Union Workers Lash Out at Hostess After Plant Closed …(Went on Strike – Now They’re Out of Work)

It’s an Obama world…
Disgruntled unions workers at the Hostess plant in Cincinnati lashed out at the company last night after they found out their plant would be shut down.
They were told the company would close plants if there was a strike.
They went on strike anyway.

Hostess closed three plants yesterday, including the St. Louis plant, after members of the bakers’ union went on strike.

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  • Tighterlines64

    You just can’t fix stupid.

  • MrRogers

    Good morning boys and girs!

    Did you know that elections have consequences?

    Can you say “Schadenfreude”?

    I knew you could!

    Have a nice day!

  • Atlanta Media Guy

    I think I will go out and buy some Wonder Bread and Hostess Twinkies.

  • havok

    Hostess doesn’t owe people who don’t work for them any thing. You union idiots walked off and went on strike, thus you decided you didn’t want to work.

  • Clutch

    Unions don’t attract the best and the brightest, they attract the polar opposite. Let ’em starve.

  • donh

    Parasites always seek a hostess, but even the most amebic parasites have an intelligent instinct not to kill the host.

  • Objective Analysis

    The Union and its members are dumb. You think that you can force a company to keep you employed, YOU ARE A FOOL TO THE UPTEENTH DEGREE.

    Well, get that Obama phone, that Obama housing (section 8) and those foodstamps and let dear leader take care of your sorry lazy a-s-s

  • PegLeg

    Four More Years, Four More Years, Four More Years,……….!

  • Granny

    What part of “in bankruptcy, there must be plant closures, the plants to close will be chosen by their ability to turn out product” to the nincompoops who voted to go out on strike not understand?

    Or did they expect Union Guru Obama to ride to their rescue on a white horse like he did the GM Unions and simply blow bankruptcy law to the 4 winds?

  • Lily

    Want to talk about “unfair”? These jokers voted for the guy whose policies will put a lot more people out of work.

  • Stella Baskomb

    “That’s not fair.”

    Guess it’s time for some more Obama money.

  • Rachelle

    #1 You are right: you can’t fix stupid. But you can fire them and shut their job down.

    Unions are acting like racketeers and Brownshirts these days. They are a threat to America and, increasingly, even a threat to themselves–stupid, corrupt, Communist.

  • George O

    Can blame em really. They’ve just believed all the stuff that people posing as their intellectual and moral superiors have told them all these years. I believe Forrest Gump had a saying about this… Fortunately, the truth can’t be usurped by clever speech. Economic laws eventually overcome ideology. We have history and truth on our side.

  • srdem65

    I sure hope it’s true that Twinkies last forever, because I’m going to start hoarding the things.

  • Carbon Pootprint

    It’s not FAIR!!! Every company should operate at a loss and have the taxpayer bail them out like the chosen Evil Corps of the Fascist Progressive Traitors. It’s not FAIIIIIRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrr

  • CT

    The union mentality on display as membership will not hold themselves accountable for their actions.

  • Daisy

    It’s not really fair to pick on the guy interviewed, but I can’t believe he was the “best” spokesperson.

    Let’s see ” We knew they were shuttin down factories” – then why’d you go on strike and paint a big target on yourself.

    “We put blood, sweat and tears” into our product. Yuck.

    “We got families. I got’s families. ” Really? Does your wife know that?

    My personal predictor of success is how well a person can predict reactions – if I stack this unevenly, will it fall? If I hit my sister, will she hit back? If I go on strike against a company that’s in the process of choosing which factories to shutter, will they pick mine?

  • Sasja

    We are a right-to-work state but from what I heard on our local news this morning, the Tulsa plant is unionized and they will be joining a nationwide strike. They can do what they want, but it was also reported that Hostess will be shutting down entirely and closing its doors nationwide should this happen. The company is trying to re-organize and stay in business. The union refuses to bargain in good faith and would prefer their members not have jobs. I suggest to any employer who may have a job opening in the future, to not depend on a former Hostess union member bringing anything positive to your business.

  • Nanna

    ALASKA’s petition to secede (better than the Gunny’s) ALREADY over 1,000 signed!

    2. REMOVE the UN from our shores and get US out of the UN.

    3. END all of the bases in Europe and drop out of NATO. Let Europe defend Europe.

    Petitions that you guys might be interested in.

    For those of you that might be interested. Sometimes these addresses don’t work if copied and pasted as I have, and may have to be written yourselves.

  • donh

    If I hire a plumber to fix my sink, does he now own an share of my house in perpetuity because of ” blood sweat and tears ” he put into a days job ? Unions assume this sence of entitelement that they OWN the company for being on a payroll Remember….YOU DIDN’T BUILD THAT !

    AS WILLIE WONKA WOULD SAY …No life time supply of free Chocolate …” I the undersigned shall forfeit all rights privilidges and licences here and herein contained… ect. ect….. facts mendis encedium gloria catum…. ect. ect…..memo bis punitor de la catum….You stole fizzy lifting drinks…so YOU GET NOTHING…YOU LOSE…GOOD DAY SIR….> http://youtu.be/zSQNl4V_R88

  • Gayle Spencer

    Something about noses, faces, biting,

  • maynardb61

    Howard Hughes owned a beer production plant in Houston years ago ( I think in the 40’s),
    and his employees unionized. They decided to go on strike. He shut the plant that same day!

  • bigkahuna

    Well RESPECTFULLY, you are out of a job. You werent working , you were on STRIKE with a company who was in BANKRUPTCY. Try an economics class moron.

