The End of Our National Tragedy? Romney Takes Lead in Final Rasmussen Poll …Update: Romney Leads in Gallup Poll Too

Is the end of our national tragedy near?

Mitt Romney took the lead today in the final Rasmussen poll before election day.
Romney leads President Obama by one point, 49-48.
Rasmussen reported:

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Monday shows Mitt Romney attracting support from 49% of voters nationwide, while President Obama earns the vote from 48%. Two percent (1%) prefer some other candidate, and one percent (1%) remains undecided.

Rasmussen Reports will conduct our final tracking poll tonight and release the results early Tuesday morning. Later today, we will issue our final swing state polls including Ohio, Virginia and New Hampshire.

Since mid-September, after the convention bounces faded, the candidates have generally been within three points of each other on a daily basis. Heading into the first presidential debate, Obama had a slight edge. After that debate, Romney had the advantage. For a few days in late October, Romney reached the 50% level of support and opened a modest lead. But the candidates have been tied or within two points for each other for the past eight days.

Now, it is time for all of us to get out and vote.
As Mitt Romney says – Vote for love of country.

UPDATE: Romney leads in the Gallup Daily Poll today too, 49-48.

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  • Spider

    We win because America is smart. Smart people make mistakes, 2008 for instance. But smart people learn from their mistakes, and then fix them.

    We are fixing the biggest mistake ever made tomorrow.

  • Larkin

    What is so amazing here, is that there couldn’t possibly be a more moderate candidate than Romney.
    Indeed, that is why he met such resistance among Republicans in the first place.

    And yet, the liberals, progressive “half” of the country continue to portray him as some sort of right-wing, extremist madman.

    I really hope that Mitt is paying attention. He cannot pull a George Bush for the next four years and “stay above the fray”, i.e. allow the left to demonize him and whatever policies he attempts to put in place with little or no response.

    He MUST go to the American people regularly, and EXPLAIN the facts of life to them. He must not allow the chris matthews of the world to routinely assassinate his character.

    Otherwise, he’ll be running against michelle obama in 2016.

  • Obama is going to be humiliated, Romney 300+ electoral votes imho

  • burt

    Even if the Democrats hold on to cotrol of the Senate, there is no reason to keep Harry Reid in charge. Let us hope that there are a few Democrats with brains. The Civil War is over, you lost. Let’s move on.

  • Gary

    I’ve been calling it 55-45 popular vote all year, and I stand by that.

    That said, the popular vote doesn’t elect the president, so national polls are really meaningless (and rarely honest anyway).

    I’ll go out on a limb and say 300+ electoral votes as well. What the heck!

  • creeper

    This isn’t the final Rasmussen poll. That will be released at 9:30 tomorrow morning.

  • Just as a note, Rasmussen will have one more poll tomorrow morning.

  • Freddy

    My take is far different than the tv pundits. ALL of whom have an agenda to keep people watching.

    The House seats are expected to remain in Republican hands. There is NOT going to be a wave election to undo the 2010 election. To me, this means that Romney, and every Senate candidate, in the vast majority of cases, will win those districts. I see an easily predictable landslide for Republicans.

    Look for the media to be shocked at how wrong they were throughout this contest.

  • Hugh

    I had to cancel an appointment I had in Madison,WI because of the Obama rally. Hope his days are numbered.

  • Buzzy

    If Rassmussen has Romney ahead by 1 point, you can bet that Romney will win by more like 5 points at least. For whatever reason, Rassmussen always over weighs Democrats, except in 2008. That year he managed to give Republicans a little more weight, and we know the Republicans got spanked hard that year. In the 2010 mid terms Rassmussen went back to giving Democrats more weight, and the Democrats were beaten bloody in that election. In this year’s GOP primaries, Rassmussen was way off in many of the state primaries. In the 2009 VA Gubernatorial election Rassmussen came in 6th in polling accuracy, as once again he over weighed Democrat strength. As I said, if Rassmussen has Romney ahead by one point, Romney will do very well tomorrow.

    I will go with the Bickers and Berry prediction, Romney will win 330 electoral college votes. His popular vote totals will be in landslide territory.

