MASSIVE CROWD Meets Mitt Romney in Manchester, New Hampshire

The Verizon Center filled up tonight for the Mitt Romney rally.
This is Mitt’s last stop of the day on the day before the election.

Unreal crowd in Manchester for Mitt Romney’s final campaign rally. (Liz Johnson)

11,000 supporters turned out to see Mitt Romney.

WGNTV reported:

In a small Manchester, New Hampsire arena an electric crowd 11,000 people strong chanted and cheered for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Romney made a five city swing today in Florida, Virginia, Ohio and finally in New Hampshire -his longest campaign day to date. It ends in a state where only four electoral votes are at stake, but the weight of it is heavy. Fickle voters often change the shift of their support in the final days of a presidential election picking all but two of the presidential winners since 1972.

Romney votes in Belmont, Mass Tuesday.

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  • Simsalabim

    IBEW Business Manager on website recommends breaking law tomorrow: Vote Early and Often if it is for a Democrat.

  • bg


    Amen again..


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  • donh

    and for NH the polls open in 66 minutes.

  • Ghost

    don’t know why Romney’s Virginia stops are overlooked, the crowds were intense-

    this is the only coverage I’ve found, and it still doesn’t give the full flavor because there were more people waiting outside, listening via speakers than were inside the arena
    reading through the tweets, they describe the Fairfax event very well- alottalotta enthusiasm

    OH, VA and FL are all Romney, if he can also pick off two or more New England and Mid-Atlantic States then it’s all good. Zero’s ‘seawall’ is PA. If Romney grabs PA, it’s All 0ver before the tsunami hits the Ohio River. Everything (MI, WI, MN, IA…) will then just cascade like dominos.

  • valerie
  • Limousine Barry

    Let me be clear, if I lose New Hampshire I will take my residual campaign donations and go home… to the Isle of Man where my angry donors cannot touch me or my $106,666,000.00 of ill-gotten donations!

    I am giving my crappy donors one more chance before I call it quits! Send me $6,666.99 before midnight! It takes a lot of money to print high quality absentee ballots!

    If my donors don’t come up with more money I will screw them take their cash!

    Remember this:

    Keep 0bama lyin’ vote for 0bama & Biden!

    Smoke Dope – Get High!

    Don’t vote for the Honest Guy!

  • Paul in N. AL

    I hope NH begins a good day for Romney.

  • Sasja
  • Sasja

    Limousine Barry. Catchy slogans. I see a future for you penning political greeting cards.

  • bg



    November 5 2012

    Warning! Obama has post-election ‘surprise’

    don’t hear from them all year, and on
    election eve they have a lot to say??

    it’s “news” like this that assures me the elitist career
    politicians on both sides of the isle work well together
    behind closed doors, and that the only thing hard about
    their job is sustaining the playing level of their good cop
    bad cop act in order to try and fool all of US all of the time..

    DRAIN CYCLE.. i pray he wins for my grandchildren’s sake, i
    could care less about the ones who put them in the position
    of having to pay for their sins, that includes me, but at least
    i’m not blinded by the light and am trying to keep US free by
    choosing Romney..


  • Mad Hatter

    Meanwhile Obama closed out his campaign in Columbus Ohio in an arena that wasn’t close to being filled. 15,000.

    Ironic that Obama start his campaign on May 5th in the same arena, with a crowd size of 14,000.

    Columbus is home to Ohio State University. It’s nice to see that the college students aren’t supporting him like they did in 2008.

  • Mad Hatter

    I just watched Obama give a speech in Des Moines on CSPAN. He sounded horse, bizzare, and incoherent. Romney sounded strong, fresh, and Presidential in Manchester.

