Union Workers Lash Out at Hostess After Plant Closed …(Went on Strike – Now They’re Out of Work)

It’s an Obama world…
Disgruntled unions workers at the Hostess plant in Cincinnati lashed out at the company last night after they found out their plant would be shut down.
They were told the company would close plants if there was a strike.
They went on strike anyway.

Hostess closed three plants yesterday, including the St. Louis plant, after members of the bakers’ union went on strike.

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  • Chris W.

    Total disconnect.

  • myohmy

    Jim Jones created shared equal labor. A utopian like farming community. Where do you think that history went?

    All these liberals that are peddling are lies. They are making money out of propagating hate and class warfare. This a new cottage industry in DC.

    Who do you think making money out of government subsidies and welfare programs? The same uber rich people they hated. Soros, Slim, and Buffet.

  • All_IS_LOST

    Whaaat? I was with a group of people that tried to extort more money and bennies from my employer by halting production and they closed the pant??? How unfair. Yeah, they told our union leaders they would close the plant, but they did not come to the sidewalk to tell me to my face the cowards.

    I don’t care if they could not make enough money by producing a product dang it I wan mine for my brothers and sisters.

    Okay, just what the hell are you doing that made you lose blood and cry tears as a baker?? Punk

  • Jungle John

    F*k ’em. They voted for Obama. I have zero sympathy for them.

  • Dale

    LOL shut it down. I get a warm and fuzzy feeling every time a company shuts it’s doors due to Obama thugs. Go home you idiot talking in interview. mah bruthas sistas blah blah bye bye beeotch. lol

  • Jungle John

    There are consequences to waging “class warfare.”

  • Ray

    Now,Republicans must block any extension of unemployment benefits. Elections have consequences.

  • retired militaryq

    A few years ago my job position was eliminated. I was a shift worker. A fellow shift worker whose job wasnt eliminated was told that folks needed to work OT. He told them that he works 40 hours a week and that was enough he didnt want to work any more. 3 months later they did another round of job closings. Guess who lost his job during that round.

    If I was a business owner I would tell my employees that as soon as anyone of them mutters the word union I will close the business.
    As soon as someone said union to me I would put a closed sign on the business that day and go out and fire everyone and tell them why.

  • mamagriz1968

    I was in a teacher’s union for 7 years only because they were going to take my money anyway, so I figured I would have a vote. My husband is in a private-sector union or he couldn’t have his job. He hates it and the mentality of most of the guys he works with drives him crazy. If the union members could just understand that the leaders are only looking out for themselves and soaking them for dues that pay for their extravagant lifestyles, well, I don’t know if it will ever happen. This story just makes me laugh. Good for Hostess. Actions have consequences and it’s time Dems started dealing with reality.

  • Kissmygrits

    The line for the free O phones forms on the left.

  • retired militaryq

    “that’s not fair”

    Go out to the person that told you life was fair and tell them they lied. Then ask them for a job.

  • fiona

    Hey sign the petitions now! Reserve your place in the reeducation camps early to get the best spots. I understand that space is limited – only 25 million to start.

  • MADgirl91

    I have no sympathy for them.

  • http://www.soopermexican.com soopermexican

    It’s not FARRRRR!!! I feel bad for the families of those unemployed, but this was a total emotional appeal BS moment. Really guy, you’re upset that they didn’t tell you in person you were laid off? I guess if they had you’d be perfectly happy with being unemployed? Geez.

  • pink tie Republican

    Let them eat (cup)cakes.

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  • pink tie Republican

    Maybe Barry can nationalize these factories with taxpayer monies.

  • Sasja

    Daisy, thanks. Didn’t know about that. I still wonder what outcome, if any, those who signed these worthless petitions are expecting.

  • snap boy

    These people are too dumb to learn from the example of the UAW or maybe they haven’t figured out there’s no way the First Traveler allows the feds to provide subsidies to keep the twinkies coming off the production line.

  • Kate

    Nothing dumber than union mentality. I feel no pity for these workers at all. They were warned. Instead of trying to help save a company and have a job, they are greedy. Now they have no job at all. Bummer. Same people who helped get us another 4 years of Obama.