Audio was just released of a Democratic poll watcher in Philadelphia kicking the GOP inspectors out of Philadelphia’s 20th Ward, First Division.

Barack Obama won 99% of the vote in several Philadelphia wards.

“I don’t care what the law says, I say! I’m not turning them away… they aren’t sitting here at this board.”
Via Pundit Press:

From the video: This took place on Tuesday, November 6, 2012. Election officials in Philadelphia’s 20th Ward, 1st Division attempted to prevent court-appointed Republican minority inspectors (regarding minority party) from doing their job to monitor elections. The officials in the precinct went as far as to say they “do not care what the law says.”

And, just think, for months before this election we had Democratic officials whining about Republicans wanting to bring back the Jim Crow laws.




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  1. Well if I was one of those inspectors, I would have said, “I don’t care what you say. The law says I am to sit at this board, and that is exactly what I am going to do.” And then I would have proceeded to sit at that board. I heard GOP inspectors were physcially thrown out, so I’m thinking some of them insisted on obeying the law and demanding they sit at the board. The woman in the video is black ……and a big fat racist. I am sure they know who she is, and she should be charged and suck up a few years in prison and a large fine for obstructing the law and voter fraud. You get a black president in Office, and some black people think they now own the place.

  2. Why would anyone leave over someone running their mouth? As far as physically thrown out. Call the police or defend yourself as soon as they lay a hand on you. Fight the hell back!

  3. It is time for a recount now. In every state, county where the numbers do not match up. In every county, state the poll watchers where thrown out. This must be dealt with now, not in six mos from now, or in the next election cycle. This must be front and center now. We cannot continue on this path. It is discouraging every voter, that their votes mean nothing, they are stolen, switched and the race is fixed if we sit and allow this to continue and not challenge any of it, the results. Allowing it and looking the other way only gives comfort to the fraud and it will grow. It will erode the fabric of our system and the freedoms that we have left. We do not have much left and the little we do have is being taken from us daily. We all must step up, and stop this now, not tomorrow or next year now. Undo what happened last week. They cannot win by intimidation, bullying, and vote rigging. We as a nation are better then this….

  4. You may be saying to yourself, Obama won by so many Electoral votes, a little fraud wouldn’t matter anyway.

    That’s possible, but take a look at the popular vote numbers and geographic distribution.
    And try to think like Axelrod would.

    if you wanted to steal an election but make it look like it wouldn’t have made a difference in any case … what would you do? Steal a couple of votes here and there? NO. You’d make sure the margins were so big in the Electoral College vote that people like you and me would say: “the margins are too big — it wouldn’t have made a difference anyway”.

    Then go back to debating “what’s wrong with the GOP?”.

    That’s exactly what Team Chicago wants us to do. That’s how they work. Classic Alinsky deflection.

    It’s common knowledge the Obama ground game is an awesome, well-oiled machine. But ‘ground game’ isn’t just getting your base to the polls … it’s getting your people into the electoral system to count votes, calibrate machines, handle absentee ballots, fight Voter ID laws, extend early voting, etc. In other words, all the ‘mechanics’ that make it possible to steal an election.

    This needs to be investigated, and investigated NOW.

    I’d like to see a new electoral map re-calculated to account for massive fraud in Ohio, Florida and other key precincts.

    Let’s find out if Romney actually lost, before we continue debating ‘why he lost’.

  5. This post is missing a ton of things that would actually make it useful.

    1. Who recorded it and when? Who can vouch for its authenticity?
    2. Where’s the rest of the audio? This is about 30 seconds, I’m sure the conversation lasted longer than this.
    3. She says they can sit “in here” but not “at this board”. Where is “in here”? What is “at this board”?
    4. What did the law actually require?
    5. Was the legal division called? What happened when they were?

  6. If you go look at the vote distribution map for Pennsylvania there were exactly three blue areas – Philly, Erie and Pittsburgh. The entire rest of the state was screaming red.

    So, stolen votes in inner city ghetto precincts in Pennsylvania quite literally may have stolen the election.

    The Republican poll watchers was all over Drudge on November 6 – along with them going to court for an injunction, the refusal of police to intervene, the Black Muslims guarding the doors, the Dem poll worker wearing the Obama hat, the polling place that featured a wall size mural of Obama . . . . . 151% turn out, 99% for Obama.

    There is nothing wrong with that scenario at all . . .

  7. What would it take to have the GOP wake up and prepare for this?

  8. To Oliver – “Let’s find out if Romney actually lost, before we continue debating ‘why he lost’.”
    YOU ARE 100% ON THE MONEY!!!!!

  9. How about forwarding this to the Pa.Gov. Tom corbett. He is a no BS type guy and would look into this. He would bring it to the AG and Sec. of State, also. We can kick this around all we want but only the person in power can get results. Same with the Florida fraud. Gov. is a Republican and I thin the AG is also. Make it known to them and then save the info. Kinda like a Certified Letter. Can always ask these big shotslater what they did?

  10. #5 November 11, 2012 at 3:44 pm
    Dave in NYC commented:

    Hopefully all thats will be answered in legal files. Seems people are trying to get this stuff out as fast as possible probably because they are being hamstrung in filing legal complaints against the problems.

    Realistically though it is black philly panther central so at the moment no reason not to take it as face value and at face value that people are actively trying to cover it up. If it was someplace else then we should be more reserved.

  11. The GOP were well aware of the possibility of voter fraud. The Romney camp was asleep at the switch. Maybe his lawyers should demand recounts in the suspicious polls.

  12. So if this precinct doesn’t have the court ordered officials in place, it’s not really open and
    ALL votes should be disregarded.

  13. What a turn around from Rosa Parks . Didn’t the law say she couldn’t sit by the dash board of the bus ?

  14. Not surprise. Philadelphia is cesspool of corruption and disintegration. Michael Nutter will leave Philly in shambles and get a cushy job in DC.

  15. If you go look at the vote distribution map for Pennsylvania there were exactly three blue areas – Philly, Erie and Pittsburgh. The entire rest of the state was screaming red.

    Not true. Harrisburg (Dauphin County) and pretty much the entire Eastern border of the state from Philly up through Scranton-Wilkes Barre also went for Obama – 12 counties in total.

  16. Look at the photos of the Romney / Ryan Cleveland rally just before election and ask yourself if it’s really possible that they got ZERO votes in these precincts … especially since so many of those precincts had a 100% turnout (smell a rat yet?)

    and check out this map — it’s a sea of red with a few blue patches. Do you really think the awesome Obama machine wasn’t capable of identifying key precincts that would give him a win?

  17. I have lived in the same small town for 32 years.I have voted every election and worked many of them. NEVER have so many people came out to vote and the ones I talked with were for Romney. The election was stolen,period.

  18. #2 November 11, 2012 at 3:26 pm
    Michael commented:

    Why would anyone leave over someone running their mouth? As far as physically thrown out. Call the police or defend yourself as soon as they lay a hand on you. Fight the hell back!

    Michelle Obama said; Don’t let anyone push you outta line.

    What she meant was; Don’t let whitey throw my ass outta this White House and cancel my vacations.

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