Racist Democrats Cheer Defeat of Black Republican Allen West (Video)

Shameless racists.
Democrats cheered the defeat of Republican Allen West in Florida.
Via The Examiner:

The state of Florida certified the results in the controversial race.
Allen West has not conceded the race.

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  • Anono


    Are you being sarcastic with the racist claims? I hope so because we hammer the left for playing the race card.

  • Cari

    The last I heard, West is trying to get all eight days of early voting recounted in St. Lucie, which could trigger a total recount. Has anything changed? I didn’t think this was over.

    I admire West’s courage to see this through. Even though the national election is over, those who can need to closely scrutinize the ballots in their area. We are doing this in Dallas, using the FOIA. I’m sure there’s a lot we can learn and begin to correct. (There’s discussion here about going to all paper ballots, or at least educating Republicans to request them.) All other attempts at messaging are futile if elections aren’t fair.

  • retire05

    Breitbart is reporting that UPS has pulled its $85,000 funding from the Boy Scouts of America because the BSoA does not allow homosexual scout leaders.

    Come on, kids. We can help. Just a small donation of $10.00 from each of us will help offset that funding loss. It will only take 8,500 Americans who still believe in the Christian conservative values that are taught to our young men, the future leaders of this nation, to let UPS know that we not only don’t need their money to help the Boy Scouts.

    Go to the Boy Scout web site, donate $10.00 and then find your nearest FedEx or DHL outlet.
    We need to go Chick Fil A on UPS. If you don’t have $10.00, [I know things are tight] give $5.00


  • Earthmover

    140 percent voter turnout and they say nothing to see here folks, move along?

  • MJ

    Disgusting, debaucherous mongrel hordes.
    GOD, please judge these horrible people.

  • We’ll see how it all sorts out, but NO shortage of jobs for Allen West in our party, he’ll find a home, of that you can be sure


  • Practical Jane

    The only Dems left are either Racists or Communists (or both). No surprise they behave like this. It’s who they are.

  • DMG

    I hope so because we hammer the left for playing the race card.

    Oh, but don’t you know? IOKIYAR!

  • DMG

    he’ll find a home, of that you can be sure

    Fox News commentator in 3, 2, 1 …

  • Andrew X

    I have hit on a possible meme that we can use to fight the power.

    Remember, and unfortunately, absolute simplicity is what is required to win. There are analyses out there, that I pretty much believe, that Axelrod et al essentially decided that ALL intelligent and informed voters (including the appallingly misguided ones) were set in their votes, probably even a year ago, and thus the entire election was about targeting, not “undecided” per se, but rather, “uninformed”. You know, the kind that make a four year assessment of governance based on “Wow, Obama looks good in that bomber jacket, I guess I’ll vote for him after all”. Those people. Like today’s college students, for example.

    So, as the world they have created collapses around them, we need to provide them a pithy, simple, all-encompassing target, other than conservatives, to point the finger at.

    So what can that be? How about….. the “Socialist Establishment” (SE).

    The SE is itself pretty self evident – Obama is to it what LBJ and Nixon were in the eyes of the New Left. So it is essentially the Democratic Party. But the SE is, of course, far larger than just that. It also includes that relentless list of rich Hollywood celebs, union leaders, the college administrators and educational establishment (like the one that just forced college Republicans to cancel an Ann Coulter speech because….. they are the SE and that is what they do), the Islamist suck-ups, and the transnationalists and green militants who are categorically about social control, with “the environment” a convenient cudgel, to be tossed overboard the minute environmental benefits might ever threaten their political control, because, again, that is what the Socialist Establishment does.

    Year 2015 —

    No jobs to be found? The SE.

    Gas at 7 bucks a gallon? The SE.

    Islam and China on the march, Europe in collapse? The SE.

    College now only a dream for many high schoolers? The SE.

    Racial divisions the worst in half a century? The SE.

    Quote Jim Treacher: “Remember ‘Freedom of Speech’? That was awesome!” The SE.

    This is not only short, sweet, all-encompassing, and with great potential to appeal to whatever shredded remnants of revolutionary sensibilities might be left in the young and educated….. but it has the added appeal of being absolutely, 100%, full-bore, up, down, and sideways CORRECT.

    If we can plant the entirely truthful meme that the Socialist Establishment is real, it exists, it is there…. and it has been LYING to you for decades…. let’s use the New Left playbook of 1955-1970… well, we just might, might mind you, have a chance.

    It’s probably our last one, so let’s give it a shot.

  • lajari

    Defeat Allen West and elect Alan Grayson (in another Florida district). No its not the campaign that the Repubs ran – its where American is at and going – our time as a great country is over.

  • MVH

    Notice the absence of the GOP machine in all this? Boehner? Boehner? Boehner? Those cocktailers and blue bloods hate him, too!

    Either those barnacles are scraped off the GOP by a true conservative takeover, or it’s Third Party time! This can’t go on forever!

    Speaking of Boehner, why doesn’t somebody challenge that descicated orange? The only reason he has the House speakership is because of the TEA Party.

    “Bipartnship”= Right caving in to the Left.

  • wtd

    MVH, no . .. it’s not third party time, not yet. Simply resign from the Republican Party. Undermine the RINO numbers strategy by abandoning them, financially and politically. Send Grover Norquist and Carl Rove a holiday card (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, etc) with a copy of party resignation confirmation enclosed.

    Note how both parties courted the independent voter.

