Wisconsin Looks Good for Romney Campaign …Update: Wisconsin Goes to Obama

Here is what we have so far from Wisconsin:

We are at our vote goal in Madison
Over goal among middle aged voters
Winning independents by almost 7 points.

UPDATE: FOX News just called Wisconsin for Obama with less than 1% of the vote in.

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  • paul52

    Good turnout here in Door County… and no Black Panthers in sight.

  • Bubba

    Uh oh…something just doesn’t look right for team Romney, tonight. This is clearly not going to be a 2010 scenario. Anyone looking for a “surprise easy victory” for Romney has to be shaking their heads right now.

  • Granny

    #2 November 6, 2012 at 7:14 pm
    Bubba commented:

    Uh oh…something just doesn’t look right for team Romney, tonight. This is clearly not going to be a 2010 scenario. Anyone looking for a “surprise easy victory” for Romney has to be shaking their heads right now.

    Let me point out two things

    1. Most of the states that Fox is “calling” for Obama they are calling immediately after the polls close on ZERO data other than history and exit polls. Actual numbers might be quite different.

    2. Thus far these are all states that Romney-Ryan did not expect to win.

  • Flintstone F.

    No surprises so far. Wisconsin for Romney would be a good sign.

  • Michael

    1. Must win Florida
    2. Must win Virginia
    3. Must win Ohio and either Iowa or Colorado OR Must win Wisconsin, Iowa and Colorado


    Must involk earthquake to release California, Oregon and Washington into the Pacific Ocean.

  • Found some good stats on the Wisconsin site.

    3 of 5 age groups have less registered voters in 2012 than in 2008.

    150,000 more registered voters age 50+
    -24,000 less voter 18-34 groups.

    ——— 2012 ———– 2008
    18-24 332,938 —— 340,815

    25-34 560,396 —— 576,135

    35-49 855,916 —— 955,149

    50-64 1,013,215 —- 932,790

    65+ 738,580 ——– 668,945

    Grand Total * 3,501,045 — 3,473,834

  • GO MITT!

  • Sarah

    So far, all the calls for both parties have been states that everyone predicted to go the way they did. We MUST hold onto the south. All of it. And grab some other swing states as well. Remember that the night will end with the lunatic west coast rolling in and Obama’s number’s will take an enormous jump, especially w/California. We know what we need. We know the states to follow. The dye is cast. Prayer is what we have left.

  • billygoatpuke

    The trolls are out in force because they know is over. Obama is toast. It is looking excellent for Romney. Turnout was huge today. This is the last gasp for trolls. This guy even chose the name Bubba, bless his heart.

  • Spider

    Rove had his chalk board and still said everything is under control in Florida and Virginia….

    …but didn’t want this suspense….

  • Spider

    Virginia polls were swamped, so they kept the polls open for anyone still in line.

    These were all Republicans for sure!

  • Contessa61

    This is nerve wracking. It is like watching the Packers in the Super Bowl, tied in the 4th quarter.

  • Granny

    Mitt is up 2.5% in Florida with 30.6% of the vote counted!

  • Granny

    Fox called NJ for Obama but the results that are coming in to Google are thus far Mitt

  • Sarah

    Granny, Although the media has, at times, made calls prematurely, for the most part they are able to make calls even when the vote count seems like a low percentage of the total because of where the votes come from. From there, and knowing populations, demographics, etc, they can usually make pretty reliable projections. They just do the math and can figure out the point at which it would be pretty much impossible for the candidate who is behind to overcome the one who is ahead.

  • Granny

    Sarah, yes I do know that – – but you can’t make a projection that has any validity when ZERO votes have been reported.

  • Sarah

    Good piece about exit polls:
    You can get the gist from the title!

  • Sarah

    @Granny (#16) – This is true! Did they actually project NJ w/zero votes counted. Good grief! (Though nothing should surprise me anymore when it comes to the msm.)

  • Granny

    Not just New Jersey Sara – nearly all of the states that they have called for Obama. They called them immediately after the polls closed without a single vote yet reported

  • Sarah

    Granny, this is absolutel madness, no? My heart is beating so hard and so fast. I dare not hope. I just feel fear. Glad to be able to hang out on line with good folks here at Gateway and a few other wonderful sites.

  • Spider

    The states are called based on exit polling.

    They ask people in key precincts how they voted as they leave the voting booth.

    Very accurate, actually.

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  • Sarah

    Mitt is behind in FL by about 100,000 votes. Yikes! And the panhandle is coming in.

  • Spider

    Jersey was a thin reed for Romney.

    It actually shows how left Christie actually swings.

