Rep. Trey Gowdy: Either Petraeus Will Come and Testify to Congress Or He Will Be Subpoenaed (Video)

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) told Greta Van Susteren tonight that Petraeus will be questioned before Congress despite his resignation today.

“The fact that he’s resigned and had an affair has nothing to do with whether he will be subpoenaed to Congress. I hope we don’t have to subpoena a four star general and a former CIA director. I would hope he would come voluntarily but if he won’t he will be subpoenaed. And none of what happened today is an offense to a subpoena… He’s either a witness in our case in chief or he’s gonna be a rebuttal witness if Susan Rice and others blame him for their failure of intelligence and failure of information. But there is no way we can get to the bottom of Benghazi without David Petraeus.”

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  • FurryGuy

    But there is no way we can get to the bottom of Benghazi without David Petraeus.

    Which is why Petraeus will suddenly disappear in the very near future, into hiding or something a bit more permanent.

  • Robert

    There is one good aspect to this; an affair means that even the liberal mainstream media will have to cover the story.

  • Best news I have heard all day.

    Also, since the affair is “out”, the leftists have nothing to hold over Petraeus’ head.

  • samspade

    He testified once, and he didn’t tell the truth, why would a second time be any different.

  • FurryGuy

    #2 November 9, 2012 at 11:15 pm
    Robert commented:

    There is one good aspect to this; an affair means that even the liberal mainstream media will have to cover the story.

    A sex scandal was good enough to divert attention from Clinton’s crimes at his Senate trial that he was acquitted. Yeah, a diversionary sex scandal is always good so as to get at the truth of government corruption.

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  • Aussie

    This “affair” should have been small potatoes. However, because it is the Obama regime and Democrats who did the digging and held the dirt file on Petreus I am prepared to have a guess that the reason he told that original story in Congress is that the affair was being held over his head. He went along with it, probably thinking that Obama would be defeated. However, the election was stolen and Obama retains power. So, Petreus has a meeting at the White House. There were probably words, a lot of shouting, threats… including the affair which is the blackmail being used to make him go along with the Administration story. The only way to stop the blackmail is to out himself telling everyone about the affair so that it no longer has any kind of power over him. Was it a smart move? I do not know… BUT if Petreus now seeks a private debriefing with Congress just like the guy who gave the goods on Fast and Furious, then you can expect more fireworks.

  • Bob

    I hope he clears his name and sends Obama down the river.

  • bg


    hmmm, maybe Petreaus outfoxed them by putting this issue up front,
    now they can’t make him jump so to speak, as now they have nothing
    to blackmail him with, well, except for assassination of either he or his
    loved ones anyways, of which a lot of has have been taking place, we
    just don’t hear about them because the media has been blocked from
    reporting them via their own by their own governments, not just US..

    here is an example..


  • Truth Teller

    Lets organize a massive march on the White House to demand an end to the deceptions and lies.

    We need to let these SOB’s know that we will take no more.

  • bg


    re: #9 November 10, 2012 at 12:00 am bg

    oops, forgot to edit..

    that said..

    just take a listen to the pompass O’bobbleheads speak as if
    they’ve privileged insight in to what makes the General tick.. 🙄


  • We should picket the White House every day until Benghazi justice is done. 4 dead. Broken trust.

    We should not Stand Down.

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  • bg


    perhaps a dumb question, perhaps not,
    but whichever, i’m asking it anyways..

    what the heck does Petreaus have to do
    with the Benghazi “stand down order”??


  • bg


    re: #14 November 10, 2012 at 1:07 am bg

    thought Hillary claimed that one.. /s/


  • ToniTheTigress

    They need to also subpoena Hillary Clinton. I heard on talk radio that she was lawyered up with the best in the country, and she has documentation and emails as backup to clear her. Her documentation may be necessary to verify other testimony. However, apparently Hillary has declared herself “unavailable” for the hearings.

  • Petraeus should have knowledge of the Stand Down order. It was HIS guys under fire, Woods and Doherty were CIA. If his guys were to be cut loose and hung out to dry, Petraeus would be acutely aware of it.

    Problem was, this wasn’t just a random CIA operation gone bad. It was a consulate or “diplomatic mission” and a raped/dead ambassador. Obama did NOT make a Gutsy Call.

  • bg
  • bg


    #17 November 10, 2012 at 1:20 am
    [email protected]


    re: the gutsy call..

    oh i know that, he didn’t even give
    the order in the bin Laden fiasco..

    and again, perhaps a dumb question..

    if he is responsible in any way, wouldn’t he have
    been i involved in the Obama Osama drama??

