Victoria’s Secret Black Friday Opening AT OKLAHOMA MALL
The massive mob knocked down the sales associates for a bag of crap at the Victoria Secrets at Woodland Hills Mall in Tulsa, Oklahoma.




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  1. It appears that America is descending into a godless cargo cult nation. Not a good sign for the health of our society.

  2. Warped priorities. Disgusting.

  3. Really puts me in the Christmas spirit. Peace on earth’ good will…..

  4. wow, comment censored for pointing out spelling error

  5. Where are the 54DDDDD bras?

  6. There is also a vid out from another Victoria’s Secret, and in these scenes, the most striking thing is that it is over 90% of the shoppers are women and teen girls. Girls and women don’t buy lingerie for other girls as gifts. Their husbands or boyfriends buy it for them, or they buy it themselves. Black Friday shoppers are not “Christmas shoppers”. The vast majority of them are buying this crap for themselves!

  7. Looking at all the stories at Drudge, I can see why they call it “black” Friday.

  8. Shopping on Black Friday is like a tramp stamp or a pierced tongue: a visible sign that one is low-class.

  9. ++


    Dem operative suspected in serial rapes

    [Costello is also a friend of former Colorado Democratic Gov. Dick Lamm,
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  10. Chicago Tribune reporter John Chase talks about Rezko’s friend and sponsor

  11. VC apparently doesn’t have any intelligent people in their loss prevention department. Can you just imagine how many items were stuffed in these (shoppers) looters pants?

  12. Why would anyone go to a mall on Black Friday or upon seeing this mob not decide to shop somewhere else? Is it a need to punish one’s self? I have no sympathy for anyone being trampled in a situation like that. Just leave. No item of clothing, no tv, no toy is worth that. Go home and bake some cookies.

    Hint: buying underwear that is too small for you isn’t going to suddenly turn you into Heidi Klum.

  13. If bringing home torn panties and a black eye is your idea of a great Christmas present — go for it.

  14. Apparently somebody thought that was a good idea.
    Where the hell is the Fire Marshall…?
    How can the mall allow that mayhem to occur and obviously VS couldn’t care less about their employees.

  15. What is wrong with this picture. Managers can’t handle crowds like this. The store just isn’t that big.

  16. Every year the same Chaos. We could go back to last year’s stories of Black Friday and just repeat them over and over again.

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