    I know poool all your union dues ( the ones left after paying off liberal politicians…LOL yeah I know nothing left) and BUY Hostess. Then you can run your business at a loss as you all seem to think it works. I hear there are a few plants available and workers seem to have experience!

    Electeions doooooooooooooo have consequences

  • Sasja

    Someone explain to me who started these petition drives and just what do they mean to accomplish outside of letting the WH and the world know they are not happy with the current regime and its policies.

  • dw dude

    unions are the epitome of the entitlement mentality…this would include those teachers who are with your children everyday. they are one and the same, just look at video of Chicago teachers strike…

  • Daisy

    Sasja – the theory on the petitions is this: the WH has agreed (for what that’s worth) to respond to any petition that gets 25,000 signatures in 30 days.

  • Granny

    #24 November 13, 2012 at 8:58 am
    Sasja commented:

    Someone explain to me who started these petition drives and just what do they mean to accomplish outside of letting the WH and the world know they are not happy with the current regime and its policies.

    I have no idea who started them but I do know two things absolutely

    1. It was the White House itself that instituted this “petition the government” garbage

    2. The very LAST place on the face of God’s earth I would ever even consider leaving my name & email address would be on one of these petitions on the White House website.

    Nothing like putting a really huge sign on your forehead that you are an “enemy” of the Obama regime. LOL

  • Sasja

    Why don’t you ask your union rep what’s going on? Why should any company talk to the workers when they (the workers) decided to let someone else represent their interests?

  • retired militaryq

    They told you what was going on. What part of if you strike we close down the plant didnt you understand.
    As for you working hard for the company did you get paid? Then STFU

  • DUMB & DUMMER! Wow! Wouldn’t you love an Archie Bunker type to respond for a man to woman face chat?
    I hope this happens everywhere in the NE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sasja

    Granny, thanks. Wonder how many of those who have signed a petition really think it will eventually lead to secession? Or are they just having fun? You are right. No way would I want my name and email address on the WH website.

  • Marcy

    There are many ways to fight to oppressor…and this is just one of them….Good for you Hostess!!!

  • forest

    That guy who did most of the talking seemed to be a highly motivated and intelligent worker. I’m sure he will find another job that pays even more for his irreplaceable services.

    Yeah, just kidding. Too bad people. Maybe you just extorted your employer one too many times.

  • Sasja

    Ponderon. I was just going to post that as Barry’s thank you for your support, fools.

  • Jimmy C Corn

    This is the feel good story of the day.

  • Kathleen

    What a surprise! How stupid could they have been? They can’t have Obama and a job! Guess they will join the food stamp crew and unemployment and welfare. They can go on the dole all they want, but they will never feel the satisfaction of self-worth. They can kiss their dreams of having a better life for their families good-bye. What kind of parent leaves a world in worse shape for their children so they can have what they want now?

  • Bob NElson

    BRAVO, Hostess thanks for having the balls to stand up to the Mafia THUGS. I LOVE IT. YOU STRIKE, WE CLOSE, that simple

  • vityas

    If I owned Hostess, I’d pull my money out and move to Ibiza.
    Who needs this aggravation.
    Let it all fall.

  • Mike

    “You don’t got no job no more”=Obama voter

  • Chris W.

    Total disconnect.

  • myohmy

    Jim Jones created shared equal labor. A utopian like farming community. Where do you think that history went?

    All these liberals that are peddling are lies. They are making money out of propagating hate and class warfare. This a new cottage industry in DC.

    Who do you think making money out of government subsidies and welfare programs? The same uber rich people they hated. Soros, Slim, and Buffet.

  • All_IS_LOST

    Whaaat? I was with a group of people that tried to extort more money and bennies from my employer by halting production and they closed the pant??? How unfair. Yeah, they told our union leaders they would close the plant, but they did not come to the sidewalk to tell me to my face the cowards.

    I don’t care if they could not make enough money by producing a product dang it I wan mine for my brothers and sisters.

    Okay, just what the hell are you doing that made you lose blood and cry tears as a baker?? Punk

  • Jungle John

    F*k ’em. They voted for Obama. I have zero sympathy for them.

  • Dale

    LOL shut it down. I get a warm and fuzzy feeling every time a company shuts it’s doors due to Obama thugs. Go home you idiot talking in interview. mah bruthas sistas blah blah bye bye beeotch. lol

  • Jungle John

    There are consequences to waging “class warfare.”

  • Ray

    Now,Republicans must block any extension of unemployment benefits. Elections have consequences.

  • retired militaryq

    A few years ago my job position was eliminated. I was a shift worker. A fellow shift worker whose job wasnt eliminated was told that folks needed to work OT. He told them that he works 40 hours a week and that was enough he didnt want to work any more. 3 months later they did another round of job closings. Guess who lost his job during that round.

    If I was a business owner I would tell my employees that as soon as anyone of them mutters the word union I will close the business.
    As soon as someone said union to me I would put a closed sign on the business that day and go out and fire everyone and tell them why.

  • mamagriz1968

    I was in a teacher’s union for 7 years only because they were going to take my money anyway, so I figured I would have a vote. My husband is in a private-sector union or he couldn’t have his job. He hates it and the mentality of most of the guys he works with drives him crazy. If the union members could just understand that the leaders are only looking out for themselves and soaking them for dues that pay for their extravagant lifestyles, well, I don’t know if it will ever happen. This story just makes me laugh. Good for Hostess. Actions have consequences and it’s time Dems started dealing with reality.

  • Kissmygrits

    The line for the free O phones forms on the left.

  • retired militaryq

    “that’s not fair”

    Go out to the person that told you life was fair and tell them they lied. Then ask them for a job.

