Landslide Watch: Romney Up in Colorado, Michigan, Ohio and Minnesota – Tied in Pennsylvania

Paul Ryan’s youngest son Sam joined him on stage today. The crowd went nuts. (Twitchy)

With two days left before the election Mitt Romney leads in Colorado, Ohio and Minnesota and is tied up in Pennsylvania.

In Colorado, Mitt Romney leads Barack Obama 50-47 according to the latest Rasmussen poll.

The Tribune Review poll today has the race tied in Pennsylvania at 47. Romney is scheduled to campaign in the Philadelphia area on Sunday.

Mitt Romney leads Barack Obama by one point in Minnesota, effectively making the race there a toss-up, according to polling taken for the conservative American Future Fund.

In Michigan, Mitt Romney leads Obama, 47-46.

And, in Ohio Romney leads 49-46 in one poll. The Columbus Dispatch poll has the race too close to call in Ohio with Obama leading 50-48. Of course, the poll is heavily weighted – 40 percent Democrat, 36 percent Republican, 21 percent Independent. And, no one believes Democrats will have higher turnout than Republicans this year. Obama is already down 270,000 votes in Ohio – a state he won by 258,897 in 2008.

This is not good news for Barack Obama.

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  • WestPoint06Mom

    Can’t wait to cast my vote for Romney!! Obama and his corrupt crew have to GO!

  • archer52

    Here’s my worry. I believe Romney is going to take the popular vote by a good margin.

    I also believe because of demographics, party and early voting that he will have trouble taking states like Wisconsin, Minnesota and PA.

    When I see a candidate move at the last minute into usually solid blue states I either think they know something I don’t or they are desperate to try to snag a state because they did the same math I did. I think McCain did the same thing.

    Now the difference to me is going to be turnout. If the numbers are right, and frankly I think we all know now that the polls are as corrupt as MSNBC, 2010 was just the front side of a larger tsunami. Good for Romney.

    The truth be known, outside is core supporters Obama has really pissed off millions of people at some level. I did a post listing both sides and I’m sure I missed a bunch, but it was long.

    He is a polarizing figure in a time when we want someone who isn’t. But that doesn’t change the electoral map. Romney needs to capture states, not popular votes. I think now- after talking to my MENSA bright buddy who has family in Ohio- that Ohio is going the way of Romney. That is our only hope. I think Colorado will go to him. Florida for sure. He’s already taken SW Fla, the Orlando corridor and I believe Rubio secures enough Cuban votes in the east to give him the state.

    That leaves NH and more importantly Virginia. I can’t see Virginia going for Obama BUT there is a huge concentration of people in the east that vote Democrat because they vote their wallets. We’ll see.

    PA? Man, that state hasn’t gone to our side since what 1988? Why? PA’s politics is dominated by the very corrupt Philly and Pitts Democrat party. They lie, cheat and steal. On the other hand, hurricane Sandy did run over them a little, so they have to compress their lying, cheating and stealing into fewer days. I wonder how that will shake out.

    The upper states- Wisconsin and Minnesota? I have no clue. Too many libs for me to trust them. It will come down to simply how much they hate Obama’s ways and how much that dissuades them from voting.

    This will all turn on turnout. Right now Republicans are pissed and scared. Tea Party members are pissed and scared. Catholics are being told to remind BOTH parties that messing with them will cost dearly. Small business, gun owners, lovers of the nation as a superpower all add to those afraid of Obama.

    This time it will be about Obama. He has been revealed by his words and actions as who he really is, and it leaves a bad taste in the mouths of tens of millions. He really is a bad guy. Hell, his supporters are Chavez, Putin, Iran, China.

    If nothing else, he has proven he can pull people together, in the way of Louis the 14th though and that could mean he’s going home in January.

  • archer52

    And one more key point- Obama can’t get way from 47% statewide or nationally.

    I think the mixture of under fifty, bad economy, and poor performance ratings have doomed all prior candidates.

  • Granny

    #20 – NOTHING is final until after the elections.

  • lizzy84

    I’m cautiously optimistic..take nothing for granted and pray.

    RYAN…………ROMNEY…………2 more day!

  • SoLongSong
  • Limousine Barry

    Some of you may be asking: “Did Obama Just Throw The Entire Election Away?”

    The answer is yes!

    And, “How much money did Davy Axelrod waste?”

    $1.666 billion of Hollywood’s money!

    The most expensive waste of a campaign! But, at least I have my donor’s money!

    I promise that if I lose, I will take my money and go home… to the Isle of Man… Far from the mad crowd!

    Those angry Union donors can’t touch me there! I will live a life of luxury on the hundreds of millions of dollars that my crappy donors have given me!

    And, this is important! Send me $6,666.00 before midnight. It’s my last big fraud before I leave. Make sure to donate early and often. I will need a good lawyer to keep my donors away!

    Good bye Michael Moore, MoveOn, George Soros and Bill Ayers! Good bye Davy Axelrod, Davy Plouffe, clair Shippman, Ezra Klein and my best friend Barney Frank.

    Arrivederci, Arianna Huffington, Anderson Cooper, Al Gore,Van Jones, Lizzy Warren, Davy Letterman and Chriss Tingles.

    Sayonara, Snoop Dog-poop, Heavy D, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton!

    It’s been fun spending your money! But, all good things must end. So, I am taking you money and going home! Good day.

