After Three Months… Obama Says US Has a Good Idea Who Carried Out Benghazi 9-11 Terror Attacks

This email was sent to State Department officials, White House officials, Secret Service officials at 6:07 PM EST on 9-11, from Benghazi officials the night of the terrorist attack.

This was at least the third email sent to the White House the evening of 9-11 on the Benghazi attack.

Barack Obama was meeting with his security team in the Oval Office that evening.
The email clearly blamed Al-Qaeda linked group Ansar al-Sharia for the attack on the US consulate.
This was before the lifeless body of Ambassador Stevens was dragged from the consulate ruins.

Fast forward three-and-a-half months…
Today Barack Obama told David Gregory on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that the US is has a good idea who carried out the Benghazi 9-11 terror attacks.
Reuters reported:

The United States has some “very good leads” about who carried out the attacks in Benghazi, Libya, that killed four Americans including the U.S. ambassador in September, President Barack Obama said in an interview broadcast on Sunday.

Obama told NBC’s “Meet the Press” that the United States would carry out all of the recommendations put forward in an independent review of the September 11 attack on the U.S. mission in Benghazi in which Ambassador Christopher Stevens was killed.

“We’re not going to pretend that this was not a problem. This was a huge problem. And we’re going to implement every single recommendation that’s been put forward,” Obama said in the interview, referring to security issues identified in the review.

“With respect to who carried it out, that’s an ongoing investigation. The FBI has sent individuals to Libya repeatedly. We have some very good leads, but this is not something that I’m going to be at liberty to talk about right now,” he said.

For the record… It took the FBI several days to reach Benghazi and investigate the 9-11 terrorist attacks that left four Americans dead. The FBI reportedly spent only a few hours investigating at the consulate after the attack.

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  • Robert Herbo

    Obama Says US Has a Good Idea Who Carried Out Benghazi 9-11 Terror Attacks,

    A. Clearly the work of the Tea Party. Suspects are all white, American (whose ancestors have Euro-ethnic ties), Christians (naturally; no other religion could ever have motivated these attacks). Their having been well-armed means they were NRA members; motivated by hate of government and wanted strict adherence to the written Constitution.

  • Sasja

    We’re still trying to decide just who exactly will take the fall for my failures and those of my cronies since it is obvious I have nothing to do with anything that happens during my tenure as preezy to the sleezy. In fact, I launched an investigation into this little bump in the road so as to learn exactly what I was doing during the attack.

  • Sam Stone

    Amazing! Here I am listening to Obama speak to the man who breaks DC gun laws and reading this at the exact same time!
    Obama just said he is not sure who carried the attack out! “It is still an ongoing investigation.”

    I am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt he is a pathological liar. A textbook case.
    From his engineering people in his books to his lies daily.

  • Granny

    We had a good idea who did it as it was happening. I’m not particularly concerned with who did it, I am concerned with who in our government sat watching our Ambassador murdered and did NOTHING? Who are those responsible for the Benghazi “consulate” – by all reports actually a gun-running operation – in the first place? Just WHO refused legitimate security in favor of a handful of unarmed locals? Just who, exactly, put out that three people responsible for the mess “resigned” when all they did was shuffle jobs?

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  • Robert

    By now the FBI is probably getting redirected to enemies of the actual perpetrators.

  • Edward


    Thank for the great news article. We have a problem with Islamic terrorism because we go around associating with them and even let terrorists in–by giving them visas. 9/11 hijackers and the Christmas terrorist would never have been here, had our corrupt evil govt. not given them visas. The subsequent Iraq and Afghan wars would never have happened if we did not give them visas. Instead of banning visas, the criminal US govt. is still on a visa giving rampage (6+ million a year). Who is forcing them to give more visas?

    The biggest group that promotes this 3rd world war of massive 3rd world immigration is the Jewish lobby. It is the most powerful lobby in the US and half of all contributions to Democrats are from the Jewish lobby. The “Jews” basically own and operate the Democratic party. One of the lobby’s biggest goals is to destroy and exterminate White and/or Christian nations by unleashing 3rd world immigration into the US and Europe, while promoting the exact opposite for Israel. See “Culture of Critique”, by Kevin McDonald, reviewed/available on:

    60% of the contributions to the Democratic party are from the Judaists, who basically run the Democratic party and control the media and the govt, including the Judiciary). So most politicians have no choice but to constantly vote and support the lobby’s destructionist policies of open borders and the alien invasion, despite vehement public opposition (80% against).