  • fiona

    Hey sign the petitions now! Reserve your place in the reeducation camps early to get the best spots. I understand that space is limited – only 25 million to start.

  • MADgirl91

    I have no sympathy for them.

  • It’s not FARRRRR!!! I feel bad for the families of those unemployed, but this was a total emotional appeal BS moment. Really guy, you’re upset that they didn’t tell you in person you were laid off? I guess if they had you’d be perfectly happy with being unemployed? Geez.

  • pink tie Republican

    Let them eat (cup)cakes.

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  • pink tie Republican

    Maybe Barry can nationalize these factories with taxpayer monies.

  • Sasja

    Daisy, thanks. Didn’t know about that. I still wonder what outcome, if any, those who signed these worthless petitions are expecting.

  • snap boy

    These people are too dumb to learn from the example of the UAW or maybe they haven’t figured out there’s no way the First Traveler allows the feds to provide subsidies to keep the twinkies coming off the production line.

  • Kate

    Nothing dumber than union mentality. I feel no pity for these workers at all. They were warned. Instead of trying to help save a company and have a job, they are greedy. Now they have no job at all. Bummer. Same people who helped get us another 4 years of Obama.

  • snap boy
  • thegoldman

    You should be after the union thats the reason your out of luck now…

    But your just one in the long line of list that unions have killed….

  • Al

    You withdrew your labor, the company withdrew their employment.
    Sounds “fair” to me, idiot.

  • Do an exit poll!!

    To find out how many of these people voted for Obummer.

    I have a private tutoring business in a small town in Wisconsin, work with dyslexic students, and when Tecumseh closed its doors due to the union workers wanting more and more, there went my business profit also. So, the closing of these three factories, and other businesses, it will change the economy of the entire towns. Wonder if they thought of this?

  • mrbenz7

    Elections do have consequences huh? What part of “We don’t have the money” do these union people not understand? Union leaders extorting employers into bankruptcy are not looking out for their members!

  • All_IS_LOST

    A quick word on unions. They can and do provide a service to works in troubling business practices. The union mentality and businessman mentality can be equally repulsive.

    The problem is the union’s of today do not seek to safeguard works into good business practices, but to take over the business the works are working for. It is simply communism, and many in the union are comunists if they know this or not.

    Work is a commodity like any other and nothing more. It is subjected to supply and demand. The more rare the commodity in a needed environment the greater the pay. When government and unions get involved with the free market the market breaks, usually creating diminished demand.

    Reuters has just announced that GM will begin Twinki production in several Detroit plants.

  • EJ

    Now they can collect unemployment, food stamps, and not have to work at all. No wonder they went on strike!

  • RKflorida

    “…they took away our jobs.” No they didn’t, you gave away your job.

  • Practical Jane

    Idiots. Good for Hostess!

  • Jaimo

    This could be fun, all the companies out there that have been catering to the unions and low info voters will lay them all off and then they’ll be money to keep the worker bees who don’t subscribe to the gimme gimme mentality.

  • Pete

    I shed ZERO tears for these selfish, lazy, economically ignorant union thugs. The tears I have I shed for my children and other hard working REAL Americans who will be saddled with the marxist effects of Obama being re-eleceted by asshats like these striking morons.

    Buy firearms for your home protection. Who knows what these animals will do once they start to really feel the effects of the Obamunism they foisted on all of us.

    I really am not looking forward to all the wailing from the parasites when they can’t get their “free” medical care…because there are no doctors left to see them.

  • All_IS_LOST

    I don’t understand why strikers get unemployment. If you chose not to work why should the insurance kick in?

  • Michael

    Shut the FING UP you whiner. The company OWED YOU NOTHING! Over and over entitlement…I worked here 7 years…FOR FREE? or were you paid? You union thugs think that you can hold companies HOSTAGE when you pay NOT ONE DIME for the operation of that business. Unions offer no JOBS they try to force their MARXIST IDEOLOGY on union members and then have the NERVE to demand that CAPITALIST companies pay for it. Get in the WELFAE LINE PUNK and take your HOSTESS FAMILY WITH YOU! Instead of working with the company your UNION thought cry cry cry….they are not giving us what we DEMAND..who cares about the economy, Obamacare, regulations or more…just as long as you thought your PRECIOUS UNION would help you. GO TELL THEM TO PAY YOUR WAGES!!!

    Unions are useless and under your OBAMA you will be one of millions that will be getting layoff notices, firings and hours cut. You did not want Romney who would have worked to make America Better with Business…you want Cronyism and Socialism…WELCOME LOSER to your new reality under Obama…Post it DATE NOV 6th, 2012….the date you thought you would kiss Obama’s Butt and here you are less then a week later OUT OF JOB and nowhere to go…here is idea Sport…drive to 1600 PENN AVE and ask your Marxist Messiah for a job!

  • dwd

    Sorry, no sympathy here.

    This is a lesson children are supposed to have learned long ago: actions have consequences.

    Mommy Hostess told you not to strike, you did anyway, now go to your room without supper… and good luck feeding yourself and your family for a while, to boot.

  • valerie

    I intend to find a way to prosper despite this administration. It’s the only way to survive.

  • Venomouse

    PAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Bunch of JACKASSES!!!!!! Not “Fair?” Guess what buddy, LIFE aint fair….get used to it ButterCup!!!

  • Where’s the MF money Jon?

    No worries! Obama says the economy is humming along just fine and he’s creating millions of jobs. You’ll find a high paying job with great benefits real quick.

