Islamic Spring…
Protesters rioted in Egypt today after Islamist President Mohamed Morsi granted himself unlimited powers on Friday.
Opposition protesters torched Muslim Brotherhood offices in several cities.

France24 reported:

As enraged demonstrators torched Muslim Brotherhood offices in several Egyptian cities, a defiant Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi defended his recent decree granting himself sweeping powers before a crowd of supporters outside the presidential palace in Cairo Friday.

“Political stability, social stability and economic stability are what I want and that is what I am working for,” said Morsi. “I have always been, and still am, and will always be, God willing, with the pulse of the people, what the people want, with clear legitimacy” he said from a podium before thousands of supporters.

Morsi’s speech came a day after he issued a presidential decree stating that any challenges to his decrees, laws and decisions were banned.

Reacting to the decree, thousands of demonstrators gathered in Cairo’s Tahrir Square on Friday, responding to calls by Egyptian opposition leaders for a “million-man march” to protest against what they called a “coup” by the Islamist president.

It looks like Team Obama helped oust a Pro-American quasi-dictator with a pro-Iranian Islamist dictator.
Nice work, Barack.



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  1. But was there a YouTube video involved?

  2. ++



  3. ++

    hmmm, wonder if this means Obama will
    be sending Morsi another $1.5 Billion??

    more in connecting links, and threads..


  4. Forward! (To the fifth century)

  5. Here comes the new boss. Same as the old boss. Arab Spring my @$$. They swapped out dictators. Next!

  6. “It looks like Team Obama helped oust a Pro-American quasi-dictator with a pro-Iranian Islamist dictator.
    Nice work, Barack.”

    Team Obama plans to seat pro-Islamists everywhere possible.

  7. ++

    the protesters are the original freedom and democracy movement
    fighters that Obama stole out from under them via positioning his
    MB Bros.. out from under via injecting and financing his Mu Bro’s..

    btw, with their help, Obama is headed for the samo
    samo position.. are we that deaf, dumb and blind??

    verily i say to thee. *sigh*


  8. Guys, this will happen very soon in the US too. Obama will not be re-elected, he will grant himself unlimited power…

  9. This is just another reason to stop the redistribution of wealth via foreign aid. Stop funding Israel’s enemies and then stop fun sign Israel. Stop taking money from the middle class and griffin it to foreign governments. If people want to donate their hard earned $$$ to foreign government s that’s fine but to put a gun to our head and take it.

  10. Since dissent is now illegal in Egypt, I guess Morsi’s secret police will be quietly rounding up as many of these protestors as they can identify and sending them to all those prisons that Morsi just recently emptied by pardoning all prisoners (by decree).

    Appears that Morsi and Obama are now BOTH ruling their respective countries by Presidential Decree. We’re all in deep shiit if Obama also decides he needs to empty all those American prisons by decree like Morsi recently did.

    After all, Barack has got to make room for all those people who will be increasingly vocal against his programs over the next 4 years as things get worse and worse, and who will be quietly arrested and held indefinitely without trial under powers that he’s already got!

  11. Democracy is a bitch, huh?

  12. Arab Spring, how refreshing!

  13. “Morsi Awards Himself Unlimited Powers”

    …this just in from susan “LIAR” rice: “It’s the video’s fault.”

  14. on sale head scarfs and head wraps and prayer rugs.

  15. Burn baby burn .

  16. Surprise, surprise.

  17. I feel sorry for the Coptic Christians of Egypt. All hell is about to be unleashed on them.

  18. Smart diplomacy at work…

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