Team Obama is giving away free pizza at Miami Dade County early voting location.

Jordan Gehrke reported:

“Asked the Obama supporter giving out free pizza at polls who she was with. She said nobody, then flashed Obama pin.”

Meanwhile, in New York City they’re running out of water.




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  1. WOW, If those females got that excited over a felony involving pizza.

    A geek could get laid by taking them somewhere nice.

    Most geeks have brains and would not consort with gutter trash ignoramus’.

  2. Cheapest bribes EVAH!

  3. If it’s not handing out cigarettes in Milwaukee when Gore was running for the Presidency, then they’ll hand out pizza at polling places.

    I guess they gave up on the concept of bribing, I mean, handing out cash prior to election day?

  4. Is this legal?

  5. whoa whoa isnt this illegal?

  6. Since this is Team Obama there’s probably some extra “sausage” for women voters.

  7. Arrest every member of the team involved.

  8. In Milwaukee, they bribe homeless people to vote with cigarettes and beer. They only have to tell the election official which park bench they sleep on. I WISH I was kidding about this.

  9. OT

    Rand Paul: State Dept. Spent $100K To ‘Green Up’ Vienna Embassy Days After Denying Libya Embassy Access To Plane

  10. Second story today in this blog alone where Voter fraud by the Left is being noticed and then ignored.

  11. obama campaign is rattled.


    Obama 2012 diagnosis: Stage Two Death Rattle

    In Stage Three Death Rattle, the candidate’s negativity toward his opponent permeates his speeches and completely overtakes his vision and messaging. His speeches grow shrill and his campaign staff and volunteers become demoralized. At this point, Santorum withdrew. Obama isn’t here yet, but he’s perilously close. New York Times columnist Ross Douthat recently wrote of an “aura of defeat” beginning to take hold within Team Obama. Maybe. But by any reasonable measure, the race remains very close.

    Make no mistake about it, Team Obama and its leadership are rattled. History has shown that unseating an incumbent president is a daunting task. It is clear that Team Obama felt that the immense personal popularity of the president, unrelenting attacks on Romney and the power of incumbency would be sufficient to carry President Obama to a second term. The polls suggest otherwise.

    In a few days, the jury — we the American people — will render a verdict on President Obama. A lot can happen in the next few days. Foreign affairs and questions about what happened at our consulate in Benghazi loom large for the president. Even an act of nature, Hurricane Sandy, could have a role in how it all unfolds.

    We are living in challenging times, with the election of our lifetime at hand. It will be interesting to watch the final chapter in the life cycle of the 2012 presidential election and any symptoms of a campaign’s death rattle that may or may not come. Stay tuned.

    Read more:

    read one and two on site.

  12. If you are so bad off that a slice of pizza is enough to buy your vote, then clearly 4 years of Obama haven’t improved your life–and likely worsened it–otherwise you could feed yourself whatever you desired and wouldn’t need to sell yourself like a prostitute to get a slice of pizza.

    If you’re already selling yourself for a slice of pizza after 4 years of Obama, just imagine the lows to which you will stoop after 8 years of Obama.

  13. Bring your cameras and cell phones on election day. Take videos of stuff like this, watch your voting machine to make sure it’s recording votes correctly, and call police if the situation requires it.

  14. They have to feed their live voters. The necroproxies no longer get a free lunch. But their votes are much more reliable.

  15. that slice of pizza will stay with you longer a little than obama’s empty promises. and it will end up in the same place – some sewage treatment center.

  16. you longer a little = you a little longer.

  17. when the o campaign was sniveling for cash i remembered some mention of o and co spending cash faster than it was coming in. i think there was some thought that that wasn’t such a good idea and that seems to be the case. maybe michelle was cooking up digiornos. maybe a few $2 off coupons will work chelle. obama is the grasshopper to our ant.

  18. why can’t this sob help those stricken by sandy??
    because the fools in nj and ny will vote for him no matter what

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