The Obama EPA Blocks BP From New Federal Contracts

Obama cuts off BP.

The Obama Environmental Protection Agency blocked BP from any new federal contracts.
The Washington Post reported:

The Environmental Protection Agency has suspended BP from bidding on any new federal contracts as a result of the company’s conduct during the Deepwater Horizon drilling disaster that led to 11 deaths and the largest U.S. offshore spill.

The temporary contracting ban came early on the day the Interior Department held a sale of leases on 20 million acres of offshore oil and gas prospects in the western Gulf of Mexico, which the department said attracted $133 million in bids. Sources close to BP said the company did not submit any bids.

The EPA said the suspension would not affect BP’s current contracts or leases, which are crucial to the company. The London-based oil giant is the largest leaseholder in the deep-water Gulf of Mexico, with more than 700 leases, and it is the gulf’s largest producer of oil and gas from more than 20 fields there.

In 2011, BP was also the largest supplier of fuel to the U.S. military, with contracts worth about $1.35 billion.

The EPA move follows BP’s agreement to settle criminal charges for $4.5 billion, the largest such payment ever in a criminal settlement with the Justice Department.

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  • Chris W.

    I still think Obama created that mess, somehow. Call me a crazy conspiracist, but creating a massive drain on insurance companies (or sitting back and watching it get as bad as it did, which he absolutely did) would be right up Obama’s alley.

    Kill off the insurance companies, and the only one left to “insure” anyone is the government. Obamacare happened right after the spill when the insurance companies were at their weakest, both financially and politically.

  • Whistleblower

    When will the Chicago Sun Times get their copies of the Blagojevich tapes and transcripts?

  • Guess they couldn’t shake-down anymore money from BP……….

  •……..Guess we know what oil company will be getting those federal contracts

  • gastorgrab

    The Obama administration should ban it’s own department of Material Management from future involvement.

    Had it not been for the federal government inspectors allowing BP to fill out it’s own safety inspection check sheets, the faulty equipment might have been discovered. BP shares responsibility with the Obama administration for the spill. But I didn’t see them being penalized.

    And wasn’t the Obama administration about to award BP with honor recognizing their “outstanding safety record” at the time of the spill?

  • Sam Stone

    Obama HAS told the truth at least once. He said his energy plan “is all the above”.
    What he didn’t say was “all the above” the ground, solar wind. Nothing below the ground.

  • Bobbi

    so, does this mean he might award contracts to US companies??????
    I doubt it/

  • Finncrisp

    Barry hates Oil, Barry hates Coal, Barry hates Natural Gas. In other words, Barry hates America!

    We have a single major incident in the gulf in over 60 years of production, and this is what happens.

    What will happen the next time a plane crashes domestically? Will the airline be banned from operation”temporarily”? Next coal mine collapse? Mining “temporarily” stopped?

    Hope everyone is happy that voted for this Marxist.

  • What actually sank the rig? Water. Who was in charge of fighting the fire? The Coast Guard. Who didn’t follow the rules for fighting the fire? Guess who?

    Why spray water on an abandoned rig, making it sink? Water does not put out oil fires.

  • bigL

    there will be some company that will be awarded the contract. and BP will be the operator/driller.
    Case closed.

  • dwd

    Obama voters, you voted for this. Enjoy your more expensive everything.

  • kato

    Another example of the arrogance of this bunch of subprime grifters.

    All Americans will be finding out how Detroit got to be the subprime sh-thole that it is today.

  • bobdog

    Since the EPA’s supreme rulings have the force of law, some enterprising lawyer at BP should spend a little time researching the term “bill of attainder”. From everything I see, this ruling is a direct violation of Article I, Section 9 of the US Constitution.

    My best guess is that BP has an arguable case.

  • platypus

    #10 cargosquid is absolutely correct. BP is responsible for the blowout. The US government is responsible for the sinking and the spill. Why else would Jugears play tough guy with BP? To deflect attention and responsibility, just like he does with the economy.

    “Oh! Look at that shiny object over there!”

  • Cynicles

    A great deal of the moral people of America are ready for the Justice Dept to settle levy criminal charges against Holder, the POTUS/usurper & the DOJ.

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