  • John H Dorge

    Hi everyone:

    Please DON’T think I’m asking this to be insulting, or dismissive, or that I’m trolling. I’m curious and would legitimately love to hear feedback. It seems that here – as well as on many other right-wing blogs – everyone seems to be convinced that not only will Romney win, but he will win in a landslide. Now, what I’m curious about is that there seems to be absolutely no factual information that in any way suggests this. I understand there’s a poll here and there that have Romney up by a point here or a point there, but ultimately, all told, it’s about fifty polls of which maybe four give Romney an advantage. And these aren’t left-leaning polls. I mean, we’re talking Rasmussen here.

    I guess my question is – is there information you all have that actually make you see Romney winning? Or is it just a feeling you have in your stomach? Or is it something just like team pride? (For instance, I generally know the Redskins are going to lose, but will happily trash-talk any other team before the game.) I have to say I just don’t understand it. It seems to be this intense certainty for something that seems wholly unlikely – and will be shown as such in pretty much 24 hours time….

    So, please, if anyone wants to respond, please let me know. Again – I TRULY don’t mean this in any insulting way, I’m just really trying to understand….

  • Look-Out

    God Bless you, every one.

    Thank you, New Hampshire, for showing your support.

    We’re counting on you to

    Keep the American Dream Alive —

    We can do this, Patriots!!

  • Mad Hatter

    It’s real simple John, the polls are showing an over sampling of Democrats that reach anywhere from 4 to 8 percentage points, thus giving Obama a lead in almost all of the polls.

    Furthermore, CNN just released their last poll that showed the race being tied at 48/48, but what they didn’t tell their viewers is that they over sampled Democrats by 11 percentage points.

    Also, (this being just one example) Obama won Cuyahoga Country in Ohio, 441,836 to 196,369. That’s where Cleveland is located, it’s a very strong country for Democrats.

    Fast forward to today, and the early voting in Cuyahoga County has dropped off of the radar for the Democrats, which is unheard of since the Democrats have a track record of strong early voting in Cuyahoga County.

    Does that answer your question?

  • John H Dorge

    It does to a degree. I think my confusion is that a) these are polls based on people responding, not reverse-engineered to collect a certain party affiliation and, b) Republicans aren’t truly underrepresented, since so many of them fall under the “Independent” title (if Independents were truly a coin toss, Obama would be winning by like 15 points). And then – just to take Ohio – you would have to believe that EVERY polling outfit had their math wrong. Pretty much every single one. Even Rasmussen has it as a tie. (And let’s keep in mind – in 2008, Rasmussen polls had McCain and Obama tied in Ohio, and in the actual election, Obama beat him by almost five points.) I guess I just can’t understand putting that much faith into an argument that boils down to “well, every single metric we have right now is probably wrong.”

  • Look-Out

    #14 — John Dorge —

    If you watched FOX tonight, you’d see Rove’s explanation — the POLLS that you’re assuming are so accurate are actually giving DEMS an advantage. They’re polling WAY MORE Dems than REpubs. It SKEWS the results. The pollsters think the Dem turnout will be like in ’08. It’s very unlikely…in fact, it’s been shown with early voting, Dems are way behind four yrs. ago. Enthusiasm is WAAY down.

    But you’ll hear the EXACT OPPOSITE from MSNBC for sure and probably the other leftie stations you watch. If BHO wins, it will definitely be FRAUD. It helps to use lousy polling to pull off wins that’ll be achieved only with the cheating Dems can be expected to do every election cycle. That hasn’t escaped your notice, has it?

  • John H Dorge

    And – Mad Hatter, thanks for taking the time to answer like a grown up.

    And – Look-Out, thanks for answering like a self-parody.

  • Look-Out

    INdependents are mostly Repubs??? GET OUT OF HERE, TROLL.

  • Mad Hatter

    You can look into the numbers and see how the Democrats are over sampled. Public Policy Polling, CBS/New York Times/Quinnipiac, NBC/Wall St. Journal/Marist, and the list goes on. The one constant they have in common is the heavy over sampling of Democrats.

    Also, one item that is never talked about is the undecided voters. This is how I heard undecided voters explained.

    If you ask a woman if she’s going to be married to her husband in November, and she says, “I’m undecided” that’s bad news for the husband.