  • Bill Mitchell

    Rasmussen is still using a D+4 sample in this poll. He also states that Romney takes Indies by 15. +2 GOP is undecided but he doesn’t give Romney.

    Rasmussens final poll is tomorrow. My bet he goes 51/48 Romney in last poll.

  • valerie

    #3 November 5, 2012 at 10:01 am
    Larkin commented:

    *sigh* They portray ALL Republicans that way. This is nothing new. It’s been going on for years.

    My research into the good work done by Newt Gingrich and Al Sharpton on education reform was a real eye-opening experience. What they do is bury anything sensible by a Republican in a garbage pile of lies about what he said.

    I noticed one of the reporters on FOX commenting about how polarized the electorate is. Well, if you believe all the lies told about Republicans, then you’ll hate ’em. And if you know where the lies are, and their origin, you will despise an easily identifiable group of other people.

  • valerie

    #11 November 5, 2012 at 10:46 am
    More Minty commented:

    At least you admit to being a troll.

  • snap boy

    Hopefully it’s curtains for Obama – and a new dawn for the country.

  • the last four years show what happens when you have a communist governing.

  • valerie

    Kevin Dujan Final 2012 Election Predictions: Romney wins White House, GOP keeps House, and Republicans take Senate. 100% chance that Nate Silver’s career collapses into ruin.

    Last night, Karl Rove predicted a big win for Romney and an early night, based on the SAME polling information everyone else has. He waded into the internals and assumptions. He got asked why he reached different conclusions from those of the various pollsters, and he said, he’s been doing it for 40 years, and he knows how to read a poll.

    The interesting thing is that he and Kevin Dujan make a lot of the same points, although Dujan does in in a more social fashion.

  • Liz

    Let it be. Let’s end this nightmare. Tomorrow. I can’t go another day.

  • Militant Conservative

    ******************Admisistrator Please note****************************

    I have just found out the southern district chairman of the Democrat party is voting

    Republican. Use my e mail to contact me and I’ll fill you in on the details as to how I know.

    Second, I get to count ALL of the absentee ballots in my county here in Georgia.

    Remember, it’s not who votes but who counts them. LOL

  • Militant Conservative

    OOP’s. Southern dist. chairman in Illlinois.

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  • surfin’ bird

    Jim, you’ve coined it correctly, if not perfectly.

  • donh

    The Obama Space Odyssy HAL Teleprompter Disconnect operation is underway….” will you stope Dave…I’m afraid …..Dave my mind is going….I can feel it…..I can feel it ….I can feel it “……..” Good afternoon Gentleman I am a HAL 9000 Obama drone …I became operational at the HHL Occidental in Urbana Illinois on the 12 of January 1992….My instructor was Mr Langley….and he taught me to sing a song…..DAISY….”……>

  • Big Red

    “Last night, Karl Rove predicted a big win for Romney and an early night, based on the SAME polling information everyone else has. He waded into the internals and assumptions. He got asked why he reached different conclusions from those of the various pollsters, and he said, he’s been doing it for 40 years, and he knows how to read a poll. ”

    This is all I need to know. He’s not talking out of his ass or playing games with the polls. He just gives it to you straight. And don’t think the Democrats don’t crap their pants when Rove
    makes a prediction like this. So, once again, I like our chances.

  • Big Red

    #24- You forgot this: “The HAL 9000 has never failed. It’s must be your fault Dave.”

  • Dr Van Nostrand

    and I’ll be on other boards mocking your Democrat counterparts. Regardless, you’ll still have the pleasure of my company until inauguration day.”

    Tell me how does it feel to have no honor, values or principles by being an ideological whore?To be sure such people never lose but do u ever win?

  • FlyOverStatesman

    Election day check list: Rail, split and ready. Tar, heated to proper consistancy. Feathers, plucked and bagged. Shortest route out of town, mapped.

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  • Big Red


    Hate it when I make errors like that.

