Retired Admiral Says Obama Needs to Come Clean on Benghazi (Video)

Retired Admiral James A. Lyons Jr., former Commander of the Pacific Fleet, was on with Lou Dobbs Wednsday on the FOX Business Network.

Admiral Lyons told Dobbs that, in his opinion, that the facts don’t add up.
Obama needs to come clean on Benghazi.

Admiral Lyons Jr.:

“I’m told General Ham never received any orders to execute… It’s peculiar that we never tried to secure our consulate. The CIA was for months tracking the Al-Sharia group in Libya. I find it incomprehensible that they didn’t know this attack was going to occur… The consulate had no confidence in the 17 February Martyrs Brigade who were assigned responsibility for consulate protection or the police force.”

Before It’s News has more.

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    Audio here for real clip. Who knows how long?

  • Dave Steiger

    While the Admiral’s insights were very impressive, the Blind Sheik was never mentioned, let alone a “botched kidnapping”.

    Please redirect us to the source quoting the Admiral as saying such.

    Thank you in advance!

  • olm

    It’s the story that has been out there for almost 8 weeks. It’s true. Remember it every time you hear one of these bold faced lying sos talking about a Petraeus affair.
    They continue to think they can control this narrative. And. I suppose with our media, they can.
    Say it loud and say it often.
    Obama allowed Benghazi to happen because he trusted the terrorists not to kill Stevens. Unfortunately a leopard can’t change his spots and Stevens and those trying to protect him died at the hands of Obama’s Muslim minions.
    But hey……….GP had an affair.

  • Dave Steiger

    Ah, never mind. Post #41 covers it, you just have to dig through the vids to find the Admiral’s missing comments.

    Thank you. The original post here is entirely legit.

  • archer52

    Over thinking it.

    They were trying to snatch Stevens or attack annex to get their guys back.

    Probably because their guys were important to them due to their knowledge or the “respect” issue that permeates the mindset of Arabs. If we grab their guys, they could not let that stand.

    And they wanted to run the CIA/Western forces out of the area- which they accomplished. Once out they can consolidate their power base.

    This isn’t rocket science, just basic ninth century military tactics. Think Jerusalem about 1000 A.D.

  • MR.ED

    I think this is all wrong Ambassador Chris Stephens was a gay older white man this is Obamas lovers of deisire .I think the Ambassador got scared theatened to expose the affair and was taken out

  • Chris W.

    Before It’s News is a great site with a lot of entertaining info, but there’s also a lot of tabloid nonsense there too.

    I get a lot of my Bigfoot and Atlantis updates there. Not a place I go to for prime political analysis. Buyer beware.

  • Time

    Today is the day. Will Petraeus fall or will he rise to the occasion ? Will he give up the goods on the administration and the real guise behind the consulate, the deaths that the world knows was not a botched mission, but a direct mission of intent. We as human beings, not animals, not people without souls and care do not sit by and allow something of such blatant disregard to happen. Especially when we the most educated, technology enhanced nation in the world, that has every last corner of the world covered, in all aspects, both civilian and military. To think this consulate was not in danger at any time, by any group with our technology, is bogus. So botched NO, intended, YES..Lets all hope the four star general does what the majority of humans would do and not what animals would, and tell the truth by default for sake of human life and not lie by animal instinct to cover the evil of the kill.


    I heard this before. That is why Obama administration sat around and watched. Then they were going to go in and “save him” and be the heroes they think they are to win the election. (They didn’t realize that there were enough morons to elect him anyways)

  • Time

    This was never a consulate, never.. It was a holding facility for hostages and a gun running facility for guns to be transported to Syria. The real reason they died is that there were some real pissed off people. This is why other country’s pulled out of there and we as stupid Americans stayed. Why did we stay, because we were doing illegal things, things that Obama himself made executive orders on and was under congress to disclose but decided to circumvent behind congress and do anyway. It all blew up in his face. The humanitarian aid that they/ we give to Syria is in part not going for that at it is going for gun running to overthrow their government and other causes. This is the real intent and the people pushed back and killed Americans.. Short story of it in a nut shell. To think Hilblaster wants to give another round of aid announced yesterday to Syria. Why ? It’s in the billions.. Crazy but true. The weapons are used against/where ? Look to Israel.

  • Flintstone F.

    I’ll just try to keep it simple:

    Multiple warnings in various forms, the anniversary of 9/11, other countries leaving, increased violence and previous attacks.

    Stevens was murdered and he is documented for being concerned about security. A terrorist attack occurred and standard operating procedure was dismissed leaving Americans behind to die.

    Then it’s dismissed as a reaction to a video. A man is imprisoned for the video. Apologies are submitted for the video by secretary of state Clinton and others.

    Election. Finally we get to what matters!!:

    Obama press conference focuses on Petraeus sex scandal. But have no fear, Mr. Rock Center is on it. Tonight!: everything you wanted to know about the Petraeus sex scandal.

    Less than four years to go. Hang in there.

  • kato

    It’s impossible for a turd to “come clean.”

  • kelly

    This retired, delusional geezer is going with the “I’m told” as proof of something? GMAB.

