Romney Adviser: We Lost Because Far Right Has Taken Party to Place It Doesn’t Belong

Carlos Gutierrez, adviser to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign, said Sunday he was “shocked” by Romney’s comments this week on minorities.
“I think we lost the election because the far right of this party has taken the party to a place that it doesn’t belong.”


CNN reported:

In an interview set to air in full Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union” with Candy Crowley, Gutierrez also sharply criticized Romney’s remarks made on a call Wednesday with donors following his loss in last week’s election. Romney explained his loss in part by pointing to “gifts” President Barack Obama gave to certain groups that turned out in high numbers.

Gutierrez, the former secretary of commerce, said he was “shocked” by Romney’s comments.

“I think we lost the election because the far right of this party has taken the party to a place that it doesn’t belong,” he said. “We are the party of prosperity, of growth, of tolerance. I mean these immigrants who come across and what they do wrong is they risk their lives, they come here and they work because they want to be part of the American Dream.”

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  • ChillytheAlaskan

    Why don’t they just move to the democrats so they can “win” as it seems they are no different than the democrat platform.

    These idiots are pushing amnesty again and are going to alienate their republican base to attempt to get a few hispanic votes they are never going to get.

    No wonder he lost with advisers like this.

  • Fuquay Steve

    Let’s merge into one party and then form another with the remnant.

  • Ceroth

    Will you losers just STFU and go away. Just like Dole disappeared after his shellacking, why won’t Romney and his band of losers just go back in to the hole they slimed their way out of.

  • jorgen

    Or maybe the Romney adviser is in a place he doesn’t belong.

  • ChillytheAlaskan

    The House Of Representatives Can Choose Our Next President!

  • mg4us


    If this is how Romney and team feels about Conservatives then better they lost. .

    We need heat turned up on Americans so they jump out of the pot and not die a slow death. . .

  • rrpjr

    This was a “Romney advisor”? No wonder the pathetic tool lost — as some of us predicted he would two years ago. Really, how hard was it to call? This is a party which is congenitally incapable of even comprehending the Left, much less fighting it.

  • The “far right” of the party wasn’t even given a seat at the table. Any time a Conservative even hinted at a Social issue, these bums ran away like rats and then stabbed the candidate in the back. The social issues should have been the defining difference between the candidates, and since they weren’t, the voters chose the REAL Democrat over the Democrat-Lite-wannabe.

    They should have advised Romney to debate Obama the way REAGAN debated. Reagan articulated his principles and policies unambiguously, and the voters believed in him. Romney never did. There were so many issues that could have been used to absolutely destroy Obama’s record, but “Mittens” as he is called wore a full-body pillow instead of the armor of battle and GAVE the election away.

    No, these RINO loser advisors need to go find other work like selling marshmallows, …or maybe they should try their advice on North Korea.

  • ★FALCON★

    I voted for Romney in the Presidential election because it was better than having a communist destroy the country, but not much better.

    After seeing this assclown’s statement – I regret that vote.

  • ★FALCON★

    Never any mention about how the far left is now the CPUSA endorsed platform.

    The RINOs shoved Romney and we were stuck with him.

    Coulter endorsed Romney and stated that only Romney could possibly beat Obama. And here we are today.

    America loses when it is forced to choose Bob Dole, John McCain, Mitt Romney, or George H.W. Bush. All losers.

    The GOP only has themselves to blame and if they keep it up they will be out of power again for forty years.

  • No the loss may because the party leans too far towards people like this guy, the RINO wing of the party.

  • Will

    Somebody write some violin music for Gutierrez. Entitle it – “Ode to a Putz”



  • bg


    sounds just like Obama does blaming Bush..

    [also looks like he’s either on something, or had one too many for lunch]


    House Republicans Question EPA Over Secret Email Accounts




  • Joanne

    Romney declared defeat quicker than it takes a body to take its last breath. To me, it looks like Romney took a dive. It is true, Obama did win may votes because of what he offers to those who don’t work and do not have any intention of working ever, but it was the voter fraud in key areas that made all the difference. To a socialist the means justify the end – lie, cheat, and repeat until you get what you want. I don’t think the credentials to come into the U.S is the fact that you come in illegally, want to work, and be part of the American Dream. It is against the law fools for a reason – to keep the rift raft out. Trust this Mexican to support illegal immigration; this spits in the faces of all those Mexicans who took the high road and followed the laws in order to work and live in the U.S.

  • Robert

    If this guy is an adviser, then HE is why Romney lost.

    When Romney attacked and stayed on the offensive, as in the first debate, he moved ahead in the polls.

    When he left Obama’s attacks unanswered and played it “safe”, as in the later debates, he fell behind.

    The same dynamic held true for his other campaigning, such as answering press attacks.

  • Minky Wench

    So I guess we should offer unlimited immigration AND THEN LET THEM BRING THEIR FAMILY MEMBERS, give them all the benefits of a US citizen regardless of their skill level—because that’ll do what exactly? Hey, let’s just accelerate America becoming a third world craphole. Why not just pass the Cloward-Piven Wet Dream Act?

  • Minky Wench

    Oh, and RACIST!

  • mcashc

    Remember obama is a white hating racist first and because of that- a communist. Tell all your only vote democrat friends that they voted for a man that hates them and their childeren. Inform them that he is not a democrat. The communist movement has finally succeeded. They used strategic voter fraud in key states and mission completed. Tell your only vote democrat friends that they voted for a racist communist- not a little guy labor democrat. Tell your only vote democrat friends that the msm news they watch is communist run. Tell your only vote democrat friends that they have just killed the great American idea. Tell them they are IGNORANT FOOLS.

