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  • CommieJuice

    Honestly, does this matter anymore? This is the beginning of the end in the truest form of that phrase. This country has cancer and it’s terminal. The supreme court is gone even further in the next 4 years. Spending will be even more out of control. We let the most vile of vile lead this country over the end. Nothing the house does matters at this point! It will be governing by fiat! Executive orders will surprise congress while 0bamacare is the new order. There is no licking our wounds, this is over and NO congress, senate or future president can reserve the previous 4 years and the 4 years to come.

    I am sure we all prayed and people seem to think God didn’t answer our prayers, but he did, God answers all prayers, but guess what? God said no! Game over!

  • BadgeHoffman

    Woot! Yay! Hurrah!
    We got a win! Hee-Haw!
    . . . .

    And this is meaningful because…. ???

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  • bg


    thank God..

    good things come in small packages, never look
    a gift horse in the face, every litte bit helps, etc..


  • Mike

    Unleash him. No more Mr Niceguy.

  • Ella

    Barack Hussein Soetoro Obama the criminal muslim won. He is a traitor and the two SEALS that died in Benghazi plus the Ambassador and the fourth American died in vain. Barack Hussein Soetoro Obama dit not call in the military to defend them. Why, you ask?

    Because he is a muslim. His allegiance is not to America, but to the islamic side. You know, the ENEMY. Can someone please go explain this to the leftards that voted for him? Please?

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  • ebayer

    I just think in the end,the legacy media proved it still had clout and also the Democrats showed they could win an election at will.

    I think our country has reached a tipping point and unless idealogical changes happen in the legacy media,we’re never going to overcome the propagand power of Hollywood on the west coast and Big Media on the east coast and unions in the middle.

    I think talk radio and conservative websites have done as much as they can do and now it’s all downhill from here.
    The Dems won’t even have to enact the Fairness Doctrine ,because they took the Tea Party and conservatives best shot and came out swinging with a knockout punch.

    And the thing about it is,Obama can now absolutely destroy this country and get away with it because who’s gonna hold him accountable?

    Goodbye Gateway Pundit.
    Goodbye Drudgereport
    Goodbye Breitbart
    Goodbye Blaze website
    Goodbye talk radio

    It was a fantastic four years,but I can’t take another four years of constantly being on edge and angry about crap that won’t make any difference in the outcome of an election.
    And besides,Obama’s not running for reelection in 2016 and the Democrats hold the Senate and will ALWAYS forevermore hold the Senate,so Obama is UNTOUCHABLE.

  • Jurisprudence

    Latham (R) also beat Boswell (D) in Iowa as well. Two incumbents pitted against each other, since Iowa lost a seat in Congress from the last census.

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  • Limousine Barry

    Let me be clear, the ballot box stuffing work! I have brainwashed the idiot American people. Nobody will challenge my voting shenanigans!

    You did not build this election – but I rigged it! The Jew are in the oven and now I can get back to doing what I do best – Killing Jobs!

    First on the job killing list will be the crappy Highway workers. They won’t be needed after the election. Next, will be the coal workers. And, then I work my way down through the unions until they are all on food stamps! A hungry food stamp worker is an 0bama slave!

    I plan to raise gas prices without people noticing… to $10.00 gallon. I have more green scams to inflict upon the Taxpayer. I have more cronies to repay!

    My cover-ups will be more brazen. I will try to lose the war as fast as I can! Screw the Troops!

    I plan to have a nose candy race with Bill Clinton in the Rose Garden. Barney Frank, Van Jones, and Metro-sex expert Dr. Dean will be their. Bring your young boy! Not even 0bamaCare will stop the spread of aids!

    Revenge will be sweet. I plan to trump up charges for most, if not all, Republicans who did not vote for me! Next, I can finally kill that Chic-fil-A company! Ha Ha!

    I am now the new King of America. I might as well use the US Constitution as toilet paper. I hate the Constitution!

    There is so much more wrecking to be done and so little time! I hardly know where to start!

    Good riddance to the Constitution and the Christian religion! Good riddance to an honest MSM! There is nothing standing in my way! Good day.

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  • Steve King??? Please!

    This is exactly why I would never cross over, your hate and insanity is darn right scary.
    Steve King is nuts, and will drive this State of Iowa (trying to be progressive) into the ground. He reminds me of Hitler. Crazy and against anyone and thing except his personal off balanced beliefs, white rich men, factory farms and Puppy Mills, that’s what he wants for Iowa, everyone else can go to hell for all he cares.
    And his stance on women, gays and minorities is barbaric!
    You want him, you can have him! We’ll pay you to take him.
    And he did not have an easy win by any stretch of the imagination, please!