Pakistan has banned cell phone service until the end of Ashura to prevent anymore terrorist attacks.
A suicide bomber killed 37 Shia protesters this weeek.

Aljazeera reported:

Pakistan has suspended mobile phone services in major cities, a move officials say is necessary to prevent terror attacks from marring Shia Muslim processions.

“All the blasts that occurred within the last 15 days were mobile-phone based,” Interior Minister Rehman Malik told reporters on Friday.

Mobile and wireless phone services were temporarily blocked in the commercial capital Karachi, the southwestern city of Quetta and in parts of the capital.

The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) said the suspension was likely to continue until Ashura, the climax of the month of Muharram, on Sunday.

“The wireless phone service will most likely be suspended for the next two days just the way it was today,” Akhlaq Hussain, a director of PTA, told AFP.




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  1. I for one do not beleive the blast in Mass. area was a random event.

    Any news on the Indianapolis blast that has been ruled a homicide?

    We are under attack, the terrorists are probing our response times and

    actions to “soft targets”.

  2. Can you imagine if Obama did this to “protect” us?

    This would shut down American business in a HUGE way.

  3. I like the idea of a mass ringing where all cell phones are activated and ring every 10 minutes or so. A guying rigging a bomb up like that would be at risk of it detonating randomly and ineffective

  4. The savage death-cult gotta kill somebody! Let us kill each other! Yeah it is really cool to kill infidels, but if no infidels are available , hey kill another Muzz!

  5. Muslims killing Muslims is a win win…..

  6. While they are banning stuff in Pakiland….. ban the drinking of water for a week so as to prevent drownings. Islam= a cult of death.

  7. Pakistan has banned cell phone service until the end of Ashura to prevent anymore terrorist attacks.

    Not a problem. They’ll simply wait until the service starts up again and resume where they left off.

  8. That’s like telling America’s subprimers they can’t have guns.


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