    No biggie, he didn’t need Blue Jersey.

  • Granny

    #21 – Ace would dispute you on the accuracy of Exit polling

  • Sarah

    Spider – See my link @17 above re: the accuracy of exit polls.

  • Granny

    I have Mitt ahead by about 12,000 votes in Florida. Way up in Va and NC though

  • Spider

    You won’t see early calls in VA, FL, OH, and PA

    They want concrete results in these states.

  • Spider

    Sarah, yes that was a big screw up.

    They reworked everything because of that.

  • Mindemoye

    I thought states could not be called until ALL states have closed their polls.

  • Sarah

    Here’s the link to the Florida page at Fox and w/60% reporting in FL, Obama has >100,000 vote lead over Mitt. Not good. Praying so hard.

  • retired military

    Real clear politics has a nice breakdown of everything on it’s front page.

  • Sarah

    @30 – Yeah, I thought that was the rule, as well. But every year it seems to go out the window. It’s amazing to think this is how voting and reporting electionr results in the United States works. Surely we can do better.

  • Spider

    What’s going on in NC?

    Should have been put in Mitt’s column by now.

  • Sarah

    #32 – Thanks for posting that link. That page is really comprehensive.

  • Sarah

    Spider – RCP shows NC w/30% reporting and a tie between the candidates. Don’t know the regions that are reporting.

  • Spider

    ret. mil., yes that RCP page is good, thanks.

    I’ll keep that up in another window.

  • Hugh

    Go away Laura Ingraham. Your ego betrays you.

  • Spider

    Sarah, thanks on NC data.

    That’s a case were the exit polling must be fuzzy, they won’t call it.

    It’s a Romney state.

  • Sarah

    Mitt’s catching up in FL w/69% reporting. The gap between them has narrowed from 100,000+ to 22,000+. Still would prefer if we were securly ahead, but hopefully the panhandle will flip this thing in our direction. We must win Florida.

  • Spider

    Michigan went to O, darn.

    That was another long shot, I’d like to see Mitt put one of those in his pocket.

  • Sarah

    RCP is behind compared the numbers at Fox. And the Florida numbers continue to move in our direction. Mitt and Obama are now both at 50% separated by just a couple thousand votes. Pray! (I wonder if this is going to be one of a few other states that will be so close it will be recounted and contested.)

  • Sarah

    Spider, that is bad news. We need to pick up a long shot state. And win just about all the swing states.

  • lizzy84

    Still praying…….go Mitt.

  • Spider

    New York (my home) just called for Obama.

    I hope that sometime in my life I will see the state Red again.

    Oh well, we got work to do!

    Come on Florida, Virginia, Ohio !!

  • Granny

    Virginia looking very good – Mitt up by 10 with 41.5 reporting

  • Sarah

    For those can stomach it, the NYT has good coverage in that you can pick a state and scroll over it to see the percentage reporting from each area.

  • Sarah

    Mitt just passed O in Florida so we are now up by about 3,000 votes w/75% reporting! Go go go go go Mitt!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Spider

    Pennsylvania is interesting. This may be the longish shot Romney needs.

  • Spider

    Oh crap. They just called PA for Obama.

  • Sarah

    North Carolina has 65% reporting with Mitt ahead by a slim lead of 1%. I don’t care if we win by a sqeaker.Just please God let us win.

  • Sarah

    OMG. We lost PA. Now assuming we hold the south, what is our path to victory? Does one even exist?

  • Leatherhelmet

    Wisconsin called for Obama 🙁

  • owl

    FOX just called it Obama.

  • Katielee

    all these voting Obama/Dems will be having major buyers remorse again. And we’ll not have another chance. Not thinking I’ll be so charitable.

  • Voting results on Politico show Romney ahead by 2K votes with…

    3.2% of the vote..

    so..yeah.. a little early to call it.

  • Chalice

    Wisconsin is NOT going obama. Check here for accurate counts:


    At this point, R&R are replicating what happened in the Walker recall election–and that was called early–after a couple of hours, not after 2 minutes. Thompson (R) in the senate race is also replicating this–and it appears a lot of Dane (liberal) is reporting.

    Do not quit.

  • Fox and other “news” sites are going to give me heart palpatations…. HOW can the “call” winners eg if only 17% of vote is in? Do electoral college votes wait for popular vote tallies…? anyone know?

    I’m going to start drinking vodka shots or something… aaaarg!!!

  • Patty

    Other than Walker, Wisconsin is Blue. Sad. They have no clue what awaits.

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  • FactCheck

    Wisconsin is NOT going obama. Check here for accurate counts.

    Oh, denial is not just a river in Egypt.