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  • bg


    November 14, 2012

    Rep. Gohmert: Name Independent Counsel
    to Investigate Obama on Benghazi

    [“We need to investigate the attorney general’s boss, the president,”
    said Gohmert. “Because people were killed and this White House has
    been dishonest.”

    November 5, 2012

    Senior Retired Military Officer Calls For Pres
    Obama To Explain Benghazi, Libya Attack ….

    November 15, 2012

    Repeat With Me

    [A cover-up is taking place in Benghazi and it is one that is going
    to make the cover-up in Fast and Furious look like cheap touch-up
    paint on a deteriorating surface. The Obama administration is playing
    a chess game of subterfuge, lies and obfuscation — and they’re going
    to get away with it unless the Republican hierarchy stops posing and
    pontificating for the camera and treats this as if it were Mr. Nixon and

    The media has us distracted with which general slept with which
    woman. That is not important; it is a diversion intended to shift focus
    and it is working. And both Parties are benefiting from it. Democrats are
    benefiting because it is protecting Obama’s dishonest behind, and the
    Republicans are benefiting because it gives feckless Representatives
    like Lindsay Graham the opportunity to appear on Fox News pretending
    to be interested in getting to the truth.

    Fox News is not our friend — they are a business out to secure ratings,
    political access, and advertising dollars. I will not mention names, but
    I can tell you that many otherwise well-meaning individuals and public
    policy institutes are not only afraid to criticize Fox — but steadfastly
    refuse — because they are afraid of not being invited back. I don’t give
    a rat’s tail if Fox appreciates what I say or not. I’m committed to the

    In reality, just out of our line of sight, John Boehner and the so-called
    leadership are coming up with a way to sell us out to Obama. At least
    when Brutus stabbed Caesar on that fateful Ides of March he did it in
    plain sight.

    Obama is in full gloat mode. He believes himself beyond reach because
    he knows that regardless of his culpability the media will not report it,
    and Congressional hearings are not going to yield any fruit as long as
    John Boehner is his golfing buddy.

    His press conference yesterday should be viewed in the context of
    what Muslims do when they conquer a foe. They build a mosque on
    the conquered ground (the attempt to build a mosque on Ground
    Zero should come to mind). In this instance, Obama held a press
    conference to gloat and play king.]

    Amen Mychal!!

    more at link..


  • owl

    MY 2 cents…..

    I respected Gen Petraeus but always wondered why Obama would put him in that spot. Obama, Dems and Scoopers do not like military. I agree that he seemed to fit as much for Obama as Bush. I now think that Obama had him pegged as a fall guy from the start, to pull out if needed.

    I think Broadwell was just the cherry on top. Look. NYT runs good support article for invisible FBI guy. Yahoo has support for invisible FBI guy. Panetta defending Allen, therefore Kelley/crazy sister good. FBI spends hours and hours inside Broadwell’s home. Quite a production. Almost as good as brownshirts coming for the movie maker! Could not get into Benghazi for 17 days.

    Pushing that Broadwell had lots of classified info. Well, duh. Good grief. She only held clearance for years so does this tell us anything? Plus, they classify air.

    So…….Obama issued his EO on black op sites, immediately upon taking office, made a big deal of it, pointed at evil George Bush and said ‘take that you old torturer’.

    Ever wonder where are the prisioners that they could not put into Gitmo and did not have secret prisons and could not kill?

    Ooops. President I Know Nothing, Never Knew Anything, No One Ever Asked nor Told Me Anything. Yep that same Not My Fault 4 Years Later President, has proof that someone disobeyed his order. You, the American Public heard me tell you when I did it.

    Benghazi was a CIA site, donchaknow. Who is responsible for this mess? Petraeus drew the short straw.

    Where is General Ham?

  • owl

    Or…….Petraeus could have been doing a Fast & Furious and they never told President Never Know Anything, Chief Stay Permanently In the Dark In Charge.

    Please do not offend PoTNKA-CSPIDIC by calling out a spokesman for the WH that spoke on Benghazi that knew NOTHING about Benghazi. Why would anyone go after her, besmirch her reputation?

    Btw, what ever happened to our ELECTED voices on Fast & Furious. I was so impressed with the speed of that investigation and the results. Yep. Oh yes, give me more of those big ole meanie fast moving investigations.

  • cheddarhead

    It looks like this is all a set up, PURGING THE TOP MILITARY BRASS. Obama black mailed them, and still stuck them in the back after they agreed to lie about Benghazi. Expect more military brass that the Democrats have long hated to fall in the year. Obama wants to replace them with his own left wing military leaders. And what about the TSA patrolling our streets? UNION TSA, a civilian army, funded better than the military, loyal to Obama. Ever heard of Hitler’s Long Night of Knives where all his political opponents were desposed of? This is Obama’s version of it.
    He hasn’t started killing them of course…..yet.

  • Indiana

    Obama come clean? He’s dirty as hell….and he doesn’t have to do jack squat! He’s now the most powerful man in the world….Just ask him and he’ll tell you. He’s running Amok….and doesn’t care what his dissenters think. Buck Farack!

  • owl

    Can not say it enough………………….We must get rid of Holder. Holder.

    When we have crooked Justice, they can do anything if our ELECTED voices sit on their duff.