    (Reality: Enjoy trying to work part time for 8 bucks an hour suckers)

  • Patty

    Who Cares! This is how it works in business. LIVE WITH IT.

  • DomesticGoddess

    Take that, you union pigs. You will no longer be able to hold companies hostage.

  • oldguy

    It might not be wise to file for closing a plant as this government has a tendency to interfere. Better to do nothing and let the strike continue without comment. After a certain amount of time the strikers will all come back. As long as they are on strike they receive no unemployment and this will deplete the union strike fund. This reminds me of the old Soviet joke: We pretend to work and they pretend to pay us.

  • Tony OnUtila

    They guy being interviewed is complaining that the company didn’t come out to tell them face to face that the plant was closing… Forgetting that they were told that if their union went on strike the company would close. The union went on strike. The plant closed. What part of that did he not understand?

  • Catherine

    Let us see what happened?
    You strike we will have to close.
    They went on strike.
    Now they are closed.

    Now this pisses me off I will now have to buy a bread maker.

    screw the damn unions.


  • Ohio Granny

    Sorry but I think they really did owe them the courtesy of a “Good bye”. Most of the hospitals or jobs I have had where you are on one side of the layoffs, the companies try to let you know in a kind way that you are toast. They even will have HR walk you through the process. Soooo, just because union labor is immature, that doesn’t mean the managers shouldn’t have floated a paper airplane out to the curb to let them know, You screwed yourselves out of a job, dude.

  • Kim

    Wa heh heh heh!!! “It’s not Fair”—- Neither was the election! You won, by hook and by crook. DEAL WITH IT.

  • Jim Scrummy

    My sympathy, empathy, and GAS light is out for these unionistas. I guess they have a hard time with english. Go on strike, we close. Simple. Unfortunately (for them), these phi beta kappas didn’t understand the memo.

  • Rose

    It was the UNION DECISION to close the plants – why don’t they picket and have outrages at THEMSELVES. After all, they EARNED IT THE HARD WAY!

  • Economan

    I really don’t care about these people. But I do feel sorry for the small businesses, contractors and vendors that relied on the plant for contracts, supplies, catering, and utilities. So now the unions are responsible for more unemployment than what most people realize.

  • jpmn

    Life isn’t fair should have been the first lesson your parents taught you. Second lesson should have been you don’t get to define what is fair.

    Now you will compete against thousands of other people for a job. You can thank Moochele’s war on Twinkees.

  • Bob

    The union and the moron members got what they deserved. Unions can never understand basic economics. If costs are rising, you cannot be looking for raises and better benefits.
    I am in a total boycott of any union made product. I am in the process of buying a new vehicle next month and it will be non union.
    These greedy ba stards can now go to the Obama food stamp line and pick up an Obamaphone while you are there.
    I bet you $100 that their union fully supported Obama.

  • NoBlahMa

    Atlas is indeed shrugging……

    Let’s burn this sucker to the ground, and along with it, the lefties and their policies.

  • retired militaryq

    I told my son about this at lunch. He said the McDonalds where he is working is hiring about 30% more staff. Of course everyone on staff now has had hours cut to 28 per week (30 is considered full time). They were also told that if the standards for full time are lowered to expect further cuts in hours.

  • Buffalobob

    Maxine waters. ” well then we’ll just have to ummm, ummm, socialllllll, ahhh, take ove ahhhh, (staffer wispers in her ear and it gets through the wig) nationalize, yes that’ it we’ll nationalize the Twinkie Factories.

  • DaMav

    I feel really sorry for these folks losing their job with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up. And the guy doing all the talking is going to have trouble finding another job because he seems … challenged. But why didn’t the ‘reporter’ ask the obvious question: “How do you feel about your union?”

  • Buffalobob

    The company should “Tell us what’s going on”. Isn’t that the responsibility of the union goons who negotiated for you? I’m sure they had your best interests in mind knowing that while you were walking the picket lines they would be collecting their big union salaries.

  • Patty

    After hearing from this employee, all I can think about is, did this guy build my Twinkies?

    I want background checks on my Twinkies.

  • Rosebeef

    What are they complaining about? This has been a good month. Their leader got reelected. Jobs are overrated anyway. Just ask the 25 million people who collect a gov check with no work requirement.

  • Lilbby

    I hope they get Twinkies shoved where the sun don’t shine.

  • pagar

    How much do you want to bet that these people who essentially committed economic suicide voted for Obama to complete our national suicide?

  • mossomo

    Let it burn. Faster please. Frankly, I don’t have the eighty years it took the Soviets to bankrupt.

  • H8Unions

    This is just awesome. Can you say “reopen in a Right-To-Work state?”

    I knew you could!

  • tcircle

    I guess you (union morons) showed them!

  • seanh

    I wonder what the conditions were on why they went on stirke? Regardless, dumbasses.

  • AmericaWILL

    “Its just not fair!” He whined. Well, guess what, lollipop? Fair’s where you get cotton candy. Life’s where you give an honest day’s work for your pay and at the end of the day, you’re grateful you have a job.

    Now, go whine to your Union boss. lol

  • George
  • Brent

    So sick of these unions trying to strong arm companies, and the arts..it’s not Capone era any more. If they don’t want to work with companies then the said company will find employees that will.

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  • TrickyDick

    Get into the unemployment line, get your food stamps and joins the hopelessly unemployed the way Barry Soetoro intended for you. A good voter is a dependeny voter. Ignorant schmucks!

  • Poor Babies! How’s that “revenge” workin’ out for you guys? You BLEW/LOST your jobs!
    But don’t worry, I am sure King O will send plenty of free stuff your way..with a PRICE that is!!”

    repeat after me, tools: “Elections have consquences!”

