starve.

  • Welldoneson

    What an azz whole.

  • RobNclt

    Harry is irrelevant in the grand scheme of life. He is old, can’t sing, and is now a nobody. Who cares what he thinks Obama should do. If they ever decide to imprison me for being politically opposite Obama I hope they send Harry Belafonte to arrest me. The FBI should now have that nut on some watch list. He usually talks like he hates white people but he seems to love White women and his daughter loves white men, amazing how these double talking people open their silly mouths.

  • rc

    steal an election and jail everyone who voted against you—don’t worry harry the plan is to start a war and kill us all —that won’t cost as much and the means are already bought and paid for—I am sure you have your spot in the bunker—if not Coconut Milk makes the Zombie diet easier on the system

  • Publius Marcus Antonius

    Caligula, We stand together !
    Death to Tyrants !

  • Hey Harry do everyone a favor and check out. GOOOOOOO, GOOOOOOOOOOO AWAY AND DO NOT GO HOME.

  • CoolBart

    It’s par for the course how these black racist have come out of the woodwork since their messiah was elected. We certainly are seeing their true colors.

  • michael

    Malcolm X had this to say about people like Mr. Belfonte:

    In his The Ballot or the Bullet speech , Malcolm X states that “Anytime you throw
    your weight behind a political party that controls two-thirds of the government, and that
    Party can’t keep the promise that it made to you during election time, and you’re dumb
    enough to walk around continuing to identify yourself with that Party, you’re not only a
    chump, but you’re a traitor to your race.” He went on to say: “They try and pass the
    buck to the Dixiecrats. Now back during the days when you were blind, deaf, and dumb,
    ignorant, politically immature, naturally you went along with that.
    But today as your eyes come open, and you develop political maturity, you’re able to see
    and think for yourself, and you can see that a Dixiecrat is nothing but a Democrat in

  • Mike Tierney

    Another Democrat for liberty. No wonder gun sales have skyrocketed since Obama became President.

  • randy

    POS just like obama socialist trash. live in a free society make a good living , then trash your country’s system. while the obamanation destroys it

  • Caligula

    Publius Marcus Antonius, i couldn’t be more serious.

    this is still America, whether or not communist marxist puppets are in “command” or not.

  • Susan

    I D I O T, and that is putting it mildly!!

  • Patriot47

    If all the 95% of the black population can speak as racists, then so can I as a white person.
    As far as I’m concerned, the entire black population can go back to Africa or the plantations and pick cotton.

    Now let’s see the media print this!

  • rman

    Another example of a liberal, at an advance age, still thinking and speaking as an uneducated and short sited teenager. Mr Belafonte please let me point something out to you. This country will never allow a dictator. So eventually there will be another election, and evenually the Republican will win power, so that means eventaully Mr Belafonte you will become the “opposition”.

  • RightStuff

    Belafonte is an idiot and HE should be arrested for inciting panic and violence. But of course he is black, and insane, so I guess it’s OK for him to act the way he does. BTW, did any of you know that although Belafonte is very talented, he has the reasoning power of a fourth grader?

  • MariaEDU

    He makes it hard to continue to call myself a liberal.

  • Chuhyona

    “….the truth is, there can be no civil discussion, no “honest exchange of ideas,” with Leftists. It’s useless to try — in fact, it’s actually counterproductive, and even dangerous. You can’t have an honest exchange of ideas with people who are fundamentally dishonest, who try to hide their intentions and their agenda behind a smokescreen of lies. And if you think that isn’t what they’re up to, you need to go back and reread their playbooks — Alinsky, Gramsci, and Cloward-Piven, among others — again.”

  • Keller29

    Foxx says kill all the white people. This tool says imprison Obama’s opponents. But it’s the Tea Party that is a bunch of crazies right?

  • Chuhyona

    Cicero Marcus Tullius – 106-43 BC
    “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor, he speaks in accents familiar to his victims and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”

  • Bob

    The only people who want to jail the opposition are the ones who know their position won’t stand up to debate. Guess that says it all.

  • Sonny Costello

    Harry is the zombie that ate Joe Biden’s brain — on a Ritz. It gave him the runs for weeks.

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  • BarB

    I say we roast Harry’s chestnuts over an open fire.

  • Caligula

    Sic semper tyrannis

    bring it on odumbo.

  • Stupidity @ MSNBC

    He’s as insane as a runaway slave, white guilt white liberals deserve to be whipped by this dangerous black freak.

  • Nam_Vet

    Harry has been tallying his banana again! Hey mister tally man tally me banana… Day O! Your a J O! 180 grains traveling at 2800 feet per second………..priceless!

  • Cyn

    Is this guy nuts or what? If you throw everyone who dislikes BO’s agenda in jail then who would work and pay taxes to support the freeloaders?

  • Silenthunter

    This is what 51% of DemonRat voters believe. My problem with his plan is who would pay taxes for the Government to run?

  • TXB

    Why does this scumbag even get any air time?
    How can a Marxist be ‘enlightened’? Wouldn’t that make him a conservative?

  • Caligula

    is that your ONLY problem with his plan, Silenthunter?

  • Rob

    the wacky looney toon left. when you think about it maybe the Benghazi attack was designed to take away the first amendment. thats why the totalitarianist are working hard to void the 2nd and first amendment if they both go then FREEDOM is dead. Wake up America you’re country is being taken away from you. Hitler claimed we will destroy democracy with her own hands-looks like the USA is committing suicide

  • Poopypants

    Wait, why do right wingers care what a CELEBRITY says? jeez, you’d think rich celebrities whose taxes were going up would be all right wingers, no?

  • redlight

    “It’s time to fundamentally change the way that we do business in Washington.”
    —Barack Obama

  • Naomi

    OK Harry, we can boycott your commie butt too.

  • McDiggum

    Why bother discussing actual news when you can get people all worked up about what actors and singers have to say?

    99% of the press attention given to ridiculous outspoken celebrities comes courtesy of the people who purport to be offended by it. Sitting around gossiping about “oh my gosh did you hear what Belafonte said?!” is no different than someone evaluating the Republican party based on how old they think Clint Eastwood looked onstage. There’s a whole world of things happening out there, and celebrities saying dumb things is barely worth even noticing.

  • Thomas Paine

    God, HOW I wish Obama would just TRY it!! It would be the spark needed to spur people to remove him. All that is needed is one major league “spark.”

  • coast2co

    What mandate? 51% isn’t mandate. 49% voted to oppose Obama

  • squeaky

    #484 December 13, 2012 at 10:54 am
    banger377 commented:
    “Belafonte, is of course a lunatic.”
    oh oh. now you did it…..congress gonna’ get you

  • dubbermann

    This man is an overrated fool. What he and Sean Penn say is unimportant. I will now committ sef-flagellation for even taking the time to send this. Thankyou.

  • Naomi

    Harry is absolutely right. The republicans have made it their policy to undermine the government of the United States of America under the guise of political maneuvering. THIS IS TREASON.

  • Polly Wannacracker

    Stalin would be proud….traitor

  • IndepentVoice

    OBAMA has been an effective tool. Think of it.. we are going through the biggest economic correction in 75 years. Blacks have lost all economic gains made since the 1960’s. Foreclosure rates amongst Blacks are historic. Poverty is on the rise for the first time. Unemployment – the loss of jobs – amongst blacks also historic. And yet, with OBAMA as figure head.. we keep the masses quiet. No burning of Newark or a repeat of Watts. There has been a massive redistribution of wealth.. but blacks lost more than anyone else. Obama keeps them from rioting and even tells them to stop complaining.. and they faithfully do.

  • Caligula

    poopypants, go back to sleep. the big people are talking.

  • Todd

    Why do we even bother preserving the Union at this point? It’s obvious that we can’t all live together, so why not disband, and let people go where they wish, to live among like-minded people.

  • Jason Burnstein

    #14 December 12, 2012 at 11:57 pm
    lincoln’s wife commented:

    Why aren’t you people watching the 12.12.12 concert for Sandy relief instead of piszing and moaning about some has-been musician?

    Reply : I tried to watch the 12/12/12 but I had to tune out when a black guy wearing white sneakers and a black leather skirt started singing that rap crap and jumping all over the stage and spewing his DNA (sweat) all over the place (name, JZ maby ?) I could not watch but a minute of that then tuned in later only to see a lame drunk skit by some guys from Saturday Night Live, then a fat bloated Billy Joel singing off key, turned off and went to bed. Repulsive entertainment…but hope the shore dwellers made some dough off this .

  • Greg c

    Thought he was dead already?

  • Harry needs to get back on his meds or just move in with Hugo. He must not realize what a complete moron he looks like when he talks such stupidity. Its actually those who support Obama that should be imprisoned. They’re the ones who support the anti-Constitution, dictator-like actions of Obama that are truly un-American.

  • Thomas Paine

    Harry may just be BS’ing but I ferverntly wish Obama would just TRY something like that. We need a spark and that would be it. Bring it on, Barry!!!

  • lonespectator

    Headline reads: ” Once good singer goes Bat Sh#& -Crazy!!! Unfortunately, half the country thinks like this Clown…and they elected the biggest clown of all. The divide is obvious…It’s us against the idiots!!!

  • brad

    Harry wishes lived under Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao or in Rwanda. I guess he is ignorant enough to think he would not be just another body, albeit a brown one, on the ash heap of history in those regimes.

  • Johnny Pryor, MD

    Enslavement of opposition begins with enslavement of the minds of the supporters.

    Liberalism… Progressivism… Socialism… Communism…
    They are all based on the idea of forcing other people to conform to the idea of “freedom” that those in control have. Always and in all ways.

  • Caligula

    Todd, if we did that, we would have a Hispanola situation on our hands. The US would break into 2 parts: the land of producers (like the Domincan Republic) and a land of layabout, lazy, good-for-nothing parasites (like Haiti).

    we producers (Republicans) would STILL end up subsidizing and supporting the worthless takers (Democrats) somehow. we have hearts. we couldn’t just let them die…could we? 🙂

  • Ernie


  • John

    Harry is one bad reason to legalize marijuana, DAM!!

    What a freakin tool!!

  • tom jefferson

    obama aint the president, he’s not even a citizen.

  • david5300

    Harry has turned himself into a living breathing JOKE. I guess he is saying that dispite all the freedoms he has had during his life, he would deniey them to others based on their opinion.
    Was Harry in a political prision because of his political views? No he was not, so why would he wish to do that to others and call himself a American?
    Realy though do I give a wit about Harry and his North Korean want -to-be mentality no, but a hyocrite like him should be exposed for what he is.

  • robster

    Harry, Harry, Harry…. WTF, dude ?

  • Thomas Paine

    Naomi said: “…Harry is absolutely right. The republicans have made it their policy to undermine the government of the United States of America under the guise of political maneuvering. THIS IS TREASON…”

    I agree with you, the Obafuhrer SHOULD try this. I would LOVE to see him TRY. A “spark” is needed and that would fit the bill!! You go, girl!!! LOL

  • Caligula

    #14 December 12, 2012 at 11:57 pm
    lincoln’s wife commented:

    Why aren’t you people watching the 12.12.12 concert for Sandy relief instead of piszing and moaning about some has-been musician?

    what is watching a tv show going to do for those people that obama didn’t care to help? lincoln’s wife, you’re an idiot.

  • Liberalsarefunny


    doddering old fool……

  • littleneroMustGo

    Someone should bust that mans lip the next time they see him in public.

  • jimbo

    double tap for you harry.

  • Blahblah

    Yo, Harry, we will remember you said that when Conservatives return to power to fix what you idiot Progressives are breaking so badly. You like Orange or Pink?

    What a moronically STUPID point of view.

  • Hairy Barry Canary

    At least half the members of the Democrat Party are mentally ill. From the top, down. Includes their supporters, and the MSM, and the leftists of the World.

    The One, at the top, is certifiably insane. He cannot be trusted, predicted or reasoned with. His motives are very dangerous for all of us. Examples: selling F-16s to the muslim brotherhood; allowing our SEALS and a US Ambassador to die in Benghazi; maniacally leading the country into irreversible financial harm with spending in order to get “even” with successful citizens; flooding the country with illegal aliens who are given full benefits; ruining businesses and the medical industry with “affordable care”.

    You can’t make this stuff up. It comes from the mind of someone who is insane.

  • James Curry

    There is a matched pair of book-ends! Belafonte and Sharpton! What would one expect from them and their ilk?

  • Steve

    What a dick. what is happening to this country – is someone drugging us?

  • bigL

    I think this is the largest response of any topic ever!

  • tom jefferson

    after their lord obama tries to kill or lock up over half of america he can go about stealing the liberals money i guess.

  • Disgustipated

    Ok, so we’ll put all objectors in prison. That’ll work out well in the quest to get a ‘fair share’ from any of them. Idiot.

  • Vern

    I thought he was dead.

  • MonkeyEars

    Being black and rich makes ones skull immune to 50 cal rounds 🙂
    VOODOO man says so …..

  • Crosscut

    This old commie is well past his “sell by” date. When the civil war starts he will be among the first to hop a jet out of the country.

  • bob

    Don’t worry comrad harry he will be doing that soon enough

  • John Wise

    I hadn’t realized he had moved to Colorado. I little less weed and a dose of relaity might do this dinosaur some good.

  • Sky

    Harry doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Even with all the vote fraud Obama did not win by an overwhelming majority, he got less votes than his first election. Some people just see the reality that they create in their own minds.

  • Michael Cervi

    Obama already acts like a 3rd world, banana republic dictator.

    Remember Harry, someday Conservatives may return to power… maybe we can start your program then?

  • barry1817

    another person that is a two bit entertainer and has been that one needs not pay attention to, buy his records or do anything to support.

  • Alice Polarbear

    What worries me is that I can see Dear Leader doing this. 🙁

  • Up to HERE

    Put his sorry ass ON a banana boat and float him to one of his commie buds paradises like oh say, Cuba. The ignorant (m)asses don’t get it. Blacks in Cuba are below 2nd class…I have a friend who is a boxer who defected here when the Olympics were here years back. He was mixed heritage and his father went ‘missing’ one day in Cuba after speaking out. That was the final straw for him and when he came here he stayed, got his green card and is a more upstanding citizen than many of natural borns are.

  • Thank the universe that Harry and the rest of the old, gray-haired, obsolete-minded humans will soon be passed on from this plane of existence. Their level of human consciousness is fairly low. Harry and his canalpal Sharpton are most certainly NOT operating with 5th dimensional consciousness. They are operating with an obsolete mainframe. Time, itself, will consume them. In time……in time……

  • Thomas Paine

    Tom Jefferson: Unfortunately, I don’t think Obama will try something like that. He will continue with his treason plan a small bite at a time. He’s nibbling us to death. He will never try something drastic in one fell swoop, unfortunately he’s NOT that stupid. I wish to God he WOULD try to lock us up. Al Gore would be the only one on the Dem side who would be that foolish.

  • ghost

    Daaaayoh….day yay yay oh….
    Daylight come and I wanna go…..tell Harry Belfonte to go pound sand and pi$$ up a rope!!

  • RonB

    Why not? We’re already well on our way to becoming a 3rd world country!!!
    Thanks libturds !!

  • Stephen Carter

    I’m a Canadian living in Thailand. I’ve always watched race relations in the USA with much admiration for the largely positive tone the struggle had taken in recent decades. This was a long struggle for justice which America can thank the Republican Party for: the drive for Emancipation was 100% a Republican initiative and struggle, as was the fight against segregation, and as was the civil rights movement. By contrast the Democrats defended slavery, fought to maintain segregation, and fought against the civil rights movement. The false consciousness of the Democrat-media complex has been insidiously, blindingly successful, and under Obama it’s astonishing how negative race relations are becoming. And Republicans are being blamed for it!

    In this context I’ve never been more amazed at the frank denialism among American blacks. It’s like there is nothing that Obama could do that would change their allegiance to his Presidency. Frankly, this is an unpatritoic tribalism like never before in American history. It’s saddening that blacks really don’t seem to care how corrupt Obama is. No other conclusion is possible. Blacks don’t care that Americans died when Obama blocked several attempts to send a rescue mission during Benghazi. Blacks don’t care that Obama and Holder cynically launched Fast and Furious to subvert the 2nd Amendment knowing full well it would lead to the deaths of hundreds of Mexican civilians. Blacks don’t care that Obama revealed the identity of SEAL Team 6 which led to the entire team being killed in retaliation for bin Laden’s death. It seems as though white Americans are reluctant to talk openly about this.

    From where I sit it’s obvious blacks are being flatout unpatriotic by supporting a man whose pattern of deceit is undeniable. It’s just, “he’s black, that’s all I care about.” Eventually white conservatives will likely just have to choose between a false racial harmony, and their country. How could this have happened? In Canada there was never a US-style ‘Progressive’ collectivist movement. The fully Progressive Democrats are 100% willing to hustle race as a means to lock in their power. One black celebrity and personality after another has nothing but praise for Obama, despite all the evidence of his being the most brutal, dishonest, corrupt, Macchiavellian President on record. And frankly, I find I feel little sympathy now for blacks, I’m tired of hearing their crap, I’m disgusted they put ‘their people’ before the country. That’s unforgiveable.

  • Roam N Gnome

    Harry Who? I didn’t know this clown was still above room temperature.

    Oh de daylight come and me wants you to go home!

  • lda

    The only reason this nasty, anti-American black has a news megaphone is that he found success, fame, and fortune here in the greatest nation on earth. In some countries, he would have been put to death for his political sentiments, but here we honor his free speech rights.

    I’m recalling that when Belefonte was named AARP’s “Person of the Year”, I tore up my card. I’ll have nothing to do with stars who hobnob with our enemies (Chavez) and mouth off internationally about the US. Those are MY free speech rights.

  • Arkansas Man

    It is not easy to find a more leftist guest to make a lying race-baiter host appear moderate, but hat’s off to MSNBC’s producers.

  • Amy

    What a nutcase. Why do media entities give crazies like these coverage at all? In fact, giving Al Sharp-and-forked-tongue air-time is one of the greatest mysteries of the 21st century.

  • Jacko

    Harry can always be counted on to provide a good laugh.

  • Nancy Milner

    He is officially (a) demented (b) insane (c) deluded (d) all of the above and then some. What a whack. Just wrote him off….

  • Perhaps the prez and his minions could establish “re education camps” for the recalcitrant populous who refuse to drink the cool aid?

  • kirok

    You see how these Blacks are acting? Jaimie Fox, Harry Belafonte, and others. Black man wins the White House and now it’s like they’re just sticking it to Whitey. These people are trying to provoke a race war. Instead of being proud and try to unite, they are trying to divide. Well, Whites are not as dumb as we look. Push…push. We’ve pushed back before. This will be no different. I’m tired of hearing every Black in media or entertainment, even politics crying racism. It’s like being White is so last decade or something.

  • Dominic

    What a scum bag he is and so is Al the Obama Zombie.To bad they aren’t real zombies because then we could dispatch them with head shots.Oh ,to bad that’s not true.

  • Jose

    Harry, be careful what you wish for as in the end you may just get it in spades!

    “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy” — W.Churchill 

    “We contend that for a nation to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle” — W.Churchill

  • Harry Belafonte and the rest of these entitlement driven AA’s make me sick. Wait until after this travesty of an administration has removed its stench from the White House. I can’t wait until America gets back on track and out of his disgusting welfare ghetto State that we have today.

  • Mitch

    Singers should sing. Really, that’s it.

  • Dave

    A man’s character can be told by the company he keeps and seeing Mr. Belafonte in the company of the communist dictator Hugo Chavez, Castro with a bankaccount, tells me that Mr. Belafonte is just another loud mouthed communist giving advice to another loud mouthed communist, Mr Obama. Shut up Harry and crawl back on to your banana boat.

  • Bob

    I’ll bet Hussein already thought of this…get ready people

  • devan

    its clear webster had obama and belefonte in mind:
    “Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed; as they are in almost every kingdom of Europe. The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword; because the whole body of the people are armed, and constitute a force superior to any band of regular troops that can be, on any pretence, raised in the United States.” –Noah Webster, An Examination of the Leading Principles of the Federal Constitution, 1787

  • Jim Waurishuk

    Harry try to come and get me you coward punk Communist pig!

  • WNL

    It is sad that the media pays any attention to HB because it is obvious that he is suffering from terminal Anal Cranial inversion.

  • devan

    The Democrats have already resorted to worse:
    Bill and Hillary Clinton should be in prison for crimes against humanity
    for what they did to their fellow citizens at Waco, TX, on April 19,
    1993. The Waco Massacre and church burning (it was not a “compound,” it
    was their church),was the most brutal, heinous violation of civil, human
    and Constitutional rights in this nation’s history. Innocent men, women
    and children were attacked with tanks, poison gas (CS gas turns to
    cyanide when heated) and burned alive. Those who ran from the church
    were machine-gunned as documented in the movie “Waco, The Rules of
    Engagement.” If you doubt how bad this was consider that you never hear
    the left stream media talk about it. They want it erased from history
    but this memorial site will remain forever: ….
    And if that weren’t bad enough, Clinton’s thugs then stuck a machine gun
    in the face of a 5 year old boy and sent him to the communist gulag
    known as Cuba:
    Let’s hope Clinton isn’t teaching President Prompter too many of his old tricks!

  • Peter F. Hobson

    Day-O, Day-O, Daylight come and nobody remebers me

  • George

    Yeah, picture Harry telling Richard Nixon to imprison his opposition.

  • Godot

    Thank goodness for the 2nd Amendment, it won’t be pretty, Harry. A moron like yourself would be surprised how many folks in “enforcement” would refuse to carry out such an order.

  • Louis Ordonez Sr.

    What a pair one a communist the other one an opportunist

  • The face of evil .. and the son of the morning star .. is Lucifer .. you are looking at one of his own.

  • RightStuff

    Pass these suggestions for budget modifications on to your elected Federal officials. Feel free to add your own suggestions. Here they are:

    1) Pay freeze for all federal employees for five years,
    2) Federal hiring freeze for five years,
    3) 2% reduction per year in all entitlement payments for five years,
    4) Freeze pay of congressmen and senators and all their staffs,
    5) 10% reduction each year in the Education Department, Environmental Protection Agency, , Department of the Interior, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Health and Human Servides, and Department of Energy until the deparments are done away with,
    6) Add 5% to the military budget for five years,
    7) Terminate all White House czars and their staffs,
    8) Shorten sessions of congress to six months every two years, and require that all congressmen and senators live in their districts all the rest of the time,
    9) repeal ObamaCare,
    10) Sell one-half of Federally owned lands to private individuals or corporations,
    11) Cut foreign aid by 10% each year for five years, and
    12) Reduce all non-payroll portions of all Federal department budgets by 5% each year for five years.

    In addition to the above, you should fight for a balanced-budget amendment to the U. S. Constitution.

  • Jones

    All is due time Belafonte … all in due time.

  • UpChuck.Liberals

    Darn, this just makes me want to go out and buy myself another Christmas present or more ammo, can’t decide which…. or both.

  • ADM

    There’s no “like” involved here. He “is” a third world dictator.

  • Ron

    Come on and try it, but you’d better bring trauma kits, bodybags, and high explosives.

  • mike

    … and the propaganda ‘Lap Dog’ media never says a word about this kind of hate ever.
    George Orwells 1984 is here, and its called the Democratic party and their bigoted O-Bots.

  • Concerned Mom of 5

    Is it now time to revive lynching Harry boy?

  • Dan Wray

    What’s even more irritating than this outdated celebrity expounding light, leftover, leftwing silliness, is how Al’s awkward and halting, lapdog questions pass for journalism.