    [if the link skips to code, click on go back one page, i copied
    saved the entire article because it keeps being sucked up by
    Obama’s black hole machine]


  • bg


    re: #19 November 10, 2012 at 1:36 am bg

    found another link for WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: Obama
    Hesitated – Panetta Issued Order to Kill Osama Bin Laden


  • bg
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  • bg



    2 days before 9/11, strange timing via the media yet once again..

    September 9, 2012

    Navy Seal author credits ‘wicked smart’
    CIA agent with role in Bin Laden raid


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  • maria
  • Limousine Barry


    I thought Davy A$$elrod had this Patreaus scandal in the bag!

    This news not only ruins my high but Bill Clinton is so coked out that he is mumbling Marxist mantra’s and cursing some DC hooker!

    I think Snoop DogPoop may be need… or possible the 0bama Boz! I must contain this mess!

  • squeaky

    [At the time, news outlets reported this as if Obama did not realize he was being recorded, yet there were cameras and microphones all over the place recording every second. Obama had to know the world could hear his words, but I am certain he did not care. When I heard those words, I knew the fix was in, although I still…..] maybe we were screwed no matter the outcome.
    the fabric of the nation is corroded.

  • MarkJ


    “However, apparently Hillary has declared herself “unavailable” for the hearings.”

    I reckon Hillary has also made herself “unavailable” in other ways, if you know what I mean, which likely explains why Bubba had to get his kicks elsewhere.

  • Theadora
  • So, since Petraeus resigned, does the exempt him from any “executive privilege” Obama might issue?

  • snap boy

    Either Petraeus is an honorable patriot or he will first dodge the subpoena and then lie if he has to. Does anyone else wonder what else was/should have been uncovered during the confirmation process that the Obama administration is holding to keep him quiet?

  • wtd

    #3 re:

    “Also, since the affair is “out”, the leftists have nothing to hold over Petraeus’ head.

    Don’t put it past the power behind this vindictive administration to give up simply because Petraeus revealed the affair so they couldn’t hold it against him and his family. Merciless tentacles of this power hungry medussa can reach well beyond Petraeus to manipulate him through those he holds most dear.

  • Lady Mondegreen

    There will be no hearings and if there are, nothing will come of it. Stuff happens and, horrible as it was, stuff happened in Benghazi. Get over it.

  • donh

    Trey leaves out the 3rd option….The Kim Jung Un style mortar round execution…>

    or the found dead in his car of an apparent suicide like one of Obama’s top secret service agents….>

  • iamsaved

    A man of sound character and integrity? An honest man? It says that we shall know them by their fruit and his fruit looks rotten.

    His departure from being a man of integrity and character has led him into the realms of lying, obfuscation, and omitting facts in order to protect an evil man knowing that Obama is antithetical to everything Petraeus supposedly served his country for.

    This country is sinking into a cesspool of depravity at an alarming rate. Does anyone trust anything that comes out of the government’s various agencies anymore? We already know that the liberal state run media can’t be trusted.

  • Indiana

    With the sleazeball in the White House……all we’re going to get is sleaze for four more years.

  • Yosef Taitz

    And the testimony needs to be the vault copy, long form.

  • Big Al

    these weenie republicans had better stay on this like stink on doo-doo. Keep up the pressure until this house of cards come crashing down. We were played in this election and nobody cared. So stay on this and let the MSM sqeal about racism and all the usual stuff. I got news for you, they hate you anyway so you might as well do your job. …you might just turn some of that hate into respect. There was felonious malfeasance in this case and four heroes are DEAD! Do not let up!!!

  • Buzzy

    #19 BG-

    It has been “claimed” that Obama didn’t give the order to get bin Laden. The way it went down was that if the mission failed in any way, it would have been immediate news that Panetta was a failure, and Obama was not at fault. Because the mission succeeded, Obama has taken all of the credit. Panetta is no hero, he was just dumb enough to be willing to throw himself on the stake in case of failure. That mission didn’t happen without Obama’s approval.

  • vityas

    Lawless government?
    Good luck with that.

  • Buzzy

    The only reason the affair angel was put out there is to detract from Bengazi. They hoped the masses would focus more on Petreaus’s infidelity in his marriage, and that would be what everyone talked about, especially those nasty evil evangelicals that the liberals hate. The name of the woman is also to send people looking in her direction, and to not focus on the massacre.

  • Buzzy

    I don’t watch the lefty TV broadcasts. Are they concentrating on the affair and ignoring the Bengazi issue?

  • Yosef Taitz

    41: “The only reason the affair angel was put out there is to detract from Bengazi.”

    Charles Krauthammer things that the affair will bring attention to Benghazi.

