It’s an Obama world…
Disgruntled unions workers at the Hostess plant in Cincinnati lashed out at the company last night after they found out their plant would be shut down.
They were told the company would close plants if there was a strike.
They went on strike anyway.

Hostess closed three plants yesterday, including the St. Louis plant, after members of the bakers’ union went on strike.



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  1. Something about noses, faces, biting,

  2. Howard Hughes owned a beer production plant in Houston years ago ( I think in the 40’s),
    and his employees unionized. They decided to go on strike. He shut the plant that same day!

  3. Well RESPECTFULLY, you are out of a job. You werent working , you were on STRIKE with a company who was in BANKRUPTCY. Try an economics class moron.

    I know poool all your union dues ( the ones left after paying off liberal politicians…LOL yeah I know nothing left) and BUY Hostess. Then you can run your business at a loss as you all seem to think it works. I hear there are a few plants available and workers seem to have experience!

    Electeions doooooooooooooo have consequences

  4. Someone explain to me who started these petition drives and just what do they mean to accomplish outside of letting the WH and the world know they are not happy with the current regime and its policies.

  5. unions are the epitome of the entitlement mentality…this would include those teachers who are with your children everyday. they are one and the same, just look at video of Chicago teachers strike…

  6. Sasja – the theory on the petitions is this: the WH has agreed (for what that’s worth) to respond to any petition that gets 25,000 signatures in 30 days.

  7. #24 November 13, 2012 at 8:58 am
    Sasja commented:

    Someone explain to me who started these petition drives and just what do they mean to accomplish outside of letting the WH and the world know they are not happy with the current regime and its policies.

    I have no idea who started them but I do know two things absolutely

    1. It was the White House itself that instituted this “petition the government” garbage

    2. The very LAST place on the face of God’s earth I would ever even consider leaving my name & email address would be on one of these petitions on the White House website.

    Nothing like putting a really huge sign on your forehead that you are an “enemy” of the Obama regime. LOL

  8. Why don’t you ask your union rep what’s going on? Why should any company talk to the workers when they (the workers) decided to let someone else represent their interests?

  9. They told you what was going on. What part of if you strike we close down the plant didnt you understand.
    As for you working hard for the company did you get paid? Then STFU

  10. DUMB & DUMMER! Wow! Wouldn’t you love an Archie Bunker type to respond for a man to woman face chat?
    I hope this happens everywhere in the NE!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Granny, thanks. Wonder how many of those who have signed a petition really think it will eventually lead to secession? Or are they just having fun? You are right. No way would I want my name and email address on the WH website.

  12. There are many ways to fight to oppressor…and this is just one of them….Good for you Hostess!!!

  13. That guy who did most of the talking seemed to be a highly motivated and intelligent worker. I’m sure he will find another job that pays even more for his irreplaceable services.

    Yeah, just kidding. Too bad people. Maybe you just extorted your employer one too many times.

  14. Ponderon. I was just going to post that as Barry’s thank you for your support, fools.

  15. This is the feel good story of the day.

  16. What a surprise! How stupid could they have been? They can’t have Obama and a job! Guess they will join the food stamp crew and unemployment and welfare. They can go on the dole all they want, but they will never feel the satisfaction of self-worth. They can kiss their dreams of having a better life for their families good-bye. What kind of parent leaves a world in worse shape for their children so they can have what they want now?

  17. BRAVO, Hostess thanks for having the balls to stand up to the Mafia THUGS. I LOVE IT. YOU STRIKE, WE CLOSE, that simple

  18. If I owned Hostess, I’d pull my money out and move to Ibiza.
    Who needs this aggravation.
    Let it all fall.

  19. “You don’t got no job no more”=Obama voter

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