  • UpChuck.Liberals

    Payback is a B!TCH, get use to it. Any bets on WHEN unemployment will be ‘officially’ over 15%?

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Obama will put on his bomber jacket, and come pose with them, for pictures.

    That will solve everything! /Sarc.


    (Embrace the Schadenfreude!)

  • Ronnie James Diode

    Parasites just killed the host(ess).

  • winterplease

    Unions drive the quality of a product down – and kill good businesses. What goes around comes around. Eventually.

  • ignatzk

    F the Left

    Start relocating to right-to-work states – maybe the state revenuers will get that message.

  • Simsalabim

    Strikers are not entitled to unemployment compensation insurance.

    Meat packers in Minnesota tried a strike against Hormel in the 1970s. They were replaced by non-union workers who crossed their picket lines. This is in documentary film about the same. You think they would’ve learned. Same thing happening with an apparent rise in communism. Didn’t we just fight against communism in a world war 60 years ago? Short memories.

    Unionism only works in a good economy and Obamao is killing them. He is also killing the unions by allowing illegal aliens to take their jobs. Elections have consequences, comrades.

  • That interview needs to be autotuned.

  • even steven

    I avoid doing business with goonionized companies whenever I can. I try not to buy stock in goonionized corporations. I want the goonions out of my government, too.

  • Gary from Kansas

    I watched the clip, and other than a vague reference to a “labor dispute’ that was said by by the anchor, they went through the whole story there without the lib reporter chick explaining the history…Just allowed the guy to run his mouth and complain about the company that allowed him to feed his family for 7 years, until he decided to strike against them….Another professional news operation…

  • Daisy

    There are 99 petitions on the white house website – each state’s secession, several to legalize marijuana, a bunch of “free whomever”, and one to recount the election.

  • owl

    Holder will have Twinkie in court in 5….4….3….2….1…

    Me? One of my favorite stories of all time. Obama took the election. Isn’t that wonderful enough for you? Hey, you and your man have 4 more years of bliss!!!!

  • exsanguine

    Stupid bakers union got locked out of Crystal Sugar more than a year ago because they wouldn’t agree to the new contract.

    they are still locked out.


  • Anna

    @#12, you are so right. Along with unions come an ideology that most “worker bee’s” don’t realize. That ideology is counter to all that Americans believe in. Give the unions more power and they are a direct threat to our way of life. Unions have outlived their usefulness to the American workder, have outpriced the workers to the point of the “Host’s” ruin (GM comes to mind). All unions are of the Marxist/Socialist ideology and that is precisely what is causing their demise. No wonder they are fighting so hard to stay alive. No wonder they fought so hard to have Obama re-elected. They are a dying breed and good riddance to bad rubbish, I say.

  • Brian

    “They couldn’t come out here on the sidewalk and tell us we were losing our jobs”
    ….maybe that’s because your dumb a** should have been on the production line.

  • bike mike

    I have a small business, if someone came to put an application in that had a work history of Hostess that caused the plant to close, don’t think I would hire them. Your next employment choice will be asking if you want fries with that burger

  • dabbo

    Sorry but all I can do is laugh at these idiots…..especially Union Steward Vanilla Ice.

    Who in the hell told these people that now would be a good time to go on strike? but…With another 4 years of obama I’m sure they’ll have plenty of company in the unemployment lines.

    So they went from making bread to begging bread…..way to go union leadership.

  • anti-bho
  • anti-bho

    That is definitely NOT the link I intended to post. sorry.

  • Woody

    Not all unions are bad or stupid. Obviously there representation was pretty stupid to call for a strike when the company is going bankrupt. If you ask me thats about as dumb as it gets. So then does that make every union as bad as them. I really think you are all mislead as to what unions are and why they are needed in some professions. I’m against public unions but not construction or manufacturing unions. I think they are necessary for the safety of the workers and they provide a large trained workforce that can build anything. If you are so against unions you need to educate yourself about them. They gave you your weekends, overtime and 40 hour week. They also fought for things like health insurance and they set the standards that other nonunion employers fallow in order to provide for there workers the same benefits. People who hate unions don’t really understand them. If they did they would see that they arn’t this group of entitled people at all. All they are is someone that is trying to provide for there family just like you are. I also dont understand how people think that the unions are destroying our country. That cracks me up. I have never met anyone who can explain that to me once they open there mouths and say that. All I’m saying is that you need to educate yourself before you go bashing unions. There are plenty of books out there.

  • charlie chaplin

    now that obuma is back in office ..you see what will begin to happen with our economy…
    THE USA IS NOT WHAT IT ONCE WAS. and we all know it.. just keep going down this low life democratic point of view path and see the consequences..

  • obfuscatenot

    @127 Woody- with all due respect ALL unions public and private have outlived their usefulness. Consider me “educated” in the ways of the construction unions. Laborers, Carpenters, Iron workers, teamsters etc. . . . . People who feel “entitled” to a job because they belong to a group of bullies who will damage equipment and threaten while having ZERO skin in the game are not American. Were they “just trying to care for themselves and their family” they would show a company that they are worth that Davis-Bacon wage. Do the job the best get paid the best. Wow, performance pay! Wouldn’t that be something? As it stands now, the “union” help make more money for screwing up and doing a task over and over til they get it right. YES 100% the MAIN problem with this country. No different than some welfare queen with 6 chillun, just aks me. Yes ALL unions are bad and stupid. There are many mislead “innocents” at the bottom of the pyramid. Good people who have no clue that they are pawns. What’s fair and equitable for a person who is skilled at say Carpentry, not being able to work, because he has not paid his fair share of extortion money to the unions so they can give it to the Democrats? Pay for play.

