Video has emerged of the body of Hamas’s military leader, Ahmed Al-Jaabari, after his car was targeted by an Israel bomb.
Al-Jabari was thrown from his car during the bombing.
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  1. Too bad they don’t give that same attention to the blood stained bodies of Israeli’s lying on the ground – like the pregnant woman from Mumbai who was blown to smithereens by a Hamas rocket a couple of days ago along with two of her children.

  2. The only “warning on content” should be directed squarely at the peace lovers and all who support them…… like Democrats, the left, #occupy, etc.

    The warning: “Keep it up and this could be you”.

    — — — —

    This morning, I ask a question regarding Israel’s continued existence that needs to be considered.

    It’s food for thought to be digested and it might make you puke.

    The scenario is easily possible, if not close to 100% probable.

    Please read through the comments as well.


    Kenny Solomon
    Israel Survival Updates
    The American Survival Guide

  3. Lol, that just shows us how stupid the left is!! Jerusalem is most definently the capital of Israel!

  4. Pali muzz pron, they love the stuff.


  5. Good for Israel! So proud of you! Keep it up!!!

  6. Should have worn his seat-belt!

  7. What goes around comes around.

  8. *Twack* I could’ve had a V-8.

  9. “Dock that muj a day’s pay for napping on the job”


  10. Kill them all than Israel will have peace…

    Hopefully they will keep all the land !

  11. Finally! Some good news out of the Middle East.

  12. Just goes to show you that good things happen to good people

  13. The Mistake America and Other countries have made is not dealing with the Heads of terrorist Organizations swiftly and surely.

    Had Arafat been killed shortly after the first PLO hijacking of a US airliner back in the 1960s, the amount of terrorist activities would be much less and more local.

    Instead we have turned it into a business.

  14. Outstanding! The only good muslim is a dead muslim.

  15. Very happy to see another islamic terrorist dead!

  16. You’re welcome.

  17. A little bacon fat rubbed in and he’ll be as right as rain

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