Racist Lib Says White People Don’t Like Abortion Because They Want to “Build Up the Race” (Video)

Racist CBS News contributor Nancy Giles believes that white people don’t like abortion because they are trying to “build up the race.”
Of course, she’ll totally get away with these disgusting remarks because she’s a Democrat.
Katie Pavlich at Townhall reported:

Of course, Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger believed in using abortion to stop the multiplication of the “unfit”, like… blacks.
Giles is not only offensive, she’s ignorant.

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  • donh

    The war on OLD WHITE PEOPLE marches FORWARD….They will grab onto anything to feed their hateful race anger.

  • thescribbler

    Liberals need to make up their minds. They want everyone to pay for their birth control, but have no problems with abortions, either way it’s a win/win situation for them. So how about we pay for the birth control, make them responsible for USING IT!

    One more thing…I’m damn sick and tired of being labeled as a white person! Seriously, if black people can’t be labeled black than why should we be labeled?

  • Bigkahuna

    If you want to fight abortion tell racist idiots like this that the reason we need abortion is to reduce the minority population. The liberals will fight it for you then.


    Usurpation 2.0: What it means for Whites – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wfy4xu1-wDE

  • Mad Hatter

    One of the qualifications that you have to have to work at MSDNC is to be a self hating white person, or a minority that has hates whites.

  • Mad Hatter

    One of the qualifications that you have to have to work at MSDNC is to be a self hating white person, or a minority that hates whites.


    Video Postcard to the GOP, aka Stupid Party, from ‘Our Community’ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajkAP_M4ZAM


    @Mad Hatter – Motivations for White Self-Hatred explained in-depth, here –

  • Ghost

    #3 EXACTLY!

    DBB got it backasswards (duh) liberal/Leftist whiteys (like the anti-Jew Occupoopers) love abortion and birth control to get away with a slow-motion genocide of the blackies

  • bg


    you are cognizant of the fact that they continuously project
    everything about themselves on to us don’t you?? that way
    they can lie by proxy while we suffer the consequences.. /s/


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  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Racist CBS News contributor Nancy Giles believes that white people don’t like abortion because they are trying to “build up the race.”

    It would appear that for leftists, the country just isn’t polarized enough already…

  • white people don’t need to worry about abortion reducing their population. democrats taxed white people out of their ability to have children years ago.

  • bg
  • bg


    hmmm, let me see if i can use some lib logic in this..

    Racist Lib Says White People Don’t Like Abortion
    Because They Want to “Build Up the Race”

    okay, that should translate to

    tolerant conservative says black people like abortion
    because they want to “tear down their race”..


    aah, close enough to what a lib would think had a
    Republican stated the same exact words, go figure..

  • STATISTICS show more percentage of Black American women are aborting/killing their own unborn children than White Americans…

    So if we take an ANTI killing babies position, doesn’t this mean WE are the ones trying to SAVE Black babies?

    *Adoption – Not Abortion*

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  • CapitalG

    Sadly she is missing the more important corollary – that Democrats LIKE abortion because…..

    Come on Nancy Giles….. just a little further now! One more step!

  • bobdog

    You know, she may be onto something. I guess we DO have a problem with racism in America.

    Trouble is, it ain’t white folks that have the problem. It’s black people.

  • JenBee

    Someone should inform her that abortion has taken more African American lives than accidents, AIDS, and even violent crime… about 13 MILLION African American babies have been aborted since 1973, more than any other race. http://www.nbccongress.org/features/abortion_silent_no_more_01.asp

    Typical clueless Lib, spreading falsehoods, why am I not surprised.

  • obfuscatenot

    The massacre of the unborn is the blight of our Nation. The leftists are so very proud they have the right to kill innocents. How dare “white” people saying killing any innocents is bad- you dare offend her highness of the racial principality of msnbc? How many amazing people have been snuffed out before they have breathed a single breath of air? The only color that matters is green, it’s the new red, and sadly I fear the Republic is dead.

  • Granny

    Now I’m starting to consider that those who are saying that all this business with our top military people is actually punishment for a planned coup d’etat might be on to something.

    Here goes another top general, this time the one in command in Afghanistan, who was slated to take over in Europe.


  • Carbon Pootprint

    Good little slaughter goat performs just the way it’s white progressive masters want. bah bah bah

  • 11B3V

    NAACP and La Raza unavailable for comment.

  • EJ

    Of course we want to build up our race! We want a FUTURE! If the blacks want to abort all their children, so be it.

  • insane doublespeak:

    abortion is actually a form of black genocide.

    and planned parenthood was founded by a racist and eugenicist.

