Top New York Times reported Jeff Zeleny admitted this morning on FOX News Sunday,

“There’s a real sense of enthusiasm for the Romney Campaign… And, on the other side, the excitement and enthusiasm is not there.”

And, that was from a NY Times reporter.

Yesterday, FOX News political analyst Carl Cameron said “Mitt Romney is giddy” behind the scene.




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  1. Yeah but I’ll be pleasantly surprised should he win. 2016 will be here before you know it.

  2. Romney seems genuinely touched & humbled by the large crowds & enthusiasm, which is a welcome contrast to the self-indulgent smugness that shows on the President’s face when someone faints in his presence.

  3. 35,000 for Romney in west Chester , Ohio the other day. 2800 or less for Obama in Columbus

  4. In my town, there are Romney signs everywhere, proudly displayed on lawns. The few Obama signs are on public property. Nobody wants to claim them as their own.

  5. Nothing we didn’t already know. I have heard this guy and well, hohum!!

  6. NYT and WaPo kept Abu Ghraib on their frontpages almost 24/7 for years. One little blabbing CIA agent Plame named by that other Blamer-In-Chief Collin Powell (poor baby) & Sidekick, made a little news with the help of Scoopers and Chief Corruption Agent Fritz for 3 years who just happens to land a new job recently. Wow.

    Nary a word about a group of CIA agents under fire and some killed. Guess that little blonde bomb was worth X number of ?

    NYT and WaPo just love to leak our secrets.

    Talking about Romney’s crowds must hurt like heck.

  7. “Yesterday, FOX News political analyst Carl Cameron said “Mitt Romney is giddy” behind the scene.”

    This giddy?

  8. What we are going to see here is what I characterize as the “Chick-Fil-A” vote.
    And it will be massive!

  9. Amazing how honest and forthright our biased media can become when there are only a few days left to be active liars, participants and propagandists.

    Will they collectively fall on their Obamaswords on Tuesday Evening or wait until Wednesday?

  10. I plan on voting and then staying up late Tuesday, and I hope to dance.

    My vote won’t count; I live in San Diego, CA. Word is that CA is going to stay blue, and I believe it, because while I know lots of people who have quietly mentioned the need for a different administration, this is still Pacifica Radio and NPR country, and those voters are serenely misinformed about the issues of the day.

    Still, there’s a proposition on the ballot to keep unions from forcing their membership to pay for the political activities of their union officers, so there’s some bit of long-term hope.


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