Union Workers Lash Out at Hostess After Plant Closed …(Went on Strike – Now They’re Out of Work)

It’s an Obama world…
Disgruntled unions workers at the Hostess plant in Cincinnati lashed out at the company last night after they found out their plant would be shut down.
They were told the company would close plants if there was a strike.
They went on strike anyway.

Hostess closed three plants yesterday, including the St. Louis plant, after members of the bakers’ union went on strike.

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  • Tighterlines64

    You just can’t fix stupid.

  • MrRogers

    Good morning boys and girs!

    Did you know that elections have consequences?

    Can you say “Schadenfreude”?

    I knew you could!

    Have a nice day!

  • Atlanta Media Guy

    I think I will go out and buy some Wonder Bread and Hostess Twinkies.

  • havok

    Hostess doesn’t owe people who don’t work for them any thing. You union idiots walked off and went on strike, thus you decided you didn’t want to work.

  • Clutch

    Unions don’t attract the best and the brightest, they attract the polar opposite. Let ’em starve.

  • donh

    Parasites always seek a hostess, but even the most amebic parasites have an intelligent instinct not to kill the host.

  • Objective Analysis

    The Union and its members are dumb. You think that you can force a company to keep you employed, YOU ARE A FOOL TO THE UPTEENTH DEGREE.

    Well, get that Obama phone, that Obama housing (section 8) and those foodstamps and let dear leader take care of your sorry lazy a-s-s

  • PegLeg

    Four More Years, Four More Years, Four More Years,……….!

  • Granny

    What part of “in bankruptcy, there must be plant closures, the plants to close will be chosen by their ability to turn out product” to the nincompoops who voted to go out on strike not understand?

    Or did they expect Union Guru Obama to ride to their rescue on a white horse like he did the GM Unions and simply blow bankruptcy law to the 4 winds?

  • Lily

    Want to talk about “unfair”? These jokers voted for the guy whose policies will put a lot more people out of work.

  • Stella Baskomb

    “That’s not fair.”

    Guess it’s time for some more Obama money.

  • Rachelle

    #1 You are right: you can’t fix stupid. But you can fire them and shut their job down.

    Unions are acting like racketeers and Brownshirts these days. They are a threat to America and, increasingly, even a threat to themselves–stupid, corrupt, Communist.

  • George O

    Can blame em really. They’ve just believed all the stuff that people posing as their intellectual and moral superiors have told them all these years. I believe Forrest Gump had a saying about this… Fortunately, the truth can’t be usurped by clever speech. Economic laws eventually overcome ideology. We have history and truth on our side.

  • srdem65

    I sure hope it’s true that Twinkies last forever, because I’m going to start hoarding the things.

  • Carbon Pootprint

    It’s not FAIR!!! Every company should operate at a loss and have the taxpayer bail them out like the chosen Evil Corps of the Fascist Progressive Traitors. It’s not FAIIIIIRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrr

  • CT

    The union mentality on display as membership will not hold themselves accountable for their actions.

  • Daisy

    It’s not really fair to pick on the guy interviewed, but I can’t believe he was the “best” spokesperson.

    Let’s see ” We knew they were shuttin down factories” – then why’d you go on strike and paint a big target on yourself.

    “We put blood, sweat and tears” into our product. Yuck.

    “We got families. I got’s families. ” Really? Does your wife know that?

    My personal predictor of success is how well a person can predict reactions – if I stack this unevenly, will it fall? If I hit my sister, will she hit back? If I go on strike against a company that’s in the process of choosing which factories to shutter, will they pick mine?

  • Sasja

    We are a right-to-work state but from what I heard on our local news this morning, the Tulsa plant is unionized and they will be joining a nationwide strike. They can do what they want, but it was also reported that Hostess will be shutting down entirely and closing its doors nationwide should this happen. The company is trying to re-organize and stay in business. The union refuses to bargain in good faith and would prefer their members not have jobs. I suggest to any employer who may have a job opening in the future, to not depend on a former Hostess union member bringing anything positive to your business.

  • Nanna

    ALASKA’s petition to secede (better than the Gunny’s) ALREADY over 1,000 signed!

    2. REMOVE the UN from our shores and get US out of the UN.

    3. END all of the bases in Europe and drop out of NATO. Let Europe defend Europe.

    Petitions that you guys might be interested in.

    For those of you that might be interested. Sometimes these addresses don’t work if copied and pasted as I have, and may have to be written yourselves.

  • donh

    If I hire a plumber to fix my sink, does he now own an share of my house in perpetuity because of ” blood sweat and tears ” he put into a days job ? Unions assume this sence of entitelement that they OWN the company for being on a payroll Remember….YOU DIDN’T BUILD THAT !

    AS WILLIE WONKA WOULD SAY …No life time supply of free Chocolate …” I the undersigned shall forfeit all rights privilidges and licences here and herein contained… ect. ect….. facts mendis encedium gloria catum…. ect. ect…..memo bis punitor de la catum….You stole fizzy lifting drinks…so YOU GET NOTHING…YOU LOSE…GOOD DAY SIR….> http://youtu.be/zSQNl4V_R88