  • Steve

    Bill O’Reilly takes on Secular America who ‘he says’ is trying to destroy America…


  • Linda

    While Democrats want to appear caring about women…wanting more contraceptives and abortions…the real reason has been to STOP THE GROWTH OF THE POPULATION OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!

  • JW

    Well, the Bible does say “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air and over every living creature that moves on the ground.” (Genesis 1:28) Yes, we are to build up the race of humans, no matter the “color.” I fail to see how that is racist. Why do people always have to make everything about color?! Ridiculous!

  • nadadhimmi

    Progressive organized abortion kills more black babies than the KKK could ever dream of doing in a thousand years

  • mg4us

    #3 BigKahuna fully agree. .

    I wonder if they can also pass an exemption to retroactively allowing aborting any of those undesirables born these past 30 years stating with idiots like her or thugs in gangs and flash mobs that hurt and injure folks?

    May even help reduce the roles of food-stamp people. . .

  • Ann Ominous


    sorry. can someone translate this gibberish?
    does this person always carry on this way?

  • pink tie Republican

    She is well paid to spout this gibberish.

  • waicool

    Hi, my name is Clair Mkaskill, I would like to personally thank Jim Hoft and the Gateway Pundit for paving the way for my reelection. My successful campaign staff has offered to help get those nasty conservative entrails out of the tire treads of your campaign bus. that is all.

  • Limousine Barry

    So take that you Typical White People!

    Those are taking points are from Davy Axelrod! Remember them! Because 0bamaCare has you signed up for end-of-life counseling… even if you are unborn!

    My limousine is sucking gas and Barney Frank is farting gas. But, I don’t care! The Taxpayer will pay the tab or they will be aborted. I cannot answer any more questions! Good day.

  • bigL

    AB is the law of the land. It is you morons that are killing your own.

  • Fuquay Steve

    It is an Obama world where evil is good and good is evil. Now if they discovered a microscopic bacteria on mars they would be heralding it from the highest peaks , but a heartbeat on a sonogram, not so much.

  • I’ve seen the light. The voters have spoken.

    Free Planned Parenthood in all liberal districts! Spend, spend, spend! Tax the rich, including those rich people that voted for Obama. He won 8 of the 10 richest counties in the US.

  • squeaky

    [It’s been two weeks since Hurricane Sandy killed 113 people, wiped out portions of towns, and knocked out power to millions. It has also been two weeks since Barack Obama pledged, “No bureaucracy. No red tape.”] oh, the rep for the lemming population called to request that the myth of mass sucide among its membesr is just a myth. only humans can be that dumb so please stop making comparisons.

  • squeaky

    “The voters have spoken.” and that they did cargo..that they did. someone is holding them back from being able to turn their unproductive skills into a six figure salary. sows ears into silk purses. they aren’t even reasonable knockoff quality.

  • SusieQ

    Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, knows that this person cannot be a racist. WHY?

    Just look at them – they’re black. Blacks can be racists.

    Next, it looks like a woman. Sure, an ugly woman, but still a woman. Women cannot be racist – they’re always the voice of reason and understanding.

    No – it’s obviously some white man dressed up as a ‘drag queen’ with blackface make-up on. Those evil white men must hate fags gay people too! /sarc

  • n.a. palm

    Shhhhhhhhhhh! Everyone here please calm down. Don’t you see that, given enough time, these people will ABORT themselves out of power. The only question will be is there enough of AMerica left to be saved.

  • eloivsdiablo

    They don’t call it a race for nothing. Excuse my natural instinct to procreate and keep my genes in this race. I once abhorred racism but everyday these freaks open their vile mouths I develop a deep seated urge to detest them with every fiber in my body…

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  • bobbi

    petition to defund free cell phones

  • bobbi
  • rechill

    Quite simply, DUH!

  • bobbi

    please sign and share secession petition for your state : https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petitions

  • Hugh

    Giles is laughably ignorant–her simple little “truisms” (NOT) are cringe inducing. This is a perfect example of either true and profound ignorance of the facts, mental illness of some sort, or pure propaganda. The facts simply do not support. You would need to have no insight into the impetus for abortion and its early champion, Margaret Sanger–the eugencist! Last I checked, the right doesn’t support Planned Parenthood and their wildly irresponsible abortion record in any way! The left champions it and uses it as their political tool. Why are 80% of Planned Parenthood clinics located in minority heavy neighborhoods? Planned Parenthood wouldn’t answer that question. But I will–they are targeting minority women and their babies. What did they say when no less than 7 of their locations were caught in a sting encouraging a caller to donate to specifically aid aborting black babies? Nothing. The abortion rate for black women FAR exceeds that of white women proportionally? Why? From founder Margaret Sanger: “the extermination of ‘human weeds’…the ‘cessation of charity’…the segregation of ‘morons, misfits, and the maladjusted’ and…the sterilization of ‘genetically inferior races” She also supported Nazi Germany’s infanticide program of the 1930s. The black community needs to open their eyes. What is and has been done to them is utterly disgusting and tragic. Their enemy is the left and they don’t even realize it. All the facts are there. Couple that with the quiet implementation of a population control agenda and black folks appear to be target number one–not of the right, but of their beloved left.

