Photo shows church volunteer Birgitta Almeby in intensive care at the hospital prior to her death.—AFP Photo

71 year-old Christian Missionary Birgitta Aledy died today in Stockholm. She was shot last week in Pakistan.
The Local reported, via Religion of Peace:

The Swedish charity worker who was shot in the chest in Pakistan last week died in a Stockholm hospital on Wednesday night.

Sveriges Television (SVT) reported that 71-year-old Birgitta Almeby died at the Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm late on Wednesday.

She was receiving treatment after having been flown home to Sweden for specialist medical care for her injuries.

Niclas Lindgren, director of the missionary wing of the Pentecostal church in Sweden, said it was hard to come to grips with Almeby’s killing.

“Birgitta worked with social issues like education and health care. If she’d worked with political issues, it may have been understandable why she got murdered,” he told The Local.

“There was no indication that there was a threat to her life. It was very unexpected. As it is now, we don’t know what the motive was or why she was killed.”




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  1. God rest her soul. If she brought JUST ONE to the Saving knowledge of Christ, heaven is rejoicing! AMEN

    “…As it is now, we don’t know what the motive was or why she was killed.”

    Well, she was a Christian in Pakistan.

  2. teachx3


    until the brain dead west wakes up to the reality of islam…….NOT SOME FANTASY FABRICATION CALLED ISLAMIST OR ISLAMISM…..but regular islam

    we will be doomed

  3. TeachX3 – Exactly correct. A Christian in a Muslim nation. That’s all it takes.

  4. Another shining example of the courageous Islamic pussies killing women, children and old men.


  5. Muslims are cowards.

  6. Pakistain should never have existed. What I’d like to see is every Indian pick up a rifle and take that land back from the Muslim swine.

  7. Studied ignorance will not protect any one from muslim murderers, it is their mandate from the koran to kill all non believers.

  8. The only good thing is that she is ‘With Jesus’ – no pain – no suffering. I suspect she is being told, “Well done, thou Good and Faithful Servent!”

  9. Christian.
    Educating people.
    Teaching health info.
    Living in a radical-Islamist/Terrorist-controlled society.
    No overt “political” involvement.

    Norsirree, there are absolutely NO evenly remote hints as to why a bunch of misogynistic, 4th-century caliphate wannabes who view EVERYTHING as religious, social AND political at the same time under the Religion-of-Perpetual-Outrage rubric might wish to do her harm.

    ’tis a mystery, ’tis…. Hmmm…..

    Akin to the “Why-do-they-hate-us?” Liberal whimpering.

    Two-part question:
    1. Do you have a pulse?
    2. Are you one of them?

    If 1 = yes and 2 = no. Now you have your answer.

    Any more questions?

  10. Come Lord Jesus. Bring the last gentile into your kingdom and get this over with. Amen.

  11. They don’t need a reason, she was guilty of being a Christian.

  12. I put my hand ,again, on a hot stove, guess what happened???
    Stop putting people’s stupid trips to help those who don’t want help on the news!!!

  13. Must have taken a lot of courage to shoot a 71 year old woman.

    #10 Chris – could not agree more.

    #17 John – go crawl back under your rock.

  14. She was killed because she was Christian.


  15. They’re not worth going over to try and save. It gets a person nowhere. A person is better off going to a small town that’s been hit by job loss, at least there they won’t have to worry about getting killed.

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