Retired Admiral Says Obama Needs to Come Clean on Benghazi (Video)

Retired Admiral James A. Lyons Jr., former Commander of the Pacific Fleet, was on with Lou Dobbs Wednsday on the FOX Business Network.

Admiral Lyons told Dobbs that, in his opinion, that the facts don’t add up.
Obama needs to come clean on Benghazi.

Admiral Lyons Jr.:

“I’m told General Ham never received any orders to execute… It’s peculiar that we never tried to secure our consulate. The CIA was for months tracking the Al-Sharia group in Libya. I find it incomprehensible that they didn’t know this attack was going to occur… The consulate had no confidence in the 17 February Martyrs Brigade who were assigned responsibility for consulate protection or the police force.”

Before It’s News has more.

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  • bobbi

    right Lame Cherry snd Kevin DuJun (Hillbuzz) tslked about this

  • lakewriter

    Yes, he is that sinister. This is not the first time I have heard this. First time was shortly after the incident. Then it went underground and I thought it had been just a theory. Still…. Now here it is again, but this time someone willing to go out on a tv station and make the claim. “The October Surprise.” Good, brave patriots lost their lives because of this SOB. There are not enough despicable words to say about Obama.

  • Granny

    This theory has been floating around since almost immediately after the event. And yes, there is no doubt in my mind that the Obama regime would do whatever it takes to free the Blind Sheik.

  • mg4us

    #1 Underground Conservative. . . fully agree

    Need to expose the traitors in the Halls of DC
    Who told our troops to Stand Down when please for help were denied while watching the scene unfold for over 7 hours?
    Who did not use missiles from Predator Drone?
    What happened to General Ham Head of Africomm?

    We want answers and we want them NOW!!!!!

  • lizzy84

    #23 November 15, 2012 at 6:36 am
    Granny commented:

    Yes, it has been floating out there.
    Atlas Shrugs had the headline: oBama lied, Americans died: Libyan Attack was botched kidnapping to trade WTC bombing Blind Sheikh on 10/18/2012.
    If this was part of a botched plot to allow the Ambassador to be kidnapped so the MB could exchange him for the Sheikh, why would oBama have done anything to defend the Consulate in Benghazi? Of course the Consulate would’ve to have had stripped down security too. And, of course, oBama could have gone to bed, not knowing the fate of Ambassador Stevens.

  • The Underground Conservative

    #3 Liberty: Blindfolds and cigarettes followed by a firing squad would be OK, too.

  • rabble-rouser

    WHOA…that’s surreal. That is the most horrible thing I have ever heard. I can’t believe that. How could anyone stoop so low as to trades lives of innocent people for a job in the US?

  • donh

    AND YOUR HEARD IT HERE FIRST…Months ago,,,,,,, and I wasn’t the first to post this TRUTH. Obama WANTS to release the Blind Sheik, but he needed to stage a fake theatrical media drama as political cover to save his image illusion from the political damage this treason would bring.

  • rabble-rouser

    if this is true…I can only describe it as “pure evil in action”. I am seriously frightened for this country.

  • ponderon
  • donh


  • mary moriel

    I listened to this clip twice and heard nothing about any botched kidnapping. How many minutes in did a kidnapping come up?

  • squeaky

    “The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry..” and when they do how does one handle it. every side having their own interest which often conflicts with their co-conspirators. a usual story line in many hollywood films. when 100% of the “loot” is better than 50%. no honor among thieves.

  • john b

    Hoft, really? Last night on Dobbs? Really? Because Dobbs says at the top of the clip that it is 1 week before the election or something to that effect. But you can confirm yourself: in the bottom right hand corner are the tickers for various US markets, and the Dow Jones is trading at ~13,000. It hasn’t been at that level since start of trading Wed Nov 7.


    Your video was clipped. Relevant portions missing.

  • onbe


    seasonally adjusted initial claims was 439,000, an increase of 78,000 from the previous week’s revised figure of 361,000.


    Clip swapped out altogether. This is not the original video.

  • oldguy

    What really happened? Consider: The people we have over there cannot tell one Muslim from another. Unless the Syrian or Iran commandos were wearing their uniforms how do our people know this was Al Qadea? I suspect the Syrian and the Iranian governments felt that they had better put a stop to America’s gun-running operations to rebellious factions in their countries. It was obvious to everyone in the Middle East that Fast and Furious was an American policy to lead from behind.

  • bobbi

    Admiral Lyons doesn’t say anything sbout “botchrd kidnapping

  • bobbi