AR-15 Magazines, PMAGS Out of Stock Nationally – Ammo Dealer Puts Blame on Obama

According to a trusted source AR-15 mags, especially PMAGS, are out of stock nationally.

One national dealer left this message for customers.
(Warning on language)

He’s obviously not a big Obama fan.
Hat Tip Ken

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  • usamopatriot

    I’m intending that “they”,i.e., (anyone dumb enough to try to take my guns) die from my smoking pile of brass…..:-)

  • mark1973

    Well done sir and God Bless America! All my Firearms are registered as i am here in Massachusetts,but i am not going to turn any of My Firearms in or comply with any National Firearms registry or taxes on my already owned Firearms. This Tyrant Obama ,isn’t going to stop,untill we stand up to him and STOP him! And the repubs sure aren’t gonna stop him and they are getting ready to cave to him in the House on the Assault Weapons Ban.This is the line in the sand!

  • UpChuck.Liberals

    I’m trying to find something in the first two paragraphs I disagree with, so far not a damn thing.

  • Gail

    I hate this kind of language but what HYPOCRITES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Steve Skubinna

    All of the 30 round mags I have (er, I mean “had” before that freak canoe accident) are the basic STANAG steel with the green follower. I did have some PMAG ten round ones for the Sig 556 DMR because short magazines are easier to use from a bipod. And they are really good mags, if you can get them.

    I really hope the political realities bite Obama and his pals in the butt on this one, which will mean the R’s and non hoplophobe Dems in Congress standing firm. Despite the grandstanding and the calls for concentration camps or execution for NRA members, this nation is not supportive of a gun ban and is not willing to follow the UK and other enlightened Social Democracies down that path. If Obama really meant what he says about being President for the entire country he’d pay some respect to the 48% that did not vote for him, and for the 100 million of so legal gun owners.

  • squeaky

    i really like Ted Nugents take on gun control. posted before by others but worth a re-listen

  • coo joe

    Molon Labe – greek root, means “Come and Take Them!” Good one!!!!!!!

  • Andrea Bayne

    Love it! Same thing I’ve been saying for years now!

  • doc

    Putting that idiot Joe Biden in charge of formatting any type of policy certainly isn’t a sign of wanting the ininitative to be a success.

  • Truth Teller

    Keep standing strong. They can only do to us what we allow them to do to us. If we stand together, stand strong, and protect our fellow Patriots from the mindless minions, we will not fail.

    Reach out and find fellow Patriots in your communities.

    Strengthen your bonds with them NOW.

    Make plans. Prepare well.

    Don’t back down.

  • Karen Sanchez

    Truth Teller’s comment says it all! If you want to pray before a game or other event, DO IT! If you want to Pledge Allegiance to the flag, just DO IT! Ignore others who try to interfere! Continue practicing the reverence and respect we used show to ALMIGHTY GOD when HE was allowed to be our most important BEING. HE created the world, and is the author to all life. Don’t become apathetic like so many. Get inspired to rise up like “WE THE PEOPLE” once would have done . So many people commiserate among themselves. Put that energy ‘out there’ start acting like Americans! If you start a prayer before some function, I believe others will join in. We vocal people may need to give others a nudge. “They Will Follow”. We have to organize ourselves and make the attempt. That will scream a message when ‘they’ see people acting. We don’t want another civil war when we can try it on our own.

  • captainfish

    They’ve massively updated their comments on that page.

  • stuart

    “And once this act goes into effect all sources of spiritous liquor will soon be depleted.”

    Minn. Representative Andrew Volsted.

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