Hundreds gather on Cairo’s flashpoint square to protest President Morsi’s Constitutional Declaration.

Al-Ahram has live updates from the rally.

There will be 3 major rallies in Cairo and Giza that will head to Tahrir at 5 PM :

One from Mostafa Mahmoud mosque in Mohendessin Giza
One from El Fatah mosque in Giza too “It will be led by Amr Hamzawy”
One from Shubra roundabout “It will be led by Mohamed ElBaradei and George Ishak

There will be also rallies organized in the governorates against the constitutional declaration in Alexandria, Fayoum, Kafr El Sheikh, Sohag and Damietta as well in Sharm El Sheikh south Sinai.




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  1. I guess we need to watch and learn and see how this goes in preparation for the day that Obama does the same thing.

    I have TWO pitchforks, if anyone’s interested…

  2. Last time people gathered like that to protest a dictator Obama supported them.
    Now, not so much. Thanks Barack.

  3. what are these revisionists doing, obama wants morsi.

  4. Well, this certainly puts Egypt’s war with Israel on hold. Sticks and stones, lard ass.

  5. I wish these folks luck; I suspect that they are going to need it in a big way.

  6. Be patient! It’s going to take a while for Morsi’s Security Police to finally round up all these people, take them to a remote facility where they will be brutally raped to teach them a lesson about going against an islamic leader, before being let go.

    Give them time to clear the square. I mean, those muslim brutes who form Morsi’s security apparatus are good but not THAT GOOD!

  7. Well, don’t be depending on Obama’s America. We clearly no longer support those who want freedom.


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