    Judaists are also brainwashed from childhood that have always been persecuted by others who they call “goyim” (eg. Exiled in Egypt, Crusades, Holocaust) and that White Christians often tried to exterminate them, so they must destroy society’s cohesiveness and culture by using the divide and conquer strategy, such as by promoting the alien invasion, multiculturalism and race baiting. So they feel justified in using criminal tactics to maintain control, steal and exploit the goyim.

    Judaists also want to destroy white Christian nations like USA because they hate Jesus, and believe Mary was a whore and Jesus is in boiling excrement in hell. (See online: Talmud Unmasked). Unable to do that militarily, they instead resort to their third world war of bribing politicians and using Jewish controlled media to promote a massive human flood of 3rd world immigration, including Islamic terror, into White nations. They know that once the colored aliens are over 50% , they will rob, loot, steal, kill, plunder and exterminate Whites (like in South Africa), thus effectuating their exact plan. Why?

    The Judaists hate Christians more than Muslims or any other religion because they consider deification of Christ the biggest blasphemy (and because the New Testament blames Jews for deicide, etc). They spit on Christians in Israel, call Mother Mary a whore and say Jesus is boiling in excrement in hell in their Talmud (“Talmud Unmasked” by Rev. Pranthis, “Jewish history, Jewish religion” by Israel Shahak.)


    Also see “Judaism’s Strange Gods”, by Michael Hoffman

  • TeachX3

    … “With respect to who carried it out, that’s an ongoing investigation… WHY does the ones who ‘carried it out’ get respect? Why does he talk this way about an enemy? Or, am I misunderstanding?

  • http://none tommy mc donnell

    i’ve never known the media to be so satisified with the term “ongoing investigation” before.

  • saveus

    he could care less what happened as long as the cover up stays covered

    where is the media?

  • saveus

    number 7 – you are a bigot and nuts

  • Limousine Barry

    Let me be clear, my ban on high capacity magazines was in full force at the Benghazi Consulate – and I think it saved the lives… of many Freedom Fighters.

    In fact, not a single terrorist was killed! Only an American Ambassador and some other lowly American security people.

    When it comes to Guns-4-Mexican gangs and David Gregory, I think that high capacity magazines are a good thing!

    Only 300 Mexicans were killed and one crappy American Border Agent… who did not have a high capacity magazine – only a bean bag gun. At Harvard we call that a solid D- like the rest of my undisclosed grades!

    Hillary will not be able to testify about the Benghazi massacre nor will I. And, neither will the dozen survivors… who have not been permitted to see the Media. I have to cover my arse.

    My limousine is belching soot and I cannot answer any more questions… unless David Gregory is asking the softball questions. I have more gun owners to shake down! Good day.

  • cal rifkin

    He sat and watched those men die. What a free pass he’s been given. How can the media moguls ever justify something this serious? Incomprehensible!

  • disgusted

    No one died at Watergate. This disgusting excuse for POTUS should be thrown out of office.

  • cavt

    Yeah–this genius just about has it figured out. Anybody can tell you it was the Mohammed film guy—

  • Linda

    Well, don’t worry about your little investigation, God knows…who attacked who…like HE KNOWS…WHO WATCHED THE ATTACK FOR HOURS AND WHO PURPOSELY KEPT HELP FROM BEING SEND!



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  • ★FALCON★

    Obama and Clinton still refuses to answer why the airstrikes were called OFF. And why Carter Ham was relieved of duty. Gutless media psycho-phants.

    And for goodness sakes – it’s not an embassy.

  • SeniorD

    Gee, someone bought him a clue!

    Anyone care to wager on when HERSELF! resigns as SECSTATE? My bet is two weeks before she is scheduled to appear before what is laughingly called ‘Congress’. Maobama will accept the resignation, praise her in public and so the entire little escapade gets shoved under the bus.

  • http://! l.barney

    Yeah, its my evil twin.