  • donh

    Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer, do,
    I’m half crazy all for the love of you.
    It won’t be a stylish marriage,
    I can’t afford a carriage,
    But you’d look sweet upon the seat
    Of a bicycle built for two.
    We will go tandem as man and wife,
    Daisy, Daisy,
    Ped’ling away down the road of life,
    I and my Daisy Bell.
    When the road’s dark, we can both despise
    P’licemen and lamps as well.
    There are bright lights in the dazzling eyes
    Of beautiful Daisy Bell.


  • bg



    November 4, 2012

    The Full Pardon for the Blind Shiek

    [Gee, uh, Mr. President. You seem to have tucked
    the back of your skirt into your pantyhose……….

    Here we are in the final approach to what is arguably the most pivotal election in the nation’s history and we have Mr. Obama, the sitting President of the United States of America, talking about having his “feelings hurt” over a comment his opponent made about Jeeps being manufactured in China, and then doubling down to say he was “offended” by criticism of his bungling and cover-up of missteps during the bloody siege in Benghazi.

    Apparently when one’s entire four year tenure is viewed as an unmitigated disaster and provides no platform on which to run for re-election, the last vestige of strategy when not race-baiting is to play the pity card.

    I cannot imagine a circumstance under which ANY of the un-impeached presidents in my lifetime would resort to such a maudlin, sissified tactic yet that is the depth to which he and his campaign have sunk. It’s been rumored that Vladimir Putin fell into a giggle fit. When they got him off the floor he started watching Obama on his U.S. television feed again and chanted “Four more years. Four more years!” then raised his glass of vodka toward an aide and shouted “Nazdrovia, Komrade Obama!”]

    more at link..


  • Trish

    PLEASE GOD. A friend sent me this: Lucy says that this election will tell us whether or not the responsible have finally been outnumbered. I think she’s right.
    I don’t want to believe it, but it could happen. I don’t want this to mean the end of a country of greatness. PLEASE GOD, give us a new president.

  • More Minty

    You are making some remarkably specific conclusions about me based on very limited information. Consequently, I will decline to tell you what it feels like to, “have no honor, values or principles by being an ideological whore”, since I don’t agree with your initial premises. If by “honor, values or principles” you mean things Honesty and Loyalty, I have those in spades.

    If you are interested to know what it is like to be me, I will tell you: It’s pretty great.

  • willi

    President Gerald R. Ford: “Our long, national nightmare is OVER.”

  • Snuph

    40% will vote for Obama no matter what. This includes all those who know who signs their paycheck so to speak. We can name them but the list is too long. This also includes the small special groups like gays and new immigrants. These people actually believe in “socialism”.

    Another 3% to 5% will vote Obama because of ignorance.

    Total 45%

    To win will take voter fraud on a scale never seen before.

    Will the DNC do it? Even if they know they will be caught?

    I think, yes they will if it is only 1 or 2 states. If it is 5 or 7 or 9 states, then no they will not.

    2% are going to vote for some other candidate for whatever reason.

    53% are going to vote Romney.

    It all boils down to how many votes the DNC can manufacture, without everyone knowing they cheated.

    How many cities can they have a turn out of 105% before questions started being asked by normal everyday people. Those who do not particularly pay attention to politics.

    God Bless,

  • Sandy

    Why is every polling company putting Obama at 48%? Why is it so close? In no poll does Obama break 50%? Romney either wins in a blow out or loses while Obama wins a tight race according to the pundits. Two things cross my mind — is the media afraid to call this race against a Black President. If it turns out that Romney wins it will the pundits say ROMNEY WINS UNEXPECTEDLY BECAUSE OF A HUGE GOP TURNOUT?

    Or the other senario is the media aiding Obama to cheat his way back in?