  • Harry, this is your mother calling

    “Harry, Harry. This is your mother calling to you via Shirley McClain. This has to be a short conversation, because you know that Shirley has a very short attention span.” “Now, you really should consider the receipent of your comment about imprisonment. Even HRH Barack I might balk at trying to throw 57% of the American public in jail. That 57% are the people that Barack is looking to squeeze the money from to pay for all of his benevolence and good will that he is spreading to the 43% of the people that do not pay taxes that voted to keep him in office.”
    “So before you advise Barry to kill the golden goose that 43% of the people depend upon, who would support them? You? No. Those people fondly remember you for singing those wonderful banana songs ‘hey oh,heeeeyyy ooohhh,’ that is sooo cute. The big businesses like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, GE who shelter all of their profits in off shore accounts? No, of course not. Barry is not about to shut down that drug (money) pipeline.”
    “So, Harry, you think about what I said. Oh, and Hugo boy that you play with … I am very uncomfortable with you associating with him; you know what they say ‘you are known by the company you keep.’ Love you, Harry.” Mom

  • Willy Brown

    Must be Obummer’s grandfather from anoither mother

  • Harry’s Brain died many years ago .
    Proving you don’t need a Brain to Talk and Walk .
    And to say totally Moronic things on a regular basis’s .
    It is obvious Harry B. has never spoken to those in Venezuela that don’t Toe
    The radical Marxist Line .Their Lives are living Hell there many coming to America have admitted .There are no more independent Radio , TV or News papers there .
    Rallies against Chavez are Forbidden and can draw long Prison sentences .
    Venezuela is on Food rationing as is Cuba . 72 % can’t read or write there .. His Voter .
    14 years ago Chavez was dead Broke with no Job Skills or real education .
    It is reported he is worth several Billion dollars .
    Why that fast ? He takes a 12.9 % Royalty off of the top Price per Barrel sold for himself .
    While his Nation is Starving to Death .

  • cara

    this N*gger needs to be sent back to africa.

  • ETEE

    After the fall of the Soviet Union, Most Americans seem to have forgot that there were Communists. The Communists didn’t………………

  • Ellen O’Donnell

    Harry the Hater:

    I wish Harry, the ueber-proponent for civil rights and justice would take his vitriolic ramblings and depart to some third world country himself.
    What an incredibly angry and arrogant bore. So now disagreeing with President Obama’s policies should result in imprisonment! WOW!
    Note to Mr. Belafonte: We don’t have dictators in America, yet! Perhaps, you would be more comfortable elsewhere.
    Tell you what Mr. “Take Me Money and Run Venezuela” – you buy yourself an airline ticket and I’ll supply the Champagne and Confetti!!!

    Ellen O’Donnell

  • Syrin

    We can only hope he gets ass raped daily in some FEMA camp put into place by Obama.



    That means had Romney won the election, he could then imprison Belefonte. I wonder how he’d respond to that?

  • tc297

    Harry and all those that agree with him should move to a third world country where the dictator imprisions all of his opposition. Let us know how you like it. We will be waiting to hear from you.

  • lwr

    He didn’t say that’s what he should do. Don’t take him out of context. He’s bad enough as is.

  • dave j

    He sounds very, very bitter bitter. One thing all these crazies have in common, free speech is theirs and theirs alone. We are lucky to still have it so we can read filth like this from yet one more demented actor? America is rotting from within and statements like this only go to shine light on it even more. Put these remarks into context because this man has been spewing this garbage for years. To all those who did not vote for the cult of personality this recent election, just remember there were 49 million of us who did not vote for Santa Claus. Harry, we’ll need huge prisons so you better pitch in with your friends to begin construction soon.

  • Harry, this is your mother calling

    this is Harry’s mother; He is NOT from Africa … he is from Jamacia.

  • mark smith

    Looking forward to it Harry. Let’s get it on.

  • Scott in Texas

    Please take note which side is ramping up the rhetoric first and talking about destroying Constitutional rights.

    Isn’t Harry one of those whose ancestors were treated poorly and now he promotes the same. Pathetic human being.

  • Flom-Flom-Flooie

    Why is this Step-n-Fetchit not out in the field picking cotton?

  • Moleculo, The Molecular Man

    “In-saaane-O… In-saaaane-O!”
    Daylight come and you really ought to head back to the hospice, Harry.

    My advice for you is to stop cutting the medication in half.

    PS, I liked Rev. Al when he had the track suit and the James Brown haircut.

  • Jack Kuechler

    Hey, Harry. We need no more of your rants to prove what we already know! The fact is that you are not only a racist, but a loonie idiot racist.

  • Harry, this is your mother calling

    Reference your #5: Why wait? Zero out their budgets now and dissolve the agencies. Immediate savings to the American people. You should have added the Department of Energy, the Department of Commerce.

  • CarleyRow

    Harry who? F this Knee Grow! If I had known they were going to be this much trouble I would have picked my own damn cotton

  • Doesthisansweryourquestion?

    Wow, this dude is completely insane! The time is coming for the big showdown folks… get ready for a fight!

  • cringa

    It figures…Al Sharpton, Harry Belafonte on MSNBC….yawn.

    But to Harry’s points – electing Barack as president did not give him a mandate. His election was not overwhelming by a popular margin. Mature now but racist if we don’t agree…
    shall we continue with exceptions?

  • formwiz

    This is the same guy who told us how My Lai showed what an immoral country we were.

  • Jonah Kyle

    I’d say something about banana boats/republics, but that would be too easy.

  • Doc

    This from the man who sang:

    If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life,
    Never make a pretty woman your wife.
    So from my personal point of view,
    Get an ugly girl to marry you.


    A pretty woman makes her husband look small,
    And very often causes his downfall.
    As soon as he marries her, then she starts,
    To do the things that will break his heart.

    But if you make an ugly woman your wife,
    You’ll be happy for the rest of your life.
    An ugly woman cooks meals all the time,
    She’ll always give you peace of mind.


    Don’t let your friends say you have no taste,
    Go ahead and marry anyway.
    Her face is ugly, her eyes don’t no match.
    Take it from me, she’s a better catch.


    Say, man?
    Hey baby!
    I saw your wife the other day.
    Yeah, and she’s ugly.
    Yeah, she’s ugly, but she sure can cook, baby!
    Yeah, alright.
    Unfortunately, she has herpes.
    That’s a shame, baby.
    Yeah, baby.”

  • Phil

    Hey – the guys sings for a living. No one ever said he could think. No he removes all doubt.

  • Kingdad

    Kingdad to Belafonte
    F U!

  • mark edward marchiafava

    The Amerikan revolution, coming to a town near you, sooner than you think.

  • Juanita Gonzalez

    Harry is getting a bit carried away by the President’s re-election. It was not an unqualified endorsement of his policies, otherwise the Republicans would not have kept control of the House. This country is still divided down the middle.

  • I linked you. You didn’t mention that he is UNICEF’s “Goodwill Ambassador”

  • miss_msry

    Do his nurses know he has wandered off the premises?

  • RS

    Don’t you love it when progressives REALLY say EXACTLY what they believe?

    Let a thousand flowers bloom, see them for what they are.

  • SoftlySpeaking

    As crazy as he sounds, he’s just shedding light on the inevitable direction this country is heading. I fear for my kids and theirs. My favorite part is Al laughing in the background. PAY YOUR TAXES & SHUT UP SHARPTON!!!

  • John21

    What else did you expect from a braindead has been liberal?

    It has been a very long time since this man was capable of intelligent thought, the liberal just drag him out for his off the wall comments to make the far left liberal sound sane. He is so far past the far left that he is just a distant speck of light in the far left sky.

    You just can’t fix this much stupid

  • indio7777

    Oh come on, it was a joke. Remember when liberals were spreading fear and rumors that George W. Bush was going to declare martial law for his second term to maintain the Presidency?

    Spreading BS like this is no darn better. No wonder our country is in the dumps. (Hint: it’s not just liberals!!!)

  • hps

    lincoln’s wife commented: maybe people don’t want to watch it ,,?? are they taking donations?? like the did in HAITI when BUSH and CLINTON conned the people out of their money which according to them they have NO IDEA where it went since the people were still in tents and getting diseases.?? and BTW lets count how many others countries have come to help us??? 0… so complaining about a has been singer seems a much better plan..

  • Clementina Filosa-Morton

    I loved Harry Belafonte back in the old days when he first came onto the entertainment scene. And when I saw him on Current TV not too long ago, he sounded very reasonable. But I guess he just hates the White Man who has been chiefly responsible for his lucrative career. Perhaps, though like so many Liberals, he feels that he is especially gifted and intelligent and built it all by himself.

  • As I say, belafonte is a piece of hog dung. What has this black president done? Look at Africa, when the blacks took over South Africa and then Rhodesia, were self supporting exporting countries. Now with the black scum in leadership, these countries have the low lifes out begging for someone to feed them. This is repeating itself in the US. Blacks are in leadership and ripping productivity from the Americans, elevating their bank accounts, and otherwise screwing the American people. Low lifes are sucking the tax payer dry with welfare handouts, food stamps, WIC – they are producing like feral hogs and the dumb idiots called americans are letting it happen. Time to unite to throw the scum out of office and shut the stupid entertainers up. Boycott them, give no money to them or their pet projects.

  • Pete

    America was born out of a bloody revolution. It appears that it is time for America to revist the past. Freedom demands it.

  • jk

    I loved it so much more when all he ever did was sing but otherwise kept his mouth shut. I personally could care less what he thinks – that’s why he sang for a profession. Had he been anything else, he’d be nothing more than another babbling idiot!

  • Steven R

    Hey Harry, got a tip for you. A huge number of our military were born and raised in “Red” states. When push come to shove, your buddy just may not have the power to do what YOU are suggesting. Might want to think about who will be put in a Gitmo in central Texas. Would love to hear you sing, “day-o” while being water boarded.

  • Absolutely amazing !

  • Thomas Weaver

    Like a ‘third world dictator’? Hey! Wake-up Belafonte, that’s what he thinks he is; however, he just sane enough to know that would end his term on the throne.

  • Required Field

    Belafonte is the opposition and YOU are the Resistance..


    Nice outfit Lord Vader.

  • AssClownHarry

    Another “entertainer” spouting off at the mouth. STFU and dance for us clown! Dance! That’s what entertainers are good for.

  • bg


    CarleyRow #627 December 13, 2012 at 11:48 am

    ahs ho


  • There was no mandate. Neither party even presents the root causes of the problems we face much less workable solutions for those causes. The people picked based on emotion, not issues, and even the emotions were manipulated. How can “the people” make a “mandate” when they don’t know the real issues or the real facts about them? Big government, big business, taxation, spending… these are symptoms, not causes or root problems. Even minorities in this nation that Obama obviously appeals to are being led down a horrible path as if by the pied piper. Here are people incredibly capable of awesome things and yet the politicians continue and continue to promote the system which is responsible for the demise of those people. It’s time to address the role of the Federal Reserve (private bankers) and the giving away to them of US monetary sovereignty, the rest of the banks and their unconstitutional role of creating money, that all money in circulation is debt to these two sets of bankers, that poor communities are never given access to proper levels of currency to support trade in those communities, etc. So much potential wasted and all these pundits and hate-baiters can do is generate more hate and take more hope away from the people they claim to be for.

  • mark trey

    bush is a terrorist by …bush’s own definition. chavez is simply a despotic half-dictator. your comparison FAILS. also you are freaking out over some show business clown AGAIN. who give’s a rat’s *** what this has-been entertainer says. this is like getting angry at carrot-top for acting silly. YOU FAIL.

  • LFOD

    Wanna capture people huh. Well lets see if we can cut a little hole in your net shall we.

    BTW Harry, be advised in almost a half a century I’ve never met a soldier who moonlights as a commie.

  • Nader Paul Kucinich McKinney Ventura Carter

    Our mass murder war criminals
    Bush Cheney Rove Rice Rummy

    Demand special protection from federal prosecution!
    too much evidence from 9/11/01 false flag operation

  • 18Delta

    It’s gonna be stupid people like that are just going to keep fanning the flames and then someone on the left will start believing and be the spark that ignites a storm they won’t believe or understand. The idiots on the left really don’t understand what they are messing with.

  • Utrippin

    So 51% of the country voted for Obama and that means the American People have mandated (or fully desire) Obama’s plan?

    How about the 49% who want NOTHING to do with Obama?

  • HarveyMushman

    Truly scary.

  • Kent

    How a dictatorship is born – And why we needed that Constitution we recently did away with.

  • Biff Wellington

    Sadly, this is what happens when the brain ceases to function…and he used to sing such nice songs, too.

  • galocke

    If they bring a knife, we bring a gun. (Belafonte’s beloved Barack said that first.)

  • CommonSense

    Daylight come and you need to go home, Harry. For the one or two people who do not yet know this, Harry Belafonte is an idiot.

  • Jim Holmes

    Yeah Belefonte’s opinion doesn’t surprise me at all. Blacks seem to have an inner love for all things 3rd world!!!

  • Shannon

    Well NO ONE ever said that he was an intelligent man and now he is proving how truly ignorant and disconnected from reality he really is!!!!

  • Rob

    >>Good Idea Harry! Empower THAT very party which started the KKK. Infact, Mr BHO is doing the KKK’s handiwork more effectively than any of the KKK tactics from 1865 to 1920 – LOOK it up buddy = 3,500 lynchinings in all that time, and there are over 4,000 Black Americans either aborted or murdered by Black Americans…
    so your point of being in step with BHO..
    SAD you are a Progressive at all costs, including these 4,000 Human lives every week. .. .by the way this is nearly 40 Years of Aborting over 40% of Black American babies.

  • who cares

    is this idiot still relevant? Who cares what he says….if he wants a war, he can come to my house and I will be glad to put a bullet in his shiny head

  • KPM

    Hey Harry go back to your Banana Republic and take Obama and his beast with you.
    What a jerk.

  • Viper01

    Who in the hell could possibly care what an ass like Belafonte thinks, or says, about anything?

  • mmilesll

    This loon needs to be in a home for the really really stupid

  • Fedup

    I’ve been saying for years that what happened in late thirties Germany, is slowly moving here. Cept repub’s and conservative are fhe new targets it started in Germany with comments like this …..Oh no that couldnt happen here.

  • Pingback: Belafonte’s Advice to Obama: Imprison Opposition “Like a Third World Dictator” « A Moral Outrage()

  • George Kingfish Stevens

    Anybody still doubt that Harry Blowhardfonte is one CRAZY nig*er??

  • soul leister

    Dirty Commie Harry “B”… sounds like a treasonous fool… against the constitution and the nation… line him up and his ilk up and “shoot” him a glare of distain and then “shoot” him off to prison (where he belongs, by his own standard) lucky for him we don’t shoot traitors… do we? He could alwasy slink off to where there are actual third world dictators (seeing as that is what he prefers)… then again he is referring to Obama as one… he must be a racist too.

  • Stargazer

    It really is amazing what the country has become and what people think. I can’t believe that this gets air time its obvious these leftist commie media station have the same beliefs. Calling all good people unite find groups that believe in America and join them to fight the good fight .

  • Mark

    Lincoln’s Wife: Nothing is more pathetic then claiming to be compassionate or enlighten simply by participating in a pop culture event. Then to turn around wag your pathetic, self absorbed finger at everyone else is just disgusting.

    When was the last time you actually volunteered for anthing “dirty” or uncomfortable to help your fellow man?

    Pathetic and disgusting!

  • Hail Yeah

    Bring it on. There will be a lot less marxists, socialists, race baiters, welfare, white people hating, success hating BLACKs out there when its all over.

  • Ron

    It’s obvious the man has become retarded, as he has aged. If he wouldn’t be so stupid, it would be funny.

  • MT Ryan

    The people want? Mandate? I think 49% of the country would disagree.

  • Ron Styrker

    Belafonte is why there is the Second Amendment.

  • George Kingfish Stevens

    Cum mistah Tallyman, suck on my banana, daylight cum an’ yo’ still on yo’ knees—–.

  • Bill in Tennessee

    The REAL news here is that unHairy Bellafonte, probably like many of his ilk, equate Obama with the Third World and with Third World dictators. This is no accident, it’s what is on their little tiny “minds”… all Americans should think about that.

  • Frozen

    Mitt Romey was a fool to discredit the demands of the 47% who don’t pay taxes are were not going to vote for him. In the same way Harry Belafonte is a fool for saying the 47% who didn’t vote for Obama should be completely ignored. Remember, every single member of the Republican controlled house won an election on the same night President Obama did. To me the American people said on election night that we want compromise from both sides of the isle.

  • Kaclrc

    It must be a miserable life to have so much hatred inside of you that you would want to take away everyone’s freedom in such a manner.

  • Hail Yeah

    Oh Sorry,

    What I meant to say is: Hang Him from the nearest tree (along with all the ‘others’) Like a First world Patriot.

  • Roger Henry

    Well, I suppose if you seek to have a “third world” nation, that is a good means to achieve it.

    After all, “third world” nations do not have any appreciable racism or oppression in their societies–something we should certainly emulate.

  • Kevin Stowell

    Are there still any doubts about how innately stupid these people are?


    Wow, what a sh*thead. His time will come.

  • hairyharry

    Is he still alive…Just brain dead I guess.

  • George Kingfish Stevens

    Isn’t the darkie cute? He has an opinion. That’s very nice, now could you please refill my coffee cup? Thank you, House Boy. Oh, and could you shut up and just sing one of your cute little Jah-MAAAAY-kin songs for us? That’s a good bwah.

  • dieter k

    Looks like murderous despotism is a common trait among certain etnic groups.

  • Night

    Daylight come and me wanna go home

  • George Kingfish Stevens

    At this time tomorrow, wonder where I’ll be—
    Down in some lonesome valley, hangin’ from a white oak tree—
    Well, now boy—
    Hang down yo’ head Tom Dooley, hang down yo’ head and cry–
    Hang down yo’ head Tom Dooley, po’ bwah yo’ bound ta die.

  • Brandon

    Oh shut up and just die already you old black baboon.

  • AC

    “Inside every liberal there is a totalitarian screaming to get out.” – David Horowitz

  • jose


  • amplitude jones

    the crazy evil racist pig wants all whites dead, like all the africans, and other marxists do.

  • kelvin jones

    A mandate? Obama got 51 million votes in a country of 300 million people.

  • Pam Hickey

    I’m not watching Sandy relief for the same reason that I tore up my Red Cross check. Southern crews were called scabs and turned away because they weren’t union, Christie kissed Obama’s a$$ for the photo op then went on a late night talk show, and the relief effort is staffed by a bunch of celebs and musicians from the far left. I feel sorry for the conservatives up there that suffer because of this storm but I will contribute nothing if it is to be shared by the fools that re elected this Pres.

  • SpendusMaximus

    Just goes to confirm what a racist TOAD Mr. Belafonte is (and always has been)! And for YOUR information sir, your buddy Barrack Obama has ALREADY turned this country into a third world nation.


    Say, speaking of the 12-12-12 concert, did anyone else notice that when Springstein tries to tilt his head back and hit a loud dramatic note he looks just like Stan Laurel about to have a stroke?\
    Clapton was great. The Who, Flloyd, also great. Springstein not so much.

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  • KLastima

    Harry is a dumbazz racist who can’t sing…totally irrelevant.


    Harry probably told the Fraud in the WH a lot more, like you need to beat your wife and kids more often and lock your impressed servants in closets around the WH so they know their place…..Harry lost his hair some years ago and he catches head colds regularly these days when he sits at home and reads his communist manifesto for comfort…..

  • Hope He Gets What He Deserves

    Harry is one of the liberals who think they are intellectuals. Lenin called them “useful idiots”. Of course Lenin immediately imprisoned them or shot them.

  • Sisao Tresed

    Harry never spouted this leftist drivel when he was busy worrying about selling his records to the American public.

    Everyone liked his “Christmas with Harry Belafonte” album. But, now as his songs are considered boring and passé, he has decided to cast his venom for his fellow Americans across the airwaves, without consideration for anyone. When Harry first started singing to America he would not have DARED whisper this ideology, as he would have been systematically sidelined and diminished by all Americans. But now that the filthy marxists are emboldened by our weak-minded, illiterate population we are seeing ALL of the cockroaches like Harry coming out from under the woodwork to vomit their Communist rhetoric.

  • Mary

    I wouldn’t be suprised since ‘Law and Order’ is only a TV show now.

  • Candace

    Even though the progressives won, they are still so angry and frustrated because they can’t get every citizen to walk lock-step with them. This is exactly how communists think! They know their collectivism will not work as well as long as everyone is not on-board. Belafonte’s comments are pure evil. This is how their minds work. Exterminate any resistance. It’s been going on since communism began.

  • lessthantolerant

    What can one expect from a groid? These animals only know third world views. What African country isn’t a sh*thole lead by a tinpot dictator?

  • Belafonte bellows treason….put him in Gitmo

  • jeffsmathers

    Much like the muslims who have a percentage of their population who are ‘radicals’ and encourage the use of inhuman or radical ideological control of people and governance, there are
    many citizens of our country in the United States who also believe, just as radically to diminish the rights of our populace, removing liberties, subverting the rights given by our Constitution and burdening our children and ourfuture with a terrible debt which may never be paid.

    We have allowed those radicals on both sides to continue to force us to chose only ‘the lesser of two evils’ intsead of a clear and unambigous return to the principals of our Constitution.

    I can see the radicals forcing us into another war, both here and overseas to justify their new world order and allowing those who have the power in government to establish the final phase of their vision ….. These who support them are ignorant of their agenda, and only want what they can get now, as spoiled and cottled people.

  • JD

    He’s a piece of work. So the right can’t even breath without being called racists, but Belafonte would love to just get rid of half the country, and that’s ok.

  • jose


  • Rex Imperatus

    The real Darth Vader speaks. Would he feel the same way if it were the other way around? What a despicable scum bag!

  • jossy klemper

    This poor, poor man- I guess he really has completely lost his mind… very sad, at this point I just pity him a lot. I suppose the only thing left now is the grave 🙁

  • Frank

    Ironic that the agenda of the left seems to be obsessed with this notion of oppressing those that disagree or defy their philosophy. The British tried the same thing before this country became an independent nation, which has evolved to a philosophy of treason within our own government’s influence. Not surprised that collectivism loving MSNBC would condone broadcasting this anti-American garbage on their networks. What’s even sadder is that both parties, RINOs and democrats are in on driving this cancerous philosophy from within which so many others in the past fought and died to protect against.

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  • swissik

    Belafonte needs to be committed to an Alzheimer facility.

  • jdd

    If brown people and Marxists are so “mature,” why are their countries such cesspools?

  • Brandon

    “What can one expect from a groid? These animals only know third world views. What African country isn’t a sh*thole lead by a tinpot dictator?”

    Amen lessthantolerant! There are plenty of Socialist countries with dictators in this world. Americans better not let it happen here. It is almost time to start exterminating.

  • greenforest56

    In 2060 whites will be a minority in this country. It will be ruled by an angry colored majority schooled for generations that the white race is the guilty race – the evil race. Mr. Belfonte’s grand children will then be in power to put his suggestion into practice…………

  • Rich

    Belefonte is a terribly ill human being. He really should have gotten psychotherapy a long time ago….

  • Indy Anna

    Harry always was, and still is, an ass. Be grateful for what this country gave you, idiot.

  • Kevin Stowell

    ‘Sounds like Harry’s getting his African potentate on…or he want O’Mugabe to.

  • Kehr Bailey

    I was just waiting for some “high-profile” (yeah, I know that’s a bit tenuous) lefty a$$hole to admit to what all liberals really believe. Which is actually great! I hope more of you feel empowered over Obama’s barely win to start showing the independents and non-voters of America (the real majority), what utter garbage you all really are.

    Harry, you are human filth. And for once I’m not talking about Reid.

  • Lee

    Hey Lincoln’s wife! To answer your question, I wasn’t watching the 12-12-12 concert because a) I was at work and b) because the lineup SUCKED!!

  • Belefonte and Gen. Colin Powell should go back and live out the rest of their lives in the Bahamas or Jamaica, or whatever Caribbean hellhole they came from, where the majority of their countrymen still are living in abject poverty.

  • Benjamin Deauver

    Now I know what the phrase “ravings of a mad lunatic” means. A faded career, tons of crack, a serious self-esteem problem and self-loathing have finally pushed his delicate psyche over the cliff. It comes as no surprise that he was always left-leaning and his insane statements always implied what he finally enunciated.

    Poor Harry. At this point, we must ignore what he says / does and treat him as we would our “crazy uncle” and shackle him in a cage in the basement. Obviously, he is in no condition to be left unattended for any amount of time as he poses a threat to his own safety.

  • Mark Kapping

    Well I say please let them start trying to do it!! As John Adams said when signing the Declaration of Independence to seperate us from another imperialist tyrant; “If there is to be trouble, let it be in our time, so our children will know not of it.” Let them start to try, and good old Harry can know he moved his way up about 30+ places on my ‘To Do List’! Bring it you lib-tard big mouths…quit your silly tough-guy-union-goon-black-hippety-hoppey blathering eubonics slobbering and just bring it. We’re Waiting……….still waiting……….still waiting…….dumb-A$$ chicken-$hits.

