What a lousy leader.
Barack Obama took a swipe at Mitt Romney today during the annual White House Turkey event. Barack pardoned two turkeys but held on to his grudge against Mitt Romney for embarrassing him during the campaign. Obama told the audience he had one more “gift” to give before the country moved “forward.”

Buzzfeed reported:

Fresh off a four-day trip to Asia, President Barack Obama pardoned the National Thanksgiving Turkey Wednesday, taking a shot at his former Republican opponent and cracking jokes about his reelection.

“They say that life is all about second chances and this November I can’t agree more,” Obama said.

“So in the spirit of the season I have one more gift to give,” Obama joked in apparent reference to Mitt Romney’s claim after the election that Obama won by giving “gifts” to minority groups, Obama said he was going to pardon the National Thanksgiving Turkey, named Cobbler, and his stand-in, Gobbler.

“The American people have spoken, and these birds are moving forward,” he added.




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  1. The Vote Fraud President conducting himself in a manner unbecoming to the office. Disgraceful, thin-skinned & mean-spirited – same B.S., different day with this guy.

  2. Clinton was Caligula. this guy is Commodus.

  3. You mean you are leading those turkeys off a cliff Mr. President

    Obvious troll President is Obvious

  4. President Knob Gobbler

  5. Just think Benjamin Franklin wanted to name them the national bird. How’s about a light-hearted moment. These people need to come down here and we’ll be more than happy to teach them how to deal with rude fowl.


  6. No thanks. That comes with string attached, a 100K USD for every woman, man and child in america owe to pay off the debt you incur.

  7. So could this be a metaphor for ObamaCare?

    An anonymous death panel reached its judgment in secret, and handed it up to the officials assembled on the White House porch. Their verdict is to “pardon” two birds.

    The official pardoning ceremony is accompanied by levity and laughter – while at the same time, all other birds are officially condemned to move “forward” to a much different fate. Those birds’ ceremonies will not be public. Those birds will not be quite so happy about their destination.

    Yes, an uncomfortably close metaphor for ObamaCare.

  8. Just when I didn’t think I could hate this piece of crap any more. Rot in hell Barack.

  9. We need a patriotic sniper with terminal cancer.

  10. Just glad he didnt pass a turkey tax last week

  11. What an embarrassing thin-skinned narcissist we have as POTUS. And he doesn’t even realize what a pitiful embarrassment he is, sad.

  12. Obama impersonating a priest giving the sign of the cross with his left hand drawing the cross inverted like a true Satanist.

  13. What a fuggin’ classless punk.

  14. I really hate this guy.

  15. I really hate this bastard.

  16. Anybody notice the turkey was white? See, he has gifts for everybody!

  17. Once a man child always a man child. Looking “forward” to watching him being impeached because you know the SOB just won’t be able to help himself. He’s done or will do something.

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