  • RealMc

    One of Romney’s failings was he was trying to hard to be the centrist everyman’s solution to everything. That never freaking works.

    We need a GOP candidate that is as much right as the left’s candidate is left.

    We need a GOP candidate that is so far right that it makes Rush Limbaugh blush.

    Rino’s must go.

    They can take Rove, Christie, Brown, Huckabee, Boehner and the entire lot and GTFO.

    Go Right.

    Go Rogue.

    Go Gault.

  • tcircle

    These clowns are floating in the upper stratosphere with their heads firmly planted up their collective asses! Romney and his band of derelicts have managed to blame everyone but their own ineptness. They sound more like Obama than adults. And they wonder why they can’t win elections.

  • bg


    TRAITOR #15 November 18, 2012 at 12:34 pm

    oh that’s still in the works, plans for an Obama 3rd term have already
    been openly discussed recently, not to mention since he was selected
    by the powers that be in the first place.. 😡

    more at links..


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  • Lady Mondegreen

    We’re never going to win if we alienate the center. The GOP is now where the Democrats were after 1968. It took Clinton to turn his back on the far left and win back the Regan Democrats, and it will take a Republican Clinton to get the GOP back on track. We’re a multi-racial society. Legal abortion is the law of the land (even if Roe v. Wade were overturned, enough states would continue to keep it legal that the Supreme Court would eventually rule on it as a matter of equal protection). Gay marriage is here to stay. Live with it. There are plenty of middle class minorities, women and gays who would be happy to pay lower taxes, if we could stick to the important issues like small government and a strong defense.

  • Robert

    Every concession made by a conservative is taken, with none given in return. This happens at all levels from legislation in Washington DC to a dinner-table debate.

    If you want to lose, give them the slightest opening.

  • Tell all the RINO’s Rubio, Christie, Jindal, Pawlenty, and all their other RINO, Romney-bashing friends to hit the road. We don’t need RINO’s to attempt to OUT-PANDER the Democrats, via promising to meet or beat them at HANDOUTS, to get votes. It’s PATHETIC, and SHAMEFUL.

    Besides that-does anyone ACTUALLY BELIEVE that the Democrats won’t point this pandering out to the illegals-saying “Where were they before?” No thanks. Republicans that position themselves and run as liberal Democrats will never win, and they don’t deserve to. Romney was a bit of one too, but at least he wasn’t this bad-he knew better than to pander handouts. Don’t be gullible people, all the RINO’s aren’t the way to go.

    Of course this is even considering Obama not giving the 11 million+ illegals citizenship, making them instant Democrat voters, in which case we’ll have Democrat presidents for life anyhow. It’s all a joke from here on out folks. Sorry, but this show is over.

  • Minky Wench

    Riiiight, we need another dotcom bubble and a candidate willing to coopt the Democrats legislation. Brilliant strategy. Did you get your talking points from a meghan mccain daily breast article? effin’ clueless!

  • Terry Gain

    One of Romney’s failings was he was trying to hard to be the centrist everyman’s solution to everything. That never freaking works.

    Keep telling yourself that. America is now a D+6 country. Gutierrez attacked Romney for being too far right. He is then attacked on this site for not being right enough.

    Face facts. The far right stayed home and just re-elected the most left wing president in history. The Republican Party will now move left. It isn’t going to align itself with an unreliable constituency.

    Those of you who didn’t support Romney blew it.

  • Minky Wench

    Of course this is even considering Obama not giving the 11 million+ illegals citizenship, making them instant Democrat voters, in which case we’ll have Democrat presidents for life anyhow. It’s all a joke from here on out folks. Sorry, but this show is over.

    Correct, this course is unsustainable regardless. Wait’ll the illegals get here and find out there’s nothing left. Canada’s next! Better hope for some more global warming cause it be cold up there!

  • JW

    Democrats and Republicans should merge – much less hypocritical and less confusion.

    I wonder if this will open a few more liberal “die hard Republicans'” eyes to what is actually going on. There is no difference between the two parties. There was (is) no difference between Romney and 0bama. And these latest comments of Romney’s are a little more proof.

    *Principle? Morals? Biblical values? Throw ’em out! We don’t need no stinkin’ God! That’s for the right-wing nut jobs!* So say liberals from both sides of the aisle.

    *sigh* Disgusting and sad. All that “compromise” and “we aren’t voting for a religion or preacher but a president” hypocritical crap that came from the mouth of not just everyday Republican folks, but people such as Carl Gallups, Billy and Franklin Graham, and James Dobson….

    How’d that compromise work for ya’?

    Ugh – merge the two parties. They are both the same and I’m sick of them.

  • Minky Wench

    let it burn

  • Robert

    We are losing at every juncture because our so-called “leaders” give in first.

    And also, because we have such a partisan press, which is actually the larger problem

  • Jack

    These clowns never fail to amaze me. Fiscal and personal responsibility, constitutionally limited government are extreme positions to these people. Remember these are the geniuses that got us in the position we’re in today.

  • bg


    Lady Mondegreen #25 November 18, 2012 at 12:54 pm

    Obama’s “center” are “collective radicals”, the fringe of the fringe
    of the Tea Party couldn’t hold a candle to them.. they consist of the
    Weatherman, Black Panthers, Nation of Islam, SDS, CPUSA, ACORN,
    SEIU, and i could go on and on, enough of the consistently projected
    perception that it’s always a “right fringe group” that causes trouble
    when we know for a fact that it’s always the left fringe center groups..