  • I’mRight_You’reWrong

    blacks are funny. they love all the creature comforts, innovations and technologies created by the white man…while their people still run around in loin cloths across Africa (unless they’ve been civilized by whites)…yet they want all whites dead and gone.

    guess what happens to America if all the whites disappear and it’s left to the blacks and latinos…you guessed it. if you didn’t guess it, take a look around the world at the cesspool countries run by their ilk for a clue.

    perhaps the asians who would be left could actually keep some semblance of a civil society alive, but they’d probably be ostracized and murdered for being too smart too. 🙂

  • Americanman2012

    I had a Harry Belefonte album , probably collectible worth a good amount, yup, just burned it in the burning barrel. Erase this name on in all history books about True Americans

  • Jim in Frankfort

    He’s already turned the USA into a third-world country, and he’s behaving like a dictator … so the transformation is nearly complete.

  • Pooter

    Harry doesn’t need to be watched, he needs to be looked after.

  • barry soetero

    “like a 3rd world dictator”
    looks like old harry doesn’t follow the news, obama has been a 3rd world dictator from the day he was elected

  • Richard Weed

    I think Harry’s right to process oxygen needs to be terminated as soon as possible!

  • J. Hancock

    Poor Harry. His banana boat sank a long time ago, and it took his mushy brain to the bottom as well.
    Mister Obama listens to the Muslim Brotherhood. Why not Harry too?

    The Obama Legacy will eventually be on display. Not in a Library, but in GITMO!

  • Can’t Stomach Commie Nyetbama

    Then we can purge the country from this third world dictator.

  • cece

    Ever heard of the French Revolution, you leftwing douche? It was the ‘royalty’ and their minions who were trotted to the national razor. So you just keep tweaking our noses.

  • Ranger01

    Harry Belafonte was on with pal Al Sharpton. Now here are a pair!
    Human trash, against what America stands for. These “Black” authorities are racist, and are a disgrace to their race. If you do not believe these men want America like a third world country (Because they hate it) you are living in a dream world. They like creating mayhem between races, where there should be peace and respect. Always dragging up the past to Justify their hate, and spreading it like a wildfire. Both should be incarcerated for hate crimes, and the key thrown away. Remember you Black fools, White people got Obama Elected, so do not look at us as racist.

  • FMB42

    Sadly, Harry lacks the intelligence required to realize the following:

    1. Obama would actually be a Dictator if he imprisoned his opposition.

    2. Obama’s opposition is in support of allowing wealthy Harry to keep the tens of millions of dollars that he’s “earned” from his singing, acting, and “activist” careers.

    3. Obama’s public assistance funded followers would love to get their hands on all of his money.

    My advice to Harry is: you’d better be careful of what you wish for.

  • Pat Magroin

    When will I be reading good news about Belafonte in the obituary? Soon, I hope.

  • Mick60

    F*ck Belafonte. Show up in SC and I’ll whip your a$$.
    Lock and load and get ready to kick some 47% a$$.

  • mom

    shhh don’t let the secret out, Harry give them time,
    this has been there plan from the beginning

  • Rob

    Way to go Harry! Pledge ultimate solidarity with the party that started the KKK! The KKK salutes BHO for his continued OBSESSIVE support of Abortion. There were 3,500 lynchings from 1865 to 1920 of Black Americans… and NOW the KKK is GREATLY outdone due to the DemocratiKKK party’s fast track which has created a US society where 4,000 Black Americans are either aborted or murdered by BLack Americans EVERY WEEK!!!
    Harry – your going in step with these Progressives has hurt your people, and taking more money from the wealthy will NEVER help these very people.. It ONLY makes the intercity minded politicians and their dirty arm of Union THugs stronger (sounds a bit like the Plantation your types actually think is ran by the GOP)… I dare you to look up this simple HISTORY which is FACT rather than your hippie / Progressive / FeelGoodIsm.

  • itsy_bitsy

    If Belafonte is such a devote Marxist why in the hell is he still here in the USA wringing every penny he can from capitalism? I say get you gone Satan! You should be able to find plenty of African countries in which you would be happy! It would certainly brighten my day to think I’d never have to hear of you or your hateful words!!

  • Brother Love

    Harry, I’ve got something for you. It has the word “federal” stamped into the bottom. It also has the .06 marking as well. Day-O indeed.

  • Rosebud

    Is this the same OLD Harry who was on LIVE TV and could not be awakened to be interviewed. Not only could this jerk not open his eyes he could not hear them calling him, in an attempt to wake him up. Oh well as they say THERE IS NO FOOL LIKE AN OLD FOOL and Harry is both.

  • Klaus

    The headline is misleading. Belafonte said that legislators who disobey the will of We the People should be thrown in jail. As a constitutionalist, I agree with Mr. Belafonte.

  • Kathleen riley

    World to Belafonte – WE are NOT a THIRD WORLD COUNTRY. And you, Mr. O, were not elected Dictator!!!!

    Cheesh! What’s the matter with these people?

  • Reality Sandwich

    WHY does anyone listen to the political opinions of a singer? He is obviously a moron. How did Obama get elected? Two major blocks; the entitlement crowd looking for free stuff and the racists. There is no mandate there. As seen in interviews, way too many people who voted for him have absolutely no clue what he stands for. So dream on, Harry, in 4 years we won’t have to deal with this petty dictator any more.

  • john

    This ignorant, washed up entertainer would be out of sight and quiet, if Romney had won the election.

    It is amazing, how certain people get real ballsy, when things are going their way.
    Once the joint chiefs of staff have had enough of this anti-american regime in Washington and they use troops to round up these communists, maybe this ballsy, washed up entertainer can join his friends in some federal prison.

    I hope….I hope…I hope.

  • deedeemao

    I didn’t realize Obama had won the popular vote by such a landslide. Obama won the popular vote by about 3.5 million votes, or 3 percent, hardly any more of a landslide than when Bush was re-elected to HIS second term. (60,693,281 (Bush) to 57,355,978 (Kerry)

    And I also don’t recall Harry Belafonte condemning Democrats for thwarting the will of the people, but what can you expect from a sanctimonious addle-brained hypocrite?

  • Dan

    Me to Harry Belafonte: imprison Obama like a third world dictator (because he wants to be a dictator and he is making us a third world country).

  • Sandy

    The more the Leftist get power the more they reveal their true selves. Stand up people for the Constitution and Liberty for the country and its future.

  • al

    What is Harry’s address anyways?

  • Hugh

    Mr. Belefonte, Our country doesn’t operate according to “American’s desire”, it operates under the guidelines established in the Constitution. Now please go away to one of those 3rd world countries you so admire.

  • Bob Onnit

    That would be the day that the Founding Fathers envisioned when they wisely wrote the 2nd Amendment into the Constitution. And for you libtards who don’t understand who “The People” are that are referred to in that Amendment, they are the same “People” as referred to in all the others. That is “The People”. Get it ?
    And The People are going to open a huge can of whoop ass on those who think they can shred the Constitution. People like Belafonte will be the first to feel their wrath.
    Bring it on

  • flip

    Harry Who?


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  • undermythumb

    Having had one hit song 60 years ago suddenly makes him a political expert? Did he blow through his money so fast that he has to surgically attach his lips to Obama?

  • HarryisDirty

    If Harry Belafonte truly believes that then I have only one thing to add. “That’s right. The women are smarter.”

  • Abe

    Thats what Dishonest Abe Lincoln did.

  • Americanman2012

    Entertainers , news people ,are the scourge of the earth, the goons of the Devil,
    Belefonte wants all oppossers locked up,
    Roseanne Barre wants those rich people who don’t pay higher taxes Beheaded,
    Alex Baldwin, wanted Bush stoned to death,
    Jamie Foxx thinks it’s cool to kill white people
    Charlie Rose thinks China has a better government system then the USA
    I think we need to shut our TV ‘s off, and not go to any movies.

  • Jack Coyote

    I feel like i’ve already been imprisoned for four years with at least four more years to go. Such is life under the imperial President.

  • Voice of Reason

    Funny how libs are always about diversity……unless it is diversity of opinion.

  • Sorry, but anytime I see an edit chop right after the “offensive comment”, I’m pretty sure that I’m seeing something that’s been plucked out of context. Yes, Belafonte is a talented artist (albeit past his prime) and a stone cold Marxist schmuck who deserves to spend his twilight years exiled to a former Soviet satellite like either Lithuania where they’ll give his Marxist passion all the respect it deserves, or North Korea, where he can experience the reality of the Worker’s Paradise, but without seeing what’s following, this is no different than a Media Matters hack edit on a conservative.

  • RC

    Maybe we should start executing the marxist opposition….. starting with HIM.

  • Porkexpress

    To think that Harry made his money from some of the same people that he wants to imprison. Remember Harry we are a Democratic Society in America. We feel the same as you do about people that have your mentality though. Please go away, maybe somewhere like China, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, or some other fascist state.

  • Tim Grant

    This clown is known for tallying bananas, he is not a serious person.

  • carl hardest

    let there be NO DOUBT who the RACISTS are in this country

  • Sandy

    Reality Sandwich you left out the PC white guilt leftists.

  • Sal Manila

    Dayo, Daaa-yo, daylight come and me wan my political opponents in jail….

  • alex

    Shut up — and don`t sing either. Yor singing was crass anyway . Your political views worse.

  • Frank Stagg

    Once again, Harry is right on the money.
    I say we need to start looking now for a Gulag for all those conservative guys like Rush.
    Lock em up!
    Perhaps we could free all those nice innocent fellows in Guantanamo and put Rush and his friends there?
    We could also get Union guys from Michigan to form firing squads.
    Just a modest proposal from docfjs.

  • Jennifer

    Terrorist himself and loony. What a disgusting thing to say. Let’s ship him off to a country more to his liking; one in which such horrendous things actually occur! Perhaps it’s hard being a has-been and this gets him attention.

  • George Waring

    Its a shame Harry has gotten senile. He use to be mildly talented.

  • Rushisright

    Somebody needs to tell Harry that slavery was abolished during the war fought at the time of his birth.

  • R. T. Greenwood

    Harry had one hit song and made a career out of it. No place like America is there Harry?

  • james knight

    This is the mentality that is taking the U.S. down.

  • CowboyLogic

    Incoherent Coon.

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  • bigdan

    Belafonte is so dumb that when he walks into a room the lights go dim…

  • Rushisright

    I just looked up the definition for traitor in the dictionary and it said: see: Belafonte, Harry.

  • Belafonte is another Hollywood one percenter America hater. These guys made their fortunes in a Captalistic Society then bite the society that fed them. I notice none of them moved out of the Nation that nurtured them . Penn hasn’t moved to Chavez’s Venezuala . Nobody has moved to Afghanistan . Hypocricy to the tenth power .

  • ObamaRevengeIsGodAwful

    All those slave days picking cotton must have cooked Harry’s noodle.

    If he’s not careful, he’s going to give all Black people a bad name.

  • Tally me banana Harry. Two black guys attempting communication.

  • N/A

    I must admit, I was shocked that America would reelect the sorriest excuse for a president in US history. But when a candidate as corrupt and dishonest as any 3rd World dictator has access to the coffers of the US Treasury (trillions of taxpayer dollars to fund vote buying), and the loyalty of a media/press totally complicate in the propaganda, and the luxury of a Congress blind to the greatest act of constitutional treason in US history, it becomes comprehensible. Saddest era in US history … bar none.

    I was born without a prejudiced bone in my body, but thanks to the tutelage of vile, racist jackasses such as Mr. Bellefonte, I have quickly learned.

  • Rushisright

    Once again Harry shows us why he was selected to be AARP’s poster child.

  • Lawyers Guns & Money

    Day-O Day-O dementia is here so deport him back home

  • Steve Johnson

    Just watch, if we had a real president and not this jackass, and he imprisoned Belafonte, the screaming and sniveling from that Marxist douche wouldn’t ever stop. Someone needs to kick that POS in the nuts and send him on a one way trip to Gitmo where he can hang out with his intellectual superiors.

  • Steve-o

    Harry’s bucket definitely has a hole in it. But, all of us should be beginning to realize that King Barack has a much bigger and broader agenda now than in his first four years in office. The real fun is just beginning – it’s going to get very interesting ride, look out and hold on!

  • James

    You just try that and learn hard and fast why the 2nd amendment was put in place. Belafonte is a hard core commie along with this buddy Obama and the vast majority of the liberals in this nation today.

  • Jennifer

    Being an “activist” doesn’t make this man intelligent. There is no Obama mandate. His win wasn’t that large this second time, and the “people’s House” is still Republican. Obama’s win had nothing to do with what he’s done but everything to do with racial politics of the last 50 years. There is no explaining it except that the dumbest people were turned out to vote inthe last two elections. We saw many of them interviewed just after they voted in 2008. They hadn’t a clue who represented them in Congress. They didn’t know their party had the majority in the Senate. They’d never heard Pelosi’s name or Reid’s. They voted “race” not competence.

  • wavygravynet

    Thank you, Mr. Belafonte, for your hold honesty. It is greatly appreciated. America has much to learn about leadership, tolerance, and a more civilized society. It certainly won’t happen until the bigotry, xenophobics, racists, and extremists either die off or are re-educated.

  • Toxic Avenger

    Traitor Harry: That would be treason and justify hanging. Would you really want that?

    But you do give new impetus toward repealing the 13th Amendment.

    PS All communists should die; America fought two wars and a Cold War to kill communism. Not one stinking communist on the planet should still have a pulse.

  • Well, well the truth comes out. This is what Black Liberation Theologist have been preaching for years, just ask Reverend Wright and his band of racists. All Black Marxist, Black Muslims and BLT’s have discussed this and have been waiting for this moment in time. Soon in conjuction with the coming of the last Iman in Islam who will lead them to victory, Christians call him the Anti-Christ, they will rise up and try to take what they believe is theirs. Obama has studied this for 35 years as have many other Black Churches under the cloak of Christianity. A race war will begin. White Americans must resist all attempts at taking our guns and ammunition, we should be stock piling in preparation. This is a sad time in American History, but necessary.

  • Therrion

    That’s sound advice! Why don’t we drag him out in the street and execute Mr. Belfonte like rebels do in third world countries ….

  • TrickyDick

    Go ahead….make my day. We are execising our right to keep and bear arms and if Harry has the balls maybe he should come try and imprison us. WPOS!

  • Nate Higgers

    Nothing that any black ever says can surprise me anymore. They are literally devolving before our very eyes. We take one step forward, the apes take two steps back…

  • RC

    Harry is ignorant of the facts. He’s talking about a very thin portion of the voting citizens who sent Obie to his 2nd term. 3million people is not a huge majority, which is in Harry’s emphasis. “Oooo! We won by a huge margin.” Well, that’s not true. Clearly, those with math skills know, as a matter of common knowledge that Harry hasn’t availed himself to, the country is evenly divided. Don’t forget the massive amount of election cheating that no one want to challenge and who know it was perpetrated. So, don’t talk as though Obie won by huge numbers for the 2nd term. Stop oozing with enthusiasm as though 1/2 of the Obie voters ought to jail the other 50%. What kind of fool talks like this and gets away with it? A person who thinks like Harry is ignorant, lacks math skills, pisses on the US Constitution, the very document what provided the rights under which he lives. Does the kissy kissy thing with communist, Marxist, socialist dictators like Chavez. Give me a break. Do some reading Harry. Stop drinking the Obie and lib kool-aid, geez! Un-freaking-believable!!!

  • Bitchin Black

    So according to Calypso Harry, the 51% should imprison the 49% for failing to follow the will of the American People?

  • Marlin Williams

    Hey Harry, aren’t there more bananas to be picked?

  • John

    The Second Amendment is what prevents little fantasies like this from becoming big fantasies. That’s why the left wants it repealed.

  • Jane

    I don’t think anyone should be making light of this. That’s the way this man feels – he’s a Marxist, he’s not crazy. Jailing one’s opponents is standard third world government procedure, from Venezuela to Malaysia to China. He truly believes in this. Remember when key members of the congressional black caucus met with Castro in 2009? There were many laudatory words spoken by CBC of Castro. They admire him because of he has tolerates no opposition. What percentage of blacks in this country would support Belafonte? Suppose Obama found some pretext on which to charge Republican leaders for corruption? I think that could easily happen. There are many far left (white) prosecutors who would jump at the chance some kind of special proceeding against leading conservatives. Why, it would be payback for what Ken Starr did to Clinton!

    If you’re laughing at Belafonte and calling him senile you’re naive.

  • Rush Limbaugh hit the nail on the head .. “They voted for Santa Claus”.
    Fortunately at least 50 million Americans voted for Romney showing the Planet there are still
    some sane people living here.

  • Tank Riggins

    Typical of the liberal wannabe Marxist.

  • CP

    The fact that even a cable news network allowed this idiot on the air should scare just about everyone…

  • Wow. What an ignorant thug.

  • Darlene W

    Belafonte exemplifies the arrogant that pervades the black community today. Rich, spoiled and Socialist that have little real understanding of Democracy, if they ever did. They are willing to kill any opposition and destroy our country to get what they want.
    I take him seriously and you should too!

  • Hate to say this but I mean it. Hurry up and die Harry. The world is sick enough without a POS like you breathing the air.

  • Kim

    I loathe Hollywood leftists like Belafonte and Sean Penn who denigrate America, all the while enjoying the tens of millions of dollars they’ve made because of the freedom they have to perform their art in a capitalistic country. They love and support oppressive dictators, but I notice they both still live in the United States. I wonder why.

  • Judy B.

    I think this guy has gone totally senile in his old age. Mr. Belafonte – move to Cuba or Venezuela! Your philosophies are more in line with their communist dictators – although we’re coming on line slowly.

  • Frank Lee

    Typical racist. But he’ll get a pass. Which is why people like me are preparing to leave the country as soon as I can afford it. I’ll leave it to the idiots like these two fools.

  • Lawyers Guns & Money

    Day-O Day-O dementia here so deport him back home

  • Mutantone

    I wish they would it would be the starting point for the removal of the Obama regime

  • Brian R.

    I actually give Belafonte credit here. He clearly knows a third-world dictator when he sees one.

  • Syl

    After hearing about what’s happening in Egypt, & how they’re putting the protestors in torture chambers, I realized with a shudder that Obama’s probably got the same thing in mind….& here it is! Al Sharpton should be jailed, & Belefonte with him.

  • Jason, NYC Law

    Harry, time to take your meds…Sharpton, time for you to apologize to the nations job makers and thank them for lifting your peeps out of the gutter!

  • allan d

    The man is senile & a musical has-been.
    not worth much except to listen to his old songs.

  • Dave in Houston

    What is it with the left in this country and the love of totalitarian dictator types and styles? Remember Woody Allen’s comment about Obama taking control as a dictator?

    The real problem is that there are probably a lot of people out there we know nothing about who agree with these guys. That is what is really scary.

  • Rationalist

    Doesn’t sound like Harry is long for this world.

    Regardless of the failed socialist marxist muslim experiment’s best efforts, Harry will look up from the depths of Hell and still see God, Old Glory and the Constitution still guiding this once great nation.

  • nic


  • Paul

    Hey Harry,

    About those third world dictators. You do know what happens to them and their stogies sooner or later, right? Idi Amin, Pol Pot, Hitler (ok, he is a first world dictator), Ceaușescu, Saddam, Gaddafi, etc… right? Che?

    Yea that is what happens when you become a dictator. Live by the sword then expect to end up that way. Pleasant dreams. We always knew you liberals were closet totalitarians. No suprise there.

  • Rushisright

    What do you think Belafonte would say if we put him in jail for supporting the traitorous Obama administration? Guess he would have to agree with it based upon how he thinks.

  • Patty

    NBC’s Curry to Left-Wing Activist and Singer Belafonte: ‘Thank You For Your Life’

    Read more:

    Shocker: Harry Belafonte Suggests Romney Presidency Would Bring ‘End Of Civilization’


    Hey, Harry Belafonte: don’t come back

    Belafonte, in other words, was supporting the Soviet bloc in its Cold War with the United States. And he was doing so in full embrace with the East German prison state. Here, where the notorious secret police, the Stasi, ruled by waging a perpetual witch-hunt against the entire population – Belafonte had only love and good wishes for their success.

    No wonder that the late Leo Cherne, head of the International Rescue Committee, rejected Belafonte’s being honored. “I happen to have some reservations about Belafonte,” he wrote one of the IRC’s board, “I have found him . . . beyond my tastes for the elements of left-wing predisposition. He played a significant relief role in Ethiopia at a time when Ethiopia was under the control of the left wing dictator Mengistu, at the very time that the Castro military forces were playing an active support role.”

    To Harry Belafonte, Castro is a freedom fighter and Colin Powell and Condi Rice merely “house slaves.” Ever the diplomat, Colin Powell responded to Belafonte’s blast by calling the singer his “friend,” and noting that the slave analogy was from another time and place and was simply “unfortunate.” Secretary Powell should take to heart the simple adage, with friends like that…



  • Jane

    He’s not senile, and not crazy. He’s a communist and doesn’t believe in rule of law. This is what he’s always believed. He has lots of company in the world.

  • Patty

    He is another EGO MANIAC, every so often he needs to fed his system with blood of hated and racism.

  • Patty

    Another commie.

  • dr_bugsy

    Isn’t that racist POS due for a stroke?

  • BuyAVote

    Let’s start with Belafonte!

  • Dude

    So in other words, what Harry is really saying, is that he should have been rounded up under the Bush administration and killed, for “violating the American desire”. Or does he only believe in murdering people when they disagree with him?

    What a scum bag. How are we in a position where people take this person seriously in any way shape or form?

  • Jane

    He’s just more honest than a lot of Americans, especially celebrities. They think the same thing but don’t have that “absolute moral authority” card that Michelle Malkin talks about.

  • Raymond Hansen

    Harry Belafonte has the freedom to spew his hatred but should be the recipient of his own comments. He is neither American or free and he is a hatemonger!

  • rebdoc

    As we say in the Texas-Tn republic, Come and take it!

  • The present administration has had a plan in place to skirt the 2nd amendment for some time.
    They will implement it in 2013. It is Kommie / Alinskyism 101 . Disarm the citizens is basic for dictatorship.
    A Japanese Admiral was asked post WWII ,
    “Why Japan never invaded America ” ? He replied , “There is a gun behind every blade of grass in America”. Now there is a Looney Tunes and Merry Melodies Liberal behind every blade of grass in America . We have been invaded by debt beyond the scope of reason.

  • Jeff

    They should imprison idiots like you Harry….the ilk of your kind of scum is ruining the greatest country on earth.

  • Jane

    Wake up and smell the coffee.

  • Patty

    All who oppose the agenda of Barack Obama – or rather oppose the agenda of his globalist handlers – should be rounded up and imprisoned, singer and “social activist” Harry Belafonte recently told the ambulance chaser Al Sharpton on the death merchant General Electric’s network, MSNBC.

    Belafonte’s comment reveals the true nature of the “progressive” – it differs little from that of the communist thug who has zero tolerance for any opposition. Belafonte’s mindset ultimately terminates in purges, “cultural revolutions,” and death camps.

  • Shecky

    Well that addresses the “is the guy that sang that Banana Boat song still alive?” question.

  • Harry, please go live in Venezuela, Iran, China, N. Korea or some similar hellhole, where your views will be appreciated. I’ll even buy a one-way ticket for you!

  • MissyCreancy

    What is it about Maniacal Mulattos? Henry Bellafonte, Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Erick Holder, Van Jones, Ken Salazar (technically a Mestizo), Lisa Jackson (E.P.A.), Van Jones (well, a tad swarthier than the others), Rev. Wright, Henry Alvarez (S.F. Housing Authority), et. al. It’s a veritable Mulatto Mafia of Deviant Despots! Does their obvious light-skinned, miscegenistic heritage create a desperate desire to prove their “greater blackness” through ever more bizarre and tyrannical forms of verbal and ideological repression? The United States of America is now in the crazed and vindictive clutches of The Papa Doc, Mama Doc and Baby Doc Klan!

  • yo mamma

    Have you ever seen a bigger head than Sharpton? Really that guys melon is gigantic and with nothing even in it…amazing.

  • Chetty1

    Don’t give him any ideas Harry… you ol’ goat you! Of course, I’m sure locking up the patriots has crossed the Dear Leader’s mind a time or two.

    The list for “The Home” is getting longer!

