Republican Trey Gowdy to Obama: “Instead of Taking Up For Susan Rice, You Come in Her Place and Testify” (Video)

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) challenged President Obama this morning on America’s Newsroom,

“Instead of taking up for Susan Rice, here’s the deal I’ll make with the president, you come in her place and testify before Congress and answer her questions.”

Right on.

And make sure he takes the oath before testifying.

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  • srdem65


  • Ella

    Muslims are allowed to lie under oath if it furthers the cause of islam.

  • forest

    Obama: “Don’t call my bluff!”

    Gowdy: “I’ll Call”

    MSM: “That’s racist!”

  • MJ

    God bless him.

  • ★FALCON★

    O/T – have you guys seen this?

    Obama’s Blue Shirts: Homeland Security graduates 1st class of FEMA Youth Corps

    Do you remember these astonishing words uttered by Barack Obama during the 2008 presidential campaign? On July 2, 2008, in Colorado Springs, Colorado, the POS deviated from his pre-released speech script and said the following:

    “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.“

    Now, for your own education, if you are unaware – please go to Google and type in FEMA YOUTH and click the image feature.

  • Wolverine22

    Those are racist code words.

  • Ella got there before I did.

  • OBAMA CAN’T EVEN SAY ‘RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORIST’. Lawmaker: President keeps ‘blaming America for having freedom of speech’ Lawmakers have just scratched the surface in their investigation of the terrorist attacks on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, but Congress has made progress on getting to the bottom of the biggest mysteries: Why the State …READ MORE:

  • bigkahuna

    Like Obama would ever take an oath to tell the truth…ROFLOL.

    You kill me ! Now the CIA will read this because the Won and Kill are in same sentence…

    Is that Racist ?

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  • bigkahuna

    The only way Obama testifies to anything is if he can invoke Executive Priveledge after every question…even what is your Full real Name, Birthdate and Social Security Number?

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  • AuntieMadder

    “And make sure he takes the oath before testifying.”

    As if that would stop him from lying.

  • O’Bumbles Oath is worthless anyway.

  • Patty

    Gowdy is as smart as a whip. If everyone in Washington used some common sense and logic, well just think of the good things that could and would happen.

  • Patty

    After all, Obama said come after him. SO BE IT. What president has to stoop so low to defend Rice. Did he defend Holder.

    He has been waiting for a moment to flex a little muscle. 😆 Muscle?

  • Ghost

    LOVE IT! Red Meat, baby. Stick it to Him, Good and Hard.

    I LOVE IT SO! when a Conservative Stands Up STRONG!
    this has the added benefit of (raining) on Boehner (Traitor)

  • myohmy

    Why not? If they have a problem with Susan Rice why not take Obummer and testify. He appears to be valiant in his press conference. Tell us know what you know.

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  • rabble-rouser

    Oh SNAP…

  • Roger

    Boehner will come to Obama’s aid and stop Gowdy.

  • FurryGuy

    And make sure he takes the oath before testifying.

    Barry has shown that keeping sworn oaths is not in his makeup, he will do whatever and say whatever benefits him at the moment. Swear to “…preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States…”? HA!

  • kato

    Don’t expect Subprime to stand up like a man. He shifts blame for his failures and takes credit for the work of others. He hides behind pantsuited women.

    As soon as Israel completes its mission, Subprime and his teleprompter will emerge to take a victory lap.

    Meanwhile, as the world burns from Afghanistan to Libya, asskiss media trumpet his “historic” mission to Burma.

  • deatheaters

    Why is Barack hiding behind Susan Rice’s skirt? I’ve heard this from some who knew him before he ran for President. He’s always hiding behind strong women like Valerie Jarrett and we even see this strange behavior when he jokes about Michelle bossing him around, telling him what he can and can’t do.

  • owl

    I love this man. He sits on my list up there beside Sen Inhofe. I would vote for him in a minute unless he turns into a Christie. Then I would have to see it with my eyes and not have it reported to me. I did see Christie slobbering hugs and kisses.

    Let’s replace Boehner with Gowdy.

    GOWDY for Speaker of the House! He is the man we need desperately. Listen to him. A Republican that can fight. Did I mention I love this man………..I heard him do the same on the hearings.

  • owl

    If we could have replaced Boehner with Gowdy in 2010, this country would be sitting in a different postion today.

    Mistakes. Boehner was and is a mistake that has cost us dearly.

  • owl

    Btw, I am not overly fond of Eric Cantor either. I know he claims TP but he is not the one we need and there he sits, next in line. Grrrrrrrr……..

  • AvidChristian

    Another famous quote of Gowdy: Pelosi is “mind-numbingly stupid…”

    Don’t know which quote I like better…

  • Robert

    If Oblamo had protected Christopher Stevens like he is protecting the incompetent Susan Rice, he would not need to be protecting the incompetent Susan Rice.

  • Amash

    This should be the face of the Republican Party. Obama thinks he so tough. He’s a certified wimp. Call the baby’s bluff. And continue to call the bluff each and every time.
    Howdy for speaker, indeed. Then, Gowdy for president.

  • Michael R. Hileman

    What good would it do for Obama to take an oath before testifying? He doesn’t believe in our God.

  • owl

    Gowdy better watch his back but I think he as smart as Patty mentioned. He sure was impressive at those hearings.

    Dead serious about doing something about Boehner and also about Gowdy.

  • jorgen

    Will Obama be allowed to wag hos finger?

  • DMG

    #9 because the Won and Kill are in same sentence

    Ummmm …. actually, they’re not. LOL

  • Ghost

    Remember, “You Lie” Joe Wilson? also a South Carolina Congressman. He won his Seat again in this recent 2012 election. He ran UNOPPOSED! after all that flap, how ’bout ‘dat?!

    Now, we add Trey Gowdy to our small list of Congressional Heroes
    (#28, I forgot that quote, good reminder)

    Hmmmm, South Carolina. I can offer this first-hand account of every major Tea Party rally I ever attended (many) South Carolina was always out front, Leading the Way, visible and vocal.
    Hmmmm, South Carolina- I’s gonna hafta rethink that whole Fort Sumter thing.

  • Wisconsinlady

    How refreshing to hear someone say what they mean, and mean what they say.

    I’m so sick of comments like “may have mislead the public”. How about “The President of the U.S. LIED to the very people he is supposed to be protecting.”


    Obama has to lie because he is a liar. We do what we are.

  • thebronze

    An Oath means NOTHING to Barry…

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  • That would be justice, but it’s wishful thinking. Uppity coloreds like obama don’t answer questions.