  • MVH

    Baloney! Reagan won because he stuck to CONSERVATIVE and PATRIOTIC American values. He didn’t water it down for any one group.

    Reagan made clear the “American Dream” was open to any person; regardless of religious stripe or cultural identity.

    Cultural eites like this guy need get out of the way, or go back to their political hacienda.

  • myohmy

    Outrage during Bush term was a ruse. Democrats are okay with 8%-10% unemployment, high debt, continuing war on all front and dead soldiers. They just like to be the driver seat of power and access to easy money. And the media are in full force to spread propaganda.

    Now, they just have to figure out how to suspend the 2nd amendment and tyranny will be complete. Oh, they did try to form a narrative on fast and furious…they just got busted. They are corrupt, criminals, hungry power and lying b*stards.

  • MJ

    MORON: You lost because you are *NOT* conservatives AT ALL!!! IDIOT!
    Go submit to Obama you jackass

  • n_bourbaki

    Bush I, Dole, McCain, Romney. Now we should try for 5 straight losses for moderate squishes?

  • mcashc

    And to show how evil the devil is- look who is the face of this movement. A complete punk fraud no experience clueless cocky racist no skill idiot. Like rubbing salt in the wound. To hear people call this child “the president” makes my skin crawl. What company would hire this guy as an executive? No one. But president of the UNITED STATES…. sure no problem. The devil on earth.


    Screw the GOP. Give me a party that stands for the Constitution….an America the way it is supposed to be.

    Note to GOP idiot establishment…Bush, Romney, McCain How did they work out for ya?

  • donh

    Romney out of touch with good honest descent working American because he hired ” consultants ” like this….I was in a store today and the people working the counter at minimal wages…who work 2 other jobs to keep a roof over their head…….were griping about how they have to work for their money while people who stay home and take drugs get subsidy….THIS IS THE UGLY FACT OF LIFE…ITS NOT AN EXTREME RIGHT WING VIEW OF REALITY….AND IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANY PARTICULAR ETHNIC GROUP….OR ILLEGALS……AND YES OBAMA WON BECAUSE HE BOUGHT VOTES FROM THE PUBLIC GOODIE BAG…SAY It EVERY DAY WHILE YOU STAND IN LINE AT THE POST OFFICE….
    Romney didn’t offer any free stuff for votes and nearly won………Because not all Americans are greedy money grubbing sinners claiming entitlement to be given things .

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    “I think we lost the election because the far right of this party has taken the party to a place that it doesn’t belong.”

    The Republican Party is unlikely to win another presidential election as long as people like this guy hold positions of influence. Get rid of him and his kind and prospects will brighten.

  • dwdude

    people like this butthead made romney lose…forget amnesty…george bush couldn’t do it, you won’t either. i’m tired of these shamnesty republicans. guittierez? why do you think he’s for it?

  • Danny

    We lost the election for these reasons.
    1. FREE Govt STUFF via Dem pols that use these GOODIES as bribes to get peoples votes.
    2. LIB/Progressive lame stream news media that have chosen a side and lost their journalistic integrity and will do ANYTHING to cover up or help “O” and liberals, Candy even provided the exact quote she just happened to back up “O” in a debate to back him up when”O” asked. Then she said she would do it again
    3. Progs will do ANYTHING to win, accuse Romney of felony and murder of the steel workers wife both of which are lies. BUT the blizzard of these lies told repeated in TV ads the “O’s” refused to STOP telling these LIES PROVES D’s will do anything to win. NEGATIVE ads, even lies DO WORK.
    4. Voter fraud, people registered to vote in MULTIPLE states, CITIES or PRECINCTS, college kids home and school, snow birds vote at home and where have 2nd or 3rd homes.
    4.a Provisional ballots where people walk in, get bussed into multiple locations, on election
    day as got to stop.
    If you don’t think 4 and 4.a are huge problems you need a new brain.
    If you don’t address the UNENDING FREE Govt STUFF we will cease to exist as a free nation. Think CA where ALL the loafers and ZERO tax paying people voted to make the rich pay for everything.

  • J

    It would seem that the entire republican party is infiltrated with hard -core leftist, anti-american partisans.

  • swampsniper

    It is simple, if you do not believe that The Constitution is as nearly sacred as any secular document can be you have no right to be called Republican.

  • Oliver

    Instead of beating the same old dead horse and asking why Romney lost, why aren’t you people asking “Why Did Obama Win?” and learn some lessons from that.

    I could write a book on this subject, but long story short (voter fraud nothwithstanding): Obama won because he told people what they wanted to hear, while at the same time making Romney look like a monster.

    GOP needs to learn how to do that.

    For eg.
    – people want bipartisan, accountable gov’t, and Obama has SUCCESSFULLY painted the Tea Party members as obstructionists and GOP as rich white guys protecting their own.
    Solution: agree to tax hike on the rich but make it conditional on DEMONSTRABLE ACCOUNTABILITY — like “We’ll give you your tax hike, but if the debt isn’t reduced by $XXXX by Jan /2014, all those people get that money back with interest.

    That way, no one can say GOP is obstructing anything, can’t accuse them of protecting the rich, the solution will win bi-partisan support (unless the Dems want to look like idiots!), and it has built-in accountability … which is what people have been screaming for!

    If it works, everybody wins (debt goes down, all parties look like winners)
    If it doesn’t work, Dems lose credibility.

    See how this works?

  • lao

    Let’s see if I have this figured out.

    Romney was too “moderate” but the moderates and the left still voted for Obama.

    Romney must have lost because conservatives didn’t like his moderation and therefore didn’t vote at all.