    Harry B.
    Warren Buffet
    Dirty Harry Reid
    Nancy Pelosi
    Barbara Streistand
    Barney Fwank
    Susan Saranwrap
    Joe Biden
    Al Sharpton
    Jesse Hijackson
    George Soros (that bum)
    Babs Boxer… List continues but too many to show!

    PS: Wasserman-Shultz can quit and be their attendants!

  • Dick Grace

    Another brilliant Hollywood intellectual.

  • Patty

    older article

    AARP Grants Award to Schizophrenic Moonbat Harry Belafonte

    The AARP is an organization ostensibly dedicated to advancing the interests of retired people. But lately they seem to be more focused on advancing moonbattery, having recently taken their leftist ideology to the point of naming the “humanitarian” Harry Belafonte as an honoree of their annual Impact Awards, which they grant to those who have done “something extraordinary to make the world a better place.”

    Gushes AARP Magazine:

    It’s been two and a half years since Harry Belafonte, 78, serenaded an audience with “Day-O,” but you could hardly say he has retired. In fact, these days he’s busier than ever, speaking out against civil injustice and traveling as a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF.

    They go on to recount his many heroic deeds, such as supporting the Kenyan government’s decision to end school fees and spotlighting “the problem of unregistered births in sub-Saharan Africa.” What is not mentioned in the brief hagiography is that Day-O Belafonte is best known for the psychotic diatribes that he spouts at every public opportunity. A cynic might suspect that his charitable work serves primarily to provide him with these opportunities.

    As Moonbat Central has pointed out:

    Belafonte consistently descends to Farrakhan depths of crudeness, invective and outright hatred whenever he is given a platform to opine about how “real blacks” (read: radical, left-wing, self-loathing, America-hating, Belafonte-like) are supposed to think, talk, and behave.

    Last summer he referred to prominent black officials in the US government as “black tyrants” and childishly compared the Bush Administration to Nazi Germany. A report from suggests the severity of Belafonte’s mental problems:

    When asked specifically who was a “black tyrant” in the Bush administration, Belafonte responded to this reporter, “You.” When this reporter noted that he was a Caucasian and attempted to ask another question, Belafonte abruptly ended the interview by saying, “That’s it.”

    Check out the video, and see if you don’t agree that Belafonte is visibly insane.

    Here’s how he characterizes one of the most respected men in America, Colin Powell:

    There’s an old saying in the days of slavery. There are those slaves on the plantation and there were those slaves who lived in the big house. You got the privilege of living in the house to serve the master. Colin Powell was permitted to come into the house of the master.

    Read more about the commie on site.

  • Ciara Davis

    Someone needs to open the top of his head and let those birds out.

  • Derek

    Unbiased media? They just think everything deserves a giggle when they mention the “desires” of chairman obama.

  • Patty

    He has no career so now the Real commie is stepping up and Obama administration is filled with them.

  • Sandra

    Dear God in Heaven. Didn’t this guy make millions over the years from being in this horrible
    country? I am sure an equal amount of money was made from both sides of the political isle when he was young. Who knew the hatred that spewed just below the surface of this man. When are we going to realize no matter who you are we need to fix our problems together, not hating each other. The far right and far left are just that – far out there, the rest of us are surely moderate enough on both sides, not that far apart on just wanting to live a happy life with a decent amount of wage.

  • Tom Joseph

    The people did not mandate Obama to do anything. More than half the country did not vote for him. Obama and is supporters are still in the minority so their cocky swagger could be short lived if they do start to try an earn respect from the majority that did not vote for him. I believe a huge percentage voted for Obama out of spite to the Repubs. People know Obama is a huge phoney but they just can’t stand the Repubs that much they would rather vote in a loser out of spite.

  • JoJo

    Heeeeey, Harryyyyy! Come and get me, boy.

  • Jack MadogBo Off

    Obama may get his wish to be a third world dictator with the direction we are heading (but Belafonte is already a first rate dïck.)

  • derick

    Please tell me why anyone reports anything that this fool says? He’s a washed up has been entertainer with insane perspectives on culture and politics. Why is this news?

  • truthwillout

    He’s not an ignorant communist fool, but actually doing the work of the devil. He seems to be working overtime.





























  • Jizz Cumonu

    Harry, like Al Sharpton and his ilk, are Commie lovers..They blame whitey for their failures and their tribal failings for the past 200 years. Get the boats loaded and send them all back to the jungles with Obama in the lead boat..Bye bye useless monkeys..

  • HM Jones

    This is typical of someone who did not really grow up in the United States. This is how and why “turd world” countries live as they do. The FIRST thing you need to have a prosperous country is freedom of speech….especially when it is speech you do not like. So yes Harry, just jail them. Go back to doing “dey-yo” in the “turd world”.

  • YouGotToBeKiddingMe

    How sad and intolerant he has become.

  • Patty
  • Yeah, I remember clearly how Belafonte supported President Bush in the Iraq war!

  • DannyE

    Oh, we jail opposition now…well come and try. You won’t like what happens, skippy.

  • JjivinC

    This old man needs to get on his banana boat and go away. Hopefully the courts would realize he is not of the mental capacity to care for himself and change his depends on his own. Put him in a state facility.

  • Tzimisce

    Isn’t Belafonte a member of Amnesty International?

  • Harry Buttandfartee

    Excuse me mr trash. What was the election turnout percentage? What percentage of that voted for leftism and communism? What are we talking, 30%? Then he has the ignorance to make the statement about jailing the opposition. What a piece of sh*t!

    Al you ig’nant liberals who believe that “forward” means good for the county are stupid as rocks.

  • Terry

    Who would listen to such a moron. shoot the N!

  • Jake

    Who the fu ck is this hairless mon key some one hit wonder Hollyhood elitist !! WTF how hell does he get air time. The left wing nut media propaganda wheel keeps on spinning. Listen and learn.

  • Adele

    It would seem that Harry, Al and I have not only racial and cultural, but educational differences as well, too. While I may not be an expert, like most conservatives, the Constitution and I have more than just nodding acquaintance.

    I find it interesting that these so called “men” hold themselves up as progressive icons – liberals and Democrats who “love their country”. Actually, once glance at their rap sheets proves they ARE the former; however, neither have an ounce of love for this nation. But, they’re lacking in other areas as well. A cursory glance at the “the Reverend Al’s” rap sheet confirms he’s no man of God, but to the core a charlatan. A cursory review of Harry Belafonte’s “controversial” comments proves him nothing but a bitter, 85-year-old hypocrite, e.g. “” When he was asked about his expectation of criticism for his remarks on the war in Iraq, Belafonte responded: “Bring it on. Dissent is central to any democracy.” But, one must suppose it’s only central if you happen to be black and agree with old Banana Boat. And let me once again stress the hypocrisy of these compassionate, benevolent men; Belafonte lived in a 21-room apartment at 300 West End Avenue (corner of 74th Street) in New York City for 50 years. In 2007 he sold his fifth-floor apartment to Abigail Disney for 10.8 million dollars and I want to know to whom that wealth was distributed! Al Sharpton is a convicted felon and is on record as saying Ihe saw no reason why blacks should pay taxes. “If we do not have a justice system that protects us, what are we paying for?” (By the way, using his logic, white Americans should have stopped paying taxes in January 2009.)

    Their disdain and lack of regard for the Constitution, not to mention the lack of any familiarity with the very document that has long protected their right to openly express thoughts that border on lunacy and sedition, speaks far louder than the stupid, stupid words uttered by a very stupid, stupid Harry Belafonte.

  • Joe Normal

    Just a DAN, that’s all he is.

  • Chris

    Make millions (and continue to make money) on a party song with a Calypso beat you sang years ago, and then not only p!ss on the economic engine ( capitalism) that makes something like that possible, but embrace those that advocate a system that would never allow such a thing to happen. You, Mr. Belafonte, are a pinhead.

  • stderr

    It should be illegal to call a hairless man “Harry”. Call him Baldy Belafonte, but watch out, he might have you put in cattle cars and sent to the rendering plant.

  • JjivinC

    Really. Isn’t he dead yet.



  • jhowa

    i fought on foreign soil for this country and freedom. I will sure as hell go down swinging before Im imprissoned by the ignorance of the left.

    Belfonte and sharpton aka dumb and dumber.

  • Jizz Cumonu

    Belafarty, like Sharpton and his ilk are commies who blame whitey for their tribe’s failures to improve for the past 200 years..Put all the monkeys on a boat back to Liberia with Obammy leading the pack of commie monkeys never to return..The filth won’t be missed…

  • e-Bank

    Belafonte is old enough to remember when he was still relevant…

  • RufusVonDufus

    At least Belafonte realizes that Obama is nothing but a little third-world dictator. That is more than Obama realizes.

  • Dr. Fred

    I don’t get it. Obama took the ball that Bush handed him and kept running IN THE SAME DIRECTION. How could you not like Bush and like Obama (and vice-versa)?

  • Goodgrief

    Harry, he’s already imprisoned a film maker in California for his convenience.

  • MonkMan

    As anti-America as it gets. No brain left at all. What a waste of oxygen.

  • John

    Well, come and get me big mouth!

  • Lee

    I USED to like Harry???….what a fascist!

  • jf

    Get back on your meds, Harry!

  • Smitty

    What an utterly pathetic remnant of the man who marched for Civil Rights with Charlton Heston and charmed the crowds at Carnegie Hall.

  • Tyro

    The goofiest thing Belafonte said was that by electing Obama the American public was acting “politically mature”. His statement about imprisoning the opposition is couched in his own frustration with any opposition to Obama. This is due to his own political immaturity. He’s not saying that Obama should do it (though he probably feels that way) He’s saying that the opposition is almost forcing the president’s hand to lock them up (presumably so he can get stuff done) He’s talking in a sensational manner because he’s a stupid, insulated person.

    This singer doesn’t understand that a Republic is built on the freedom to dissent from the popular view and friction minus war is evidence that the Republic is healthy. When we are all compelled to fall into lockstep with any particular statesman or his ideology we are in real trouble. You’d think that someone as old as Belafonte, who lived through WW2 would understand this principle. It just goes to show you people can live a long time and have no understanding of the world around them. Or maybe he just loves to be thuggish.

  • John

    …I’m waiting!

  • Chudej

    Fok you, Belafonte! And fok Obama’s half-cracker azz. There…I have opposed you. Now do something about it. I DARE YOU!

    By the way…You are in the 1%…I want 90% of what you own…here and on that day-o island.

  • jamesjim

    I thought this moron was dead.

  • Jeff56

    Haven’t we seen this already? The guy who made that lame anti-Islam film, the guy who shot Travon Martin, etc.. That is the direction we are going. Wake up America. You’re about to be made into a dictatorship. I won’t surrender so easy personally.

  • Searock

    … “Imprison Opposition “Like a Third World Dictator” …

    … Hey Harry, “O”bummer is working as fast as he can and there is only so many hours in the day. I mean they haven’t even got to my job application or “State” executioner yet …

    … (“they” can’t decide if its “moral” for a doctor to kill an inmate for 1st degree murder, fetuses are no problem … murders … they don’t know … and if they are a minority) …

  • Harry, Harry, Harry, What’s with the dictator crap? You came from meger beginnings and now that this country has given so much prosperity I would think that you could lift, some of the people who you trample upon, up. Did someone die and make you king or a god? We all enter this world with nothing and that is how we exit. Some of us sell their souls to espouse little or nothing at all. It’s time to re-evaluate or enter a reprobate condition. Tallyman? Tallyman? Where art thou?

  • ShortyinCL

    This guy is completely crackers.

  • Anne

    Sometimes the left shows who they really are. This is but one example.

  • Gene

    Imprison political opposition? In America? It’s time someone put a bullet between Belafonte’s eyes and put him out of our misery. If he supports that kind of government control, he deserves to be and should be killed!!

  • Buzz

    “Why aren’t you people watching the 12.12.12 concert for Sandy relief instead of piszing and moaning about some has-been musician?”

    Why would any sane person want to waste time watching a bunch of morons make a lot of noise?

  • Tim

    I would suggest a bullet to the back of Harry’s head, but why waste a good bullet on a senile old man who needs to say outlandish things to stay relevant.

  • It is shocking to see Harry Belafonte suggesting that Obama turn America the banana republic that he rejected in the “Banana Boat Song”. Belafonte is backing the welfare plantation system that destroys marriage as a requirement for most public assistance, — keeping the majority of blacks down and out — waiting like penned sheep for a spot of food. The first word that comes to mind in this scenario is “fascist”.

  • An American

    Harry needs to balance his meds. His banana boat days are far, far away… it’s 6 feet under next.

  • Robyn

    HALF of the people who voted … support Obama. He does NOT represent any more than that. And 80% of those voters wanted to keep their welfare coming and are ignorant politically … I really believe you should have to take a test to be allowed to vote because we have some STUPID people on this planet with far too much power.

  • Yukiko

    My advice to Belafonte is; “Harry why don’t you go F— yourself.”

  • It is shocking to see Harry Belafonte suggesting that Obama turn America into the banana republic that he rejected in the “Banana Boat Song”. Belafonte is backing the welfare plantation system that destroys marriage as a requirement for most public assistance, — keeping the majority of blacks down and out — waiting like penned sheep for a spot of food. The first word that comes to mind in this scenario is “fascist”.

  • JDB Esq.

    obama certainly has the blood of third world dictators running in his veins. Patriotic Americans, on the other hand, have the blood of the Founding Fathers running in their veins.

    Makes for quite a lot of static.

  • David

    Harry mistakenly spoke a truth held by ALL left wing Democrats but don’t dare say out loud.

  • Ernest Emmerling

    Just look at Belafonte’s face and features. It is like Hugo Chavez’s. The both look possessed.

  • Hastings Lamb

    This bozo has crap for brains. Trouble is, Obama will probably listen to him. If he does we can start calling him Idi Amin Data!

  • Jersey Dave

    It already started at Benghazi. The people there asked for more security so what little they had was ordered away. If anyone out there thinks it wasn’t a setup from the get go I have some beach property in Idaho to sell you. Look how that has all been handles. A filmmaker was framed and jailed, still no reporters allowed to see them, and anyone tryong to say the Administration’s position was a lie, even after the truth of the Ambassador’s own diary came out, is silenced and boycotted by the media. Even in that second debate where Candy Crowley said there was no lying after Anderson Cooper at her own network had proved there was the week before. Cooper himself now doesn’t mention this and toes the line, I guess someone told him what was good for him and like the rest of the US media he listened. We’re already most of the way there on where Mr. Belafonte wants us to go.

  • Claude Hopper

    “Imprison The Opposition”, says Harry. Obama Says, “Harry, you nincompoop, that would shut off the money”.

  • Bilbo

    No problem pulling the trigger on this one.

  • Why does anyone care what this irrelevant old racist thinks? Al Sharpton having a show as though he is some sort of expert on anything but race baiting and hustling shows how low MSNBC has fallen.

  • Ironman

    Mandate from the people?! Barely more than half of the people that actually voted for O (including the districts that 130 percent turned out) is not a mandate. Many voted for him for purely racial reasons… because he is black. So is Belafoolante saying imprison half of the voting public. Many did not vote so where does he begin? Run the country like a 3rd world dictator. Give it time, we just might make it. How about a political purge of all of these politicians regardless of party! That would be a start.

  • Tyler

    Belafonte needs to be pushed down a flight of stairs

  • Nina

    Well, Start packing for FEMA CAMP…

  • carl

    Why arrest the opposition – that’s what he has Hellfire missile armed drones for.

  • ratsofred

    Sorry dumb ass , ain’t gonna work that way .

  • Jugears McGhetto Sr.

    Typical dumb n******

  • Billy

    I think this clown was smoking the banana peels of which he yodeled about all those many years ago. You notice he hates this country but never leaves…..

  • LibertyorDeath

    Imagine: If Comrade Obama thought he could imitate his buddy Chavez and get away with jailing Republicans, do you think he would?

    Look at the patriots commenting here for proof. Does he realize this would trigger the new American Revolution, when the oppressed masses finally rise up to overthrow the Left that worships Big Brother?


    Almost started a house fire. Remember to burn only one Belefone album at a time..

  • JudgeMental

    He never understood that he is racist and communist and that doesn’t play in Peoria. America has always had it’s powder dry for scum like him.

  • Rosemary Woodhouse

    Where’s a Joe McCarthy figure when you need him? The much maligned McCarthy certainly has been vindicated.

  • Hastings Lamb

    If Obama takes Harry’s advice, he may be in for an unwelcome suprise, that surprise would be a quick and forceful response reminding any POTUS who he works for and what his limitations are. Try thinking what Obama is attempting to do concerning one of the amendments in the bill of rights, as he put it to Sarah Brady (Hint “…under the radar…”). But, Obama forgets and maybe a short reminder may help from the words of Tench Coxe: “As civil rulers, not having their duty to the people duly before them, may attempt to tyrannize, and as the military forces which must be occasionally raised to defend our country, might pervert their power to the injury of their fellow citizens, the people are confirmed by the article in their right to keep and bear their private arms.” in “Remarks on the First Part of the Amendments to the Federal Constitution,” under the pseudonym “A Pennsylvanian” in the Philadelphia Federal Gazette, June 18, 1789

  • Jackson

    Belafonte was a semi-celebrity 50 years ago. He sounds angry that he couldn’t follow up The Banana Boat Song with another “classic”. Good thing he can fall back on that 7th grade education to get him through the tough times.

  • Shang

    C’mon Harry. I’m ready and waiting for you.

  • Sandy

    This is a case of acute Alzheimers. I have watched Belefonte over the years as he rode his bike through the streets of NYC. He hasn’t worked in the entertainment industry in a few decades but was a fixture on occasional talk shows preaching peace. Now he has been resurrected to attack the concept of free speech. Nothing more irresponsible than letting a liberal has been have free air time.

  • GozieBoy

    I could also see that loony Dem Detroit city councilwoman, and many more from the Obama regime, making this same statement…

  • code

    When those that can not articulate nor defend their positions through a FAIR exchange of ideas called DEMOCRACY, often call for violence or other heavy handed efforts to quell those that disagree.

  • Oh Harry! How low can you go?

  • John O’Neill

    Doesn’t Mr. Tally Man have some bananas to count somewhere? What complete and utter nonsense.

  • Ernestine S. Bonicelli

    I’m with the person who alluded to his bitterness springing from past brutalities against blacks. How is it you can propose to do something to someone that you found so inhumane when it was done to your forefathers – maybe. Not everybody owned slaves, not everybody mistreated the slaves they owned, and not every white person is rich and trouble free, which is what some black people act like they think. My family was poor as far back as I can trace it, and probably had less of this world’s goods than some black people. These hate filled, racist, Communist, ignorant people, are pathetic.

  • MnemonicMike

    The problem is, Belafonte has a typical black outlook. Look who all the blacks voted for.

  • staffoffice

    A racist on a show being hosted by a racist what would you expect??
    I love how miss white guilt sits there and just laughs right along..

  • Steven R

    The winner,,,,, of this years,,,,, GUN SALESMAN OF THE YEAR AWARD,,,, and the winner is,,,,,,, President Obama.

    The winner of the CONFEDERATE FLAG SALESMAN OF THE YEAR is,,,,,, Harry Bel-a-F-face.

  • Cap

    This person is simply another ignorant racist that supports Obama because of the color of his skin rather than the content of his character. Little surprise the black American community continues to do so poorly overall and insists on blaming others for their failings.

  • John O’Neill

    Obama garnered 51% of the votes Harry. That’s hardly a mandate Harry. The guy just reinforces his ignorance every time he opens his mouth.

  • Alex

    What is he doing in the U.S.?

  • MJ

    Could you ever imagine a sane person like a Republican ever saying a thing like that ? …Why is it ok for Harry Belefonte to say such things and where is the mainstream media on this garbage ? … Or, maybe it’s Bush’s fault that our country will very soon be a communist nation with neighbor’s spying on each other and reporting on their fellow citizens. Does anyone realize this is already happening ? … our nanny nation has people minding other people’s business.

  • ButtersT

    We are living in an UPSIDE DOWN world now! Hard work is demonized. Gangs who rob and rape and kill are praised in “music”. I am so thankful for the first time in my life that I am elderly and so I won’t be around to see it as USA falls.

  • THIS is what Marxist-Leninists do – they eventually get around to imprisoning and killing people by the tens of millions. The warm and fuzzy name for a Marxist-Leninist is ‘socialist,’ or in this case here Democrat, Harry Belafonte. He and all of the POTUS’ disciples are a DISGRACE TO HUMANITY. President Papa Doc Robespierre would love to do that, but this is precisely why we have the 2nd Amendment! I think the patriots need to stand up and start thinning the herd – now! I have some advice for Harry: Go to H*ll !!!!!

  • Precision Mary

    You see Harry is talking in code “imprison the opposition” actually means “imprison all the white people”……my my my Harry who knew you had THAT big of a racist chip on your shoulder.

    At first I thought this was old age talking but Harry has been carrying this around for YEARS.

    He’s disgusting


    I would like to see him try, better yet I would like to see you try to imprison the south Harry!

  • ImaHippyBurning

    This POS and his Beeaatch buddy Sean Penn should both be hung for Treason and throw their long legged, Mac Daddy Pimp oBUMa in there as well…

  • StormySkye

    I agree with most posts…and wanting to tax the rich…aka Bellefonte worth 28 million, i say he should give his wealth to the people when he departs. For God’s sake the man is 85 and delusional. He’d buy $10 million worth of old National Geographic magazines if they still kept sending him a bill.

  • ButtersT

    Obama needs to work like a third world dictator and put his opponents in prison? you mean he isn’t already doing that? He will be able to do that thru the IRS and ObamaCare! And prisons are already so overcrowded, they are letting violent prisoners out of Calif prisons early. Just let them all out and put law abiding citizens who don’t agree with Obama Politics into the prisons. That is the plan….

  • lcs

    Day-o. Daylight come, and there’s nobody home.

  • XonXoff

    I didn’t care for Obomney or Rombama but…

    …send almost half the population to prison for disagreeing with the Grand and Exalted Leader?

    Gee, Harry… I thought they were called “re-education camps”?

  • Kim

    The Banana Boat song was a hit in NINETEEN FIFTY-SEVEN!!!! 55 frickin’ years ago. There’s no fool like an old fool.

  • Ron

    All liberals are scum.

    Belafonte is a liberal.

    Belafonte is scum.


  • Using his logic regarding the “will of the People”, he must agree that Prop 8 in California is constitutional and same gender marriage should be outlawed. Going back many years, he must then have agreed with Jim Crow laws discriminating against his own people.

  • Ex-Boston Bill

    Ol’ Harry has had the “tally man tallied….” too many bananas. Quite obvious he’s delusional. And, basic question…is he a citizen of the U.S.? One more, what does he do for an income? Can’t be living off the residuals from albums, can he?

  • OwlBore

    Day Day day day aaaaay ay oh. Day light come and expose he Pinko.

    Harry love Hugo and a big bannana!

    Day light come and expose he Pinko.

    Che Gueverra and a Castro Cabana!

    Day light come and expose he Pinko.

    You no agree and he kill yo Mama!

    Day light come and expose he Pinko.

    Day Day day day aaaaay ay oh. Day light come and expose he Pinko.

  • Raymon

    Send him out to the 3rd world and let him suffer.

  • Chris Sanders

    Harry the only reason you’re still alive is because free countries allows also for imbeciles like you to live and comment, try to make remarks as such in a Communist country and you are a DEAD man period…
    I guess the parasite in you can’t differentiate what’s best; freedom, or imprisonment.
    By the way how come you don’t live in Cuba if you support dictatorship so much?

  • Put this old fool on the next banana boat back to Jamaica.

  • Reality Check

    B’lack and Blowmefonte deserve each other. Blacks are bigger racists than whites.

  • Paul from MN

    I used to DESPISE David Duke when he was so popular. Now I am beginning to understand him a little bit better.

  • StormySkye

    Old man, old man, whatcha gonna do? whatcha gonna do when they come for you? oh, it’s only going to be the money that you will be so willingly want to donate. NOT!!! Get off your old ass and actually do something but drool and and dribble in your pants?

  • Barry

    What planet are these freaking people on?? They’re acting like destruction of America is actually “salvation”, and that burning the country to the ground is how you help it “recover”??? Giving Al Sharpton any kind of media is as irresponsible and despicable as putting a pedophile in charge of a daycare!