  • Patty

    They knew of the affair. Who you say! OBAMA ADMINISTRATION KNEW. Petraeous a Scapegoat?

    Obama lies and innocent die.

  • ★FALCON★

    The big problem in Benghazi, and Libya in general, is that there was no American foreign policy interest nor threat to America.

    This was a non-sanctioned war with a total abuse of the War Powers Act by President Obama, Samantha Powers, George Soros, Valerie Jarrett, and Hillary Clinton and it all exploded all over the Democrats in their foreign policy folly.

    What happened was entirely unnecessary from a US foreign policy perspective. There was no US interest in Libya other than oil for Europeans. That’s not a US concern.

  • kato

    Petraeus is another guy who a lot of cartoon conservatives became infatuated with without knowing anything about him. He appeared to save the Compassionate Dope’s ass, so a bunch of flag-waving morons thought he was presidential material. They just love a man in uniform. (Cf. professional Negro Colin Powell)

    As argued in the past by this commenter, the top brass of the military has a surfeit of self-interested careerists who are looking to that big pension and the opportunity to parlay their military careers into lucrative consulting jobs with defense contractors. Our generals now rush to embrace every pathological societal experiment that liberals in the civilian world embrace. I actually thought that Petraeus’s illicit sex partner was going to turn out to be a man. It’s a shame that thousands of young men have lost their lives and limbs fighting under these jerks.

    I bet that more than a few of our top military bureaucrats voted for Obama.

  • aprilnovember811

    Obama is behind Benghazi, and Patreaus knows it. What happened to a general that he would have worked for that stealth Jihadist, Obama to begin with. Maybe Patreaus isn’t the man we thought. Maybe he’s also the enemy within? I look at everyone with suspicion now. Except Trey Goudy. Congressman, please be careful. These people have murdered and will continue to murder, because we have no patriots in the Federal Govt. who will stop them.

  • aprilnovember811

    You’re right, but when you have a supposed “leader,” of the House of Representatives, who walks around with a sign that says KICK ME, and then cries when someone does, this is the outcome. They’re murdering our troops by calling it ROE. This way everyone can say, “Obama’s incompetent.” He’s as incompetent as Hitler was, when he put Jews in a gas chamber. He’s a psychopath. I hope he kills himself.

  • aprilnovember811

    We’ll be back to tell you that, when they kill your loved ones.


    he will eventually testify, my bet is that the great General will take the 5th…

  • Joanne

    Will Petraeus tell the truth? They got him to resign didn’t they. Obama knows Petraeus can be forced to testify, so why have him resign? Is Obama going to pull some stunt that prevents Petraeus from testifying? Obama got rid of the General who was the head of Africom and an Rear Admiral is in deep do-do. No one is going to testify. Obama is not going to allow himself to go down over this. All evidence will be sealed up. Americans are Obama’s b*tches.

  • Glenmore

    As a private citizen isn’t he bound by his Non-Disclosure Agreement? Wouldn’t he face serious jail time (prosecuted by Justice Department) if he testified, even behind closed doors, to a House committee? Can the House grant immunity to a private citizen (I would tend to distrust even if it was offered)? I suspect that if subpoenad, he wil have to take the Fifth.

  • Monkey Wrench

    Once Petraeus testifies, Americans will realize what really happened in Benghazi. They will see what a traitor Obama really is and demand he be impeached! Then we must figure out a way to impeach Biden!

  • Shelly

    Does it really matter whether or not he testifies? You right-wing teabagging nutjobs don’t let facts get in the way of your opinions. Unless you hear exactly what you want to hear it will be considered a lie so just make up your minds now and move on to your next conspiracy theory.

  • Miss Peach

    # 10 …Truth Teller, you are absolutely right. Remember when the tea party had that massive march on Washington ? Hundreds of thousands gathered and protested in front of the capitol. We the people need to regroup and the tea party needs to rise up again. The politicians in Washington are not doing their jobs like we hired them to do. We need to replace the lying, corrupt elitists with honest, good people who love this country and look out for her best interests. Time for term limits. Time to replace these old, corrupt career politicians with fresh new blood. Time for we the people to take back the House before this great Nation collapses.

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  • Miss Peach

    # 54….Troll alert ! Please stop watching MSNBC and get your head out of your a$$. This country is in big trouble because you and your ilk re-elected your Messiah. Massive job layoffs are already happening due to the new taxes and regulations about to take place. For kids getting out of college, good luck finding a full time job because many companies will be switching to part time only. This has already been announced by many major restaurants and retail stores. Get used to $ 6.00 a gallon being the norm and your gas and electric bills going up by at least 40 per cent. Our once great healthcare will be great no more and there will be long lines and long waits to get to see a doctor and you will not be getting the kind of care you are used to. And that great big lie of Obama’s ? Everyone will be paying taxes, not just the rich. He lied to you and you and your kind bought it hook, line, and sinker. The lower and middle class will be the hardest hit. Our Government is now being run by corrupt and dangerous people whose only agenda is to bring America down to her knees. Let me be the first to thank you and your fellow Obamanites for enabling the destruction of this once great country. Hope it bites you hard in the a$$.