    If a “true” conservative is nominated then all those moderates and the left will still vote for the Democrat but there’s so many conservatives that didn’t vote that the “true” conservative will win.

    Does that cover it?

  • Amalgamated Cliff Divers, Local 157

    Oliver, you’re forgeting the one ingredient that the GOP will never have—the Make Beilieve Media!

  • midusdew

    the pinko’s in romney’s camp rear there head.
    #1 play, to place the blame on somebody else.

    romney had nooooooooo chance to win election a rigged election.
    stupidity and pinko play boot is all Gutierrez is.

    funny that no repubic’s have contested the over 100% voting outcomes in any and all
    corrupt districts!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oliver

    Another example of what GOP should do:

    – pass a bill in the house ’embracing’ Obamacare under the condition that all Union waivers are rescinded immediately, and all members of Admin & Congress must forfeit their gold-plated plans in lieu of Obamacare coverage.

    – the PEOPLE WILL LOVE IT! And I’d pay money to see the Dems try and explain why Obamacare is good enough for masses, but not for politicians & their cronies.

  • CNC

    Romney and many other Republicans lost because they stupidly pick “advisors” like Gutierrez. These advisors have no interest in this nation, only their own agenda, which is suspiciously the same as the democrats.

  • Sasja
  • Oliver

    #50 Cliff, agreed the media is an issue, but that’s the beauty of my plan. If the GOP is doing what the Dems want … but adding “conditions” that reflect what the people want (accountability, bipartisanship, etc), even the media will have a hard(er) time demonizing Repubs on that basis.

    The trick is learning to play the game better. Play by THEIR rules, and play to win.

    Think about it: What’s the point of clinging to your high-minded principles if you never win another election?

  • Robert

    #52 Oliver

    On your idea, what if Americans started applying for coverage under the Congressional plan?

    On what grounds could they be refused?

  • Oliver

    #56 Robert – LOL! Don’t know if that’s possible, but it’s brilliant.

    I’m so glad someone on this list finally gets it!

  • mcashc

    Can someone ask these frauds why politicians, unions, and muslims are exempted from punkracistcare? Will someone ask this! Affordable care act? My ass. Why are you politicians, unions, muslims exempt? Why are we accepting this?

  • mcashc

    Great idea. All Americans refuse punkocare and demand the same plan congress gets. Lets take that to court. I want to see how we lose that. According to the constitution we cannot lose. Rule on that roberts you treasonist sell out criminal.

  • Fionnagh

    #3 Former Dem here. First vote was for McGovern. Last was for Romney. You’re a prime example of why I switched over.

  • Oliver

    McAshc — I’m not an American so I can’t do anything, but Americans on this list should start one of those WH petitions like the ones for secession.

    Word of caution: there are more secession petitions than there are states. Make sure everyone signs the SAME petition, not a bunch of people starting their own.

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  • mcashc

    Not talking about secession. Tell me why politicians, unions, and muslims are exempt from punkocare? Let us take it to court- supreme court. Rule on that roberts you treasonist scumbag.

  • Oliver

    Dems are good at creating happy euphemisms for their crappy laws … two can play at that game:

    1. re Obamacare for EVERYONE — GOP could call it “The Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is” act!

    2. re tax hike for the rich, call it “The Money Back Guarantee” tax act.

  • Robert


    See? It’s fun.

  • Oliver

    #63 – I wasn’t talking about secession either, just referencing the WH website where people file petitions, and cautioning against having several petitions for the same thing.

  • Stan


    This guy is not just an idiot, he is a plant being used the left-wing CNN to con the Republicans into drinking more of the poison of immigration that sank them in the first place.

    The Demogangsters have been flooding the nation with 3rd world aliens, starting in the 1960’s. As most of the 3rd aliens of darker-skinned races will ALWAYS vote for the Democratic party, no matter what, the Democratic party was able to increase the real number of registered Democratic voters massively through immigration.

    They have allowed almost 3 million aliens to enter this country legally every year, thus acquiring 30 million voters over the last decade, even though America is already the 3rd most populous nation on earth, by weakening our border and allowd the illegals to vote and steal the election using the Motor Voter Bill and electronic voting machines.

    The stupid Republican party went along with this immigration flood and instead of working to ban immigration, the death knell of the Republican party, they supported Demogangsters in bringing in more and more aliens to vote for their opponent!

    That is why it lost–it helped import more Democrats!!

    Also, Whites, who tend to be more Republican, conservative, stopped having children, but blacks and Mexicans, the majority of whom tend to be Democrats, have 3-10 each. Thus, the percent of whites in the population is declining.

    The Republican party will NEVER EVER win any votes from the 90% of the blacks and Mexicans and Asians, even by pandering to them or trying to “talk them into” becoming conservative, such as the promoting free enterprise and all that garbage.

    By supporting more immigration and amnesty, it will only help bring in more black and Mexican Democrats here and the Republican party (and America) are then finished.


    a. The Republicans must BAN ALL IMMIGRATION. America is the 3rd most populous nation on earth, overcrowded, facing severe shortages of basic resources such as water and land. Alienism is crime against humanity.

    Banning immigration is supported by 80% of the public, include immigrants, and democrats, as they do not want fresh aliens to come and steal their jobs. This will make the Republican party popular with all and especially its core voter base, the white majority, which is totally against more immigration or it will otherwise lose the white majority for ever, as 3rd world aliens will soon outnumber them.

    b. We must amend the constitution to allow binding superseding national referenda so people can ban immigration directly.

    c. Whites must have more children, 5-10 each to restore white percent to over 80, for their own safety and preservation.

