WILD BLACK FRIDAY BRAWL Sparked Over Women’s Underwear (Video)

A violent Black Friday brawl broke out outside the Victoria’s Secret at the Galleria Mall in Roseville, California.
It was sparked over women’s underwear.

FOX40 has more on the beat down.

The way Lawrence Corpus sees it, it ought to be called Black Eye Friday.

“Because there was a fight, and black eyes were probably the result,” Corpus explains.

He was quick on the draw with his cell phone, just after midnight Friday morning at the Roseville Galleria.

“Basically, I was in the wrong place at the right time,” he said.

That’s when two women started throwing punches at each other, not exactly landing them on anyone’s “nice list.” And as Corpus’s camera continues to record, the fright spreads to three men. You can hear the Black Friday crowd shriek and see them scramble out of the way as the men crash into a barrier set-up around an amusement area at the Galleria.

“It was pretty intense,” said Oleg Siminchuk, of Air Joy. “I’m like, ‘somebody broke-up our fence.’”

And if you’re wondering what could it be that generated so much ill-will that one man was willing to kick another man in the head over it, would you believe it was women’s intimates?

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  • Gayle Spencer

    I’ve been to malls.

    I know malls, and I know the sort and SIZES of people who go to malls.

    Given the SIZES of most of the females found inside malls there is NOTHING, repeat NOTHING, inside Victoria Secrets that would fit.

  • Obama’s Speech Coach

    Bush! Cheney!! Halliburton!!!

  • donh

    They are grieving over the death of Macho Camacho.

  • Clutch

    There’s a joke in here somewhere…

  • donh

    A joke ? Hey come back here ….that’s not yo Calzones man ! Nacho Calzones !

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  • nobody

    Your nation is truly done. Last person out turn out the lights. Unbelievable.

  • JDR


    We know. Well, about 2% of us know. The rest are watching TV right now, and are in for helluva surprise. They’ll all blame whomever their TV-stars tell them to blame when it all goes down.

    The blame is on all of us, and the communists who began their Long March many decades ago, through our many institutions: academia, the fine arts, the performance arts, unions, early education, publishing, television broadcasting, Hollywood, and journalism.

    Their Long March through the West’s instututions is very near it’s intended goal.

    Interesting that China’s nuclear missiles are called “Long March”.

    Interesting that “Forward” was China’s and the USSR’s slogan before they slaughtered tens of millions of their own “incorrect thinking” citizens.

    Interesting that Westerners, by and large, have been made too stupid, by the Communists running all-of-the-above, not only to put the puzzle together, but to even recognize the fact that the pieces are all of a set.

  • bigL

    “We ask that our lord and savior Barack Obama bless us all”-Jamie Foxx on BET…

  • Stella Baskomb

    ” . . . sparked over women’s underwear.”

    And these Americans are more civilized than the Egyptians at Tarir Square . . . how?

  • Chuck

    What apalls me the most is everyone grabbing their phone to get video or pictures. Noone tries to help the guy getting kicked in the head while being held down.

  • Rob

    It’s Obama’s fault those are black people fighting in white people costums lol.

  • I’m jealous. I’ve never dated a woman who was willing to fight it out to get some sexy lingeree drawers. I wonder what it’s like to date such a woman.