  • Sue

    Going out to buy some Twinkies now … and I’ll be using cash, not food stamps. Four more years, indeed.

  • Woody

    @ obfuscatenot, Your real good at calling people names but you still make no point as to why unions are bad. You just say they are and we should all believe you. LOL

  • Truth Teller

    What do you expect, you overpaid union idiots???

    When you demand more in pay than the value you create, companies cannot afford you.

    You did this to yourselves. Just look at the barren field in St. Louis County that used to be a Chrysler automobile factory. Union leaches sucked the life out of it and killed it.

    I am convinced that a liberal mind is a mathematics, economics, and logic challenged mind.

  • wonker

    Perhaps its time for these union members to start businesses of their own like so many Americans have done in this bad economy. They would get an education as to what it really takes to run a business, the endless regulations, taxes, cash flow, competition, and dealing with ahole employees.

  • Joe

    Wow, are you people really celebrating job lose regardless of how it happened its a bad thing. You people are just as much a part of the problem. We live in a free country if people want to join a union let’em. The free market will determine if there’s a place for it or not. In thus case not. Or maybe it was the hostess business model.i hope someone buys the plant with a good business model an creates job good jobs. Union or not.

  • Chundog


  • denbon

    They should not receive any unemployment or food stamps they volunteer to leave their workplace let the union pay their bills for the rest of their lives. That way the union will have no money to give the democraps.

  • Navy seal

    Look I have worked for a union for over 11yrs now, & I vote rep every 2-4 yrs, never dem. I know some of y’all don’t care for unions, (I don’t either) but I have a family to feed & the pay where I work isn’t so great.. So don’t bash all union workers, just the ones making the calls at the local union halls. I am called a traitor, snake & even told to watch my back but in all reality they are all leftwing Dems telling me that. As a tx citizen, no one can tell me how to vote whether I’m union or not.

  • Lone Ranger

    All the lefties need to understand something: the situation is never, ever going to improve, unless they put people in charge of government whose driving priority is unleashing the private sector to dramatically boost jobs and employment. The idea of extracting money from “the rich” to subsidize the unproductive classes won’t work – even if the government takes every nickel from “the rich”. All that happens is that the rich eventually join the poor – the “crabs in a bucket” paradigm. Then you have everybody poor – and then where are you going to get the money?

    Obama never ran so much as a shoeshine stand in his life. Under him, all you are going to get is MORE people on EBT cards – for supplemental food assistance, and “disability” – thanks to the Obamacare job destruction machine that kicked into gear within 24 hours of the election, and is picking up steam daily.

    Ten days ago, America was a lurching Titanic, with a gaping hole in its side. Last week, for some insane reason, the American electorate chose to turn the Titanic around, and ram the iceberg again.

    Elections have consequences, people. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. The next four years are going to be unimaginably harsh. The mess that exists now will soon be “the good old days”. Entitlements HAVE to be cut – it is mathematically impossible to keep them going. The Unions – particularly the public employee unions – HAVE to be constrained – it is mathematically impossible to fulfill their demands.

    Think about being flat broke – completely penniless. Grim thought, right? Well, America needs to come up with $16,000,000,000,000 in surplus revenue – that is, collect that much more tax income cumulatively than it spends – just to get UP to the point of being TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY BROKE. That is the most optimistic dream goal that any politician can imagine – to JUST be flat and completely broke.

    That’s a wonderful ambition to contemplate, isn’t it?

    Sadly, America has the government it deserves. The majority parasite class is now firmly attached to the minority productive class, and every day, more productive people will be succumbing to the effects of being bled white. Something has got to give.

  • Navy seal

    And by the way most if not all companies have to post a layoff or shutdown with in 72hrs.. So with that being said they had at least 3 days notice! They should’nt have to tell them on the concrete because most union workers are idiots!!!!

  • Cephas

    The Left is so used to lying to gain advantage, they cannot understand that some people tell the truth. Never call a bluff if you are not willing to live with the consequences.

  • Woody

    I’d love to see someone build a skyscraper without union labor. It wont happen and never will, because union labor is trained and skilled at what they do unlike the private sector of construction. Where else are you going to get 100 or more plumbers or carpenters and tile guys. If a company had to hire that many people for one job they couldnt do it, it would cost them way too much to create that work force. Unions are there for a reason. To provide a quality work force with enough manpower to man big jobs and provide a quality product. Its pretty obvious many of you have no idea what goes on in union jobs and think that there all thugs and lazy bastards. Gee I wonder how all these huge buildings get built in record time. It must be those lazy union guys who rob us all of a job and make our lives miserable. Get over yourselves and get with reality.

  • jenny

    I love a happy ending. Since Obama’s re-election Unions are on a power trip. Time to demonstrate reality.

  • Cephas

    Since you cannot enter a skilled trade unless you do it through a union, the argument that you cannot build a building without them is circular.

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  • Woody

    You can enter a skilled trade and not be in the union. But can a business, say a plumbing company, afford to hire, train and provide tools to keep a large amount of people working on a huge job like a skyscraper without some sort of union like organization? It would run them into the ground trying to do that. Thats why they are there. To provide a work force to do those jobs. I would love to see someone try it without some sort of trained and organized workforce. If it could be done better than I’m sure someone would have done it by now.

