Bill Hemmer from America’s Newsroom was in Newtown today prior to the first funerals for the Sandy Hook School shooting victims. Newtown residents told Hemmer that Adam Lanza was the awkward guy who stuck out. The local police told Hemmer that Adam Lanza “kinda flew in under the radar.”




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  1. How did he stick out and fly under the radar. It’s one or the other if his statements are correct

  2. Joe Scarborough joins the anti-gun coalition!! He is very reasonable man and even he is questioning the wisdom of the 2nd amendment. Times are changing FAST

  3. Asked that same question myself. How does one stick out and yet fly under the radar?

  4. Hmmm so which is it? Did he fly under the
    Radar or was he sticking out? Does anyone think before they speak?

  5. #3 December 17, 2012 at 10:25 am
    Bigkahuna commented:

    Thought the same thing.

  6. Joe Scarborough joins the anti-gun coalition!!

    That’s because Joe Scarborough IS A PHONY, and a fair amount of people here have been saying that all along. He’s just another of those idiots for whom principle is something that changes direction with the political winds.

  7. Somebody above’s a little slow…

    Scarborough loves him his multimillion dollar gig.

  8. “Does anyone think before they speak?”

    Different people, different motivations. Seems the police are saying he flew under the radar. THEIR radar, for sure.

    But it’s “Newtown residents” who are apparently saying he “stuck out”. I have NO idea what the motivation may be for these “Newtown residents” to speak out now. Their hindsight is pretty good, huh?

    But what did they DO about it when it might have made a difference?

    If they are so smart and so sure, why didn’t they raise their concerns weeks or months ago?

    IMO, speaking out now is of no use to anyone – but it might have been useful if they had spoken up even 5 days ago.

  9. I’m agreeing with BlacqueJacques, btw..

  10. Stella #11 nails it.

    Police are in full CYA mode now, saying “he flew under the radar” – i.e, don’t blame them.

    citizens are also in CYA mode saying that “he stood out” so much that anyone (namely police) could have/should have seen it, i.e., don’t blame them.

    It would be nice if somebody took some responsibility – obviously, the shooter, Adam Lanza, is directly responsible – and so is his mother. Where was his dad throughout all this? Living with his girlfriend down in Stamford?

  11. #13 I meant to say, while Adam Lanza is directly responsible – he is now dead. And so is his mother. His mother, while not directly responsible, might have been able to help him if she didn’t have the habit of being so private about the issue. And I would think that Adam’s adult brother and his father could have/should have played a more direct involved role in this young man’s life – a life that seems bereft of positive male influence.

  12. I imagine he did “fly under the radar” if his mother was hiding his problems. This was another without a father figure in his life.

  13. I don’t believe this Lanza kid was flying under any radar. Everyone here knows people that are totally stupid odd and you avoid ‘em like the plague. You know they could go off, but don’t know when, nor want to provoke it.

    What could have been done? Not much until he committed a crime, unfortunately. And he did, a massive crime that has nutballs on the left exploiting this crime like the totalitarians they truly are.

  14. How does one stick out and yet fly under the radar?

    The 9/11 hijackers stuck out, by taking flying lessons w/o showing any interest in take-offs of landings. Yet they flew under the radar. (no pun intended.)

    Being a famous actor, Mel Gibson stuck out, yet his latent anti-semitism flew under the radar.

  15. and so is his mother.

    I heard on the radio this morning that she was a “prepper.”

  16. left exploiting this crime like the totalitarians they truly are.

    And the religious right are exploiting it to advance their agenda. What’s the difference?

  17. I heard on the radio this morning that she was a “prepper.”

    So what?

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