  • iconoclast

    Give it up, Repubs. Petraeus will just tell you to f*ck off. And what are you going to do? Demand that the DoJ enforce a Contempt of Congress resolution? LOL.

    Useless f*****rds. You gave away all of your power so just sit down, shut up, and take it like the whiny babies you are.

  • iconoclast

    Does it really matter whether or not he testifies?

    Not in the least. Even showing just how badly Benghazi was handled will mean nothing. After all, it was just a few people killed and another region relinquished to fanatics. Even were it to be shown that Obama left them to die, abandoned, it would be meaningless. After all, Democrats view dead CIA contractors and damage to US interests as a positive outcome. It will take much worse than Benghazi to shake up the progressive cattle.

  • dusel1

    Time for pitchtorches and forks.

  • dusel1

    Who’s the turd party miss stress?

  • Indiana

    So if the General was being blackmailed by the Obama administration…..his coming clean will allow him to tell the truth about Benghazi. Interesting turn of events.

  • owl

    I hate it that I agree with you. Good grief the truth hurts.

    #51 Joanne says
    “Obama is not going to allow himself to go down over this.”

    True. He could stand up and give a press conference where he said he refused to allow our planes to invade another country’s air space without permission. He could say they sent in all the help they could gather in country. Sadly it wasn’t enough.

    That’s it folks. It is over. He won and he will tell you he won. We had to take him down BEFORE the election. Did we? Bummer agreed to not talk about that nasty cliff until Obama won. Christie hugged him. Our ELECTED officials are so out of practice at being in practice that they are totally ineffective. WE THE PEOPLE failed to take down the Scoopers or shake our ELECTED voices until they ………………shook.
    The software to steal the election worked.

    And you think anything will make a difference. Our world has changed and some I read do not seem to notice. I have watched presidents come and go since Eisenhower but this is the first time I think we are permanently Hugo Chavez with different faces. By the time they stuff the Supremes…………..might not even have to amend the Constitution.

  • owl

    Petraeus. As some have said, we might not know this man as well as some think. His wife works for the government and once for the Indianmaid. I have respected him but without some of the awe of others. I give Bush at least half the credit some seem to give Petraeus. Bush was convinced by McCain and the war mess to give Petraeus a shot. Bush gambled on a different method and person and it worked. Good for both.

    I never saw Bush and Petraeus as a fit but filling a need. Bush loved the country and military. I always viewed Petraeus more a fit with McCain. Or Obama. Not that any of that is a bad thing said against General Petraeus. I am saying I listened to most talk about a Republican run and I thought a Dem run might fit better if Dems even liked the military.

  • owl

    I think it will all come down to a CIA gun running operation. For all I know, Petraeus might have planned it for Obama. They could have been in 100% agreement. It goes south so who do you call? I think Petraeus believes more like Obama.

    Congress needs to call/make/force him to testify. His secrets need to told to our supposed lawmakers. This country allowed our Americans to be murdered by terrorists. Same beliefs of the 9/11/01 attackers.

    Petraeus did not resign over an affair. BS.

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  • rachael n. jacobs

    I just hope no one does a Breitbart on Petraeus, which seems to be the norm for this current regime. Remember the Newsweek cover? Nebuchadnezzar, Jr. came to CONQUER . . . as in the rider on the white horse. I think Petraeus’s affair was known about for at least one year. Suddenly, it’s a moral issue. Sounds like blackmail to me and a little excessive exercise of control. By resigning now, he’s in a position to be subpoenaed. He will have to testify because the compliant monkey the regime is sending to Congress will do as Neb, Jr. asks. I just wish these weren’t closed-door hearings. I think “we the people” have a right to know.

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  • Monkey Wrench

    General David BetrayUS!

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  • Winston Wolfe

    Stuff happens and, horrible as it was, stuff happened in Benghazi. Get over it. – Lady Mondegreen

    Why don’t you tell that to the families of four, dead Americans, you POS.

  • Winston Wolfe

    @ shelly

    Go phuck yourself.

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  • Shelly

    Strike a nerve did I Winston? 🙂

  • Shelly

    @ Miss Peach… and Winston may want to hookup, you both seem to have a few screws loose, might be a match made in heaven 😛