I’ll be updating this post all night tonight—
FOX News called Kentucky and Indiana for Mitt Romney.
That’s one pick up for Mitt!
Obama takes socialist Vermont.

From FOX News: Independents in Virginia are going 53-41 to Romney!
DICK MORRIS: Obama only carried women in Virginia by 5 pts. not enough for him to win!
More… Huge turnout in coal country (they aren’t voting for Obama)
We’re hitting the numbers we need to in NoVA

UPDATE: FOX Calls West Virginia for Romney.
And South Carolina.

FOX News reported that the OSU county did not have the big turnout they were expecting in Ohio.




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  1. So when it says ” FOX News reported that the OSU county” Does that mean the Columbus area? Which leans democratic.

  2. Lots of states being called, but no surprises.

    The knuckleheads at CNBC are not concealing their biases when talking about FL, VA, OH, PA

    Saying “it appears Obama is leading….” They are trying to influence those in other states who haven’t voted yet.

    The guy John Harwood is so far in the tank for Obama, its sad.

  3. Go Romney/Ryan I believe you are going to win 100%

  4. Congrats to smart states that are Red already, I’m in the National Democratic state of New York so I’m just rooting for the rest of the country to do what’s right.

  5. Athens County went

    Obama 20,000
    McCain 9,000

    in 2008

  6. Spider, you seem awfully nice for being a New Yorker LOL I’m JUST KIDDING! I know that all New Yorkers are not rude ;)

    I’m confused with the whole calling states when a small % is in, going on exit data, etc… I’m just gonna chill and watch and not try to figure out how fox is coming up with their numbers

  7. Want Virginia called so I can take a deep breath….

  8. TeachX3, yes they use exit poll data. They have armies of people outside polls in key parts of the states and they interview people as they leave the voting booth.

    They’ve been wrong, as in 2004 when they called Ohio for Kerry when it went for Bush, but it is pretty strong science. Stronger than the polls taken before the election. Because so many of those people don’t actually vote!

  9. O’Reilly is such a bastard. Romney did not coast to the finish line. I hate him.

  10. Thank you Spider… think I’ll just wait until I hear of one man calling the other man and conceding before I get too excited!

  11. Florida senate called for Bill Nelson (D) over Connie Mack (R) this was winnable.

    Don’t know what happened there.

  12. It felt soooo good to vote! Let’s pray that all voters make the right choice!

  13. Oh no. Pennsylvania was just called for Obama!

    Looks like the R’s will maintain control of House and D’s will maintain control of Senate.

  14. Wisconsin just went to Obama!

  15. Wow. The current electorial college count is Obama 153, Romney 153!

  16. The networks are using exit polls to make alot of these calls. I guess we will see how accurate they are at the end of the night.

  17. If Romney loses WI,Pa and Ohio he is toast. The left coast is solid for Obama.Losing Michigan is bad news as well. If the media is right.

  18. GOD HELP US!


  19. These state results, together with the Senate races, are starting to look like a robbery.

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