    The Republican party must be the CONSERVATIVE and PATRIOTIC alternative to the evil alienist Democratic party.

    If you are in a small town and there is a large popular burger joint, selling the best burgers at the best price, you will not win by trying to imitate them; you must be an alternative and try to sell pizza instead, so those who do not like burgers can come to you.

    These nuts who are telling the Republican party to try to become like Democrats to win are deranged or are plants.

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  • AuntieMadder


  • Oliver

    #67 Stan re: “The Republicans must BAN ALL IMMIGRATION”

    Really? How are you going to do that if the US never again elects a Republican president and/or Senate? And it’s looking more and more like that’s a distinct possibility!

    No siree, what you need to do is ’embrace’ the Dream Act … but, again, with a condition or two:
    1. Everyone who qualifies under the dream act must serve a 4-year term in the armed forces. No Exceptions. (If you want to live here, you should be proud to serve your new country … who’s going to argue with that? And don’t most military end up in the “R” camp?)
    2. You can’t qualify if you or any member of your immediate family have a criminal record. (Nobody wants criminals living here do they?)

  • saveus

    with advisors as bad as these it is a wonder anybody voted for him

    but his opponent was and is a disaster who only knows how to get elected
    something romney’s have no idea

  • bg


    Oliver #52 November 18, 2012 at 2:08 pm


    but that is not how they play their game,
    you see, all 5 branches practice taqiyyah..


  • bg


    blame this, blame that, yada yada
    yada, just answer me this riddle..


  • Voted for Romney and Proud of It

    All this second guessing about Romney is just frosting on the cake for the other side. The only reason he lost was due to the voter fraud. And with friends like this in his party, he sure doesn’t need any enemies. If he would have lost fairly, then I can see some of this bitching. I just feel they should be complaining about the system, and not the candidate. If you don’t think he did the best he could do…………….then may I suggest that next time you try your run at the office.

  • KansasGirl

    If these people come here to work and become part of the “American Dream”, why are they applying for all the government goodies?
    Look for further than LaRaza to know what they really want.

  • Oliver

    #72 BG: you call it taqiyyah, I call it Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. Same basic thing – lie, cheat, do whatever is necessary to push your agenda, suppress the masses etc.

    Undoubtedly, GOP’s unfaltering loyalty to big business and wall street is disconcerting but when push comes to shove I’d rather live in a free capitalist society than a communist one … which is where America is heading. Lesser of 2 evils I guess.

    Truth be told, I’m a libertarian, but not the nutty Ron Paul variety. I am constantly frustrated by people who call them conservatives but keep voting for ‘big government’ policies, and think it’s OK to impose their beliefs on others while, at the same time, advocating for limited government and personal responsibility. Personally, I think the government should be responsible for National Security and that’s about it. Everything else can and should be run by the private sector.

  • Oliver

    an oops on #76 … s/b “people who call themSELVES conseratives” – sorry

  • mcashc

    Atleast the “nutty Ron Paul ” has integrity. He stuck to the constitution, I respect that. My parents in their 70’s will go before death panels when sick. Will Mccain, kerry, dumbass biden, moron pelosi, scumbag reid, enemy to the country obama,……. will they go before a death panel? Can we get a ruling on that justice roberts you treasonist sell out?…….. I didn’t think so you benedict arnold treasonist selfish sell out.

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  • nomobama

    If I understand what I read yesterday, the conservative writer of the Lame Cherry blog proposed that conservative Americans start behaving like their liberal neighbors and take advantage of the government give-aways to hasten the collapse of our current liberal infested government. The idea being that once it collapses, the public will the falsehood of liberalism and work to create a sane government that promotes fiscal responsibility and the US constitution. It would be a hard lesson to subject our country to, but it may be what is needed.

    By the way, Obama did not win this election fairly. Voter fraud has been perfected by the Democrats. Do you really believe that less voters voted in this election than in 2008? A large percentage of Romney’s vote were either not counted, or flipped to Obama with Obama gaining votes through people voting more than once by taking advantage of extended early voting. Electronic voting machines need to be discarded, and in person early voting should cease.

  • bg


    albeit jmho, good read ..

    May 16, 2006

    [Just as radical Islam is not a religion, it is a murderous cult of unparalleled evil, and just as abortion is not about choice, but the selfish, paganistic murder of innocent unborn children, illegals are not simply nice migratory agrarians searching for a better life. They are criminals, they are dishonest and they are usurpers, ultimately controlled by those with a political agenda.]


  • Oliver

    #78 – agreed on Ron Paul, what I find “nutty” is his foreign policy. ‘Naive’ would have been a better choice of words.

    re: death panels. Obamacare sucks, but I think this is something that has been greatly exaggerated by the right. Canada has had universal health care for decades. It’s terrible — one of the reasons I left in fact — but the ‘death panel’ scare is pretty much a myth. More likely you’ll die from neglect while waiting 14 hours in the Emergency room, or waiting 2 years for an MRI.

  • vb

    Why does everyone assume that this guy was advising Romney in all areas. He is a former commerce secretary, and Romney may have wanted to gain from his experience in negotiating trade treaties or in streamlining commerce regulations. He was certainly not an out-front spokesman for the Romney campaign. Perhaps he is just trying to move into the limelight now by criticizing Romney. Ignore him.

  • Look-Out

    A few thoughts..

    Muslims get waivers to Obamacare because they don’t believe in insurance…the others get ’em just because, like Muslims, they’re BHO’s pals.

    Now, as for this Gutierrez guy (a definite Dem plant – along w/ Mark Mckinnon) and other Rs like Bobby Jindal who want wimps to run: get lost.