    If you ask your boss if you’re still going to have a job in November, and he says, “I’m undecided” that’s bad news for you.

    And if you ask a voter if they’re going to vote for the President in November, and they say, “I’m undecided” that’s bad news for a sitting President.

    The undecided voters historically will break for the challenger 3 to 1 or 4 to 2. And that will occur again tomorrow, thus, giving Romney an edge Obama doesn’t have.

  • Practical Jane


    See the Mid Term Election, Two Thousand and Ten
    We’re no happier now than we were then
    The economy’s worse and we’re under attack
    From Holder, Al Qaeda, and the Resident Hack
    We’ve have kicked them out sooner (but we follow the rules)
    So we’ll wait ’till tomorrow – and tomorrow WE’LL RULE

    PS: Minitru is lying to you about the electorate and the polls. America is a center-right country. She will not knowingly elect a far left president.

  • Look-Out

    The TROLL won’t tell you how far ahead ROmney is with the INDIES.

    The excitement, the turnout/crowds — it’s all with Romney. INDIES that’re undecided almost always break with the the challenger to the incumbent.

    The TROLL did what he wanted to do…make anyone uninformed believe what he wanted them to believe: that the polls are to be believed.

    Dems can’t pull off their FRAUD if you know how the truth. IT SHOULD BE A LANDSLIDE, but there’s cheating going on. LOOK IT UP.

  • Mad Hatter

    Thanks John. I wanted to put a coherent side of my view out there that makes the most sense.

  • nomobama

    John H Dorge:
    November 5th, 2012 at 10:43 pm

    You may say you are not trolling, but some of your comments are trollish.

    May I ask you what is so believable of polls that have consistently overstated the percentage of Democrats vs Republicans and Independents for election 2012. Of course, when using faux data that indicates democrats will be a larger share of total voters in this election to skew your poll totals toward an Obama win, people KNOW this is highly unlikely for different reasons, and therefore false. Weighting polls in favor of Democrats will give better results for the Democrat candidate. Some of the polling firms are indicating that Obama will either perform similarly to 2008 or even better. That is nonsense. Most every poll is indicating Romney ahead of Obama with independents by double digits. Obama won independents last time. If current polls skew toward Democrats while it is known that more voters are self-identifying as Republican this election, where do these polling firms get off saying that Democrat voter numbers will be greater than those Republicans who turn out to vote? It’s a lie, and they have used this false information in their polls. When one considers that more voters as a percent will be Republican than Democrat in this election, and these voters will vote Romney in almmost every case, and then you tack on the independents who will be voting Romney by possibly as much as +20% to this total, Romney is looking at a win. Obama is performing worse in this general election than he did in 2008 while Romney is performing better that John McCain did in 2008. This all adds up to a Romney win.

  • bg
  • John H Dorge

    From all I’ve read the “undecideds split against the incumbent” rule has actually not actually shown to be valid (although it’s def been an assumption for ages). In most races, it doesn’t actually split like that. On top of that, Obama is getting so close to 50 in so many of these states that it almost doesn’t matter. (Although with your polling bias argument, I’m assuming that explanation won’t hold much water for you.)

    And Look-Out, I never said Independents were mostly Republican. I said that many Republicans self-identify as Independent. If you look at party identification going back like 7 years, Democrats have stayed in roughly the same place. After the Tea Party, though, Republican numbers dropped precipitously, and, at the same time, Independent numbers shot up enormously. I think that’s a pretty obvious demonstration of who are “Independents.” They may not call themselves Republican, but they’re right-leaning, conservative, and small-government.

    Again – Mad Hatter, thanks for the discussion. And Look-Out, thanks for just being you….

  • Look-Out

    What the TROLL won’t tell you – the whole story – which makes him a DEM:

    A new report on voter registration trends finds that Democratic voter registration is down by more than 800,000 since 2008 in eight key battleground states.