  • Navy seal

    I couldn’t agree more but you are talking about union workers not the union hall presidents, vice presidents, & so forth.. They are the ones corrupt. I voted early in my county (straight Repubican) & three days later the union hall sent me a letter in the mail telling me it would be in my best interest to vote for Obama, I burned it! They have NO right telling me how to vote! And by the way, why don’t other people go to work for unions & vote the way I do? The money is better than working at a fast food restaurant or Walmart…

  • gena

    Did I get this right – the company told the union if they went on strike they would close the plant, the union went on strike, and they think the company needs to go out in front of them to tell them they did what they told them they would do. People need to realize that the concept that life should be “fair” is one of Satan’s biggest lies. Life is not always fair, it never will be and people need to get over that foolish concept. If you go on strike after a company warns you they will close you down if you do so, and they are barely breaking even as it is, it really is fair they you get closed. And if the only way the owners can get out with any of their hard earned cash by closing all the plants, guess what, that is fair also. They invested their money, they have been paying the salaries and they are not a charity.

  • Navy seal

    Well said!!! We’ve had to take pay cuts & cuts on our ins as well to keep our plant open & we are surviving just fine.. And I’ll tell you this, the only time I’ve been laid off in 11yrs is after Obama took office, if that tells you anything!

  • Truth Teller

    The average union worker is a slave to the union boss, who is a slave to the Democrat Party. The average black man is a slave to the race-baiting media, who is a slave to the Democrat Party.

    What we have is a bunch of people being manipulated by the Democrat Party to ensure perpetual power. That fat-fu(k Trumka needs to go the way of Hoffa.

  • Bill

    Woody is clueless. I don’t need to educate myself on unions at all. I employ 300 people and I am all too familiar with them. They demand raises and more without any consideration to whether it is paid for out of increased productivity. As far as skilled? So only UNION construction workers are skilled? Really? How ignorant. They have not done anything for me but make it more difficult to run my business profitably. The reason unions have a stronghold in construction is due to legislative acts like the Norris La Guardia act that restrict non union companies from operating. Extortion, threats, violence etc. Woody is claiming the market decided this but hes clueless. Companies can afford more if they hire non union but many states don’t allow it. This does not even factor in the violence, coercion etc.

    A day in my shoes would change Woody’s delusional beliefs real fast.

    These clowns are getting what they deserve.

  • Navy seal

    One day in my shoes, lmao… 20lb sledge hammers & jack hammers for 12-16hrs a day.. Take a walk in my shoes 6-7 days a week in then holler back.. Money well deserved!!!

  • Linda

    It’s got to get REALLY BAD before these people in UNIONS wake up, and come to understand that they’re being used by BOLSHEVIKS who do not have THEIR best interests at heart. It’s all about POWER to them, and taking down the CAPITALIST system here in our country. RICHARD TRUMKA & other Union heads meet & speak frequently at both the SOCIALIST & COMMUNIST organizations in this country, and over seas. Perhaps, after MANY of the private union members, as well as the PUBLIC (gov’t) union members lose their jobs in the VERY NEAR FUTURE, they’ll begin to see WHY conservatives wanted a REAL change…to get small business growing. But, then again, we’re not dealing with geniuses here, so….MAYBE NOT!

  • scneocon

    How do you f*(k up a Twinkie? Ask a Liberal.

  • Woody

    LOL Bob what kind of business do you own? Is it in construction? And how in the world dose a union make it a non profitable business. If it was then nobody would be working with them. I’m not clueless at all. I’ve been on both sides of this issue and believe you me I’d rather be a union construction worker than non any day. You have no clue how union jobs are run or you wouldnt be saying these kinds of things. You probably think that the employees are lazy and cant do quality work just because they are union. Your crazy! Believe me when I tell you that that is nothing but the farthest from the truth. Come on the job with me and see if you can make it one week. I’d work your ass into the ground and then some. We work our asses off for that paycheck and if you dont think so then your outta your mind. Spend 1 day in my shoes and then see what you say. Your just a disgruntled business owner who thinks that everything should be about you and that you should get more profit and let the worker suffer because hes just some stupid grunt. I’ve seen enough of you to know what you are. Nothing but a greedy self centered entitled owner who will never know what its like to earn a solids weeks pay with your hands and back.

  • Liberty

    Wasn’t the original purpose of unions to protect workers from bosses more concerned about production and their bottom line than the health and well-being of their workers….like breaks, harrassment, etc? The problem is the pendulum swings wide in opposite directions.

    Not to say all bosses are bad but workers rights are important. Nothing like having rights, no onw to back you up, and management doesn’t do what’s right. Especially in a situation where it’s your word against someone elses.

  • Varmint Hunter

    There goes my orange cupcakes. Guess I’m gonna have to riot.

  • anona

    Woody: You don’t know anything about business from the owners’ side. You have to generate at least 200% of what you are being paid for the business to break even. Try finding out about all of the expenses that have to be met when you employ people; not to mention all of the regulations you have to deal with. Add to that the worry of having some nitwit employee burn the whole thing down because he dd a half-assed job and your business gets sued of of existence. It’s a wonder any businesses exist at all. As for your snark that Bob can’t pull his own: He more than likely did more than that and saved to go into business for himself. Guarantee you he puts in a lot more hours a week than you would ever do, and for a lot longer time…

  • Gary

    Varmint Hunter
    I love those orange cupcakes too!

    But seriously, it’s time.
    Who is John Galt?

  • Gary

    Woody 154

    It’s not like companies go out looking for unions.
    The basic formula is a big company or an entire industry starts making decent profit, and then some Marxist in one of the plants starts preaching to the other employees about the ownership of the means of production, and how the company should operate at a profit/loss of exactly zero, and put all the money made from sales right into the workers’ (i.e. employees) pockets.