  • Rachelle

    Sanger, who promoted abortion, referred to blacks as ‘human weeds’ who need to be culled.

    Wonder why we never hear about that when the libs praise their abortion saint?

  • flyoverland

    If abortion were illegal, the 40 million aborted black babies would be alive and voting. Blacks would be a much larger voting block. I guarantee you, no one would be worrying about Latinos.

  • Flintstone F.

    Black women make up roughly 6% of the US population. 30% of all abortions are performed on black women.

    Quick, somebody teach logic and reason to the liberals.

  • Sam Stone

    What a nappy headed ho!

  • Hangtown Bob

    The abortion rate for black babies is 5 times that for white babies. If whites want to “build up the (white) race”, then abortion is the way to go.

    What a moron this woman is.

  • Servo1969

    I don’t understand. I thought the majority of abortions were performed on black women. How would getting rid of abortion build up the “white race”? Seems to me that, going by shear numbers alone, getting rid of abortion would build up the “black race” a lot more, wouldn’t it?

  • dwd

    Does that RACIST black ever look at abortion statistics? If abortions were banned, there would be a surge in the minority population. They wouldn’t be minorities for long, at that rate.

    The big question is, how long will all this minority protection / equal opportunity / affirmative action crap lasts when WHITES become a minority? We’ll have to wait and see.

  • kato

    Between the utterances any member of the Black Congressional Caucus and the blacks one sees on television, one might come to the conclusion that blacks are intrinsically stupid.

    Here’s affirmative-action, folks, in living color, so to speak.

    Unfortunately, millions of white liberal asskissers will tell you this woman is smart. And that’s why Subprime will sit in the White House for the next four years.

  • Patty

    John Holdren, Obama’s Science Czar, says: Forced abortions and mass sterilization needed to save the planet.

    Racist Lib Says White People Don’t Like Abortion Because They Want to “Build Up the Race”

    So, I believe we can all agree, they need a middle ground on their agenda to KILL BABIES.

    Coming to an Obama care drive thru need YOU.

  • liberalsRstupid

    THE ENEMY of America…

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  • Joanne

    Black people pro-create alot faster than whites. Whites tend to only want one or two or no children these days. Why don’t these black people who b*tch about whites in America, move back to Africa and hang with all the black there…..and good riddance.

  • Joanne

    Well it is obvious some blacks think they should have the right to vote numerous times in the last election to keep a welfare president in Office.

  • Rose

    Nancy Giles is very happy with decimating the Black race – they are the primary users of Abortion as BC.

  • burt

    She can be replaced by a Latina.

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  • Buffalobob

    Nancy I know that statistics is a big word but stay with me. The percentage of innocent black babies killed by the abortion death camps is far greater in the black population than in the white/Latino community. About one out of every two black pregnancies ends in abortion. Blacks account for more than forty percent of all abortions in America. So Nancy once again I ask you do you call me a racist because you are killing your own in numbers approaching genocide.,or you just blatantly ignorant of the facts?

  • Gin-nastic

    She’s not making much sense to me. Abortions kill no matter what color.

  • George
  • bg
  • Liberty


    there are racists in every color. Not all people of color hate whites and not every white person loves people of color. Don’t buy into the hype. I want to be judged for the person I am.

  • CommieJuice

    I am pro-life all the way, except now, after this election – I am all for having government funded clinics in every ghetto not more than 2 blocks from each other. I want these fine citizens to have exactly what they need when they need it, all free, at least they think it’s free, when it’s really coming out of the great 0bama’s stash.

    According to blacks, it’s better to have a half black commie than a 100% white anything apparently.

    Blacks are the black race before they are Americans, before they are men or women, before they are straight or gay, before they are Christian or not, they are black first and everything else second. The American experience assimilation will never even reach 50% of the black population in the USA. For those reasons I want to give the ghetto communities all over the country what they really want… abortion on demand, legal drugs, lowered age requirements for consuming adult beverages, free housing, free food, lower academic requirements on basic schooling, fire fighting, law enforcement and the medical field. For that I would also suggest for ghetto specific institutions like hospitals, fire fighting stations, police stations and schools solely for the ghetto, employed by residents and members of the ghetto community. I want them to have everything they want in a FUBU (for us, by us) way that they always wanted. No money out of their pocket, all government funded. All free! Living ghetto fabulous off the tax payers like it should be. Let’s do this!