On Saturday it was reported that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had suffered a concussion after she fainted. She was recovering at home.

But, the news didn’t stop devoted husband Bill Clinton from flying off to Arkansas for a gala dinner on Monday.
The Washington Post reported:

On Monday, Bill Clinton moderated a discussion about empowering the world’s women.

But the event was also clearly focused on the Clintons themselves. “Friend of Bill” Jerry Jones, senior vice president of Little Rock-based Acxiom, quoted Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to the group, reminding them of her words in Beijing to the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women in 1995. “Human rights are women’s rights and women’s rights are human rights.”

Jones also lamented to the group that the United States, unlike many nations in the world, still hasn’t had a female president. (A possible hint about 2016?)

Hillary Clinton, who is recovering from stomach flu and a fainting spell that gave her a concussion, addressed the group via video before her husband entered the room. In the message, taped prior to her illness, Hillary Clinton praised the city of Little Rock, which this year renamed an airport in her and her husband’s honor.

On Friday, the day before the news broke on Hillary’s concussion, Bill was hanging out in New York with David Blaine. The magician astounded Bill Clinton with card tricks at Sting and Trudie Styler’s Upper West Side penthouse at a fund-raiser for the Clinton Global Initiative.
obviously, Bubba is very upset about Hillary’s head injury.



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  1. Hillary love magcians that Make Bill disappear.

    Besides she has Huma Wiener to comfort her

  2. That stomach flu emptied out 60 years of crap and upset the balance of her cranial to rectum ratio – hence the weeble wobbled and she fell and couldn’t get up.

  3. Bill Clinton moderated a discussion about empowering the world’s women. “I gotyer moderation right here, baby.”

  4. What a joke – flu and a concussion?? Who does she think she is fooling? She is making a bigger fool of herself – and our country.

  5. The idea of Bill Clinton of blue dress and cigar fame having a single syllable to say about women’s rights anywhere at any time is downright ludicrous.

    But as I think about it, Pakistan has been led by a woman. I hope that isn’t the standard by which we judge women’s rights though, judging by the treatment of Pakistani women.

  6. So does anyone know where Monica Lewinsky is at the moment?

  7. I’ll give Bill a pass on this one. This thing was set up before her “accident” and she is evidently not in any danger. If she is sick at all. It would be a bad thing to cancel at this late date. Bill would hate it because it would be a time he could not be in the limelight.

  8. I suspect Hillary wanted to get a little nip/tuck before she testifies. With maybe a quart of botox to make her look serene and guilt-free.

  9. This CONcussion story is a CON JOB.. She did not want to testify regarding the embassy..

  10. So our washed up Secretary Of State is recovering from a falling down drunk hangover while her philandering pervert ex-President husband flies off for more parties.

    Got it.

  11. Ah yes Huma Wiener the Iranian snake in the grass at the side of The Sec. Of State, but then WTF himself has his own, in Valerie Jarrett.

  12. ++

    Account of events leading up to death of the
    US ambassador and three other Americans
    finds ‘grossly inadequate’ security ..

    translation: Obama & Clinton et al got slapped on the
    hand.. and now we MoveOn, i mean, FORWARD! /s/



  13. She has been an award winning liar forever. She was shot down in Bosnia, so she says. She has been riding Bill’s coattails for years. She is disgusting.

    Why this type of personality keeps getting elected to any office and Secretary of state, is beyond me.

    Dereliction of Duty. Excuses and what does this say about us. Does she think we are a bunch of morons? Obviously.

  14. Hillary Clinton not telling the truth???!!!!

    Quick, alert the media, get teh children off the streets so they won’t get run over by the press stampede!

  15. Wait – I thought she was a strong, hard working, impressive role model for women. Does she have a Dr’s note for this?

  16. Wandering Willie, the serial rapist, speaking on women’s rights. Beyond pathetic.

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