  • Delores

    I can’t believe all that obama has done to ruin our country & we still have people heads voting for him. it has to be people who don’t have a clue and only want a free bee. obama tries to tell our kids in school what they can and cannot eat. People in NY are begging for gas and standing in long lines. wait tell you have to stand in line to get food.The food he wants you to eat. He tries to make it look like he is giving you something free. there is nothing free. You will pay. We will have no more freedom to choose he will choose for you. He wants to take away our military, then WHO will protect the United States. Look at Libia while our ambassador and 3 other were being murdered and they were begging for help.he wouldn’t sent them help. He blamed the attack on a video which was a down right lie and while they were being murdered and begging for help for 9 hrs 4 guys tried to fight them off what did Obama do, He turned away and went to Vegas.. If he doesn’t care about our military, Do you really think Obama cares about the US? He said we will never go to war with islam. You Christians that vote for him are going against God. You are throwing God out for Obama. The democtats booed God 3 times at their convention. They want legal abortions are you going to be a part of killing babies, well you will be when you vote for him you are going against God. He took away our nationl day of prayer, & will not allow prayer in our military. Soon we will not be able to go to our church’s., but he allows muslems to pray in the streets of Ny and at the whitehouse. He brought the muslim brotherhood to the whitehouse when they are a group who openly says they want to get rid of the US. Why did he invite them to the white house? Why did he tell Putin President of Russia in a whisper that he will take care of him when he is voted a 2n’d term and got caught on camera by a reporter who put it on the air. WAKE UP!! turn Fox news on to see what is really happening. Look at what he did at fort hood, lied about it lied about giveing rifles to the cartel. Why?? Think about it he wants to destroy the united States and given a 2nd term he will succeed. He is ruining the United States. He took 714 billion dollars from our social security for obama care. It is not free you will pay for it. You will never have a choice if he is president. He even said if you don’t buy obama care you will be fined. Wake UP!! Bfore it is too late.

  • Indiana

    I’ve made a standby appoint with my shrink….on Wednesday, just in case Obama wins. There is no more room in my brain for the distain I have for this president. I’ve had my belly full of that little punk (and his cronies) in the White House. We only have one way to go, and that’s up.

  • greenfairie

    I’m no “expert” but here’s how I’ve seen it work since the ’70s. Poll schmoll.

    Democrats only win if they are “rock star” candidates, can bring out a much higher than usual turnout of young people and minorities, and win among independents. They need to be hyper enthused. Why? Democrats are more likely to switch sides than Republicans. Reagan Democrats anyone? The Obama of 2008 and the Clinton of 1992 and 1996 kept the herd on the donkey side of the fence.

    Republicans only win if they get a strong turnout among Republican voters (i.e. win the enthusiasm gap), win among independents, and can get a necessary percentage of registered Democrats to vote for them. I don’t know what that number is but there are plenty of Democrats who function more like independents. They may be religious, older, veterans, etc. who just register Democrat out of habit or family tradition but will turn in a hurry on someone who is too hostile to them. Reagan needed blue collar, largely Catholic voters. Democratic hawks sided with Bush 43.

    Moreover, whoever has enthusiasm and movement on his side wins. Why? People with no strong political stances will side with the guy they think is going to win. Americans love winners and if you look and act like a winner, these voters will fall in line. Sad to say but it’s true.

    Now think to yourselves here, where do all of the signs point? Who do you think is going to flip more voters, the Obama of 2012 or Romney? Where do you see the movement and enthusiasm?

  • Leroy

    @ #6 – Gary,

    If you are correct, I will be watching MSNBC in the final moments, just to see Tingles wet himself.

  • Restless

    Yesterday, I was feeling despondent after looking at all of the polls tightening, with Obama seeming to rise. Today, though, I’m back to feeling confident of a Romney victory. Rasmussen and Gallup lifted my spirits. However, it was the CNN poll that really got me excited. CNN says it’s all tied up …. but that’s with a D+11 sample and a 22-point lead for Romney among independents? Seriously? In the real world, the CNN poll means Romney is leading comfortably. At the same time, Rasmussen has Republican ID at the highest level ever seen… 39%… and Dems below 34%. This has the potential to be a landslide. I sure hope so!

  • Jokes On You

    Lol @ all of these people so sure that Romney is getting in! That racist will never be moving into the White House! Get over it!

  • phillip patterson

    I cannot wait for the evil but charsmatic president to lose in a landslide tommorow. All of the intelligent good vibes everyone is putting out on this site makes me feel better. At least when Mitt takes office he will be able to be seen and photographed with my guy! Bush number II rules!

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