Virginia is an important state for the Romney Campaign.

From FOX News: Independents in Virginia are going 53-41 to Romney!

DICK MORRIS: Obama only carried women in Virginia by 5 pts. not enough for him to win!

More… Huge turnout in coal country (they aren’t voting for Obama)
We’re hitting the numbers we need in Northern Virginia.

UPDATE: With 80% reporting VA is 50.1%-48.27% Romney leading.




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  1. Google – with 9.7% of the precincts reporting, Romney has 58.8% of the vote in Virginia.

  2. duh

  3. I’m almost sick with anxiety.

  4. JenBee#4 Yep. Same. Wondering if I can spit from TX to hit that NJ Christie.

  5. It’s over. After looking at the votes still out and comparing to 2008, VA will be lost by 30,000-50,000 votes. Don’t know why they haven’t called it yet. Sorry I did what I could, but it wasn’t enough.

  6. The remaining outstanding vote in both Fairfax and Arlington counties will suck up Romney’s meager (.40) lead. Almost all precincts are in the much smaller counties. Arlington County is really a bad situation.

    And….sigh… seems like they’ve been waiting for the smaller jurisdictions to get all in or almost all in to see how many votes they need to manufacture.

    I am so sad to say this, but I think VA will be called for obathturd within the next 45 minutes.

    I pray I’m wrong.


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