Republican Bob Corker Pushes Tax Hikes: “We Know There Has to be ‘Revenues'” (Video)

With Republicans like Bob Corker, who needs enemies?
Senator Bob Corker on FOX News Sunday:

“I think there is a deal. Look, the ying and yang of this. We know there has to be “revenues”. And, it think, I haven’t met a wealthy Republican or Democrat in Tennessee that is not willing to contribute more as long as they know we solve the problem.”

Here come the tax hikes.

Barack Obama has increased the annual budget from $3.1 trillion to $3.8 trillion in four years.
Corker believes the answer is to raise taxes.

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  • briscuit

    Yep~75% over 1 million; 85% for celebrities on anything over $250,000.

  • Alvin

    Corker is another progressive, ribbon-cutting, GOP fools.

  • Mark Adams

    Bob, we have a spending problem in our country. Not a taxing problem…. But whats the use, no one in Washington is listening!

  • jenifer

    Good. I don’t care anymore. The wealthy didn’t vote republican anyway. Hike em up and watch the fallout. Illustrate to people. These morons are incapable of understanding anymore.

  • Objective Analysis

    PROGRESSIVE (not Republican). Man the folks who started the Republican party are craping in their grave. Democrats love the entitlement society taking effect to create a new form of slavery system led by a Black Man. How fitting. The overseer is in effect.

  • saveus

    we all will be taxed more except the illegals and other freeloaders

  • Opaobie

    Start with YOUR OWN pay, Senator. Until the budget is balanced and the National Debt is zeroed out, propose that NOBODY in Congress gets a dime. Work for FREE just like you make us do….Same for the Administration and the Judiciary. The only exception should be for the military, they actually EARN their pay.

    Happy Veterans Day….now on to Happy Tax Freedom Day……

  • Dollar

    Bigger question, has the narrative of the left been so successful that only a Latino, African American or Asian Democrat can be in the White House??? If a “white Republican” runs for the presidency, the main stream media and Obama phone Democrats have excused Bush’s third term.
    Sounds like Corker caved already! Give the Democrats everything they want, it will be blamed on Bush’s fourth term anyway!!

  • RealMc
  • Sasja

    Start with Hollyweird and do away with all their tax breaks.

  • Sasja

    Then tax wealth, not earnings. Buffet gets away with being assessed less because he pays himself a small salary. Of course he’s such a good guy that he has still not paid the IRS what he owes.
    Do away with tax shelters for those whose wealth exceeds $1M including their trust accounts.
    You in Congress. Cut your salaries and your staff. Cut salaries in all departments. Stop over-spending and then whine to those who are carrying the load that there is not enough “revenue.”

  • http://none tommy mc donnell

    the more money the politicans get the less freedom the american people have.

    “the power to tax is the power to tyrannize.”

  • Patty SEE CHART


    The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) just released its latest estimates on the share of taxes paid by income level, giving voters a way to check the argument that the rich do not pay “their fair share.”

    Using 2009 tax year data, CBO’s report shows the amount of income people earned and taxes they paid across different income groups.

    You will see a lot of news on this report. What you are unlikely to see, though, are these facts from the CBO report:

    On just federal-level taxes, the top 1 percent of income earners already have an effective tax rate of 29 percent. (This should please Warren Buffett!)
    President Obama has achieved his goal of increasing redistribution: The top 20 percent has seen its after-tax share of total income fall, especially the top 1 percent, while the lower income groups have seen their share rise.
    The top 1 percent pays well over its “fair share”—it pays a much larger share of taxes (22.3 percent) than the share of income it earns (13.3 percent)—as does the full top 20 percent. Meanwhile, the bottom income groups pay a much smaller share of taxes than their share of income: The bottom 40 percent earned 14.9 percent of income but paid just 4.1 percent of federal taxes. (See chart)

    So when the President and the his supporters complain that the rich are not paying their fair share of taxes, and Warren Buffett suggests another tax to ensure that they start paying more, someone should show them this government report. If the argument is that America must ensure that the rich pay, it must just be rhetoric—because they are already paying.

    Bog Carter can volunteer to pay more in taxes on his next filing or fire him next time he comes up to be voted into office.

  • cavt

    #9 Agree totally. Better to get this overwith faster and not keep dragging it on. Give the Dems all they want otherwise they’ll get 90% of what they want anyway and then blame the repubs when it all fails for not giving them 100%( see the stimulus–it wan’t enough deficit, we needed more.) When it gets bad enough, then split the country and let the blue states go their way.

    Feel really bad for what our veterans are going to have to go through now. Best wishes to our vets–

  • myohmy

    Who cares “I won.” Let the tax increase for everyone. Let us tax the movie stars and celebrities 100% especially Honey-Bo-Boo, George Clooney, J-Z, Beyonce and the Kardhashians .

    And we had our chance and we lost. 10million sit this out for whatever reason.

  • paul52

    I think #7 Opaobie is on to something. No balanced budget, no pay. Need a constitutional amendment to this effect as well as TERM LIMITS in both houses of Congress.

  • dwd

    The average American household can’t run up a huge credit card bill, not pay it, get accustomed to an expensive lifestyle and decide to keep living it, and just wave a magic wand to increase its income. It doesn’t work. That household would cut spending.

    The government, on the other hand, doesn’t generate income or revenue — it takes from the people. When it decides it wants to keep deficit spending, it just takes MORE from everyone. Your money isn’t yours — you are entitled to keep only what portion the government deems you deserve, based on how much the government itself wants of it.

    It’s time to reboot this country

  • myohmy

    Pass the tax law. Let movie stars and celebrities give their fair share 85%-100%. They didn’t built Hollywood. Tax them NOW.

  • chris

    I’m done caring. Screw them all. Give the Progressive a-holes everything they want and watch it burn.

  • ★FALCON★

    #16 November 11, 2012 at 11:03 am
    paul52 commented:

    I think #7 Opaobie is on to something. No balanced budget, no pay. Need a constitutional amendment to this effect as well as TERM LIMITS in both houses of Congress.

    This was actually Tom Smith’s (PA-R) senate campaign platform.

    He lost to a man barely aware of his own existence.