  • lizzy84

    500 Admirals, Generals to Endorse Romney…

    They Deserved a Commander-in-Chief…

  • crackermike

    Re #4: Yes, as will most Inner City. For the welfare of course. They are to stupid to realize they will eventually get more free stuff for themselves if the economy booms because there will be more money to “spread around”. And the only way for that boom to happen is for Romney to be elected and use his business acumen to fix this mess. His #1 point, oil, is the true key and ONLY way to EVER change the dynamic in the Mid East; everything elsa has already been tried and failed miserably.

  • squeaky

    [Buried in Friday’s Bureau of Labor Statistics report on the country’s unemployment situation was this disheartening fact: 9,000 employees of the mining and resource extraction sector lost their jobs in October…] hey ohio….this should bother the workers. the non-worker professional couch potato not so much..that is until the newly destitute start dipping into benefits that the potatoes thought were strictly their domain. more people on benefits the less to pass around. we all lose when the economy tanks.



    NO “neck and neck”; NO “tight race”; NO “too close to call”; NO, “anyone’s election to win”

    How do we “rate” the sound of plain speech,
    When all BO has said are LIES.

    How do we welcome new heroes found–
    Present leaders we have come to DESPISE.

    How do we put a price on new faith,
    After four years of mounting FEAR.

    How can whoring pollsters compute,
    The way we have started to CHEER.

    * * *

    We know we can set our nation RIGHT,
    If we honor the God of our youth.

    We trust HE will bless us ONCE AGAIN,
    When we follow the voices of truth.

    When empty chairs proved to be wrong,

    And to ourselves, we PLEDGE TO WORK,
    For “the government” has failed us too long!

    We refuse to believe the MEDIA WHORES,
    Who have helped this base Tyrant lie.

    And SOON, we shall vote BOTH “HE AND HIS” OUT,
    And wish them no fond good-byes!

    PENNSYLVANIA—Once deemed the home of Liberty–does it now have a forwarding address?
    Do you hear us, OHIO—or have you been bought with Obamaphones and trinkets?
    Are you with us, VIRGINIA—or are you Patriots 2nd and Obamobots 1st?
    Do you feel the fire, FLORIDA—or have you sold your soul for more empty promises?
    Ready for a real change, NEVADA—or has Dingy Harry corrupted you all?


    ROMNEY & RYAN WIN BIG…just TWO (2) days! To h#ll with the pollsters and presstitutes!

  • Bill Mitchell


    The average poll in RCP uses a D+5 sample. Gallup tells us the electorate is actually R+3 including leaners. This means the RCP average could be underestimating Romney’s support by 8 or more points. The Gallup poll was based upon 9000 likely voters.

    If Gallup is right, we are looking at a Reagan/Carter style blowout. Period.

  • redc1c4

    “Preference Cascade” you heard it hear first.

    never doubt Ace.

  • Jim

    Let’s not get carried away. The Gipper could not win Minnesota in two tries. What makes us think Romney will? Also, we flirt with Pennsylvania every four years to no avail. Obama will win Minnesota and Pennsylvania. It will all likely come down to Ohio. Manage your expectations. This will NOT be a blowout.

  • lizzy84

    #33 November 4, 2012 at 7:19 am
    redc1c4 commented:

    Speaking of Ace……my favorite Mitt Romney ad :

  • Dena

    dont be so sure Obama will win PA. I live in suburban Phila in Montgomery County. For every one Obama sign I see on front lawns there are literally 20 Romney signs… Dont be surprised if Romney takes this state! I HOPE SO!

  • Drek


    let me tell you something here.

    Romney is going to take the collar counties surrounding Philadelphia, and do so rather handily.

    Chester, Montgomery, Bucks are going to go for Romney.

    And Delaware County as well, ——— because Obama has been, as you all well know, a flat out disaster.

    Now the obamination is going to take Philadelphia county, but black vote is not going to be as great as four years previous. And even a SINGLE PERCENTAGE POINT diminishment in that turnout of urban pathology will prove decisive.

    Remember this too!

    Two years ago Republicans began planning to split up Pennsylvania’s Electoral College vote by Congressional district, transforming the state from a winner take all to one that goes by district.

    Democrats flipped out!

    Oh the irony!

    Pennsylvania stays winner take all ————- AND WE’RE THE WINNERS!

    Thanks to all you Democrats out there, ——— for CUSHIONING and swelling our victory margin!

    I just got one thing now to say to you all ———————————– MANDATE BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Drek

    One more thing, I live in Delaware County, and travel extensively throughout the collar county region, ——— EVEN IN LIBERAL SWARTHMORE home of that uber lefty school, the enthusiasm shown by Democrats for obama is DOWN!

    There aren’t really any signs.

    And those few signs that do show up expose more the absence of his support than the presence thereof.

    We’re going to take Pennsylvania.

    And if Pennsylvania is this close, —- the other states such as Ohio won’t really be.

  • Dena

    Drek I agree with you I travel my region extensively did a 30 minute drive up 113 through Montgomery county the other day from Limerick to Harleysville…did not see one Obama sign. Likewise drove from Limerick to Kutztown Friday night saw one Obama sign.. Romney signs by the dozens I dont know who these people are polling because with my own eyes it looks like in my immediate area at least, Romney has a solid lead…I am hoping that I am correct and Romney will win this state much to the surprise of many. If there wasnt a problem I dont think the libs would be sending Bill Clinton here at the last minute. They are afraid and should be!

  • Bob

    Go vote and take someone else to vote too.