    GOP registration has also declined — but by only 79,000, a tenth of the Democrats’ losses.

    Meanwhile, registered independents are on the rise, increasing their numbers in those states by nearly half-a-million.

    NOTE in KEY Battleground states!!

  • Fionnagh

    #14 I’m late in replying; could not get online for hours (which tells me tomorrow will be even worse…sigh…)

    In any event, I only read your query, not the responses. I just wanted to reply that I, for one, do not believe in a landslide. I believe this will be an extremely close election, to the point where Team O’s 200 lawyers and Team R’s 200 lawyers suit up in their three-piecers and duke it out in the courts. A second scenario is that many residents of NY and NJ and perhaps OH too will have great difficulty in voting, so their respective states may extend the voting deadlines, depending upon those state’s individual constitutions. Perhaps that has already happened. As I said, I can’t navigate freely online tonight. Both scenarios extend the ultimate “winner” being declared by several weeks.

    The last scenario – which will undoubtedly offend some – is that in 2008, between 17 million and 20 million evangelical Christians did not vote at all, because McCain was too moderate. Well, Romney is moderate as well, so it remains to be seen whether the evangelical Christians choose to vote this time around.

    I’m no expert here, but these are the three areas I see that would not point to an R/R landslide, but rather a protracted announcement as to the winning candidate.

    All of the above said, I do believe the latter will be Romney, but that’s a whole ‘nother discussion and now I want to read what everyone else posted!

  • Look-Out

    The evangelical vote was addressed tonight on FOX…the registrations are up and they’re expected to turn out far more than they did in ’08. The UNGODLY things BHO stands for and the Dem Convention saying NO to GOD will probably have them turning out in large numbers.

  • Big Red

    I really don’t care about the margin of victory. Although it would be a hoot if Romney won by 537 votes. They’d have to put Chris Matthews in a straitjacket.

  • Fionnagh

    #30 Thank you. It’s been the very devil trying to get news online (I haven’t had TV hooked up in 15 years, not willing to pay about $100 month for the “privilege…”)

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  • Look-Out

    Just keep posting your thoughts, Fionnagh, I’m a fan!

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  • bg


    Look-Out #28 November 5, 2012 at 11:29 pm

    don’t trust POLITICO, not that any other sources are more
    reliable so to speak, i just know POLITICO is not, sorry..

    btw, read or posted that more voters self identify
    with being Republican this year than ever before..


  • Look-Out

    Thanks, bg, that was my memory, too (maybe from your posts/links) but used that Politico (leftie) link to show the troll was wrong…and with one of “his own” — (didn’t bother to search more) —

    but so glad you’ve added what you know to be true —

  • bg


    Look-Out #37 November 6, 2012 at 12:35 am 🙂

    oh i understand, not saying POLITICO
    is wrong, just that i don’t trust them..

    ergo, i just try to avoid and/or confirm their info
    vs swallowing it right off the bat so to speak..


  • Look-Out

    oh, yeah, do agree about Politico —

    But here’s something I just ran across on another thread:

    and it’s Rasmussen! I think our troll wanted us to wake up and take notice of him…

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  • Fionnagh

    In case I can’t get online tomorrow, so will have to dash out at five a.m. on Wednesday for a newspaper to see the headline:)

    God bless us, every one.

    God bless our dear country, land that we love, and will never forsake.

  • bg


    Fionnagh#41 November 6, 2012 at 1:26 am

    thank you, right back at ya, and Amen!!


  • bg


    Look-Out #39 November 6, 2012 at 12:55 am 😎


  • Hugh

    I am hopeful,but not cocky. This country will never be the same to me if we reelect the Butcher of Benghazi.

  • Kooky

    I am Ind, and feel it will be a landslide due to being on the Internet often, and it seems many people want a change. People stood for two hours in the cold last night to get into the Verizon center. When he took the stage, there was no less than a five minute standing ovation and roaring from the crowd. I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t take NH.

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  • John H Dorge

    So, we all standing by those numbers?