Traitor Bradley Manning Says He’s Served Enough Time – Wants Out (Video)

U.S. Army private Bradley Manning is expected to take the stand for the first time this week at his trial. His lawyers plan to use his claim of mistreatment to get his case thrown out. He was put on suicide watch and forced to sleep naked for a few nights. He says he should be released from prison for this mistreatment.
Bradley Manning is charged in the biggest security leak in US history.

Of course, the far left believes Manning is an innocent victim and America is evil.

The Spectrum has more on today’s hearing:

Supporters of an Army private charged in the biggest security breach in U.S. history packed a military courtroom on Tuesday as his attorneys made the case he’d already been punished enough when he was locked up alone in a small cell for nine months and forced to sleep naked for several nights.

A retired Marine Corps colonel is denying that a three-star general directed Pfc. Bradley Manning’s pretrial confinement.

Daniel Choike (CHOY’-kee) was installation commander of the Quantico, Va., Marine Corps base during Manning’s confinement there. He testified Tuesday at a pretrial hearing for Manning.

Manning’s lawyers contend the conditions were directed by Lt. Gen. George Flynn, then-commander of the Marine Corps Combat Development Command.

Choke testified that he kept Flynn informed about the situation. But he says Flynn never influenced the decision to keep Manning on maximum security and prevention-of-injury status.

As the pretrial hearing forManning began at Fort Meade near Baltimore, about two dozen backers who’d held up signs of support outside the post went inside to watch the proceedings, many wearing black t-shirts with the word “Truth” in white lettering. The Army private is charged with spilling U.S. secrets to the website WikiLeaks.

The U.S. government claims the disclosures endangered lives and security. Manning supporters say the leaks exposed war crimes and triggered pro-democracy uprisings in the Middle East.

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  • TrickyDick

    I say he should be hung by the neck until dead!

  • Bob

    This traitor should never see the light of day. Of course he is the poster child for the liberal left as they have zero degree of support for our military or patriotism.


    I would consider letting him out if we cut out his tongue and make him a eunuch.

  • Joe Blow

    He should be punished for treason which used to be and should still be the death penalty.

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  • Marsh626

    This freakazoid should serve as a smelling salt to expose the mass insanity of accepting and promoting homosexuality and the wider “progressive” agenda.

    Like most gay people, he was a psychological weirdo and time bomb growing up. He abused his parents, threw stuff around his house on a regular basis, threatened to stab his own mother with a knife, went to therapists his whole life, was a militant “liberal” and atheist who hated Christianity and refused to say “God” during the pledge of allegiance, etc.

    He decided he was gay when he was 13 and got fired from job after job growing up because he was a mentally disturbed nutcase.

    During his exploration of the degenerate gay [lack of] culture in America, he was introduced to the internet hacking community.

    He was also accepted into the military for some crazy reason even though he was a scrawny runt who was barely 5 feet tall and even though he would scream back at his instructors and have constant random emotional breakdowns and was openly gay during DADT…

    He had a fairy princess wand on his work desk and even flipped a table over one time when he was being punished for constantly showing up late to work. Soldiers in the room said he was heading for the rifle rack when he was restrained by other military members…

    He even punched a female intelligence officer in the face, was caught curled up in the fetal position with a knife in a closet and had sent numerous messages to a therapist where he complained about how he had a gender identity crisis and wanted to get a sex change…

    He started dressing up as a woman and gave himself a female name and started writing all kinds of weird crap all over facebook. He also cried for several hours straight after watching movies…

    The guy was just a freaking mess.

    Yet despite all of this, he was STILL allowed to stay in the military and have access to massive amounts of secret information.

    Probably because he was gay and just like the military not wanting to crack down on that openly islamist muslim therapist who went on a jihadist shooting spree at Fort Hood, members of celebrated “vulnerable” “victim groups” are protected and coddled by our “liberalized” military…

    This dude serves as a perfect example to the dangers of allowing homosexuals AND treasonous demented libtards from serving in our military. I’ve known several gay people and all of them have all kinds of mental health issues. Do we really want to trust these damaged individuals with nukes and our national security?

    Because, after all, what Manning did was a classic gay hissy fit. He felt like a freak so he lashed out at his “homophobic” “oppressors” by leaking the most secret military documents in American history.

    And how has the Obama regime and the wider Left responded? By giving into gay activist terrorist tactics by repealing DADT…

    That this traitor is celebrated by the Left as a hero gives a very revealing glimpse into the treasonous mindset of “liberals”…

  • BurmaShave

    “Manning supporters say the leaks exposed war crimes and triggered pro-democracy uprisings in the Middle East.”

    These people have such screwed up concepts of the world I am left to wonder if they think “trigger[ing] pro-democracy uprisings” is good or bad, and if good, are they pleased with what Manning triggered in the Middle East.

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  • Phucknutz

    Leave him alone! Twiching at the end of a rope!

  • Oldeagle145

    The only thing this traitor should do is step on to a trap door.

  • Sam Stone

    He should be hung in public.

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  • Daisy

    How did a lowly private get so much access to this information?

  • Bronson

    This ahole should be swinging at the end of a rope for treason

  • RKae

    Release Manning NOW! …in a f*cking box.

  • cal rifkin

    Poor son of a gun…he and Julian Assange have been so mistreated… maybe something that’d dispatch justice more quickly for treason…hmmmmmm

  • Austin Milbarge

    He looks like a sniveling, limp wristed libtard. He will never see the light of day agian….I hope they execute him by firing squad. I would be very envious of those on the firing squad! Maybe they could hold a lottery for one American citizen to be on said firing squad….I would pay for that!!

  • send him to the ‘stan, and make him clear IED’s until he blows himself up.

  • Chris W.

    Take the traitor outside and hang him from a tree. Problem, solution.

  • MT Geoff

    1. PFC Manning appears to me to be an inadequate attention-seeking fool who did something quite harmful.
    2. Treason it is not — the crime has a specific definition and requirements and Manning doesn’t fit them.
    3. Espionage by a military member is potentially a death-penalty offense. The military theoretically switched to lethal injection around 30 years ago but hasn’t actually carried out an execution since 1961. We have a handful of soldiers and airmen on death row; there will be no hangings or shootings but some may yet get the needle.
    4. Manning has been convicted of — nothing, so far. His treatment at the Quantico brig should raise some red flags, as should the very long delay in bringing him to trial. That doesn’t mean he’s innocent or even that he should not do more prison time if convicted, but I’ve followed the discussion of his confinement and there are valid issues about how he was treated.
    5. Manning is gay and it isn’t relevant.

  • akwyoutahclay

    His only “release ” should be a hangmans noose or a firing squad

  • BD Cooper

    Shoot him and send his worthless family the bill for the bullet. If he was my son I’d do the deed myself.