    Jindal, I was one who hoped you’d run for POTUS…that was until you gave the Repub response a few years ago. You showed up that night wearing your best wimp costume. I thought you’d gotten the message loud and clear…so here’s a tip: Forget about running for higher office, I’m pretty sure those prospects for you were lost that day. And don’t run your mouth telling others what to do.

    Now to Obama…call me crazy, but BHO’s win seems to have landed with a stunned hush. It’s like no one – not even voting/not voting Dems can believe it. The LIARS, yeah, they’ll say, “Sure, we expected it.” But I think more people are sick about it than we realize.

    BHO’s campaign wasn’t bringing the crowds. And the money was NOT coming in, so much so that he had to resort to his close-the-eyes-of-creditcard-machines so he could get his foreign and phony donations again. Nobody wanted this guy…but the freeloaders, liars and cheats. And cheat they did.

  • Mad Hatter

    Gutierrez, the former secretary of commerce, said he was “shocked” by Romney’s comments.

    “I think we lost the election because the far right of this party has taken the party to a place that it doesn’t belong,” he said. “We are the party of prosperity, of growth, of tolerance. I mean these immigrants who come across and what they do wrong is they risk their lives, they come here and they work because they want to be part of the American Dream.”


    “these immigrants” gutless coward can’t call them what they are, illegal aliens. Carlos Gutierrez and his ilk have no allegiance to the Constitution or to the rule of law. All they’re worried about is, me, me, me, and what is good for them, not what is good for the country. They threaten, demand, and slander anyone that disagrees with them.

    When did tolerance become part of the Party Platform? And tolerance for what, people coming across our border illegally, and sucking out welfare system dry? Tolerance for the financial strain they’re putting on our education system? Tolerance for the murders they committee through their drunk driving? Tolerance for how their kids have gone haywire, joined the MS-13, and are ruining our cities?

    Is that what we’re supposed to have tolerance for?

    It’s people like Carlos Gutierrez that have taken the Party to places it doesn’t belong.

  • bg


    uh, Ron Paul, George Soros, Barney Frank,
    oh wait, aren’t they Obama’s guys?? /sarc/


  • Zhytamyr

    The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. If the party of stupid thinks that they can beat the dems by being “commie lite” they are sadly mistaken. The filthy idiots need to be taken to the wood shed, maybe the stupid can be beaten out? We all need to take over the Re(tard)publican leadership one precinct at a time- devour them from the inside out, remake them more libertarian (w/o the open borders & stupid drug crap that even the Netherlands have abandoned because it brings crime/citizens that have to be supported by everyone else). However, I don’t think that there is time to fix it- we’re probably “hosed”. My wife is making plans to move to Costa Rica- 12% flat rate tax, 1 in 6 citizens are from N. America, everyone speaks english, if you start a business they’ll defer your taxes, the government is so small that if you break a law, they don’t really give a care if you don’t harm anyone else-pretty much America 80 years ago. I am torn between trying to save the America that I remember from my youth and leaving it to the locusts and slavemasters that have stolen it.

  • Oliver

    #84- Lookout: I agree, Team O cheated, and IMHO used Nate Silver’s projections as a template so they could rationalize their illegal win.

    Nonetheless, very little is being done about it and there’s a 99.99999999% chance the results will stand.

    GOP need to start right now working on software to demolish theirs, continue to push for photo ID laws, and make sure the company counting ballots is not owned by George Soros!!

  • Winston Wolfe

    Yeah. You got less votes than Kerry in 2004 because of the Far Right.

    Got it.

    Go to hell, dude. Go straight to hell.

  • Cathy S.

    Grass Roots Conservatives were the ones on the ground going door to door and making phone calls. If candidates would have explained our principles & why they work, we might have been able to convince majority. If we leave GOP, there wont be enough to get them elected.

  • DMG

    #10 Coulter endorsed Romney and stated that only Romney could possibly beat Obama. And here we are today.

    I’m not much of a Coulter fan, but you have that backwards. She said, If we don’t run Christie, Romney will be the candidate, and we will lose.

  • mcashc

    Cool, I just decided I don’t believe in insurance. Am I exempt? If that doesn’t work, am I too pale to convince people I am a muslim? Do you see how fricken absurd this is? Maybe I can make up a religion. Everything is ass backwards.

  • bg


    devolution = full circle:

    today’s Republicans are yesteryear’s Democrats,

    today’s Democrats are yesteryear’s Socialists,

    today’s Socialists are tomorrows Islamo Nazis of yesteryear..


  • Look-Out

    Agree, Oliver, except for software…Dems have the geniuses in that dept. on their side. And they’ve helped them cheat…

    I want a paper record/receipt THAT MUST BE KEPT by voter (that even shows how he voted?), and head count at each polling site:

    Photo ID
    ONE DAY voting/no absentee or early

  • Look-Out

    re #94– absentee/early for Military only and NO results til ALL their ballots are counted

  • midusdew

    Lookout your absolutely right.

  • midusdew

    Only Military’
    no absentee, no early and no mail in ballots.

  • David

    With advisors like this, of course Romney lost. Axelrod had no competition. The comments on immigrants are ridiculous. Early last century, high IQ hard working migrants came from Europe. Today’s migrants are low IQ and from the third world and will never form the basis of a successful democracy

  • Look-Out

    Every American should be behind showing our men and women in uniform just how much we love them for sacrificing EVERYTHING for our freedom to cast our vote. That is a day we should honor them again. Let their votes be the FIRST to be counted.

