The lapdog media may be traveling Southeast Asia with the president but that didn’t stop TIME magazine’s Mark Halperin from taking a shot at conservatives.
Halperin moocked the “right-wing Freak Show” in an early morning tweet.
Via Twitchy:

Remember that tweet next time you read your TIME magazine.
These people are not your friends.




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  1. Time magazine will be out of circulation pretty soon. Nobody read their garbage magazine. The media are in cognitive suicide – the self-poisoning occurs when you believe your own crazy propaganda.

  2. How lone before Time magazine joins Newsweek in the outhouses of the world?


    The End of an Empire by Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh

  4. Start asking your dentist and Dr why they have offensively partisan literature in their waiting rooms. Let them know Time helped Obamacare become law. These are the only people who subscribe to that crap.

  5. just take the time magazine from wherever you might be and dispose of it…passive acts of resistance.

  6. Any conservative who buys a lib paper/magazine is a fool. Don’t support these baztards.

  7. My my my…we’re becoming mighty thin skinned and peevish.

  8. Another useful idiot happily going to his death. Good riddance!

  9. F&%! Halperin and his fellow leftist media comrades.

  10. Would that be, Mark, like you “blatantly sidestep” journalistic integrity?

  11. Along with bashing the Right, he’s crowing about the press’s refusal to ask Obama any questions of consequence, laughing about their refusal to hold government accountable.

  12. Mark, Mark, your favorite mastermind, celebrated the 65th anniversary of teh Thai king’s reign
    by a gift of a photo of himself, Obama the First. Really! from F and F this am.
    You wouldn’t do that, creased pants or not…Your job is ending pal, Are you too dense to see that.

  13. Obama’s favorite Thai dish must be dog.

  14. Hit a little too close to home?

  15. So…a left wing journalist, working for an all but irrelvant mag dangles some bait in front you, which bait has absolutely nothing to do with anything relevant…and you jump all over it.

    Doing exactly what he hoped you do. …which is to go nuts over absolutely nothing.

    Oh, well done. > /sarc

    You don’t call yourselves the stupid party for nothing…


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