Landslide Watch: Romney Up in Colorado, Michigan, Ohio and Minnesota – Tied in Pennsylvania

Paul Ryan’s youngest son Sam joined him on stage today. The crowd went nuts. (Twitchy)

With two days left before the election Mitt Romney leads in Colorado, Ohio and Minnesota and is tied up in Pennsylvania.

In Colorado, Mitt Romney leads Barack Obama 50-47 according to the latest Rasmussen poll.

The Tribune Review poll today has the race tied in Pennsylvania at 47. Romney is scheduled to campaign in the Philadelphia area on Sunday.

Mitt Romney leads Barack Obama by one point in Minnesota, effectively making the race there a toss-up, according to polling taken for the conservative American Future Fund.

In Michigan, Mitt Romney leads Obama, 47-46.

And, in Ohio Romney leads 49-46 in one poll. The Columbus Dispatch poll has the race too close to call in Ohio with Obama leading 50-48. Of course, the poll is heavily weighted – 40 percent Democrat, 36 percent Republican, 21 percent Independent. And, no one believes Democrats will have higher turnout than Republicans this year. Obama is already down 270,000 votes in Ohio – a state he won by 258,897 in 2008.

This is not good news for Barack Obama.

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  • Dena

    I am …I am dragging my 18 year old daughter home from college to vote since she didnt turn in her absentee ballot! One more vote for Romney. My older daughter voted in Florida yesterday for Romney :) I am cautiously optimistic unlike 4 years ago!

  • oldguy

    In any close election, states with Republican districts should cheat in order to offset Democrat cheats. Remember the Wisconsin recall election where a whole Republican district was mislaid until the Democrats did their cheating.

  • Drek


    the fact that obama signs aren’t dotting those areas you mentioned isn’t as shocking, yes shocking as the fact that obama signs are absent in Swarthmore, Haverford, even Jewish areas such as Bala Cynwyd.

    Super liberal areas in Delaware and Montgomery counties are places where obama’s show of support is DOWN!

    And down decidedly.

    Now that’s all anecdotal of course………. But coupled with polling showing Romney this close……..

    The other day in a sampling that mirrored the exact results of 2008, Smith and Casey were tied. TIED! And again, in a D/R/I sampling that mirrored 2008.

    We KNOW the electorate has changed since 2008, which means Smith has to have at the very least a slight lead.

    If Smith has a lead, —– that has to mean Romney has one as well.

    Here’s another thing.

    The Senate races where Dems are still pulling out wins might also see Dems flushed because the polling simply isn’t registering the diminshed Democrat enthusiasm.

    We have to win the Senate too.

    If Reid gets the chance, just from sheer bitterness and bile, he’ll drag the whole country down around us.

    The man is wicked……

  • Glenn

    Jim. Reagan won Massachussetts twice,the only state that voted for McGovern in 1972.
    Nobody thought West Virginia was in play in 2000,Gore ignored it. Bush ended up winning it,which was key to his victory.
    Virginia and Indiana hadn’t went Democrat since 1964 before 2008.
    Things change.
    Also,don’t forget that Minnesota was very competitive in 2000 and 2004. In 2008,it went to obama,but actually by less than either Iowa or Wisconsin.

  • Dena

    4 years ago there were Obama signs everywhere in western Montco I take this as a sign and I hope we are right! We need the senate too we must get rid of obamacare! I think Smith has a good shot too he has my vote!

  • chuck in st paul

    Minnesota…? yeah. right. not so much.

    Just remember the voting debacle up here in the Al “Diaper Boy” Franken election. If Obysmal loses by less than 100,000 votes we’ll keep recounting until all the ballot boxes in the car trunks add up to 111,000 to balance it out.

    Minnesotans come in two flavors: naive and corrupt. The naive are the good of heart folks who actually think ‘sharing the wealth’ works for the good. The corrupt are all the leeches, rich and poor, grabbing off all the corn subsidies and food stamps.

  • AnnaS

    This morning on FOX Brit says Obama is winning. The general view from all on Chris Wallace is that Obama is winning. Even Rove is saying too close. How can this be happening? Is there good news anywhere?

  • befuddled

    Obama underestimated Obamacare, Democrats underestimated 2010, and liberals overestimated Obama.

    Romney 2012: Bringing the Hope and Change by kicking out the Dope and Chain.

  • Indiana

    I never watch MSM…..but I’ll make an exception…..just to watch Chris Matthews head explode.

  • snewb

    I recall just before the 2010 midterms people were commenting on how many GOP seats in the house we would get. Pelosi said none, Rush, Hannity etc. said lucky if we get 20 or 25.
    Polls said 5 or10. Actually we got 65!

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  • Miss Peach

    I was watching Fox news this morning and they reported that Obama is ahead after the early votes were counted because more Democrats than Republicans came out for early voting. Why is there such a discrepency in the numbers ? I am a bit afraid that after hearing all the reports of voting machine ” malfunctions ” that favor Obama, he may win by stealing the election. I hope I am wrong but now I am hearing that New Jersey is going to allow voters who cannot get in to the polls to vote that they can vote by e-mail or fax. We all know New Jersey tends to be more Democrat. How would they be able to monitor the cheating if I could use several different e-mail addresses to cast a vote ? I just have a bad feeling about all this and I hope and pray that I am wrong and we wake up Wednesday morning with a new President.

  • AnnaS

    Yes, Miss Peach and the news on FOX Sunday was that Obama is winning! I too hope and pray.

  • Lucy

    when Romney wins PA its over for Obama! Dick Morris said it is different this time around because the state elected a gop governor, state seats, and a senate seat. It is looking good. Clinton has alot of stops in PA on Monday.
    Britt hume doesn’t make any sense to me. I think he is trying to get Obama to interview with FOX before the election. Britt said at one time it is all about the independents, trying to get the middle voters. Obama is way behind Mitt with independents. So which is it MR. Hume?

  • Sandy

    This is all about turnout and Obama and his paid supporters in the media will do anything to depress the Republican vote. 2800 show up for Obama in Ohio and 30,000 show up for Romney same state.

    The Narcissist in Chief once a big draw is now just a yawn. Republicans, Independents and Dems who are sick of Obama will turn out in droves as they have during early voting. Nobody likes Mitt except the people and that’s a big ax to wield against the corrupt media.

    Romney/Ryan = Recovery

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  • Sandy

    Rush said we would hear all kinds of crap this weekend all aimed at depressing our voter turnout.

  • Miss Peach

    # 55 – Sandy , I know and that is why I am so confused about the numbers. The reports say that thousands more are showing up at the Romney/Ryan rallies than the Obama/Biden rallies yet Fox Sunday says that Obama is slightly ahead in early voting. Makes no sense unless we see a landslide of Romney voters show up on Tuesday which is my hope.

  • JT

    If Smith can unseat Casey for US Senate AND Romney wins that would be a twofer for the good guys. Casey and Obama are a couple of world class turds

  • Sandy

    Why would Romney be so happy if his internals said he would lose this election?