    And we turn our backs on a POTUS or party that would deny them their votes.

  • kato

    He must have been Commerce Secretary for the Compassionate Dope.

  • mcashc

    Sounds good but doesn’t matter. Commie chicago mob rule is in place, along with all inclusive PC. Right wing radio will not touch this. Hey Glenn, Rush, Sean……………only hear silence. Threats to family members will do that- just ask justice roberts.

  • Rhonda

    3 million republicans stayed home and the message they get from that is “go left” .

  • Oliver

    Mitt lost the popular vote by about 3 million, and by far less if a couple of well placed precincts in swing states had gone his way. Is it a coincidence that 3 million conservatives “stayed home” … or more likely that the Amazing Chicago Machine figured out exactly how many votes they needed in key areas to win … without raising too many eyebrows?

    The silence is deafening from right and left media alike on the subject of voter fraud. Why? On the left because their Messiah won and they don’t care how he got there. On the right, it’s because “voter fraud” falls into the tin-hat category, right along with the Birth Certificate etc. It shouldn’t, but it does, because Axelrod has done a masterful job of mocking and demonizing ANYONE who questions Obama’s past, his character, etc.

    On another blog the other day, some leftie said (and I quote): Romney lost because he lied, whereas Obama’s character is IMPECCABLE”. Spit my coffee all over my keyboard, I did.

    Another leftie said (and I quote): “If Romney had won, he would have forced us all to become Mormons”.

    There’s no cure for stupid.

  • bg


    Rhonda #102 November 18, 2012 at 5:27 pm

    extremely little to no guarantee that info is correct..

    not to mention being totally void of context..

    that’s why i ehat polls, they too can,
    and all too often have, easily lied..

    btw can’t believe that’s all
    you could came up with.. 🙄


  • bg


    this s what bothers me most,

    this is how the belief in Global Warming started..

    it was built on a LIE, a LIE that grew so big that even when
    the LIE was exposed it had little to no affect on the believer..


  • Freddy

    Romney sowed the seeds of HATE in his scorched earth primary campaign.

    In the end, Romney LOST the three largest states in which he spread his message of hatred towards conservatives.

    Is it possible that 150k Gingrich supporters sat home in Florida over these ad’s? Maybe another 150k Santorum supporters sat home in Ohio? With Romney slamming both of them in Virginia, it is easy to see another 150k stay home there as well.

    Mitt simply reaped what he sowed.

  • Candy

    #15 traitor

    No, that’s Luis Gutierrez from Chicago. Don’t get me started on him.

  • Jose Ortega

    Finally someone on the republican side coming to terms with why they lost.

  • Look-Out

    Hey, Freddy…you wanna rage on about haters? Romney’s the wrong target for your anger — look LEFT. Or maybe all around you, even in the mirror(?), if that’s more likely.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    “Romney lost because he lied, whereas Obama’s character is IMPECCABLE”

    That’s a textbook case of swilling the Kool-Aid. And lot of it is being served up with the help of the Democrat media.

  • carlos gutierrez, he wouldn’t have a vested interest in a hispanic majority would he. romney’s statement may have been the truest thing he said. but we mustn’t tell the truth somebody might be offended. i long for the days when the truth would set you free.

  • bg


    Freddy #106 November 18, 2012 at 7:07 pm

    back to being sit down comedienne i see,

    scorched earth??

    too funny!!


  • Look-Out

    “Once the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the
    Republic.” – Benjamin Franklin

    More related Founders’ quotes here with link to American Thinker ’09 article —

  • Patty

    Despite a nearly 50-50 partisan split across the country, Republicans have failed to reach out, and in some cases completely isolated, important and growing components of the electorate. This is due in no small part to the emergence of a far-right component of the Republican Party, the Tea Party at its supporters.

    The Republican primaries are an important insight into this epic collapse. Mitt Romney, a moderate governor of Democratic stronghold Massachusetts, was forced to move his policies to the far-right to appease the extremes of his party. It ultimately cost him the election, as he could aptly be portrayed as espousing the policies he advocated then, whether he truly believed him or not. Competing with the extremely conservative likes of Rick Santorum and Michele Bachmann does not bode well for a more moderate general electorate.

    No, I believe that Romney didn’t lie, Obama did. And we are going to find out when he can”t keep his promises.

  • Sarah2016

    Let’s see the Repub House had a landslide victory in 2010, in no small part bc/ of the tireless effort of endorsements & campaigning by Palin w/ Tea Party support, & Romney decided that winning Conservative blueprint was irrelevant in 2012…so we lost. The base is the Constitutional Conservatives & not the Rino/Bush/Rubio-protege pack of losers. Sarah Palin 2016 is hated bc/ she is courageous & incorruptible against the entrenched crony-capital beltway RINOS…Sarah is the answer to restoring our Conservative values & belief in American exceptionalism w/o caving to the call for amnesty to those Hispanics will just add their names to the welfare roles & still vote Dem. palin2016 or bust.

  • charles darwin

    You folks need your own party-The GOP establishment is never going to give you what you want!!

  • Highlander

    Oliver, I really like the way you think. You should come to America!

  • Rose

    Carlos Gutierrez must be one of those DUAL CITIZEN FLAMING RECONQUISTAS that John McCain keeps as a pet.

  • Agent 99
  • Agent 99
  • Agent 99

    RE: 119 and 120 (above)
    Republicans willing to work with Tea Party ….But Tea Party says NO WAY!!
    120>>>>> We Will not give in…..(to the Rs…will will remain Fiscally and Socially Conservative)
    I do NOT like that stance (Social Issues) Third Party is Tea Party Goal! Period!
    Money talks…Yep!
    And this is a CNN Article!!