    Interestingly enough, he chooses to live in America, a FREE country, with FREEDOM of speech and yet, he desires a different way of life. I say, go live in one of those countries for 10 years, and then come and tell us what you like. IDIOT

  • stagecoachdriver

    Are you 5hitting me?

  • Rob

    And not soon enough, dwdude!

  • Just saying

    You’re against oppression when it’s against your causes, but when it’s your cause, chain em up! Harry, you are one scary socialist individual!!

  • Cathy

    And to think I used to LIKE HARRY.

  • Mickey Bytsko

    No one cares what you think Harry, just shut up and keep sawing away with your ONLY hit.

  • Dave

    Another irrelevant quote from another irrelevant has been . Who cares what Harry thinks anyway. He’s a nobody in the whole scheme of things. Is it really that hard to find news that something like this makes it into print?

  • Say what?

    My God this man is the worst kind of racist!

  • Richard

    “They plan on killing 25 million Americans” FBI undercover agent Larry Grathwhol infiltrated the Weather Underground back in the 1970’s. Obama’s political career was launched in Bill Ayers living room. Bill Ayers was head of the Weather Underground. Bill Ayers admitted he wrote Obama’s autobiography. What’s next??

  • rjligier

    One would think homosexuals and bisexuals would learn the history of WWII and realize it them that subjugated the German population under Adolph Hitler. You have to love progressive revisionist history for dumbing down the masses. As heterosexuals outnumber homosexuals and bisexuals, do these tinhorn dictator wanna-bees really understand the magnitude of Europe 1945 revisited in the USA? Assimilation is not possible any longer regardless of the revision of the ALIMPC in 1955 meant to indoctrinate the population into accepting the sociopathic behavior of homosexuals and bisexuals and the subsequent social activism of the APAs, instead of the production of replicable, empirical science. I say to any homosexual or bisexual who thinks otherwise, BRING IT ON.

  • seaden

    Harry, after the opposition the next group will be gays, then intellectuals and then the additional labeling will begin.

    You might want to think about an exit strategy.

  • David Axelrod

    /Viggers ….. They’re why Africa is Africa, and they’ll turn America into Africa if you let them!

  • Brian

    This anti-American Communist isn’t dead yet? When Belafonte, Penn, and Moore expire there should be wide spread celebrations in the USA. Until then it should be these three traitors that should be locked up at GITMO.

  • ep

    In the immortal words of Archie Bunker. “Harry Belfaonte’s not black, he’s just a good looking white guy dipped in carmel.”

  • shawn

    lol @ the comment about sandy relief and then makes fun of has been musicians.. as if that concert wasnt full o crap..
    and i wasnt watching it because i am rebuilding my beach house after work, every evening until 2am…
    good enough reason ?
    keep being a spectator in life.. it suits you..

  • jack

    “Enlightened Marxist Harry Belafonte was on with pal Al Sharpton this week.”

    And that is why Harry Belafonte came and went in the ’60’s.

  • bob

    anyone ever wonder what would happen if radical black people got control of law enforcement?

    this has nothing to do with conservative and liberal. this is perceived payback.

  • bob

    Bellafonte is an ignorant, self serving, lying buffoon.

  • Ltpar

    Harry, I only have one thing to say to both you and Obama, “bring it on.” Let’s get the second battle of Independence underway and see who wins in the end. Truthfully, when you are gone we won’t miss the liberals, socialists, communists and other misfits one iota. Talk is cheap, so put your action where your mouth is. Semper Fidelis.

  • tim smith

    FU, Harry! Why don’t you and your boys come over to my house and try to arrest me? I despisse Obama and those around him so come on over you piece of s*&t!

  • HelpUsAll

    Don’t you find it interesting that these “Hollywood” elite go on and on about the wonderfulness of the world’s marxist dictators? As if they’d ever be treated the same as average citizens. They’re being used; shows how dumb they are.

  • Jim

    Anyone who would make a suggestion like this is obviously a communist themselves. He should hand over all his possessions and go live in Russia where they condone such behavior!
    Good Riddance!

  • T. Masterrace

    This why White people KillNe6ros..

  • Kent

    Nobody under 60 years old even knows who this washed up clown is. but I’m sure the Marxist in the White House would love to take his advice. Amazingly, there are even a few comments here agreeing with this moron. Why don’t you move to North Korea? You’d fit right in.

  • randy jessup

    Sorry, I’m as Right as rain, as it were, but I caught a tongue-in-cheek thing with his remark. Not that he wouldn’t like it, but I don’t think he’s seriously proposing that Obama jail people. I’m not defending what Belafonte is, which is a dark hearted Marxist of the first order, but this one fell short for me.

  • Malik

    He doesn’t have a haircut to lose, but isn’t it about time someone put the Mil Dots on his forehead and squeezed one off?

  • Ronin

    This is why we’re not a democracy, and must guard against all efforts to turn America into one. We’re a representative Republic, where those who are elected are bound (in theory still, at least) to the rule of law and the Constitution.

    What Harry and other libs want is to be able to claim the majority, and as a result, force their desires upon the minority. That’s their definition of “democracy”, one that has been (and is being) used in Socialist and Communist countries for many decades.

    If that means taking political prisoners, executing dissenters, etc., no problem. All while excluding themselves from being forced to live by their own supposed standards, of course– they’re above needing to be told what to do, unlike the rest of us.

  • Hooter

    Hey, Belafonte!

    29 MILLION Veterans and 4 MILLION active and reserves took an oath to defend the Constitution……

    Bring It On…..

  • An American – Not a Republican or Democrat

    Belefonte is a twisted, bitter old man. A sick man. If he doesn’t like it in the U.S., he, and every other communist, socialist jerk like him should move to a country like Venezuela or Cuba that offers what they want, which clearly is NOT democracy or freedom.

  • This man is an idiot and has been caught with his foot in his mouth no less then 30 time or more. One cannot be a hater and have credabilty. Mr. Bel of hot air just can’t help it as well as most his Liberal Democrat buddy’s. See he one of the masses that want’s to tell the rest of the USA its decades of superiorty was wrong headedness. One must understand to Liberlist high tax and high spend is the only answer to their goal. If the government is going to continue down the Bel of hot aie path under Obama. People like Harry won’t have to bitch anymore. We will be as poor as CUBA & Venezuela. This Idiot was born out of America so he feel he must tar & feather this nation. Just another Liberal Democrat 1.0……Socialist. Marxist.

  • Bob Ussery

    Stupid in, stupid out. Nuts never fall far from the tree it is true…..

  • Steve PA

    Well, we have free speech in America, but only if you are liberal and toe the liberal line. What this fool says sounds more like treason than anything else. And in years past, those who spoke treason against America were sentenced to death by a firing squad. There’s a fine line here between free speech and treason based on the things this guy has said.

  • H. Johnson

    Belafonte needs to get on his banana boat and float his un-American commie ass to Cuba or Venezuela where some third world peons might think his nonsensical propaganda and pandering to Hussein Obama is worth listening to. His buddy Hussein has already assassinated two American citizens without due process and authorized the illegal and indefinite detention of Americans without charges. Hussein has also provided financial aid and military arms and equipment to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. We used to call that treason in the real America.

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  • janvones

    You know, I used to think Belafonte was just crazy.

    But he’s not just crazy.

    He’s downright evil.

  • Polly Sigh

    Screen that man for dementia.

  • Nathan

    Really Gentleman, The only reason we hear these comments from people like Mr. Belafonte is because of the like minded people in the major broadcast networks, papers etc.

    The best way to end this problem of celebrity treason is for some of our rich guys to buy out some of the major broadcast networks like CNN, ABC, CBS and especially NBC and start going after ANYONE , left or Right that goes against the United States of America, Its constitution and its values.
    Harry can have his “Free Speech” just not unchallanged the way it is in the above mention major networks.

    If you control the message machine in this country, you control the people (the infamous National Socialist, Adolph Hitler knew this only too well) And the American “Progressive, Marxist Socialists” in this country have taken a page right out of their third Riech family History by the way the hold these traitors up as hero’s.

    The major media has become the biggest enemy of the American people in this country. They are the 4th estate and their job is to make us (we the people) informed with honest, unbiased information.They have failed us.

    Take back America – Start with the media and expose clowns like Harry Belofonte for what they really are.

  • Manny

    Great to have the freedom of speech that we enjoy in this country. It allows Mr. Belafonte to express his stupidity and ignorance. He clearly is not educated as he has stood in front of ” Third World Dictators ” and not realized it.

  • peru

    send baldy down to spend the night with some of hugo’s opposition. I am sure they can find a bunk for him.

  • John Novak

    Like a third world dictator??? You mean he’s not??

  • Kwisatz Haderach

    War first, prison after.

  • Obama already acts like he’s a tin-pot dictator from a third-world country! History will look back on Obama as it does with Mussolini, Franco, and Castro. Once his term is done, the “tell-alls” will spill the beans on his machiavellian actions/intentions. The books/interviews will certainly come, as these people won’t pass on the rich deals they’re offered(i.e. – won’t be afraid of the Chicago gangsters anymore). Btw, why would anyone care what a grossly overrated, “never-was”, anti-American singer has to say??…..

  • albert speer

    Freedom is not free…soon it may cost your life to preserve the ever diminishing sense of liberty you’ve deluded one’s self of possessing.

  • James Mac

    If he were a Hutu and I was a Tutsi about 25 years ago, I’d be very , very worried.

    I cannot stand the sight of this guy.

  • Kwisatz Haderach

    Got ammo?

  • SF

    “The Political Maturity of the American People” ??? Belafonte is a mental tick.
    This is what we want from 0bama: His resignation with an apology.

  • SamB

    I guess that confirms everyone’s suspicions.
    Harry Belafonte is NOT an american.

  • MonkeyEars

    Buy a couple black sex dolls name one The big harry and the other Al The Dick…do what it takes to the face of each onto one of the sex dolls …
    ..pose them in a manner the boys in Sanfran would appreciate 🙂

    Take a picture and post it …

    “Angry third world Niggguhs in Love ”

    Could be a working caption fore the picture

  • Homeric Celery

    Nothing wrong with Harry that being born white couldn’t cure.

  • Bobboson

    WTF is this guy even talking about? More rhetoric from idealistic has beens.

  • richard genco

    What do you expect from his ilk?


    There is a place reserved for this creep where the people want ice water 24/7. He is a Communist.

    Belafonte should return to his bananna “republic” where he learned socialism.

    I do not doubt that Obama would like to imprison the opposition but he wouldn’t get away with it. Wait a few years and see what happens. Maybe opponents will meet with accidents in the way Clinton’s opponents were frequently audited by the IRS.

  • dan

    He and sharpton get more ‘air time’ spewing their contempt and hatred for America and its non socialists loving citizens … then the truthful Ron Paul got in 20 + years in Congress….imagine that

  • Tony

    That’s why we have a 2nd Ammendment. Wouldn’t be pretty is Belfonte’s buds tried what he wants to do.

  • OldrButWiser

    Belefonte stating that the Constitution be absolved with imprisonment with just case establishing Obama as an all powerful dictator is without a doubt the typical purging of opposition by government brunt force.

    Belefonte is advocating that the Bill of Fights be abolished, rule of law abolished, right to legal representation and confronting your accusers be abolished is act of treason and insurrection.

    Belefonte is advising thve President and Congress declare themselves the Supreme Leaders who’s dicattes cannot be opposed. Belefonte is calling for a communist purge of all citizens who refuse to cow-tail to the elite Marxist elites.

    Today Belefonye called for the violent overthrow of out laws an institutions. If Nelefonte wished to lead his insurrection let him confront me and others like me gun in hand.

    Belefonte and his followers will them be met bu the opposition with guns in hand and he will be the very first target. No capturing Belefonte and those who follow him will result in their being eliminated. We the Citizen Rhonda Lee have the Constitution obligation to destroy those who would destroy this nation. We have the obligation to defend this Republic from domestic terrorists kike Belefonte.
    So Harry Belefonte you radical Marxist come forth at the head of your insurrectionist. bands and we will simply shot you down. Bury the bodies in amass grave.

    So Harry
    Belefonte “Talk is Cheap” You ant a violent revolution and purges then get to doing it. We are ready for you and you ilk,

    But interment camps to eliminate us will only result in your being eliminated.

  • Patty

    Another nutjob:

    Michael Moore: ‘Things Got Better’ When Reagan Voters Died

  • Kevin

    Belefonte should have been kicked out of this country a long time ago. He hates America, but he’s made a fortune here. Give him back his marimba’s & ship the Banana man home.

  • max headroom

    Atta boy Harry. Lock up your opposition. Nice! By the way, 51% is not a mandate. There’s still 59 million (48%) Americans that dont agree with Obama’s beliefs.

  • Patty

    Can’t believe this pinhead has received this much traction. Feeding frenzy over a Commie ego maniac.

  • OldrButWiser

    Belefonte stating that the Constitution be absolved with imprisonment with just case establishing Obama as an all powerful dictator is without a doubt the typical purging of opposition by government brunt force.

    Belefonte is advocating that the Bill of Fights be abolished, rule of law abolished, right to legal representation and confronting your accusers be abolished is act of treason and insurrection.

    Belefonte is advising thve President and Congress declare themselves the Supreme Leaders who’s dicattes cannot be opposed. Belefonte is calling for a communist purge of all citizens who refuse to cow-tail to the elite Marxist elites.

    Today Belefonye called for the violent overthrow of out laws an institutions. If Nelefonte wished to lead his insurrection let him confront me and others like me gun in hand.

    Belefonte and his followers will them be met bu the opposition with guns in hand and he will be the very first target. No capturing Belefonte and those who follow him will result in their being eliminated. We the Citizen Rhonda Lee have the Constitution obligation to destroy those who would destroy this nation. We have the obligation to defend this Republic from domestic terrorists kike Belefonte.
    So Harry Belefonte you radical Marxist come forth at the head of your insurrectionist. bands and we will simply shot you down. Bury the bodies in amass grave.

  • mike scott

    it is mind altering that this raving screwball isn’t in some nut house somewhere. this filthy puke is a national embarrassment. the only positive thing about him is that he’s gets closer to dying every day.

  • Satch Krismshaw

    This guys was useful for entertaining us with those old banana plantation songs. He should have stuck with what he was good at.

  • Clearhead


  • ChemTrails

    When Obama leaves Office there will be:

    -more African Americans in Prsion/Jail/Deathrow
    -more African Americans on drugs and addicted
    -more African Americans homeless and living in poverty
    -more African Americans without hope, jobs, or families

    Obama: The ultimate NWO puppet! (GO F YOURSELF BARRY O’ CIA TOOL)

  • Robert

    Hey Harry, don’t be so stupid to say that “the American people” wanted Obama when in fact only 1/2 of them did; essentially the half that TAKES (STEALS) from the half that MAKES. You know Harry, the MAKERS of products that are sold and produce a profit. Not the TAKERS who sit lazy asses, produce nothing, spit out babies and consume EBT cards. The TAKERS are the useless eaters, the leeches who produce nothing and contribute nothing. Wise up Harry.

  • XonXoff

    Rombama & Obomney weren’t my choices — but I’m pretty sure at least a few people vote for ‘the other guy’ last month.

    Yo, Harry… was this supposed to be a Public Service Announcement in support of the Second Amendment?

  • Stinking NI@@ERS


  • alanwillingham

    Arguing that Obama is the equivalent of a Third World Dictator and should enslave people tells you what you need to know about his prejudice, hatred, and violent ideology. There are many Blacks who still feel strongly that being rounded up and put in jail just because the Democrats their Black slaves in the lost the Civil War and were furious about what they called subhuman animals having the Freedom to Choose what to believe and which laws they supported or opposed. Belafonte is just like those Democrats who started the KKK when they lost the Civil War. Full of hatred and seeking a violent solution to eliminate the Diversity and Equality Republicans made a reality.

  • BigR2

    Daylight come and Harry not home! I was taught to never say bad things about people. Try to find the good. I never read about good ol Harry helping anyone or any organization out.
    Never hear anything positive in his voice either. Just a mean spirited old man is just how he sounds.

  • Dylan

    All Marxists will be damned to the flames of the lake of fire for all eternity. They are the proud enemies of God, and the shameless enemies of all of mankind.

  • kimdi01

    Don’t worry Harry. At the rate of demise of this country under Barack Hussein O, it will soon be a third world country and he will try to be dictator.

  • Meco1999

    Hmmmm funny idiot Harry said that, doesn’t he know that Obama is already a dictator?

  • Jack Jones

    He was obviously speaking in hyperbole to make a point regarding the recalcitrance of the Tea Party Jacobins that have commandeered and now hold hostage the Republican Party.

  • Saddened

    Crazy Harry would do well to remember the advice of Samuel Clemens – better to remain silent and have people think you an ass than to open it and remove all doubt whatsoever.

  • sky

    Is anyone surprised that liberals have embraced fascism? They dictate to everyone they come in contact with. They are the least tolerant people in the country.

  • mike williams

    This is the reason that the private ownership of firearms must never be prohibited.

  • Will

    America has become a virulently anti-white Marxist dictatorship with its objective being global white genocide.
    They told you race doesn’t matter but that’s just a lie so they can steal your lands.

  • VVV

    And this, ladies and gentlemen, is PRECISELY why the founders saw fit to add the 2nd Amendment right after freedom of speech. Make no mistake about it, these people are lethally dangerous. If you do not currently own a gun, buy one now and get trained! If you do own a gun, buy another one.

  • edwardo

    Imprison dem white people! kill all of dem white people! enslave dem! surprise, there a dem democrats that opposes him too! and dem black people who were slaves, dem people!

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  • edwardo

    kill the commie’s

  • PapaUmMaoMao

    Day O… Day me say day me say day Me say day me say day o…

    Daylight come and me wanna go home!

    Go pick some more bananas, Harry!

  • russ

    Hey Belafonte, you are a jerk and do not deserve to live in a free country.

  • frankm

    It’s time for Harry to go back to the third world country he came from. His comment is totally over the top . When he does go back , he should take Obama and Sean Penn with him,then he should Make a stop in Havana and pick Fidel and Raul and enjoy the rest of their years in Venezeula.

  • The Right Handed Cowboy

    Who gives a RATS Ass about Belafonte anyway. He belongs with the rest of the crazy
    Left Wingers, he fits right in with all those loons.

  • MadMax

    Bring it, lefties… I could use some targets that emit a pink mist when hit.

  • I didn’t know opposition was a crime. But it doesn’t matter now that the NDAA gives Obama the authority (illegally and unconstitutionally) to imprison and murder Americans without trial.

  • Cephas

    Gee Harry,

    How would you feel if someone suggested we repeal the 13th amendment? Deo-de-deo…

  • Will

    Google “South Africa Farm Murders” to know the plans these squat brown Marxist monsters have for white Americans.

  • AmVet

    You cannot fix stupid, but once in a while you would like to make an adjustment with a baseball bat. Harry, you’ve smoked too much wacky-tobacy, injected too much heroin because you have an exorbitant number of damaged/dead brain cells. You need serious help!!!!!!!!!

  • Harry Mac

    Wow, Sharpton and Belafonte discussing politics. Only on MSNBC would this brain trust get air time. Belafonte always seems angry. It’s a wonder he hasn’t stroked-out yet. I know he uses the white man to vent his anger at, but I think it is probably due to his brief and mediocre singing career in the early ’60s. He should be grateful because if he was a white guy nobody would have even noticed him.

  • Halfbreed

    So is this code for lock up the white man

  • MadMax

    Joseph McCarthy was so right on the money.

    What a shame nobody listened.

  • Garr Obo

    I can’t believe that this old communist bas***d is still around. I’d have thought that someone would have offed him long ago.

  • PJ Polley

    First, Social Security IS NOT an entitlement. I have been paying into this system since 1966 when I began working and am just now beginning to get my small monthly. That’s 45 years of the government taking MY MONEY so I could have a small income for retirement. If Harry wants to live in a country where your political opponents can be thrown in jail, he should move to Cuba. FREEDOM!

  • Tom

    He speaks of ‘Violating The American desire’? This guy is a NutJob!

  • Does he realize Obama is an even greater war criminal than Bush?

  • JJ

    Hugo Chavez
    Robert Mugabe
    Pol Pot

  • JL

    One of the most Compelling reason to maintain and fight for 2nd Amendment.

    All US hunters are the Largest Armed Forces in the World, several times over the manpower of the Chinese army.
    Bring it on Harry, make my day. Talk your Buddy BO and ask him to make the first move.
    (It’s a wet dream for BO and the Dems anyway)

  • ETEE

    “Ohhhh, Island in the Sun,
    where my Communist handlers are from!”

  • Renobat1

    This clown was a communist piece of trash when he was young and now he is just an old communist piece of trash.

  • jack nichols

    Harry needs to go back to singing the Banana song and leave the politics to the American People. Look at this bunch of ni66ers with Al and Harry making stupid ni66er remarks and blowing the constitution off. We all know that the election was stolen by Sambo. Now these monkeys want Sambo to be a dictator like Baby Doc Duvalier. And turn America into another Haiti. Look at what the ni66ers have done for Haiti, Detroit, and Jersey City etc. etc.

  • Will


    Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.

    The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.

    Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.

    What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?

    How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?

    And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?

    But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

    They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  • Sort’emOut

    It’s time to start sorting people like this out – this nation’s 1776 is rolling around again thanks to the global elite. They want revolution and wars within the citizenry & they will likely get what they want. God help us… and then, God help THEM. Their time is going to come. NO PLACE TO HIDE.

  • Fabie Nae

    Obama = Jean Kambanda (Rwanda )

  • TheOMEN

    The SOONER this dumbass DIES .. the BETTER. This bonehead belafonte is a raving asswipe… someone put him out of his misery since he would HAPPILY put ANYONE in a concentration camp that disagrees with obama.

  • Graddad59

    Another liberal celebrity who has been applauded way to much; given more than they deserve; and have lost their mind! What a fool!

  • busseja

    I didn’t think Stalin was third world and he is the closest leader to Obama in style, philosophy and temperament the world has ever known.

  • Neuromancer

    Last week Jamie Foxx said it was great that he got to kill a bunch of white people in a movie. The other day union bosses in Michigan said there’s going to be a war and a Democrat state representative said “there will be blood” over right to work legislation. Now the has-been Belefonte wants Obama to imprison the opposition, simply because they oppose him.

    If Obama was a leader he would move to quell this hate speech. Since he isn’t, then he’d better be ready for what will most surely be a much bigger surprise than his 2010 “shellacking”.

  • belleboy

    Why is it that the slimiest slime balls gravitate to the ultra left? Is it because that is where all the inane garbage collects?

  • LaVallette

    Look at how quickly socialists losse tyheir democratic mask and reveal their One Party State dictatorship aspirations. After all they are all for “rights for me but nor for thee unless you agree with me>

  • Ylene Mylarae

    Re-electing Obama was like the Titanic backing up and hitting the iceberg again

  • Grizz47

    i invite ole banana harry to come to my house personally for me. Molan Labe.

  • shearwater

    Harry who? Harry may be a singer but does not understand that Americans do not want a dictator. (Oh, the dregs of society who would vote for a ham sandwich if it was on the ballot . . . all the illegals, etc. would want a dictator who would enslave them.) They want what we have in our constitution . . . a bicameral legislature with balance of powers so that no one aspect of government can influence all the others. Obama has refused to forward a budget for his first four year term and Tim Geithner says they want unlimited borrowing ability despite the fact that we are in hock to the Chinese for over 16 trillion dollars. These people are nuts.

  • Sue

    I wish I’d never spent money to see Harry with my mother years ago when he still had a voice. Either he’s been smokin’ too much weed or dementia is settin’ in. What a disappointment for those who admired him.

  • Ladyhawke

    Side effects of too much koolaid on the libtard brain.

  • Aidan

    Dear Harry: Hurry up and die you vile and hateful old monster! I guess the adage about there’s no fool like an old fool was created with barking-mad nobodies like Harry Belafonte in mind. In socialist language, he is now a “useless eater”.

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  • When and why did one hit Harry become such a vicious human being?

  • D. Bag

    Methinks that Harry has tallied himself one too many bananas….

  • James

    Hey Harry. Go back to picking bananas you knuckle dragging ape.

  • Will

    Anti-white Marxist murder machine.

    Can you see where this is going white man? Or have you succumbed to the opiate of the masses?

  • bg



    * Singer, actor, and political activist

    (as he condemns dissent against
    unconstitutional mandates, etc..

