Palestinians Attack Israeli Police at Old Jerusalem Protest (Video)

Palestinians attacked Israeli police at a protest today in Old Jerusalem.
The Palestinians attacked and threw bottles at the police during the demonstration.

Even the Palestinian women swung at the Israeli police as they broke up the demonstration.

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  • Ghost

    it’s all about poverty, no wait…
    it’s all about repressive Israel, no wait…
    it’s all about oil, no wait…
    it’s all about Western Imperialism, no wait…
    it’s all Bush’s fault, no wait…

    it’s all about Character because you know, they are THERELIGIONOFPEACE (.com)

  • john b

    “Even the Palestinian women swung at the Israeli police …” sorry, but those are note “women”. Perhaps “females of the species” is better?

  • Sam Stone

    Take out all those camel ass Islamists!

  • Joanne

    It is like when you kick an ant’s nest – they crawl out of the woodwork. Muslim women are no exception to their male counterparts – you’d think with chronic abuse from their men, they would cower, but they save up their resentment and hatred for the Jews.

  • frank

    it’s all about the hatred of Jerusalem.
    think about it.

    God is not fooled.

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  • dw dude

    we are powerless since the dear leader has been in office…why do you think gun sales are going thru the roof? history will repeat itself and we will have another revolution.

  • Economan

    How dare you defend yourselves from Hamas rockets!!!!

    These people are seriously mental.

  • Sandy

    How do you fight an enemy which straps bombs to their children — whose people live in a culture of death where Allah rewards suicide bombers? My prayers are with Israel.

  • bg


    November 15, 2012

    Rockets? What Hamas Rockets?

    [“Demand President Obama take action this time and pressure the Israeli
    government to end their attacks on the people of Gaza and end the illegal
    blockade of Gaza,”
    an AMP release promoting the protests said.

    It does not appear to be working. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney told reporters Thursday that the United States lays the blame for the conflict at Hamas’s feet. “Hamas claims to have the best interest of the Palestinian people at heart. Yet it continues to engage in violence that is counterproductive to the Palestinian cause,” Carney said. “Attacking Israel on a near daily basis does nothing to help Palestinians in Gaza or to move the Palestinian people closer to achieving self determination.”]


    November 16, 2012

    US blames Hamas for Gaza violence

    [The United States is blaming Hamas for the explosion of violence
    in Gaza after salvoes of rockets were fired into Israel in retaliation
    for the killing of the group’s military chief.]

    death threats

    Better than a Broadway play

    [Go to any community playhouse and you may be assured of witnessing better acting than that which has been trotted out on stage by the Obama administration with the Petreaus scandal running in tandem with the slaughter in Benghazi. Today, we will play a new type of Jeopardy where responses must come in the form of a question, but unlike the game show you will be given five acceptable questions to analyze each nauseating vignette. Your choices are: A ) What is incompetence; B ) What is massive disorganization; C ) What is a cover-up; D ) What is criminal; E ) What is all of the above]


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  • exsanguine

    …target rick opportunity…


  • exsanguine

    …target rich opportunity…


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  • paul52

    Time to paraphrase that old Don Ho song: “Rubber bullets, in my gun; may not kill, but sure do stun….”

  • MVH

    Too bad those chicks don’t “strike” just as hard against the men who see them solely as breeders!