  • Gary

    Man! No wonder our side loses so easily.
    The left pulls this lame stunt and look how many of you fall right in.

    It’s ridiculous. Obviously the left is going after Romney and anybody on his team to get them to say anyting they can make hay of, and of course, divide us with.

    How easily divided are we? I was on this forum all year when the lot of you went from hating Romney for not being conservative enough to truly respecting him as a person and admiring his campaign.

    All it takes is one adviser’s stupid comment and you’re ready to tar and feather Romney again?

    If we had any kind of fair system in this country, the facts would reveal massive voter fraud that got Obama re-elected. Busloads of “voters” carted around from polling station to polling station, given the necesary papers and the names to use to get their votes counted over and over.

    The most egregious cases have already come out (like Philadelphia and Chicago) but they’re swept under the rug almost immediately while you all excoriate Romney for something a Latino adviser said regarding Latinos.

    Divide and conquer. Why not, it’s too easy with the lot of you.

    When you’re ready to talk solutions and finding a way to end the massive voter fraud we have to overcome in the blue states every election year, let me know.

  • Romney lost because he is a Mormon, it’s as simple as that. NO – not because most voters discriminated on the basis of religion, but rather on the basis of the teachings of his religion. He just could not bring himself to point the finger at the key person responsible for our failed domestic and foreign policies and ask, “Do you take reponsibility for the past four years of failures, or do you intend to continue to blame others for your behavoir?”

    Mormons live their faith, which teaches them not to be personally critical of others. Romney just couldn’t bring himself to publicly force Obama to own up to his failed four years. Romney fought the fight the Mormon Way, while Oblowhard fought it the Chicago Way. It was sort of like bringing a knife to a gunfight.

  • Pingback: » Romney Adviser: We Lost Because Far Right Has Taken Party to …()

  • Interesting

    I liked the Perry Stone Ministries take on the election: And here is a short version (with some meat on it) for those who hear with understanding:

    Why Mitt Romney Lost
    by Perry Stone

    The controversy of the loss stems from the predictions and the projections of noted Republican strategist, who publically stated that Romney would win in a landslide, which was the opposite of what actually occurred.

    The first point is the number of people, who were considered “Conservative Christians,” who did not vote at all. It has been suggested that about 3 million, who voted for McCain in 2008, did not vote in this election. After researching as to why, and speaking with a state senator who agreed, there were several million people who did not vote because Mitt’s religion is Mormon and they refused to vote a Mormon in office. In fact, in the early days of the Mormon religion, the people were run out of one state into another and had set up a headquarters in Ohio before going to Utah. Thus, there is a heavy anti-Mormon sentiment in parts of Ohio which would work against Romney.

    The second issue is his choice Vice President. Paul Ryan is a fine man with high moral character. He was tapped for several reasons. One reason included the hope that he would “deliver” the state of Wisconsin to the Romney column…which did not occur. When asked who his running mate should be, I suggested that it should be someone of Hispanic descent or Latino, as the elections would be possibly determined by the Latino vote…which it was.

    The third issue is that Romney never used the information of what things would look like if he were not elected. With the new Health Care mandates, such religious based businesses as Hobby Lobby, with 500 stores, will be forced to provide an abortion pill to its employees, or face penalties. The owner, Mr. Green, is a fine Christian man who refuses to compromise his spiritual principles. He is now in a law suit against the mandate. If he doesn’t provide the pill, he will be penalized over 1 million dollars a day! If he drops the insurance, he will be penalized by the Obama plan $26 million dollars a year! After the election, 45 businesses announced layoffs, other major companies are cutting their full time employees to part time, and others are laying off workers to get under 50 workers in order to prevent huge health care penalties. I was informed by three people in my own town that several doctors are no longer taking Medicare patients, and under the new mandates, a person will only be allowed one doctor visit a month. Further, if the doctor sees them more than the law states then the hospital will be penalized. None of this was discussed, to my knowledge, by Romney, as he was told to be nice and stay positive and talk about jobs. In reality, those directing the campaign were out of touch and should have been replaced months before the election if he wished to win.

    Perhaps the most noted issue is 47% of Americans receive food stamps and over 50% of Americans receive some form of a government check. These individuals voted in massive, record breaking numbers, to elect the person they felt would keep the government assistance flowing their way. What so many were paying little attention to was the fact that when business lay off and cut back hours and the tax base dwindles, eventually this makes it difficult to sustain the subsidies being handed out from coast to coast. We were warned by several early founding fathers, the danger of the citizens becoming dependent upon government and how in future elections the people would ignore the substance of a candidate and the warnings for the future. They would only vote for those who promised them the greatest amount of free stuff (check out the warning by Alexander Hamilton). We have now arrived at the crossroads warned of by several founders.

    There is the fifth issue. According to Daniel in Daniel 2:21, it is God that set up kings and removed kings; “And He changes the times and the seasons; He removes kings and raises up kings; He gives wisdom to the wise And knowledge to those who have understanding.”

    We could speculate numerous reasons why the “Lord” allowed Obama a second term. Those who voted for him say, “It was God’s will,” and for those who did not vote for him suggest, “He is going to bring God’s judgment on the nation.” As with every major election in the past 12 years, the nation is divided between left and right, conservative and liberal, between Pro-Constitution and Socialists. Only time will reveal how the debt, the discontent and the discouragement of certain laws and decisions we are living under will affect the common American and the believer. It is clear that we are not the nation we were and will never be what we have been. European Socialism has now become the plan.