    NO PARTY OWNS MY VOTE. I can financially and politically support whichever candidate is most suitable without presenting my vote on a silver platter to oft repeated and utterly failed RINO strategy.

    Reach across the aisle one last time and send all those bozo RINO’s off their coveted bi-partisan economic cliff with hearty holiday blessings for their well deserved free fall to political oblivion.

  • bobbi

    State if Florida now examining possible fraud in West’s district

  • SoLongSong

    Secretly, besides West’s eventual victory, I’d like to see a recount – SANS FRAUD – of the entire national vote.

    I don’t mind losing in a fair fight, but this whole things stinks to high heaven.

  • Freddy

    “The state of Florida certified the results in the controversial race.”

    No, they have not. In fact, Florida is not scheduled to certify ANY results until Friday. And of course, they will not be certifying any election that is not yet resolved.

  • Fuquay Steve

    Lie cheat and steal – modus operandi for the left in this country. Will anyone with a shred of dignity call it what it is? Will the press do it’s job properly and without clear bias? Will the country survive the incremental deceit the administration seems to relish in? This will not end well for anyone – no matter your status or position. The hardest hit will be equally distributed along party lines.

  • DMG


    How is that any different than now?
    Unemployment high? Obama
    Gas $4 a gallon? Obama
    The Dow drops? Obama
    The Middeast in turmoil? Obama
    General caught banging his biographer? Obama
    Don’t like the weather outside? Obama

  • DMG

    Will anyone with a shred of dignity call it what it is?

    Sadly, no. Seems that everyone willing to “call it like it is” lack any sense of it.

  • Linda

    You are not defeating Rep. Allen West alone…you idiots…you defeating your very own families!


  • Linda

    #6 November 14, 2012 at 9:24 am
    Reaganite Republican commented:



  • squeaky

    [When uploading results from the last three days of early voting, Gertrude Walker blames human and machine errors, telling TC Palm “i’m not perfect, neither is my staff”.
    40 of 94 precincts, mostly in Fort Pierce, weren’t counted at all and another 54 precincts were counted twice. In total ballots, more than 3,600 in St. Lucie were counted twice, while 1,953 were not scanned at all.]

  • Aaron G.

    Port St.Lucie wanted their chicken McNuggets for free.

  • Andrew X

    DMG – Because it is NOT “Obama”, it is the SE. “Obama’ didn’t get himself re-elected, a culture, media and academia (among others) that has forthrightly set out to protect his castle and serve his whims as much as any knights of old serving their master got him re-elected, and THEY are the Socialist Establishment.

    The young, and the culture did this once before – If you can establish the for the young and hip that to buy into it is to do the mindless bidding of their 60-year old elders… well, “if that’s what you want to do, then do it, but don’t even pretend you are even slightly “daring”, “edgy”, “hip” or whatever. You are not. You are following the party line, and a pretty old, stodgy, and more discredited by the day party line to boot”. (As blue and European states financially collapse.)

    Hey, I wish like HELL that we were a wise enough nation that whatever the hipsters thought about governance was totally irrelevant. Obviously, we are not. The whole idea of the SE is to discredit the current crop of what Malcolm Gladwell called “outliers”, the people who really are, for better or worse, the leaders of the culture (“Politics is downstream from Culture”), and replace them with people who see the appalling road the SE has led us down. It will not be easy, but it is possible.

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  • DecentAmerican

    #1: Jim is not “playing the race card”m he is stating mere fact. The KKK founding Dems can not stand to see an elegant dignified intelligent black man such as West in power, so they will do anything, including cheating, to put him in his place, to be led by liberal white masters.

    Fortunately for America, West is too much of a hero to tolerate this hate and racism from the liberals. When he fights, how fights for the freedom of all Americans.

    End hate, get all racist liberals out of office.

  • Joanne

    I read West wasn’t allowed to have his people view the re-count, but the democrat candidate was allowed. I also read West is asking the court to allow a full re-count, not a partial re-count. At least someone in the U.S. is trying to expose the fraud in the election.

  • BigRed

    I say Fox should rename the show “The Six” and sit Allen West right next to Bob Beckel.

  • burt

    If you are a Democrat, you can use the N-word to describe Republicans who are black.
    It is part of the two sets of rules in place in this country.

  • bg


    “I will NEVER concede to corruption”

    God Bless Allen West, Amen..


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  • 21149315

    Democrats cheering at the loss of a Republican. Wow, that’s totally new. We should make a mountain out of it.

  • Mgck59

    I’m not white! I’m black! I wish that slim ball Allen West would crawl his ignorant backside back under the rock he came out of…The tea baggers have been nothing but trouble since day one..Between goofy Palin and pitiful Fox news and the rest of the spankie gang like Rush, Trump, and the other crazies they have stirred nothing but racists ignorance to achieve their deceitful agenda…They alone are what’s killing the Republican party as well as America…This pitiful piece of trash was dishonorable discharged for all I care he can go straight to hell and take his ra ra section with him..I’m sick of him and pretty soon so will the Republican Party with him and the rest of the spankie gang, they will
    eventuality implode from within…

  • Liberty

    #12 MVH,

    Mark Levin was upset because GOP left Michelle Bachmann high and dry–no funding. He felt Boehner was behind it. It must be scary to some that there are conservatives out there with principles. There should be term limits. Makes me nervous when members of GOP start getting comfortable and principles fall by the wayside.

  • Liberty

    #28 BigRed

    LOL! Beckel’s head would explode.

  • Mgck59

    Please, Please Allen West blow away, blow away!!!!