    * Aligned with the Communist Left

    (as he financially benefits
    enormously via capitalism..

    * Views America as an evil and profoundly racist nation

    (as he demeans degrades & says
    despicable things about whites..


  • gort

    Yes imprison them like the third world dictator that you are.

  • Boom Stein

    what an airheaded kook

  • Nam_Vet

    There are a few people I hope never see 2013, Harry is one of them. Where is Mr. Blood Clot or Mr. Stroke when you need them? Are you listening Cancer?

  • Terry Lee

    It would be half this country…why do fools like yourself come out and say such idiotic things such as this. When in the middle east..children are held as sex slaves..people are having their heads cut off.women are being stoned to death..muslims are killing each other and someone like you is worried about folks who donot approve of Obama and his politics…you lost your voice and now your sanity.

  • orlandocajun

    I wonder if that POS would think the same if Michael Savage was the President? The guy belongs in China, Venezuela, Russia or North Korea. Better yet…how about Canada where they really do arrest people for opposition speech?

  • tom c

    why is this jerk’s opinion even news?

  • Me thinks Harry has been on a banana-boat too long.

  • bg


    tom c #1087 December 13, 2012 at 3:41 pm



  • JohnG911

    I wish he would. Then we would have an excuse to overthrow the Obama regime and throw him and moochelle in jail.

  • Give him a banana man.
    Make him happy man. Him load dim all day long.

    He is an ass face disgrace.

  • Hacena Frye

    Harry Belafonte = Josef Mengele

  • Tommy Burton

    To lincoln’s wife
    Have you every realized that your thoughts and observations are no more important than the bark of a mongrel dog? Who cares about you? Maybe your cat does.

  • joe schmoe

    GAME ON! Lets see how that one works out for you.

  • bg


    re: #1081 December 13, 2012 at 3:36 pm bg

    [.. “Belafonte’s public performances as a singer began when he appeared
    before communist-front youth groups on behalf of Henry Wallace and
    his 1948 presidential candidacy [under the auspices] of the communist
    created and dominated ‘Progressive Party,’
    which opposed President
    Truman’s tough stance against the Soviet Union.


  • disco

    THe people get what they vote for…until the people wake up, there will be more of the garbage coming out of democratic party. Man, could there really be any bigger losers?

  • George

    No, not a good idea at all. Since Constitutional freedom is a lot better way of doing things. Wether you agree with someone or not is no reason to put them into prison. And the Holy Scriptures , the Holy Bible says, Whatsoever a man soeth that shall he also reap. So those who do evil to people will one day have it all come back on them and then some. just like planting seeds in the ground will bring a real harvest of crops when done the correct way. For the wages of sin is death ; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. He died for all sinners on the cross of Calvary, was buried, and rose again from the dead , was seen of men, and returned back up to heaven. So repent and believe the gospel . And do unto others as you would have them do unto you. From the King James Version , Holy Bible. And read John and Romans in it on how to be saved and go to heaven instead of hell fire forever. Sincerely ;

  • drnv

    Let’s imprison Obama voters, that’s the Marxists buds logic right? That means Belafonte is going to prison. He is the opposition. When does the revolution start?

  • Paul

    So singing “The Banana Tree” song 50 years ago makes this nut worthy of presenting his dumbass opinion in the media?

  • Aidan

    If there was a Republican president right now; and if one of his celebrity (ahem) supporters made a staement that his opponents ought to be locked-up, the National Media would be shoving microphones into the President’s face demanding that he publicly disavow the vile thing that his supporter had said. Now, do any of expect that the media will ever be fair enough to ask their Dear Leader to distance himself from his comrade? Nah! I think I going to retire to Australia. This country has no hope when the media has chosen sides.

  • Brian

    Mandate? what mandate?? Obama got 50% of the vote. That means he was also rejected by 50%. And the GOP still holds the House. There has never been any less of a mandate.

  • XonXoff

    ‘Jack Jones’, 3:06pm:

    “He was obviously speaking in hyperbole to make a point regarding the recalcitrance of the Tea Party Jacobins that have commandeered and now hold hostage the Republican Party.”

    His point was that Obama should imprison these people because they hold the Republican party hostage? What the hell business is it of Obama’s and why would he care? Your post makes no sense.

    No… regardless of support or not for Republicans, Democrats, Tea Partiers or none of the above, it’s clear: He is advocating a level of tyranny that even Bush-43 did not and Obama has not yet risen to: Support Obama or be taken to a priso– er, ‘re-education camp’… making ever more clear the true purpose behind the Second Amendment, intentionally or not.

  • Steve

    Harry, I’d like to fasten your “toe tag” if you know what I mean. Stupid ni##er!

  • Letitring

    The follwing three part article explains what’s really happening in the world and our government’s role in it. We’re using (arming, training, supporting) al-Qaida fighters (yes, the same ones we are supposedly at war with) to remove Assad and replace him with the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria… like we did in Egypt and Libya… much to the anger of Russia, China and Iran. WWIII here we come! Even more frightening – we’re bringing them into the US through our borders. Why?

  • Freedom1man

    If you support national socialism then you are no better than a criminal.

    Criminals are at least honest enough to hold a gun to your head and take your property directly. This A-hole is a coward, he wants the money and someone else to hold the gun.

  • Tommy Burton

    Typical Liberal action. ABC News headline

    “Sandy Aid Package Includes Millions for Smithsonian, Space Center, Forests”

  • eleanor

    Just a couple days ago someone called him lord and savior. Now harry wants him to be hitler. I get the feeling that some segments of the population are losing their minds.

  • KennesawJack

    Harry, please, please, please do me a favor. Lead the group that comes to get ME.

  • Rose

    I beg your pardon Mr. Belafonte, but 90 MILLION voters of age DID NOT VOTE FOR EITHER of the candidates and at least 40-something million MORE did not vote for Mr. Obama. This country needs something else! Isn’t that what you HEAR loud and CLEAR? Like more choices so this toxic two-party self serving system (which is HAPPY to be in discord with each other) can be dismantled. There- in lies the “maturity of the American people” you speak of…Citizens are waking to that reality.

  • Tommy Burton

    Old Harry would make a good rocket capsule test monkey for the North Korean man in space program.

  • Paul Lynch

    Based on the number of needless dead George Bush was “the greatest terrorist in the world”. Obama is in the same league and is worse than Bush in many ways, yet Belefonte has only admiration for “Barack”. This contradiction and his demented desire to imprison those that think differently than he does, indicates that he is motivated by a deep hatred not some concern for humanity.

  • Orn Eagle

    Political activist? ..hardly! This guy is a full out commie and HE should be jailed or put out of his communist misery.

  • bob

    good to remember that he’s cool with this for when republicans come back into power.

  • Tom Tucker

    Obama’s reply…”All in good time, Harry. All in good time.”

  • Jizz Cumonu

    Balafarty is an old commie who has waited for his commie paradise his whole wasted life. Loved by darkies of the left since the 1950’s when commies infiltrated the government and the civil rights movement, Belafarty has snaked his way into the leftist media and backed every commie movemnet the world has seen. Up yours we say to Belafarty..You old wrinkled commie scumbagger…

  • Will

    Communism was of course founded by Karl Marx whose grandfather was a rabbi by the name of Mordeccai. Marx was given his initial encouragement by a Communist-Zionist by the name of Moses Hess. As founder and editor of the Rheinische Zeitung, the main organ of leftist thought in Germany, he provided Karl Marx with his first important platform. Later, in Brussels, he collaborated with Marx on The German Ideology. It was Hess too who converted to Communism Friedrich Engels, the wealthy textiles magnate who later subsidised Marx from the profits of sweated labour in Britain and Germany.

    When the Bolsheviks overthrew the short-lived democratic government in Moscow and St. Petersburg in October 1917, it was a virtual Jewish coup d’état. The most prominent Jewish Commissar was Trotsky, real name Bronstein. He had been married by a rabbi in 1900, and whilst in exile in New York he had worked for Novy Mir, described in the Church Times (23 January 1925) as a “Yiddish newspaper.”

    The various reporters and diplomats who were there at the time of the “Revolution” have given evidence as to its Jewish nature.

    The widow of the Guardian’s correspondent Mrs. Ariadna Tyrkova-Williams wrote: “In the Soviet Republic all the committees and commissaries were filled with Jews.”

  • Eugene Ridge

    He’s just an evil man. Most socialists are. Most socialist countries have political prison/camps.

  • Douglas Garland

    Loaded for bear…

  • squeaky

    “He was obviously speaking in hyperbole to make a point regarding the recalcitrance of the Tea Party Jacobins that have commandeered and now hold hostage ..” we have a world full of mush minds who can’t tell the difference rhetoric and reality. you see that with mid east mobs going bonkers on nothing more than rumors.

  • Ed

    The has-been vocalist left one inconvenient fact out of his spiel about Obama’s reelection: that the conservatives elected to help form the House majority in 2010 were also reelected. Thus, the will of the people was expressed most closely to their own homes when they voted.

    No puling liberals, however, will give one nanosecond of thought to this fact because it does not support their aim of abolishing the Constitution and the country it governs.

  • Rusty

    Look up ‘idiot’ in the dictionary you’ll see Harry’s picture.

  • Will

    It is a well-known fact that the Bolsheviks were and are financed by Jewish interests in the West.

    At a Bolshevik celebration rally in New York’s Carnegie Hall on the night of 23 March 1917, a telegram of support from Jacob Schiff of Kuhn, Loeb & Co. was read out. The telegram was reprinted in the next morning’s New York Times. Schiff later tried to deny his involvement, but thirty years later his grandson John admitted in the New York Journal-American (3 February 1949) that the old man had sunk twenty million dollars into the Bolshevik cause.

  • Jaybone

    Democrat=Marxist Thats why we are buying guns!

  • Hey Harry:

    Deo, deeo, your a banana if you think acting like a dictator is what an American President should do. I think that, you should move to Russia for a couple of years’ so that “daylight come” (and you’ll wake up) and want to come home. Get a life Harry, your a has been!!!

    Leo Sullivan

  • hunter

    What I like about Harry is that he is not hiding his support of tyranny and oppression. He is comfortable with despots and terrorists. Unlike so many phonies on the left, he is not afraid to let his real hatred of freedom and liberty be seen.

  • Oslamic Bastard

    Kings of the Trash Races

  • a lot of entertainers equate their talent to the same level of intelligence. it just aint so.
    harry was a great singer. but he has always had a racist attitude. he looked for a chance to be offended. as he ages, his racial bias shows. as it does in all of us. i’m not without blame.
    but extremes should not be tolerated by any one, black or white. its ok if you dont like an individual, but its wrong to hate a whole race.

  • tony walker

    Dirty harry try that and see what happens to you and your damn communists. You all want blood but its going to be yours. This is not venezeula, this is the usa.Get the hell out of this country before we run you out, Ass clown

  • DD

    Harry who, oh the leftist just like Obama, Biden, Clinton, Reid, Schumer should the list continue

  • Dick Lipski

    Obama already acts like a “third world dictator.”

    He personally approved the assassinated of two American citizens.

    American citizen Anwar al-Aulaqi was murdered on September 30, 2011 by a drone strike. His 16 year-old American citizen son, Abdulrahman al-Aulaqi was murderd in a drone strike on Friday, October 14, 2011 along with nine other people. Neither was so much as charged with a crime.

    From Anwar al-Aulaqi’s Wikipedia article:

    The “targeted killing” of an American citizen, sometimes described as an assassination order, was unprecedented

    Impeach and remove Obama; he’s a criminal murderer.

  • Hiram Davis

    He needs to be in the Tarantino movie.

  • Steve

    Imagine 50 million legally armed American’s over running Washington?

    Gettin’ that thrill down my leg!

  • Molon Labe

    Bring it on, Harry.

    But you and your friends better not forget the oven mitts.

  • notthemama

    Now you understand why they want us to turn in our guns?

  • Quigley

    I guess then, had George Bush been a dictator, then Harry should have been imprisoned as the opposition. According to Belafonte’s rule of order.

  • jim prince

    You can’t fix stupid…

  • Reverend Ken

    The Usurper didn’t win anything, that’s 2 elections in a row he stole.
    When will enough be enough?

  • Jacobite

    You can take the man out of the Third World, but you can never take the Third World out of the man.

  • Kem

    Harry is one of the true douche-bags of our generation. He’s one of those over the top black people that need to constantly show his disdain of conservatives-translation whites

  • F. Stephen Masek

    Shun these “entertainment” types spouting such stuff. Shun them in every way possible.

  • Ron Bee

    Why is this a**wipe even being paid attention to? He had a couple of “Banana Boat” hit songs in the 50’s and nothing since. I guess ,for people on the left, this is all the qualifications he needs to show what an a** he really is.

  • bg


    re: Joe McCarthy was right posts:

    re: #1081 & #1095 December 13, 2012 bg

    [In June 2000 Belafonte was a featured speaker at a rally in Castro’s
    Cuba, honoring the American Soviet spies Ethel and Julius Rosenberg.
    Tears, one observer reported, “streaked down” Belafonte’s face “as he
    recalled the pain and humiliation his friend [Paul] Robeson had been
    forced to endure” in 1950s America.]

    Joseph McCarthy

    [Joe McCarthy (Joseph Raymond McCarthy, November 14, 1908 – May
    2, 1957) was a two-term Republican U.S. Senator from Wisconsin. He
    dominated the anti-communist movement in the U.S., 1950-54, until
    his career was ruined by censure by the Senate. “McCarthyism” is the
    aggressive exposure of Communists influences in America and the
    people who protect them.]

    McCarthy was right.

    List of Americans in the Venona papers

    In 1996 he ran as member of New Party


  • bg



    [“It sounds more like McCarthy,” McPeak said. “I grew up, I was going to
    college when Joe McCarthy was accusing good Americans of being traitors,
    so I’ve had enough of it.”


  • Grace Farmer

    Harry you really are a flippin moron.

  • ascpgh

    It was nineteen fifty-what when Harry was last relevant?

  • Mark in St. Louis, MO

    Be careful for what you wish for others; it may come back to bite you in the a$$!

  • Harry, you can’t stick to singing because that’s long gone, so, it never mattered who won, people who didn’t vote have recognized the worthlessness of it, you can plan on one thing, in four years, every part of everyone’s life that is still living, will be exponentially worse. Absolute truth, Harry, absolute truth. I have to agree on Bush, look at his face, his body language, his microexpressions at the school when he got the “news.” Those are things the most well trained Navy Seal or British SIS member could not control, they are involuntary actions like breathing. Was he surprised. Did he have prior knowledge, of course he did.

  • Janine

    If he’s such a big fan of 3rd world dick-tators, why doesn’t he MOVE!

  • Pure Hate Speech. The same kind of hate speech he cries and whines about while practicing his racism. He is an arrogant out of control racist. The worst kind of hypocrite.

  • Time to exterminate this pig belafonte.

    Tally his banana, then cut it off.

  • Oldkat

    What belefante and all the dimos are missing is that the Republicans that are against Obama’s decrees had a mandate from their voters to stop the o.
    Obama’s win was not by enough votes to be a mandate.

  • bill

    Belefonte speaks like a true liberal/progressive. The liberal Democrat is the greatest threat to Western civilization’s classic liberal values of political and economic liberty. They are a greater threat than even Islam since the post modern American and European liberal/secularist/progressive socialist share many of the same goals and values of Islam. The first is a common hatred of the western classical liberal value of individual liberty and limited government based on law which proceeded from Protestant Christianity.

  • Logical1

    I thought harry belafonte was dead. Oh well, he should be along with the rest of the marxist scum on the planet.

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  • does anybody have the physical location of hairy belafonte?

  • John Galt

    lock and load…

  • Baldrnyu

    A whole lot of famous blacks talking about killing or imprisoning folks they don’t like, such as white folks and non-Democrats, as if now that Obama is re-elected it is okay. Maybe they should tone it done before they get some of their own folks killed or injured. Not an endorsement of that but a kind of a fear that it might happen. Harry Belafonte, that race baiting jive slick Al Sharption, Calypso Louie and that ass in the Django movie might take note of the unrest and forces they might be unleashing. Read some of these comments to see what I mean.

  • George

    You all know what we have to do now right ? I can’t spell it out but you all know already, right ?

  • jfkjax

    Big deal, Belafonte is and always has been a racist moron. Bye, bye, Harry — you loser. Get a freakin’ life. I’ll bet your brain is no larger than a freakin’ pea. What an idiot … same for his “great intellectual pal,” Al Sharpton … Hey Al, don’t forget Tawana, okay?

  • Sara

    A black man going on about how the majority should be able to do whatever it damn well pleases, and no one in the room has a sense of irony.

  • Notafan

    He is demented, but may be on to something. acting “like a third world dictator” would be consistent with everything else Obama has done.

  • Aidan

    Has Harry ever shed a tear for anybody personally murdered by Fidel or Che? Che, who was a filthy, twisted, homocidal maniac who got sexual thrills when he killed. Has he ever had a thought about his heros murdering people simply for disagreeing with their politics? Mao’s politics exterminated an estimated 30 million Chinese. Stalin extinguished an estimated 20 million. You are a stupid disgrace to humanity, Harry Belafonte.

  • David Nelson

    Hey Harry, Obama did not get 100% of the vote, he got little more than a simple majority. About half did not vote for his policies.

  • Raymond

    I’m saddened that Harry Belafonte has to lower himself to this kind of advice to the President in regards to silencing Political Opposition in this Country. It just goes to show how far that Left can’t stand criticism! I guess that old Age is creeping up on Harry Belafonte. Harry Belafonte better be careful for what he asks for! He might not like what he gets back in return!!!!

  • Jmcaul

    I agree with the poster above who said let these (genocidal, antiwhite) marxists keep talking, the more people hear them, the harder it will be for them to scrub their record when the tribunals are held. Oh, and lest they think it won’t matter because they’ll no longer be alive, we will be also going after their assets IN PERPETUITY which means, they will be unable to pass them along to their descendants. It’s the ONLY way to finally rid the world of tyrants like that. Remember: THEY started it, THEY have named the terms by which they wish to play. WE have tried to avoid extreme or harsh measures in response but THEY will not let us be.

    Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.

    The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.

    Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.

    What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?

    How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?

    And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?

    But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

    They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  • Oh, by the way, on another comment which has been overwhelmingly anti belafont, I agree with the comment on gun control with the caveat, for as long as I can remember, if you are going to have a gun, Do Not Have A Registered Weapon, repeat one hundred times. If you have a registered gun you have made the enemies list, congratulations. If you kill a home invasion crew, you are going to prison with a registered weapon. If you defend yourself on the street, you are going to prison with a registered weapon. Either case, you will go to prison, with no money, house, wife, car or job. If you happen to win in court, the same applies. If you get a registered handgun, the police will come and and get it anytime they please. And, they will kick it away from your cold dead hand. If you have registered a weapon, never mind, it’s all over for you. Now, it’s just when. Police justice is different that you or I think.

  • Gary

    Well, Harry can just give up all of his assets and move to Venezuela and fit right in there! What, wait. He wants to keep his money? Oh, I see. Harry wants socialism/communism but just so long as Harry is atop the heap, making the rules. Yeah, sure thing, Harry.

  • bg


    re: #1142 December 13, 2012 at 4:23 pm bg

    extra link that doesn’t work, hmmm..

    here you go: October 09, 2008

    Obama ran as a New Party
    (CPUSA) Member in 1990’s

    pardon the source:

    New Party (United States)


    The New Party was founded in the early 1990s by Daniel Cantor, a former staffer for Jesse Jackson’s 1988 presidential campaign, and by political science, sociology and law professor Joel Rogers as an effort to break with the largely unsuccessful history of progressive third parties in the United States. Their strategy was to run candidates only where they had a reasonable chance of winning, and to nominate on their ballot line (or where this was not legally possible, to endorse) the candidate they favored more from another party.

    After a false start in New York, the New Party built modestly successful chapters in several states. Some of these chapters—such as those in Chicago and Little Rock, Arkansas—had their main bases of support in the low-income community organizing group ACORN, along with some support from various labor unions. Other chapters—such as those in Minneapolis; Missoula, Montana; Montgomery County, Maryland; and Dane County, Wisconsin, received institutional support from a variety of other labor unions and community organizations. These chapters built local political organizations that ran or endorsed candidates, primarily in local non-partisan races but with occasional forays into Democratic Party primaries or (more rarely) traditional third party-style independent candidacies as well. Some New Party chapters introduced the idea of signed candidate contracts (saying the candidate agreed with the party’s principles and would meet with party members after election) before endorsement, to encourage accountability after election—this was criticized by some of the party’s detractors.[5][6][7] Party chapters were also active between elections, pressuring elected officials to pass legislation on issues such as living wages and affordable housing.]

    just a sample:

    Working Families Party

    [New York’s Working Families Party was first organized in 1998 by a coalition of labor unions, ACORN and other community organizations, members of the now-inactive national New Party, and a variety of public interest groups such as Citizen Action of New York. The party blends a culture of political organizing with unionism, 1960s idealism, and tactical pragmatism. The party’s main issue concerns are jobs, health care, education and energy/environment. It has usually cross-endorsed Democratic or Republican candidates through fusion voting, but has occasionally run its own candidates.]

    New Party

    [Illinois: The first NP member heads to Congress, as Danny Davis wins an overwhelming 85% victory yesterday (he got a higher percentage of the vote in that district than the President). NP member and State Senate candidate Barack Obama won uncontested. Interestingly, it appears that the local Democratic machine is trying to distance itself from our folks. At a “Democratic Unity” march on Chicago’s West Side, a flyer invited community members to join with a host of local democratic candidates. The only two west-side Democrats not listed: NP members Danny Davis (U.S. House candidate) and Michael Chandler (Alderman and Ward Committeeman).]

    “Democratic Unity”

    [The Socialist Party of America announced in their October 2009
    newsletter that 70 Congressional democrats currently belong to
    their caucus.]

    there are more than 70, including Pelosi, but whatever; as it’s evident
    that, other than being an Islamist, it’s the thing to be these days, and
    albeit some links have been secreted away, scroll thread for more info..


  • Rodger West

    MSNBC is seriously damaging their brand with guests like this.

  • nomobama

    And the Tea Party supporters like myself are radical teahadists? The most dangerous group on the political spectrum are the far left. Mao, Stalin, Castro, Chavez, et al were keen on wiping out their opposition with murder viewed as a valid method of controlling the opposition. Belafonte’s comment shows him capable of this. Fruck him and the far left. I will defend myself against their aggression.

  • janet

    Mr. Belafonte’s comments are reprehensible.
    God forbid there be opposing opinions.
    Has he forgotten it is the right and the responsibility of the citizenry of the United States to express opppostion.

    Another in the list of “celebrities” who, IMO, should stick to their craft ( but they do have a right to express their opinions).

  • bsteve

    bellefonte would be the first one taken out in a third world country.

  • weew

    When Republicans are in power, liberals ACCUSE them of being oppressive, dictatorial monsters. When Democrats are in power, liberals BEHAVE like oppressive, dictatorial monsters.

    Harry, if the government should ever try that nonsense for real, it will be war. If it is war, you will be the enemy. If you are the enemy, you will die.

    How’s that for provocative speech? Too bad, liberals. We’re still the land of the free, and if you try to take freedom from us we will… kill you. That simple.

  • panos

    I think he’s tallied too many bananas, and it’s time to go home…

  • asdfasdf

    filthy, low life …

  • Fred Williams

    Is this !d!ot still alive? Guess his stellar career wasn’t so stellar. Hey commie, he is already a 3rd world dictator and his little welfare followers adore him for all his gubmit handouts!

  • hwobstj

    Belafonte, and other facists like him, are great tools for anti-Americans in power positions (Obama, Chavez, Putin, you name the nutjob). American’s have a choice to make and they know right and wrong in their gut. Many are willingly making wrong choices (killing babies, taking money from people who rightfully earned it, giving money to people who don’t deserve it, nationalizing industries, the list goes on). One statement that freak black minister made, that was televised during Obama’s first campaign, I think I’m beginning to agree with: “America’s chicken’s are coming home to roost.” However, not because we’ve gone out in the world to fight for liberty (as he was implying we’d done for purposes of imperialism), but rather because we’ve lost our moral compass. We’re doomed unless people in this very country get their own personal acts together and begin making hard, morally correct choices in their own lives. Without personal accountability, we’re all contributing to the demise of the great democratic republic we’ve been blessed with.

