For some reason this made the news in Great Britain.
Andrew Breitbart’s home in Los Angeles has been put on the market.

Purchased in 2000, Breitbart’s huge five-bedroom, four-bathroom home is at the tip of the L.A. National Cemetery (Daily Mail)

Andrew passed away on March 1 of this year.
The Daily Mail reported, via Lucianne:

Political firebrand Andrew Breitbart’s California home has been put on the market with an asking price of $1.995 million 9 months after the late pundit’s sudden death last Spring.

Breitbart, who started at the Drudge Report before helping to found the Huffington Post and writing commentary for the Washington Times passed away at the age of 43 from heart failure this March.

The stunning five-bedroom, four-bathroom home lies at the north tip of the L.A. National Cemetery.



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  1. He is so missed.

  2. By his family and friends, no doubt, and they have my profound sympathy. As a journalist, however, he was a self-aggrandizing blowhard who promised much more than he delivered and dealt in hearsay and half-truth most of the time. Rest in Peace and I hope the house sells for the asking price.

  3. What ever happened twixt him and Shirley Sherrod? Might she have a claim on his house?

  4. Lady Mondegreen commented regurgitated:

  5. ^ Glenn Beck is the one who edited the video into the format that was shown. That’s what Breitbart said, and to my knowledge, Beck never sued his ass for libel or defamation.

  6. I sure hope his family is doing well. We need to pray for them during this
    Christmas season. I am sure he will be so missed. We all miss him!!!!!!
    Hope it sells for the asking price too, will pray to that end.

  7. It is sad that this man was murdered and no one is looking for the murderer(s).

  8. I hope the best for his family and also hope Shirley Sherrod gets made well for the damage Andrew wreaked onto her.

    I wonder how much she’ll end up with. If I was on the jury it would be a lot.

  9. Joanne commented:

    “It is sad that this man was murdered and no one is looking for the murderer(s).”

    Murdered by a heart attack whilst walking down the street? Interesting.

  10. Yes, such a pity that nobody is looking for the murderers, and that nobody other than Orly Taitz is still trying to prove that Obama was born in Kenya, and that nobody is trying to prove that the moon landing was faked…

    Of course,some of us prefer to live in the real world. There is plenty to be worked up about without such paranoid fantasies.

    OK, I can see the comments now…go right ahead.

  11. You are loved and missed, Andrew Breitbart!

  12. The stunning five-bedroom, four-bathroom home lies at the north tip of the L.A. National Cemetery.

    Interesting. That’s pretty much a stone’s throw from UCLA.

  13. Shirley Sherrod already got millions of taxpayer’s money in. the fake Dept of Ag racial settlement. The real point of the Sherrod NAACP video was the crowd’s approving reaction to Sherrod’s initial poor treatment of the white farmer.

  14. Shirley Sherrod is a fraud…nothing like affirmative action and pretend racial wrongdoings to line one’s pockets. F the fat wookie!

  15. I miss him. If I miss him, I can only imagine what his family feels which is probably why they’re selling the house. They need to move in order to heal and start where his widow and family can live normally. God Bless you Andrew and your family – who are left on this planet in this country living under this President.

  16. #9. .agree. .and don’t forget the coroner who also died. .

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