    Then he goes on to tell them that if they all stick together and demand it, and threaten to walk out and stand outside the plant and protest and crack anybody’s skull who tries to come in and take their job, then the company will have to give in to their demands.

    And a union is born.

    Or just watch Norma Rae if you still don’t get it.
    Hollywood never produced the sequel to Norma Rae where all of North Carolina’s textile plants moved to China, where unions are illegal FYI, and striking workers are the ones who get their skulls cracked.
    I know this because I’m from North Carolina and I spent years in China.
    Unions are bad news. The idiot in the video is their perfect spokesman.

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  • Woody

    So what you are all saying is that we should just forget all the workers rights and go back to a system where employers can just pay you minimum wage and not provide you with safe working conditions or provide a way for you to have health insurance and a pension. Thats what you are all going to get. If you want a china way of life then go to china. We have the right to organize and its going to happen weather you like it or not. Get used to it because were not going anywhere soon. You can wine all you want but unions are here to stay. Just imagine what would happen if all unions just vanished. I know I know, some of you would be jumping for joy. But just think about it. Unions set the standards that all employers set there standards and wages by. Without them there would be no standard to go by and eventually employers would start taking away benefits and wages so that they can make the profits that they want to receive. I mean honestly they dont care about you, its all about the profit margin.

  • even steven

    The guys trying to make excuses for unions are babbling. That’s what I would expect from union members. Unions are archaic and unnecessary. I know plenty of non-union construction companies, electricians, etc. who are skilled, competent, and work circles around unionized companies. Fact. So, blah, blah, blah about how wonderful unions are: it’s bs, and most everyone knows it.

  • arlo

    ” its all about the profit margin.”

    Now you’re getting it! If there’s no profit margin, you don’t have a job. Most union twits can’t understand this simple concept.

  • radioone

    Hey Buddy, you can whine all you want about it not being fair. Welcome to the real world.

  • Looks like the Hostess company is going on strike! As they say in Atlas Shrugged: Who is John Galt?

  • david

    stupid ass union idiots. I think we should start a boycott union businesses movement. Ihope they enjoy being unemployed

  • Navy seal

    If all y’all are so smart, let’s go ahead & get rid of unions, but when the Hispanic population that Obama let come over here for free & start working in our place for half our wages, I don’t want to hear your bitch!n!!!!!!!!

  • Navy seal

    What the fu€k do I owe any of you.. I work for a union but vote straight Repubican, I don’t understand what all the gatred

  • Navy seal

    What the fu€k do I owe any of you.. I work for a union but vote straight Repubican, I don’t understand where all the hatred is coming from, educate me please..

  • sugarfreegirl

    Hostess should have improved their products and maybe they wouldn’t have gone bankrupt in the first place. Bakers union should have worked with owners instead of striking.

  • JW

    Let them eat…cake? lol

    Sorry, couldn’t resist. 😀

    They walked off the job! It’s a strong possibility, especially with today’s economy, that if you strike, better be prepared to lose the job. Just because a person strikes in protest, does not automatically mean the company is in any way obligated to keep that vacated job open. Besides, Hostess said they would shut down factories if they went on strike. And, this poor idiot said he knew they were shutting down factories! And still, he decided to go on strike? Sheesh! How about realizing that times are tough right now, and sometimes a company – because of obese government and over-regulation and legislation – has to make cuts. Either accept it or find another job. It’s not easy on anyone right now.

    On another note, this may be a red flag on a resume:

    Last job? bread-maker at Hostess
    Years on job? 10
    Reason for leaving? got fired because I went on strike

    Hmm, I wonder how many companies will feel confident about hiring this guy?

    P.S. I don’t know that I want a product that has blood, sweat and tears in it… :\ Eww. lol

  • juliano wilson

    u voted for him 4 more years guess what u got what u deserve u did not build that so what r u complaining your union bosses make all the money and u get the crumbs so deal with that u must be the rich class he said he was going to be for the middle class . U voted now deal with that promise o wait when obama care hits then u will see??????????????????????????

  • You had 4 years to figure out what was happening to America. You chose not to do that and now your family and many others will suffer because you followed what your UNION wanted you to do.
    Have at it – to many people talk but don’t think and that is what this video shows me. Hostess owed you nothing but a paycheck at the end of a week. Because most of you have never started a business you have NO knowledge of what it takes so off of someones hard work to start the business that employees you – you decide they make to much money and you join a UNION to speak for you and this is the results. GOOD LUCK finding work – I personally would never hire any of you that decided to “STRIKE”. The UNION sure saved your job.

  • Woody

    Your all dumb asses!! They took pay cuts and benefit cuts for the last 2 years and the company still went under. The only reason they were striking is because they couldnt take another pay cut. They werent asking for more money like some of you keep saying. Just trying to keep the record straight.

  • Kim

    To the comments made regarding the re-election of President Barack Obama, deal with it, your UnAmerican attitudes are unnecessary and unwarranted. Those of us that did vote exercised our beliefs, as we are sure you did as well. dont besmearch the office of president, have some respect. This is a case of sheer stupidity on the part of those who made the decision to walk off the job. What company in America in bankruptcy, is able to operate without its workforce. The question is do I keep my job or do I lose it. Just like in poker they played their hand, and got their bluff called, Hostess wasn’t budging. Good bye Twinkie Kid.

  • James

    There is nothing wrong with unions,and there damn well is nothing wrong with the workers,it is the head of the union that buy up polititians,they own Washington, deems and rep’s.mayors & judges,that is wrong here..