  • Debra

    I am sure Obama is already contemplating that very thing, welcome to AMERKIA.

  • Fedpro

    I would like to have seen this old geezer’s reaction if someone had made this comment while President Bush was in office. Dementia is a horrible disease Harry!

  • Thomas Paine

    This guy should be thrown in prison with Obama. I’m sure he’d love that. Throw us in jail will you Harry? Only if you shoot us first, but be forewarned we’ll be shooting back, you piece of dung!!!

  • bsteve

    I have decided that every communist dictator had to deal with a group of people not keen on communism and not wanting it in their country………
    ……..but they also had to deal with a whole lot more who simply followed their lead like sheep.

    Welcome Obama Supporters…….The sheep always outnumber the sheep herders…….

  • Mitch Pawl

    They should throw this guy out of the country. It is almost getting to the point of the movie “Red Dawn”

    It is scary that people like him say this.

  • Aidan

    I cherish idividual liberty. Belafonte is an enemy of liberty. Therefor, Belefonte is my enemy. Come and get me Harry. C’mon!

  • RE

    Don’t think for a minute that this suggestion has not been seriously discussed the last four years. It has happened in Cuba, Russia, China, and Venezuela. “Tell Vladimir to wait until the election. Then I will be flexible.” The evolving Constitution just needs some minor modifications that will be ruled on by the 9th Circuit probably sooner rather than later.

  • Liberty4all

    I’m pretty sure that there is at least as much corruption on the left as on the right. They are all bought and paid for or at least available for rent! It was a close election and Obama won. Very slightly more than half the country saw him as the lesser of two evils. That is not a mandate. Maybe we’ll have better choices in 2016. I sure hope so. We need more and better choices.

  • paperpushermj

    What is it with the lefts longing for the “The Strong Man” leader?

  • Aaron Moynahan

    No one does crazy better than Belafonte.

  • Kewaa

    Harry…you commie pig….make sure YOU come for me first…I’ll be waiting.

  • Jacob’s Bubble

    Day oh! Day oh! Daylight’s breaking.. and Harry needs to leap back into his coffin.

  • NOmo BO

    Can Mr.gravely voice Banana Boat still sing? Probably better than he can think.

  • chuker

    Talk about forgetting where you came from.Shame on you,
    Bella Fart ay.

  • Timothy D. Naegele

    “Enlightened Marxist Harry Belafonte” is an oxymoron. There is nothing enlightened about him, or about his “pal,” Al Sharpton. They are racists, which is why they love Barack Obama.

    If you have any doubts, read Obama’s book, “Dreams from My Father.” It sets forth his core beliefs in his own words, which is a window into how he is governing. Decide for yourself.


  • kbworkman

    Hey Harry. Just shows that you and MLK wouldn’t get along.

    You don’t want equality. You just want pay back for all the wrongs done to you.

    If you want to live under a third world dictator why don’t you go and live with you good friend Hugo?

  • kB


  • Will

    Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.

    The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.

    Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.

    What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?

    How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?

    And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?

    But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

    They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  • john stallings

    Hey Harry, take Susan Rice with you and go F.O.

  • giatny

    Considering his complete disdain for the laws (Constitution) of this country,
    perhaps he is the one who should be locked up or deported to a country of
    his choosing. The intolerance of the left has reached dangerous proportions.

  • bg


    “Guilty as sin, free as a bird. America is a great country.”

    “Kill all the rich people. Break up their cars and apartments.

    Bring the revolution home, Kill your parents.”

    Marxist Democratic Socialists of
    America, Helped Obama Win in 2008

    Fakers, Frauds and Phonies… Far Left and Democrats Prove Once
    Again They Are Nothing More Than Immoral Power-Hungry Hacks

    Obama Awards Medal of Freedom to
    Democratic Socialists of America Chair

    much more here..

    Democratic Socialists of America

    and so much more.. we are so dumbed down i don’t know where to
    start, but at least i’ve been trying to inform for several years, nay, for
    over a decade, before the IslaMarxist Savior rose from the midst of
    Utopia (literally means “nowhere”)..

    [sorry, i have posted much better links, but GP et al has managed to cut
    me off from them, ergo, more or less posting “settling” links so to speak,
    yes folks, the info is going in the dust bin where communism supposedly
    resides.. er, don’t think so, “welcome to the new world order”.. *sigh*]


  • engedi

    “Daylight come and it time for he to go home”. Tally his bananas and get him therapy.

  • Ozzone

    Who the hell cares what Harry has to say? He’s 85 years old and eat up with dementia. Most has been celebrities are mental midgets when it comes to reality.

  • Disgusted

    If he hates the United States so much then leave.

  • vperl

    Harry & j. Fox have exposed themselves as rock solid LEFTIST RACISTS . No surprise here.

  • Deborah Pierce

    Hollywood actors, regardless of their wealth, power and prestige are not experts on the world’s stage, and are generally prone to be deceived (by media..since they live by media’s “light)”. To the “common man” actors are elitists- devoid of morals and are those who dispise the constitution that guarantees even a poor man’s equality. My advice to Belafonte: Grow up. Be a man. Stop blaming Bush for the world’s ills..and get out of the Communist Party.

  • Gerard

    Such gratitude to the country that made him rich. Uness he thinks the third world made him famous. Jerk.

  • PowerPC

    What was it called when all of the left wingers like Harry Belafonte, tried to subvert the will of the people when George W. Bush was in office? Should they all have been imprisoned for treason and for “trying to dismantle the will of the people and the “Mandate” given to Barrack Obama.” Why is it when the socialist/communist left is in power they see the need to go to the extreme left to protect their power. This statement by Belafonte is verification that it is all about power, controlling the opposition and controlling the citizens. We are not blind, nor are we stupid Harry.

  • anti-Obamunist

    Harry learned a lot from the third-world [email protected] he comes from

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  • Jehosaphat

    There should be no doubt now that Belafonte hates this country just as much as Obama.

  • funnygirl

    Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

  • Hacena Frye

    Harry Belafonte = Josef Mengele

  • C. Gatiesa

    I hope people watch what happened in Lansing, Michigan with all those union supporters going insane hitting people that don’t agree with them. This is simple part of the White House plan, divide more the country, not only blacks calling to kill white people and the liberal media, accepting it, and no comment from the White House, which mean: It is OK !. What will be the reaction of the black community and the Liberal media if a white person goes on tv and said “lets kill all the black people’ ?. Mr. Belafonte has the right to say what ever he wants, but it is up to us to agree or not. If he admire so much Chaves, why he don’t move to Caracas and I will extend the invitation to Michael Moore, another imbecil !

  • bsteve

    Belafonte, the Baffoon. The real racists are starting to come out of the woodwork, anyone noticin’ that……..

    ……the Bush bashing was brutal, still to this day, 4 years after the mans been replaced….and yet, no “racism” injected into his slander………really?

    ……but if the man is black, he is now incapable of just plain doin’ a piss poor job…..
    ….if you don’t like the “job” he’s doin’, you must be a racist!

    I feel sorry for ignorant people….there is a name I give to them….

    …The Incompetent Incompetent…..that is someone “that does not know, and they do not know that they do not know!” Truly a hopelessly ignorant lot.

  • Michael White

    Just what America needs…another over-indulged, self-hating, hypocrite, coked-out limo lib.

  • Aidan

    On second thought, I’ll just forget about crazy old Harry. The actuarial tables say that he only has a few weeks or months left to live anyway. He will soon join his Marxist heroes in Hell. Perhaps Satan will let them help reign there! Chavez and Fidel will soon be there also! Very, very soon. To paraphrase Hugo Chavez, I sense the smell of sulphur.

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  • william drake

    drop dead Harry

  • Kevin

    I think its great that Harry has came out of the closet and cleared up any doubt about the elitist socialist jerk that he is.


    While he is an extremist in this case it comes across as him trying to be funny, not serious.

  • whoeverIwant2b

    Finally, FINALLY, we have an honest liberal/leftist/Marxist. If you don’t agree with us, off to the Gulag you go.

  • jim rich

    Thats what America needs.A President to throw opposition in jail?If he doesnt want opposition then stay away from Texas.There is more than enough for him down here.!!!!!! We are ready to stand against every breath he breathes.

  • Osamas Pajamas

    Harry had some cutesy, lilting songs, probably made some OK money but could have made a lot more — the black-to-white crossover market post WWII opened up for romantic lyrics and so forth. As well, the Republicans thwarted the Southern Democrats and got the Civil Rights Act passed. Not a perfect world, but it is what it is. Harry’s trying to become relevant again, I’m guessing, and now he has achieved this in ways which I doubt he had foreseen.

  • Will

    Anti-white darkies are the symptom. The Jewish Zionist/Communist owned mass-media which provides them the platform to spew their genocidal hatred is the disease.

  • Bri

    This is not funny. The axis of evil was as bold as live. Santant Abraxes. Got it. Tar nation!

  • Pooter

    Harry Belafonte; the only slave who can honestly say he was never a slave at all.

  • SentinalMarine

    This is not a third wold poeple. Good luck with that!!!

  • GuarionexSandoval

    What’s with these former calypso singers turning into dirigist, racist, political buffoons?

  • Pingback: On Celebrities – Why Do We Care So Much About What They Say About Politics? « The Rabid Conservative()

  • bg


    ht BCPA

    #Grateful: Landfill Harmonic – Video

    hey Harry, try speaking out for these
    people you ungrateful sackacrappa..


  • Will

    A supposedly intelligent person claimed that blacks are at least as intelligent as whites because they are so ‘innovative.’ His example was that blacks would take an old steel oil-drum (which whites considered to be rubbish) and turn it into something useful – a steel drum. Leaving aside whether or not a steel-drum band of muds is, in any way, shape or form, ‘useful,’ let’s look at his argument.

    The white man had made the steel oil-drum as a means of transporting oil around the world. This involved creating an industrial technology, and developing mining industry to a point where oil wells could be sunk in the North Sea (or Gulf of Mexico), and crude oil successfully removed. Then a world-wide trading network had to be established. Let us gloss over the need for international economic transactions, international credit and banking, electronic money transfers, telephonic and satellite communications, and the stable economies and governments needed to make this possible.

    Instead, let’s look at the need to produce oil tankers to transport the oil. The need for computers to navigate the ships, the level of technology needed to produce the ships, the schools needed to educate those who will serve on the ships, the engineering skills and training for those making them.

    Let us now think about the products kept going by the oil. The plastics, the chemicals, the cars, and so on. And all this on a world-wide scale, over generations. And we haven’t even touched on road and rail systems, intensive farming and refrigeration to feed those in the industrialised cities, the factories, the building trade, power generation, written and computerised record keeping, or a thousand and one other things, all associated with the world oil production and trade.

    And of all this, the oil drum is a minor by-product, a practical but simple and fairly primitive form of storage whilst in temporary transit.

    And if, by some chance or accident, one of these oil drums washes up on the shore of dusky Africa, what do the native inhabitants do? Use it in their own oil industry? No. Use it as a spring-board towards future development? No. They turn it upside-down and hit it with sticks! Call me pedantic, but that doesn’t make them my equal. Not one of the dozens of items I listed above has appeared in Africa, ever. Not even writing. A continent surrounded by ocean, watered by massive lakes and rivers, and the black natives never dreamt a sail. Thousands of miles of flat grasslands, and they never fashioned a wheel, nor domesticated animals. Surrounded by stone, they never constructed a building better than a hut. Acres of diamonds and the world’s largest gold fields, and they never glanced at them until shown their beauty by white men. And all this for tens of thousands of years, thousands of generations living with no change, no progress. But they are our equal.

  • kepha2000

    Of course he believes this. All communists do.

  • bg


    re: #1225 December 13, 2012 at 5:23 pm bg

    ht BCPA

    much more at link..


  • bg


    Will #1226 December 13, 2012 at 5:23 pm

    you’re an even bigger idiot than Harry, go figure..


  • Zelsdorf Ragshaft III

    The civil war that would follow such an act would leave idiots like Belafonte lifeless, nationless and winless. I am shocked at the level of hatered this ignorate bastard displays.

  • Barry Soetoro

    talk is cheap & so is lead…

    one shot = one kill

  • Aidan

    There are several blatently racist and anti-semitic posters on this site. You are just as twisted as Belafonte is.

  • Will

    #1229 December 13, 2012 at 5:28 pm

    You cannot refute the facts.

    perhaps why your species devolves into communism so readily because of an average IQ of 1 standard deviation below that of whites.

  • American

    He could try… A Second Civil War would be fun with modern weapons. 300 million and counting are owned by private citizens.

    So Kenyan, go right ahead.

  • Steve

    We’ve got a place for Harry. It’s called GITMO.

  • Shrugged

    The only legitimacy this man as ever known came from a free America. . . and he now hates it and wants to destroy it. He only knows how to SUCK up to others who have hammered their way to abusive leadership. Its nice to know Chavez will be dead soon . . . . and maybe harry won’t be far behind. They can kiss each others’ Asz.

  • kc


  • Sal

    Harry is a hypocrite. He is a fan of Fidel Castro who has imprisoned, tortured and killed political prisoners for decades. Unfortunately, our great Messiah in the White House wishes to govern by fiat, he has said he wished he didn’t have a Congress to deal with. The re-election of Obama showed the immaturity of the electorate, not the maturity as per Harry. Hopefully, this will not end violently.

  • kilroy64

    The Pace Picante Sauce Ad said it best, ”Get a Rope”.

  • Marlene Klim

    A nutcase guest on a nutcase show. How appropriate. Soooooo glad I never wasted a dime on any of his crap records, etc. We’d all be a lot better off if neither of them ‘came down to breakfast’ so to speak.

  • I agree with the comment about White Genocide happening.

    Anti-Whites support massive politically orchestrated 3rd world immigration into White nations.

    Anti-Whites promote intermarriage and condemn everybody who opposes intermarriage.

    Anti-Whites use threats, intimidation, harassment, loss of employment, physical violence & prison
    time against white people who oppose this artificially created multicultural society.

    Anti-Whites talk about the inevitable brown future.

    (Their intention of White GENOCIDE shines through).

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

    WhiteGenocideProject (dot) com

  • John Browning

    Obummer would love to, to be sure. The only thing that has given him and the left any pause is the sobering notion that the people of this nation, by and large, are armed to the friggin’ teeth. Thank you to the Founding Fathers who foresaw times like these, and foresaw the potential for the rise of tyranny in the likes of Obama and Belafonte, and built appropriate safeties into the Constitution.

  • bigredonenamman

    as someone famously said about Bill Maher….the worst thing about him is he is too big to be flushed down a toilet.

  • splitherus

    come on big rock from space

  • Ben

    At least they are telling the truth now, they want a black dictator to right all the wrongs done to them by the whites. It doesn’t matter if nobody in my family never was involved with slaves, your white, therefore you are evil.

    There is no rationalizing with hate, it is what it is.

  • Hacena Frye

    Harry lives in NYC , on the upper westside , home to the most Liberal NYers in NYC >
    Loves limos , but hates having sunsidized housing near him.
    Loves to tax the rich , but hides his $$$ offshore

  • Huuf Arted


  • Will

    When Amerikwa Balkanizes into racial war you can thank the Jewish-owned media for fomenting it.

  • bg


    Will #1233 December 13, 2012 at 5:32 pm

    i am white, you idiotic “i need attention” troll..


  • Banderman

    All communist sympathizers are hereby and cordially invited to LEAVE the U.S. That is a more workable solution. You don’t like this Nation? Leave.

  • Mr. Belafonte has had the benefit of a free & open society. As a result, he has been able to enjoy wealth accumulation beyond the average person. I wonder if his ancestors were Hutus or Tutsis.

    Anyway, this man’s primary claim to fame is the banana boat song which is partially uttered at NBA games. Most people, today, cannot remember the ‘Smooth; vocally limited; Silverback.’

    This cretin uses his head as a suppository!!!

  • bascomb

    harry b is/was a great entertainer. saw him sing many times as a youth. Unfortunately he’s now an irrevalent political hack.

  • Blackwater

    This is NOTHING new for the left:

    Larry Grathwohl on Bill Ayers’ plan for American re-education camps and the need to kill millions!

  • dad

    hey harry you marxist piece of sheit. move to rusha if you like it so much this is my country and will always be at least i really served my country what have you done excepy typically take from it. had your taxes checked lately bitch.

  • MosinNagant


    I strongly invite you to personally come and detain me…Although I will exercise my 2A rights in the process. Afterall, liberals do not advocate gun ownership, so I have no clue as to how Harry will actually carry-out his plan to stop political opposition.

  • Proud Texas Gal

    Maybe Mr. Bufofontes should give back all the money he was paided by white folks over the years, which without(white folks) he would be nothing abut a poor singer, if he even got that far which he would not have on his own. Look at him there is more white in him than black so he is riddled with self lothing(hete)…stay down there with your commie pal.

  • A sterling example of the liberal mindset. This guy is lucky to have lived in this country and made the milliions he has made. I would like to know why the press gives any credence to these morons who are nothing more than entertainers. Questionable in his case.

  • IraqVet

    Belafonte is Jim Jones’ illegitimate son and benefactor of bad ideas…there are worse things in life than imprisonment, like having to listen to this camel tird’s music.

  • bg


    Will #1248 December 13, 2012 at 5:45 pm

    aah, so Obama is Jewish.. /s/

    “unless the white masses really understand, and the black
    masses really understand.. there’s going to be the largest
    bloodbath in America –”


  • AJ

    Dayyyyyoooo, Dayyy yayyy yayy OOooooohh,

    Forgot my meds, now it’s time to gooooo Hoooooommmmmme

  • Lucky Bill

    John Wayne said the world is a tough place, but tougher if you are stupid. Apparently Belefonte is, since we have guns that third world countries don’t. But it’s a great (unless Belefonte gets his way) country even stupid people can say what they want.

  • Anti-belefonte

    Hey harry, this isn’t even about rights, it’s about, who do you think you are, you are NOBODY, your comment means nothing, you are nothing! You of all people who has been oppressed, who’s parnets and grandparents would have also been oppressed, your parents and grandparents are rolling over in their graves you bald headed puke!
    Why don’t you face THE PEOPLE and say that, it’s easy you LITTLE coward to hide behind a tv and spout your bullcaca, meaningless comment! Tell the people to our faces and watch how quickly you go down! You think you are safe because you have been OBVIOULSY bought by the elite psycho’s, and if you think they will protect you, you’re wrong, they have no morals or loyalties, you little bald headed old ugly f*@%! I spit in your face and down your throat you piece of SATANS spawn! You want ot hope your elite never turn on you like many before you and find yourself in jail with the opposition you NOBODY!

  • Of course what do you expect from a commie loving ingrate

  • Aidan

    Is it true that they played the Banana Boat Song over and over again at Gitmo to torture the poor little jihadists?

  • capnjack

    There is no getting around certain large and troubling implications of black-white differences. The implications seem most troubling when you turn from the average differences and focus instead on the differences at the extreme — when you contrast the two overlapping bell-shaped distribution curves and look at the proportions in each group scoring above and below certain levels. If you tell yourself that the top professional and managerial jobs in this country require an IQ of at least 115 or thereabouts, then you also have to tell yourself that only about 2.5 percent of blacks appear able to compete for those jobs. The comparable figure for whites would be about 16 percent. Total black population with IQs over 115: 800,000. Comparable figure for whites: about 30 million. If blacks had the same IQ distribution as whites, the black total would be over 5 million.

    The data are even more depressing on the downside. An IQ in the 70-75 range, which many psychologists would label “borderline retarded,” implies a life that is guaranteed to be short of opportunities. Very few students in that range will absorb much of what elementary schools teach, and virtually none will graduate from high school; few will succeed in finding and keeping good jobs. None will be admitted into the armed forces (required by law to screen out the lowest ten percent of the distribution). The bad news is that a substantial minority — apparently more than one in five — of American blacks have IQs below 75. Around one in twenty whites are below 75.

  • David S

    Hey idiot-Who is the opposition ? Every time this clown opens his mouth it remind us all that ignorance is bliss.

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  • Bob Higginbotham

    If I thought Belafonte was anything but a poor, senile, old fool I might take him seriously and ask for him to be jailed.

  • Rushisright

    Did anybody see or hear Barry Obamaphony, Nancy Pillsosi, Harry Greed, or any of the democRATS decry or condem the traitor Belaphony’s comments? If not, they must agree with them.

  • Cosmic Zamboni

    Belefonte has been a senile old man for a while now and he has lost his filters. But he’s only expressing the rage that is seething just below the surface of most American black people. It’s best to know where people stand.

  • obozosux

    Hey Harry, you blithering idiot, the dementia wing of the old folks home called… Your room is ready.

  • PaveMan

    If Mr Belafonte HAD testicles he should be castrated. Post haste. What a jackass.

  • Andy Lockard

    That would be the day the M-4’s come out of the closets and the shooting starts.

  • Davis

    Time to start shooting some NIGRAS

  • Emperor obama

    How does the military stand by and do nothing while COMMUNISTS destroy our country? How do they in good conscience follow the orders of these Marxist degenerates?

  • Rushisright

    If Belaphony had a son ( I don’t know if he does for real or not but let’s pretend he doesn’t), his son would look like Barry Obama and I guess his grandson would look like the late Trevon Martin
    ( according to Obama’s own assessment anyhow).
    Draw your own conclusions.

  • johnoakman

    well,all you honkies who luv des knuckle draggers—you ain’t seed nuttin yet!!!!!!!!!!

  • boredtotears

    The greatest thing about this country is that we have people like Harry Belafonte on tv and its all good. What he doesnt understand, and most of his ilk dont either is that if they really got their wish, their “people” would be the first to go. All Communist regimes have turned on their own when power has been secured….all of them.

  • Vince

    Oh, did the racist, communist Belafonte say something again? Sorry, I wasn’t listening.

  • David

    Crack head old fart. There is no mandate. Half of America didn’t vote for Obama.

  • Dennis K

    Harry, is such a delightful intellectual human being. He is the quintessial Obama supporter. Sadly Obama concurs with him, he has railed about being held back by our constitution and our congress. Maybe somebody should turn the tables on Harry and do what he advocates to him and the Dems.

  • Jason K Hodge

    Why do you think Texans own the most guns!

  • Makes sense

    Perhaps Harry should follow his Marxist leanings. He could give all of his wealth away so that he has to live like people on the street. That way he could say he is getting the same as everyone else. Maybe all the other Hollywood types could do the same – just contribute all their wealth and perhaps have 10 or 12 poor families live with them in their mansions.

  • tim

    hey harry, i finally agree with you…except the first one i’d jail would be you…

  • bill

    This communist idiot knows nothing about our constitution. I think he should be deported.

  • deby

    he’s a pathetic racist elitist, who’s time is almost up. Bet he thinks he’s going ‘up’ when he dies……..hehehehe. There’s a huge space in hell for marxists……and I’m loving it!

  • yarply

    Maybe he should go home and chew on the end of a barrel.

  • Ann

    So the 49% of the American people who are scared of Obama’s view should be put in prison??? Are we in 1930’s Germany or Russia. I thought this was the United Stated of America, but sine 2008, there is nothing United about it.

  • George Zimmerman

    That Belefonte guy looks like he’s up to no good. He looks black.


  • James Robinson

    What would Mr. Belafonte and Rev. Sharpton say if someone recommended they be lynched like in the old days? Mr. Belafonte; Stupid is as stupid does!!!!!!

  • josetoyou

    How about a bullet right between his eyes…

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  • bobthemoron

    When is this traitor going to assume room temperature. He ceased to be relevant when calypso music died.

  • Rob

    Do NOT fall for these whimsical folk visavi the white guilt. My forefathers came from Europe as lowly peasants with NOTHING during the late 18oo’s, and conincidetally the descendants of slavery (people sold into slavery by their very own people back in Africa.. … …) should have been doing much better, and in fact the ones that continue to flee the Social Engineering of the DemocratiKKK ways have a much better chance than fighting to take from others.

  • hkinsey3

    Geez is everyone named Harry dumb in the head?

  • RedStater

    And then so, it would begin. The REAL Civil War in this nation. Harry is not alone in his radical left wing thinking, either. Far from it. People like me have been making preparations for years, exponentially increasing said preparations over the past four years, which will continue over the next four years.

    The day is coming folks when it will be brought to our cities, our towns, our neighborhoods, our streets, and our homes and families. Hope you all will be ready for it when it comes.

