Several thousand people rallied in Tahrir Square for the second Friday running (AFP, Mahmud Khaled)

Tens of thousands of hardliner Muslims rallied for Sharia law in Cairo today.
AFP reported:

Thousands of radical Islamists demonstrated in Cairo on Friday to demand that sharia, or Islamic law, be the basis for legislation in a new constitution being drafted for Egypt.

Several thousand people rallied in Tahrir Square for the second consecutive Friday to vent their demands, an AFP correspondent reported.

“The people want implementation of God’s law!” they chanted.

“The Koran (Islam’s holy book) is above the constitution,” read a placard strung across the emblematic Cairo landmark that was the cradle of the 2011 uprising that ousted president Hosni Mubarak from power.

“Bread, freedom, sharia,” said another sign, with the word sharia replacing a call for “social reform” central to last year’s uprising.

The main Al-Nur Salafist party and the influential Muslim Brotherhood, from whose ranks Mubarak’s successor Mohamed Morsi comes, said they would not take part in the protest, organised by smaller radical groups.

A 100-member Constituent Assembly, dominated by Islamists, has been tasked with drafting a new constitution for post-Mubarak Egypt.

The new charter is to replace the 1971 one that was suspended by the military, which took power when Mubarak was ousted last February.

The old constitution said the main source for legislation were the “principles of sharia.” Ultra-conservative Muslims want the new charter to to say it should be sharia alone.

Liberals, secularists and the Coptic church, whose minority community has become increasingly fearful of the rise of Islamists to power in Egypt, reject this stance.




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  1. Looks like a great target for a dozen daisy cutters.

  2. If that were a Tea Party it would be deemed “hundreds”

  3. Yes, DWD. I was one of thousands and thousands at rallies in D.C. that were ignored or called hundreds!!

  4. Aren’t many Copts left in Egypt are there? Of course if it were anyone else but muslims killing them off it would be genocide and they would be up before the UN War Crimes Tribunal . . . .

  5. Granny are you high or what?

  6. George are you blind or what?

  7. Coming to a city near you, wake up America.

  8. When I see a picture like that, for some reason, I immediately think “Target rich environment!”… but that’s just because I’ve read too many books on the 1400 year history of Islam’s war with the rest of civilization.

  9. That picture brings two words to mind:

    Fire Mission!

  10. Robert obviously Granny was being sarcastic and so I was…we all know what the UN stands for !!

  11. Wow – so thankful O’s foreign policy is such a success. :( :( :(

  12. #13 Maybe it IS a success, to him… depends on what his goals were.

  13. Just one A-10, with cannon roaring. That’s all that’s needed to make the picture perfect.

  14. We got our own fundies to deal with here in America. Religious fundies, muslim, christian, or otherwise, are the sh-tstain of civilization.

  15. Nothing else to do there but smoke ‘em pipe, hang around on the street corner & go protest. Tourism used to employ people there.

  16. We found the perfect place to plant a bomb, take care of several problems all at once.


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