Steven Crowder on Marijuana… Finally, the Truth (Video)

Here’s Steven Crowder‘s latest full-length super-video.
In it, Steven covers the legalization of marijuana this year and the War on Drugs. Steven discusses every possible angle that he can think of.

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  • Spartan

    Huh? That one guy reminds me of all the liberal arguments made in the well of the Congress!

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  • Militant Conservative

    Meh, legalize MJ, not a harmfull drug and a waste of FED monies to intradict.

    Tax the crap outta it and make lots of conservative pot heads.

    Simple, MJ is easily grown and supported.

    starve the cartels out by home grown (taxed) local production).

    sorry I’m starting to sound llike Ron Paul.

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  • Mad Hatter

    When those of us that are against the legalization of drugs start using the lefts tactics, we’ll continue to lose another part of our culture.

    What’s the lefts tactics that I’m talking about? Talk about how the marijuana second hand smoke is harmful.

    Checkmate, it’s over.

  • el polacko

    oh puh-leeze. so crowder has always been a square and thinks that everybody else should be too. if he really thinks that “a vast majority of americans” have NOT smoked marijuana, then he doesn’t get out much. as for the ‘experts’ here, similar arguments can be make about the dangers of just about everything that we consume…and one loony guy does not represent the millions of folks who have been smoking pot since their teens and have gone on to live successful, fulfilling lives well into their middle-age without any outbreak of psychosis. this new push for ‘reefer madness’ is nonsense.

  • RKae


    Didn’t watch the video, did you? Just copy ‘n’ paste all your usual arguments.

    No cartel is going to be starved by legalized pot. And you say homegrown will starve them? Don’t we have homegrown now? It’s had no effect on starving them. Cartels have PLENTY of other things to fill their wallets – harder drugs, human trafficking, gun running, etc.

    “Tax the hell out of it”? So now you’re a fan of huge taxes? Niiiiice!

  • jimdoney

    The idea that the cartels and other illegal activity would not decline is absurd. How many Al Capones are there out there still bootlegging booze? Know of any speakeasies? Legalizing marijuana doesn’t mean making it legal for your precious children to smoke it mean taking it out of the shadows and allowing for regulation and taxation, this is where the comparison to alcohol comes from and should stop. Interviewing some know nothing children who probably couldn’t tell you the governor of their state or mayor of their town is a terrible strawman. THe real question that everyone should be asking is why does Crowder think that he should be allowed to decide what you can put into your body?

  • jimdoney

    Crowder should have asked the pothead kids if they have had alcohol the way he had done about their marijuana use. Most likely he would have found it is more difficult for them to get a legal an regulated product (booze) than it ever was to get marijuana when it was illegal. I know that was the case for me and everyone I know that indulged when they were younger.

  • BurmaShave

    Thank you, Steve Crowder.

  • JDR

    Good grief, Crowder is the conservative Stewart. Incredible.

  • JDR


    Look at Steven’s face while the crazy guy talks. Priceless.

  • JDR

    Thank you for posting this, Jim.


    I think pot should be legal, but this video makes me ponder that long-held belief more than any I’ve seen in a while.

    Pot never turned me into a raving, insane leftist lunatic. Then again, maybe I don’t have that “psychosis gene” that crazy-Zionists-guy has. Maybe pot should only be legal for those without that particular gene. Like, only legal for thinking constitutional conservatives, for instance. Or, only legal for folks who refuse to watch television, and will even leave the room or the house if it’s on.

    “There, but for the Grace of God, go I.” — A treatise on prayer — Edward Bickersteth, 1822

    I smoked more bongloads than I can count, I hung out with Phish-heads and the every type of person interviewed in this video.

    I smoked a bowl two days ago. Really good, “medicinal-quality” stuff.

    And I’m still sane. Wow. After more than 20 years of smoking pot.

    Maybe it’s not the pot. Maybe it’s the other factors: upbringing, education, what you choose to read and watch and program your mind with. Things like that.

    Crazy-Zionist-guy, for example: does anyone here think it was the pot? Or the “psychosis gene”? Or was it that he was steeped in immoral and illogical “thought” and philosophical programming for his entire life from kindergarten all the way through his career as a Community College teacher?

    I’m putting my money on the latter.

  • jim m

    Crowder’s not Jewish. He’s Canadian! Far worse.

  • http://none tommy mc donnell

    ever notice the people that want to ban marlboros because of the harmful effects on your health are the same people that want to legalize marijuana? i guess marijuana smoke doesn’t damage your lungs.

    another thing when the leftists that promote drug legalization fully take over there will be no legalized drug use. the only support it because its use is destructive to society.

  • Seriously?

    Seriously? They chart at one point shows a statistic of 62 related accidents from 2007/2008. Whoa!

    Same time frame for alcohol related accident fatalities is 16,000+.

    Regardless if your for or against legalizing, make accurate comparisons please.

  • Dude Guy

    Maybe interview Rick Steves for some perspective?

    Are we really going to keep pretending everyone that smokes pot fits an old stereotype? When will we grow up about this?

    And why does no one discuss that industrial hemp is completely different?

    I’ve been conservative for well over 30 years now, but sometimes I look at conservatives and wonder at the complete stupidity and unfair group-think that goes on.

  • Rob De Witt

    Crowder’s right, and the people (even here) who go ballistic in response still use the same tired arguments and spend a lot of time not listening. He makes the point, as have I ad nauseam, that IT’S NOT ABOUT LEGALIZATION OR PROHIBITION. IT’S ABOUT THE FACT THAT MARIJUANA PROPONENTS HABITUALLY LIE ABOUT THE EFFECTS OF ITS USE.

    Was that loud enough? If you’re offended by being yelled at, consider that adults tend to raise their voices in frustration when 6-year-olds insist on going “LA LA LA I Can’t hear you” instead of listening to their own positions. The spectacle of “Libertarians” arguing that the path to less Government leads through legalization and Government control of their favorite pacifier is ludicrous. Don’t any of you own mirrors?

    The best part is all you “Libertarian” hipsters ranking on Crowder because he’s obviously such a straight arrow, and just couldn’t possibly understand anybody that’s as with it as you are. Do you have any idea how lame that position is? If you were half as smart as you think you are, you’d have no option but to consider the main point of this vid: the combination of high-THC content marijuana and the hormonal explosion of puberty is an invitation to insanity.

    You don’t know what the effect will be, and you’re too arrogant to admit your ignorance. And in that respect you are indistinguishable from any leftie twit you meet.

    Now: the predicable response to this little screed is “You just wanna tell me what to do!” No I don’t. I don’t care what you do, frankly, and you’ll ignore that I said that. What I do care is that you stop shucking yourself and stop trying to shuck me, because it’s boring after a few years.

    Wanna smoke dope and get stupid? Knock yourself out. But don’t try to convince me that I don’t know more about it than you do, cause I been there and done that, kids. Probably long before your parents.

  • even steven

    I’m glad Crowder mentioned the ban on Big Gulps in the conversation. My problem with marijuana laws: more nanny state big government. I’m not pro-marijuana; I’m anti-big government. People can huff bug spray for all I care, as long as they’re not driving or bothering me.

  • SoLongSong

    Of all the preceeding

    posted posts

    I agree with Rob De Witt

    The most.