Us Labor Secretary Hilda L. Solis handed out candy today to reporters after the awful jobs report.

Scott McFarlane tweeted, via Free Republic: US Labor Secretary just bounced into studio with a big smile. Handed out candy to reporters. Loves job numbers.

The unemployment rate jumped to 7.9%. It is higher today than it was when Barack Obama took office.




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  1. Obama so thankful for the Candy Man’s work sprinkling his Benghazi debate answers with sunshine its become his theme song…..>

  2. But wait !!! The Lib media is saying how good this is, that there have been over one hundred thousand more jobs created in manufacturing, but the unemployment rate went up to 7.9%….. Could somebody please teach me this new math, I think I’m missing something here……

  3. Were they suckers?

    The candy, I mean.

  4. They’re counting hamburger flipping jobs as manufacturing jobs and they are not even full-time jobs. We have to keep in mind that this regime lies every time one of them opens their mouth, so no matter what you hear or read from these liars, it cannot be believed.

  5. probably that sticky stuff that taste good but does a job on your teeth. kindda’ like obama’s promised changes. at the end of the day you end up with no teeth and no money to buy any.

  6. The unemployment rate jumped to 7.9%. It is higher today than it was when Barack Obama took office.

    That’s only if you can trust the numbers from when he took office. I’ve been told that the numbers can easily be manipulated.

  7. All their gimmicks are on the cheap.

  8. We need more than 150,000 new jobs every month just to keep pace with our normal increase in employment age population, so this number is no great shakes.

    Remember, this includes people that are hired even for an hour of babysitting and it will be revised in a few weeks. Every single month that Obama has been in office the number has been revised UPWARDS.

  9. This was one Bronco Bama appointment I especially could not stand. Hilda Solis from Los Angeles. It will be wonderful when she is sent packing. This pro-illegal, pro-redistribution, pro-Labor, Socialist is a disgrace. Her office spent all that money putting out those posters a few months back … I guess when it isn’t your money, just spend, spend, spend.
    Candy? Really? Halloween was two days ago. Just .. meh!

  10. Only this administration would think a cooked 7.9% number is a great thing. Any new jobs are part-time or temporary seasonable jobs that go bye-bye in January.

  11. It was probably black licorice and candy corn. These hypocrites always save the good stuff for themselves.

  12. The Muslims handed out candy and treats are 9/11 (probably after the 2nd 9/11 2012 too). Coincidence????

  13. Well when I get depressed I eat candy too….just sayin’.

  14. Trick or Treat?


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