  • Will

    He should be given a Lubyanka breakfast.

  • frank

    I must be having one bad dream after another,hey Harry why don’t you confront a navy seal with your comment…They will quietly look you in the eye,and say,”you can say anything you want in this country,only because we will give our lives for you to protect your liberty,and your rights…We also have the right to say you are so so WRONG…..

  • kelli

    What a terrible person this Mr. Belefonte is. Shame on him…make his riches in America and then bad mouths the system that gave him a good life. What a hateful man.

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  • georgewells

    How is this not genocide:
    White countries are being flooded by non-whites. Whites are told to be TOLERANT. Whites are forced to integrate.
    With assimilation we see the extinction of one race only, the White race. Its not funny, not comedy, its white genocide.
    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white.

    The WHITE GENOCIDE Mantra is a rebellion against the wholesale nonwhite invasion of white lands, a rebellion against the brutal attack on the political rights of white people,a rebellion against the theft of the inheritances of white people, and a rebellion against the cruel assault on the posterity of white people.
    How is this not genocide:White countries flooded by non-whites.Whites are told be TOLERANT.Whites are forced to integrate.With assimilation we see the extinction of the White race.

  • RobertHere

    The Banana Boat Man is submitting his resume for Home Land Security Czar. Hollyweirds bore me.

    And if the muzak elite want to do something for Sandy relief they could ALL write BIG checks anonymously. Their continuous self promotion in these situations is a bit much–humility seems to escape them. Paul McCartney and Bruce Springsteen are NOT as important as they are told they are. And dearie I sent a check the morning after.

  • Uk Patriot

    HB was once a great singer. But he has lost it. He should be grateful to the US of A for his successful career. But he is a singer and just that. He is simply not qualified to comment on issues beyond his comprehension.

  • Lori

    This guy needs to be institutionalized.

  • OregonNative

    Funny how a 50% popular vote is considered a mandate… does that mean the other 50% also declared a mandate to NOT elect him? And how dare him say that people who don’t support Obama’s policy are corrupt and are an infestation? He clearly has lost his way!

  • jgdp

    Well, the connection of obum with a third-world dick-tator is surely on-point and immensely correct! Time to fadeout hairy: daylight come an’ I wan’ go home…

  • ST

    Isn’t Bellafonte a half-breed? He sure makes a half-breed comment here. It isn’t the first time, either. He’s un-American, a shame they took the plow away from him. Yep, he’s a cotton-picker fo’ sho’

  • pokey

    Let’s start with you, you treasonous POS!

  • xfiler93

    This demented idiot is a fool. But he is a liberal, and he represents how most if not all of liberals really think.

  • Yuk

    Time for a dirt nap Harry!!!!! you are feeble

  • Ken

    Harry is a moron. I threw both of his hit records in the trash.

  • Buzz

    Belafonte is obviously senile. Has been for a long time.

  • DayYoDayGlo

    Isn’t “third world dictator” what Barry’s aspiring to? If not, what the hell is he doing because after four years I’m still not sure.

  • John Cook

    All one can hope for is that he meets the same end as Chavez.

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    Harry’s got a new song out!…”I’m STUCK ON STUPID, CUZ STUPID’S STUCK ON ME!”

  • Kent

    Harry, the banana boat is waiting for…….YOU!

  • Jack Kinch(1uncle)

    Belafonte still mad, jealous after all these years because he thinks he should have been as popular as Sinatra. Get over it. NO charisma.

  • To bad the Democrats back in the20’s 30’s 40’s 50’s and 60’s didnt hang him when they had the chance. Now he is just making an ass of the Demo-Communists and himself.

  • This guy lost his voice 30 years ago and has been irrelevant ever since. He just is too wacko to know it.

  • MadMax

    Where’s the mafia when you need them?

  • Bella

    amazing how these “entertainers” can DAMN Americans who disgree with their politics but they don’t mind cashing their checks from the dimwitted fans who made them part of the WEALTHY Americans – are you paying your fair share Harry?

  • kdl

    F**k you Harry. You are an idiot. Why don’t you move in with Chavez and get heck out of the USA. The two of you deserve each other.

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  • Belafonte, you ain’t even black. You look more like Romney back from the Bahamas.

  • jwill

    screw that commie negro, when the gov decides to do some crap like that,itll be a few less leaving than what showed up, buck ofama

  • sighing in disgust

    Lincoln’s wife said, “Why aren’t you people watching the 12.12.12 concert for Sandy instead of piszing and moaning about some has-been musician?”

    Do you know the history on most of those musicians? As soon as I saw the line up I knew it was a victory celebration and Sandy was a cover. Why would the biggest concert in history be given for millionaires in NY and along the Jersey Shore? Wise up Lincoln’s Wife, your a fool! Learn your history. Read the bio’s of these folks then shut that crap off and grow up! Just read “Alive” by Keith Richards for instance and learn where they came from. Did you even know that Haiti took another huge hit from Sandy. No mention of that!

  • Jamaica Farewell

    Wow. In the country he dreams of saying the things he said bout jailing people who disagree with the President would get him shot by a third world dictator who disagreed with him, wouldn’t it? I mean really- this guy has been drinkin too much rum.

  • ruggerfist

    I recommend a good ole South Africaan knecklace for Harry Boy!

  • daveinga

    this traitor-nutcase has loooong been a darling of the left. he has had his face plastered on the cover of the a.a.r.p. magazine multiple times. be careful what you wish for harry. there is a real sleeping giant waking up around you. demonizing an entire race of people worked so well in the past for the japanese, and they were a smart, highly competent people.

  • False Hope

    This fruitcake should be committed ASAP!!!!

  • Pat

    Isn’t that a “hate” crime?

  • JT

    This is why the 2nd amendment is my “line in the sand.”

  • JBSPuddintane

    Listen to the voice: “I am Legion” it says.

  • Dirty Harry

    someone should kill this piece of sh*t

  • Snoopdawg

    He has forgotten that all us ‘whities’ made him famous and bought his records. Never been racist in my life, but these public racists and lefties are getting on my nerves. Perhaps he should move to a third world country to experience their warmth and medical care. Ha!

  • BellaFatHead

    This man needs to be publicly shunned, ignored, and potentially investigated for hate crimes against whites. End of story.. no more BS, they want a witch hunt, we will give them one.

  • Jean

    Harry has been a Communist ever since I can remember, yet he loves living off of the prosperity of our ‘Capitalist’ nation.

    Hey Harry you bitc&, turn over your money to Americans and get the frack out of our nation!!

  • Dan

    It shows how simple minded, tribal and out of touch a well meaning person can be when surrounded by people that support a narrow view. Freedom will prevail, it’s natural.

  • jc

    What a old fool.

  • danny

    Want my address Harry? I will go easy. Promise. Come on by, brah.

  • Will

    Translation: Kill whitey!

  • charley nash

    A clown that made a 60-year career on a banana boat song? This 3rd-world immigrant is an ungrateful piece of swine feces.

  • Keith G

    Bellafonte is exactly correct. Democrats, and Americans, need to wake up and realize that the Republican Party is not a legitimate opposition political party, but a facade for domestic terrorists who have no thing but contempt and hate for minorities and women. Their policies are designed to hurt people. This should not be tolerated. People who hold conservative views are hurtful, evil people, and they need to be imprisoned.

  • Rudeman

    So when the reverse happens we can imprison Barry. Goes both ways dipsh*t.
    Whiteboys you best be working on your white liberal social brethen they’re the ones that started this crap…and let the fun began.

  • Jamaica Farewell

    Put him in jail.

  • Sarah Cipriano

    Day O!, Day O! Daylight come and me want you go home.

  • Will

    The way to fight back against this anti-white hatred is stop consuming Hollywood’s tripe. Cancel your cable subscription and stop feeding the ZioMarxist Jewish beast.

  • Horse

    Then he must agree that a Real president, a Conservative president should round up all the marxist traitors and execute them as an escalation tactic.

  • MARK

    If obuma through all the people that harry mentions into jail all that would be left are the takers. All the producers would be in the clink. Then where would the dems get their tax money to spend on people who don’t deserve it. I know they’d make the guys in jail start to work for free oops that’s slave labor. Ahh that’s the ticket to all of harry’s long term planning.

  • John Jones

    Belafonte speaks of hurting others, in this case a “minority” of people, the 49 percent.

    The world has wicked people in it and Belafonte and Sharpton are great examples. Their brains are full of hate and that is all they see. If they had power they would hurt others. These are very bad men.

  • JustaGirl

    He must be able to afford some quality crack.

  • George Kingfish Stevens

    Harry wasn’t quite so racist when he was polishing his banana in those young white starlets all those years ago. Now that he can’t get it up, guess it doesn’t matter anymore. Back in those days the only thing he was saying was, “Outta aw da thangs ah laks, ah laks dat white asbestos.” In that stupid gravelly Kingston back street ghetto voice of his.

    Be more of a nikker, Harry?

  • ironage

    I don’t know why this surprises anyone. This old Communist jumped the shark YEARS ago.

  • Wilson

    Hey, now that the libs are in power guys like Harry are credible and newsworthy.

    Liberals have no problem with progressives, progressives have no problem with socialists, annd socialists have no problem with communists.

    You gave your America away to the cold war warriors, and their fellow travellers and useful idiots, on Nov 11.

    Now stop complaining and accept it.

    Say to yourself, “I am happy, I am happy”!

  • sighing in disgust

    Lincoln’s wife said, “Why aren’t you people watching the 12.12.12 concert for Sandy instead of piszing and moaning about some has-been musician?”

    Do you know the history on most of those musicians? As soon as I saw the line up I knew it was a victory celebration and Sandy was a cover. Why would the biggest concert in history be given for millionaires in NY and along the Jersey Shore? Wise up Lincoln’s Wife, your a fool! Learn your history. Read the bio’s of these folks then shut that crap off and grow up! Just read “Alive” by Keith Richards for instance and learn where they came from. Did you even know that Haiti took another huge hit from Sandy. No mention of that!

    You fool they are ALL Harry’s!!!

  • JerryinTampa

    The fact that Belafonte was being interviewed by the Master of Ebonics, Al Sharpton, was no big surprise but when Belafonte started to display his ignorance of our Nation and its underlying Constitution by suggesting that those that oppose Obama in any way should be incarcerated, he got my hackles up high. Belafonte should stick with subjects and things he knows something about like “Tallying his bananas” and leave the merits of our Constitution to those Scholars and Patriots who fully understand what a key role it continues to play in the fabric of this still great Nation. As a matter of fact it is that Constitution that allows fools such as he, to say such ignorant and offensive statements about America on Black Comedy Shows such a “PoliticsNation”. Harry if you want communicate with Americans, I would suggest you just sing and leave commentary to others who are better able to articulate.


    You come try first.

  • harkin

    Actually even moonbat crazies deserve an ambassador so here he is.

  • George Kingfish Stevens

    His Jemima daughter is an even BIGGER piece of work.

  • laro959

    If he wants a 3rd world dictator then why doesnt he go live where one is so he can be in peace.What man idiot…Spoken like a true 1% er…

  • rick

    If white people acted like the black jerk one hundred and forty years ago, he and all his ancestors would still be slaves. How amazing how much whites have done to help blacks, but people like this loser and Obama never think it is enough. Their idea is that white people should work hard and give all their money to blacks so they don’t have to do either.

  • gina

    I said from 2008 that muslim boy obama is a wanna be Hitler jr. and some of his cronies are testing the waters including this joker. Sure glad I never liked his music and wasted my $$ to boy his records.

  • Rikicad

    Harry your a nitwit puss. This is America look over your shoulder

  • Rikicad


  • Rick O’Shea

    Maybe Harry will lead a team to arrest some of that opposition.

  • Craig

    That’s funny. Most people from third world countries are trying to move to the U.S. Maybe if Belafonte likes third world countries so much he should move to Zimbabwe. My personal opinion is he’s all mouth and no brain like his buddy Sharpton.

  • Mr Lib

    Sounds like Hank B. needs to be stripped, whipped and put in the fields to do some good.

  • Will

    Zimbabwe and South Africa were 1st world countries until taken over by Marxist knee-grows. Maybe he should move there with a Jew under each arm.

  • Some Guy

    Scratch a liberal, find an autocrat. Never fails.

  • Pliny the Elder

    In response to Lincoln’s Wife who asked why we weren’t watching the 12.12.12 concert for Sandy relief…

    Because we are ALL going to be forced under threat of imprisonment to donate collectively “donate” billions of dollars for Sandy relief on April 15. Wait, I take that back. I mean the 50% of us who actually pay federal income taxes in this country will be forced to pay for Sandy relief. I have already sent private donations to help Sandy victims to charities that I trust. I do not trust the Obama administration to use our tax dollars wisely for anything. There will be more waste and boondoggles than you can count in the federal “relief” programs.

  • LIBsarementallyILL

    Stalin lives. Good God. What a party of lemmings and nutjobs.

  • ZPodstalom

    What a shame. Back in the day, when he did what he did best (sang) I liked him. Now he needs his head pinched off.

  • sleepy

    Harry looks as though he will probably be following uncle hugo to hell soon, good riddance to both.

  • Mr Liberty

    Are we going to get together and extinguish obama’s facsism and tyranny soon or do I need to move away?

  • chip

    harry needs to be exiled to a third world country since he likes the way they are ruled.

  • freedomcelt

    Can someone lock this guy up??? He is a loon…a true Regressive Demoncrat…

  • The Six

    Is that Prison Mandela wasin still in business?

  • kathy

    I thought Harry was an American. We all know barry is not!!! We will have to pray for Harry. I dont think anything will help Barry.

  • tonyg101

    Harry’s a schmuck talking to a schmuck(Al Sharpton), about another schmuck (Obama.

  • Buck Jackson

    No fool like a old fool; Obama is just another tool of Wall Street. Just ask Geo. Soros!

  • JC

    Harry, your ego is writing checks your race can’t cash.

  • bg


    re: #3 December 12, 2012 at 10:33 pm bg

    Harry bathes and eats in discarded fetuses..

    told you i wasn’t kidding.. 🙁


  • bg


    JC #1383 December 13, 2012 at 9:34 pm

    enough with the racist trolls already..


  • cc

    I’ll sure take any advice from a has-been who made ONE song famous in his life. That’s it.

  • Baccarat

    N word

  • Will

    The RACISTS are right in one sentence:

    THERE IS NO REASON TO SUPPRESS A VIEWPOINT UNLESS IT IS TRUE, because a false viewpoint can easily be combatted with facts and logic, while truth cannot be combatted except by lies which are vulnerable to refutation.

    Or to put it another way, the ‘racist’ view HAS to be suppressed, because if it weren’t, MOST PEOPLE WOULD BECOME ‘RACISTS’!

    So what is the ‘racist’ view? Very simply, it is one that takes the facts I cite below — along with a lot of others — into account.

    * FACT: Blacks make up 12% of the population, yet are 50% of the prison population.

    * FACT: This means that blacks commit NINE TIMES the crimes of whites. (That’s NOT 9% — it’s 900%!) It means that if there were equal numbers of blacks and whites in our population, NINE OF EVERY TEN CRIMINALS WOULD BE BLACK. NOTE: Some have claimed that black crime is high because ‘racist’ cops target blacks for arrest and ‘racist’ judges heap convictions on innocent blacks; but statistics belie this: Three of the cities highest in crime are Washington DC, New Orleans and Detroit; and yet the government of all these cities is in black hands; so clearly the cause of high crime in these cities is not ‘racial targeting of blacks’. More generally, black crime is high WHEREVER you go; and it would be the world’s most absurd conspiracy theory to suppose that the across-the-board high crime rates for blacks originated in a collusion of whites in every city and burg in the nation to target blacks and/or cook the books.

    * FACT: If present demographic trends continue, whites will be a minority in America in only 50 years. Whites are already less than 50% of the population in California. Between blacks and Hispanics, whose crime rate is about 4 times that of whites, we can expect to see huge escalations in crime against whites as they become fewer in number and thus more vulnerable both physically and politically.

    * FACT: 90% of all inter-racial crime is black-on-white (ie, committed BY blacks AGAINST whites).

    * FACT: There are 20,000 black-on-white rapes every year in the US, but fewer than 100 white-on-black rapes.

    * FACT: The majority of hate crimes are committed by blacks, in spite of the fact that blacks make up only 12% of the population, and in spite of the great reluctance of authorities to report hate crimes when they are committed by blacks. (That means that blacks commit VASTLY MORE hate crimes in proportion to their numbers than whites!)

    * FACT: The average white IQ is 100; the average American black IQ is 85; the average African black IQ is 70 (borderline retarded). There has never been a civilization worthy of the name founded by blacks, and blacks have not even been able to retain the civilizations which have been created for them by whites (“white colonialism”). Note: Contrary to black propaganda, the ancient Egyptians were not black — their sculptures, portraits and mummies all clearly show Caucasian features. Second note: Critics commonly claim that blacks score low on IQ tests because such tests are culturally biased. In fact, however, as black Prof Walter Williams has pointed out, blacks actually do BETTER on tests that are culturally biased.

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  • Andy Howe

    Why are conservatives called fascist and dictatorial, etc., when these type of statements almost always come from liberals?

  • reg

    Mr. Belafonte, guess what? The United Nations defines genocide as ANYTHING creating conditions which over the long run will make it impossible for a people to preserve its distinct identity. These things include mass immigration, forced integration, promoting miscegenation, and the propaganda of White guilt. Genocide does not have to be PHYSICAL destruction. Read the LEGAL definition of genocide. Genocide includes MENTAL harm. Like everyone is saying, anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  • gary kratzer

    hey harry stick a banna in you ass, which you are used to and ship out to chaves land oh and take sean penn with you, also never return. i know i am wrong spelling , he does not deserve better. obama did not win a mandate.

  • Saxxon

    Why does his voice sound like the double-voice-over of some space alien in a cheap sci-fi flick? Could it be his radical ideas of imprisoning people etc like the aliens with the same voice in the mini-series “V”?

    Harry, got news for you, if you want to commit some NAZI-style round up of those opposed to socialism and stealing from those that produce why don’t you lead the charge? You can be the first one to have the final vision of the business end of a 12ga at some American patriot’s home as you & your thugs try to deprive them of their freedom for their differing ideals. You are lucky the opposition isn’t so wanton with our liberties. Then again, the opposition wasn’t willing to commit mass voter fraud to retain power.

  • sam

    No, why go half way? He should have told Obama to outlaw the opposition, like the communist countries that Belefonte supports do. Third-world dictatorships are mild compared with the dictatorships Belefonte supports. Harry uses the word “freedom” dialectically, when he says he supports freedom in the US, he means he wants the freedom to continue to subvert the nation and hopefully bring about a revolution. Of course, he will be against freedom when the new marxist order is in place.

    Nice try Harry, but we understand you.

  • How about we *stand this co**su**er* up againsit a wall and shoot him?

    How about that folks?

  • JD

    Harry Belafonte was in a movie with John Travolta in the mid-90’s called “White Mans Burden”, just before Travolta made a comebcak with “Pulp Fiction”. The film involves a world where whites and blacks have reverse roles in life, the whites are uneducated and down-trodden, and live in slums, and the black man is smart and runs the show. Well worth watching again.

  • JD

    Typo on my comment: combcak/comeback

  • Nico

    Obama won just over 50% of the uneducated, ignorant, just plain stupid or outright anti-American vote. The media acted as the propaganda arm of the administration and useful idiots like these Communist traitors Sharpton and Belafonte told poor blacks that evil white devils in the GOP want to take away your free stuff and may even demand that you start taking responsibility for your own life. Like Romney said, it’s tough to beat Santa Claus. And like children, Obama voters believe in a myth. What isn’t a myth is that Obama hates America and his fundamental transformation of it is under way. They have made Khrushchev a prophet. The Communists have indeed buried us without firing a shot.

  • blurtle

    Day-O! Day-O! Come missa tally-man, tally de Obama! Good work on the Obama Boat, Harry. Now shut up.

  • shropster

    Daylight come, an’ he gotta go hide.

  • Red

    Harry Belafonte, isn’t he that really really old guy who use to sing a song about Day O or some such garbage? Maybe Harry should go back to the island he came from and stay out of US politics.

  • Red

    I just looked it up, Harry didn’t come from an island, he’s from Harlem, but then, Harlem is kind of like an island, it’s a cesspool surrounded by New York City. Anyway, Harry should maybe go to Venezuela and sing over his buddy Chavez.

  • Harry should be given a break. He is nothing but a “dumb old ni99er”. His hero, BHK, is a dumb younger ni99er. It is in the genes!

  • KCP

    Harry and Al for that matter too! There’s no fool worse than an old fool!!! All your years on earth, and you two are just as stupid as you wanna be!!! I’m a black man and I gotta say I’m ashamed to call you two idiots a part of my race! You belong in North Korea or somewhere like that!!!

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  • bg



    December 12, 2012

    The Muslim Brotherhood, Not Morsi Is Calling The Shots In Egypt

    [“The Muslim Brotherhood feels that it has reached its goal of finally
    being able to implement the ideals of its founder, Hassan al-Banna.
    They’ve been preparing for this for 84 years,” says Cairo political
    scientist Siad Akl. “That’s why they won’t give up power that quickly.”

    For many Egyptians, the rioting of the last few weeks is proof that it isn’t
    the president but the Brotherhood that is pulling the strings — and that
    it has no scruples about pushing the country to the brink of civil war, if

    and they have certainly been “more awake
    and aware” than we’ve been over here.. 🙁

    right under our noses, eyes wide
    open, but alas & alack i digress..



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  • scneocon

    We should have just picked our own damn cotton.

  • jaked

    Harry has dreams of his Father, Idi Amin..

  • Andy

    I was trying to remember, why did the the founders include the second amendment to the constitution?

  • doug

    Harry is obviously experiencing early onset dementia..or maybe he’s just an ignorant racist communist piece of ridiculous that retard sharpton..and of course barry..harry sounds and looks like it too now huh..

  • Harry Belafonte suffers from whiteophobia – fear of handsome, rock-jawed white men of the kind that whipped his great, great mammy down in the ol’ cotton fields back home and bitch-slapped high-yellow fruit-boys like him back then.

    Hold Back This Day
    The Towers of Eden

  • Fred Kent

    Harry Belafonte was always Jealous of Sammy Davis Jr. Sammy always said Harry is a Jerk, now we know why.


    Harry, you are one stinkin effin commie pig.

  • Jesus Jimenez

    The reason they do not mind putting people they disagree with in jail is because they falsely believe they are helping people. It’s the rest of us on the right that want to hurt people. So when this the premise any act against us is fair. Afterall, we’re the bad guy. This is their mindset and no amount of reasoning will change it. Best solution is let these idiots create their leftist utopia and let us work for what we have and let us keep it. Bring back the Mason-Dixon line!

  • Colonialist

    Well, now one of Barack’s Daddy’s mentors has again stuck his head up. While Kenya was pushing Great Britain to get out, a couple of things happened and they not only involved Churchill, but also Harry Belafonte, Sidney Poitier and Jack Kennedy.

    The Mau Mau movement was pretty much over with by the late 50’s, but Churchill had also been involved there. Poitier had just finished co-starring with Rock Hudson in a violent, but “hit” movie, named after Robert Ruark’s biography entitled “Something of Value”. (There are several YouTube clips of it and the military had to protect them while making it.)

    After the movie, Poitier and Harry Belafonte became involved in directly financing young Kenyans for an education in the United States. This tied directly into Jack Kennedy’s campaign for President, who was seeking to gain the Negro vote. Barack, Sr. didn’t make it in the first group to Hawaii, but two female teachers got him over in the same time frame.
    “AIRLIFT TO AMERICA is the never-before-told and quite heroic story of the 1959-1963 airlifts from East Africa that helped Barack Obama, Sr., father of the president-elect, and Wangari Maathai, future winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, among hundreds of others, to study at American and Canadian colleges and universities. The airlifts and their graduates changed not only the future course of Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and other nations of East Africa, but also the course of U.S. race relations. Jack Kennedy’s donation to enable the 1960 airlift became an important issue in that year’s American presidential election, and was a factor in swinging enough African-American votes into his column to give him the victory.”
    “Worth a Lot of Negro Voes”: Black Voters, Africa and the 1960 Presidential Campaign

    by James Merriweather

    “]Harry Belafonte, Sidney Poitier, and Jackie Robinson appeal letter, A